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Funny Gift Ideas for New Drivers - Best 27 Ideas

Driving a car can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially for those who have never driven before. The prospect of knowing how to navigate around other drivers, traffic, and pedestrians safely can be overwhelming for most first-time drivers. Fortunately, there are a variety of new drivers’-specific gifts that can help new drivers acclimate to the road safely.

For new drivers, these gifts can serve as a source of entertainment and a way to ease the tension of driving. Here are some of the best gifts for new drivers to help them get comfortable behind the wheel.

New drivers often don’t know where to start, so they might want to start with a book. A book that explains what not to crash into would be an excellent gift for new drivers.

This book could include information on how to read road signs, parallel park, and what to do if someone gets into their car. It can be helpful to have a guide like this during new driver’s training so that new drivers know what to expect and don’t feel so guilty if they make a mistake.

Clutch socks are a fun gift for new drivers to wear while driving. They look like the clutch on a car, so new drivers can wear them and pretend they’re in charge of their driving.

They also come in various other designs, so new drivers can pick a pair that matches their personality.

An easy and affordable new driver’s gift, a steering wheel cover can make driving more fun for new drivers. This will help new drivers feel more confident while going, mainly if they’ve never driven on a highway before.

A fun and unique steering wheel cover can help new drivers loosen up during their first few rides in the car.

A caution sign that reads “New Driver” or “New Drivers Only” can serve as a helpful reminder for new drivers. This sign can be hung above the front door or on a wall near the front door.

It can help new drivers stay focused and remind them of the basics of safe driving while they’re getting used to the car. It can also be a reminder for students who are just getting their driver’s license.

A new driver survival kit is an excellent gift for new drivers. This kit can be filled with fun and valuable items for new drivers, such as plush toys, stickers, a stress ball, and a journal.

It can also include informational cards that contain information about new drivers, such as tips on how to stay safe on the road, ways to get insurance, and other helpful information.

A thumbs-up cat air freshener is an excellent new driver’s gift. This gadget can help new drivers calm down while they’re driving. This air freshener comes with an audio track to help new drivers relax and calm their nerves.

A thumbs-up cat air freshener can be a generous gift during new driver’s training because it can help new drivers relax and stay focused.

A tissue box with a funny design can be a great new driver’s gift. A tissue box with a funny design can be a fun and helpful new driver’s gift for new drivers who often have to wipe away tears during their first few drives.

This tissue box can help new drivers blow their noses or wipe away tears while on the road.

Cute smiley face car vent clips can be an acute and affordable gift for new drivers. This car vent clip attaches to the car vent and has a smiling face to help new drivers stay calm and relax while behind the wheel.

This can be a nice gift for new drivers to help them relax as they’re driving.

A pug funny car sunshade can be an acute and affordable new driver’s gift. This car sunshade is decorated with the cute pug logo and can help new drivers stay cool while they’re driving.

This car sunshade is a thick cloth material and is very lightweight. This can be a nice gift for new drivers to help them stay cool while driving.

Funny car coasters are a fun and inexpensive new driver’s gift. These car coasters can help new drivers keep their cars clean because these coasters absorb liquids, and they’re also fun and decorative.

These coasters come in a large set of four coasters so that they can be a nice gift for new drivers.

Few gifts are more valuable than a dashboard decor that reminds new drivers of the road rules. For example, a lifesaver on this list is the “Did You Know” decal that reminds new drivers to keep both hands on the wheel. Other helpful decors include “New Driver” magnets, “The Rules” poster, and “You are Here” stickers.

These items will make it easy to remind new drivers of important information, including that driving is a privilege and not a right.

A funny caravan sign that compares a new driver’s body with his car. It can help him/her not do anything that will allow the be towed.

The sign is made of transparent plastic, which means the message can be seen even when the car is covered in dust. The sign is reusable and can be placed on any smooth, non-porous surface.

This funny koalafied shirt is perfect for new drivers who often worry about being safe. The shirt features the Koalafied Koala, a koala that has been transformed into a new driver.

The Koalafied Koala has been given the Koala Rules, Koala License, Koala Car, and Koala Insurance, along with a Koalafied Koala driving slogan, “Don’t worry, I’m qualified to drive.” This shirt will make new drivers smile and remind them not to worry about being safe behind the wheel.

A keychain that reminds new drivers not to do anything stupid behind the wheel will help new drivers stay safe. This keychain features a hand with a finger in the air, the symbol for “don’t do stupid things behind the wheel.”

The keychain is made of metal, which means it’s strong and won’t break easily. This keychain is the perfect reminder for new drivers who often need to do dangerous or unsafe stunts while driving.

New drivers tend to swear a lot, so it may be helpful for new drivers to have a coloring book to handle their road rage.

This will help new drivers communicate more effectively while easing the stress of learning how to communicate while behind the wheel.

This vinyl decal is perfect for reminding new drivers that other drivers may be scared of them too. It is also an excellent reminder for new drivers who often forget that other drivers may also feel nervous and scared behind the wheel.

A helmet cover that can hold both a phone and a small water bottle is perfect for new drivers who often find themselves driving with a lot of gear. The phone can navigate or take pictures of vital road signs, like stop signs.

The helmet cover is a durable, water-resistant material that can protect the phone and water bottle from damage. The helmet cover is designed to fit most motorcycle helmets with a visor up to 56 mm wide.

A new driver mug can be used as a souvenir or a way to help remind new drivers of the importance of being safe while behind the wheel. This mug features a cute, blue kitty that can be used as a mug handle or stand-in for the person driving.

The mug features lines like, “I don’t know what I would do without my coffee mug, but I sure would miss it.” This mug is perfect for anyone who has driven a long distance since it can be a great conversation starter when driving.

A cute baby Yoda car trash bag is perfect for new drivers who often find themselves covered in dust from driving. The bag is made of thick material that can withstand constant use in the back of a car.

The bag is designed with a zipper that goes around the car trash bag. The zipper helps make it easy to clean the car trash bag when it’s full of trash. The bag is designed with a handle, so it’s easy to carry from car to car.

A set of floor mats featuring a driver’s license, words like “FIRST TIME,” and a number are great gifts for new drivers. New drivers will be able to keep track of their licenses and make sure they don’t get pulled over.

Having a funny floor mat that reminds guests to be mindful of driving in the house can keep the new driver out of trouble. The funny floor mats are also great for any organized person and are easy to replace when a new driver’s license is added to the family.

If your new driver is a beige color enthusiast, they might appreciate a beige wall art decor that features beige-colored objects. One of the best gifts for new drivers is a beige-colored wall art decor that features a road map, a car, and a beige-colored roof. If your new driver is serious about decorating their home, they’ll appreciate this gift.

With a new license comes the responsibility of knowing how to drive safely, but many new drivers don’t know where to begin. There is nothing quite like a new driver’s first traffic ticket to encourage them to slow down.

A decorative throw pillow can constantly remind new drivers that driving is a privilege and not a right. The message on the pillow can be customized to match the personality of the new driver.

New drivers are always eager to learn everything they can about the laws governing their new city. They may even go as far as to read their local laws on the internet before getting a license. These new drivers may not realize that they are not the only ones interested in learning more about the laws.

Parking citations can be expensive, especially in large cities. Notepads are a great way to keep new drivers’ citations organized and remind them to be mindful of where they park when they are not

If your new driver loves fireworks, they’ll appreciate a cigarette lighter cover that features fireworks. A fire missiles cigarette lighter cover is an excellent gift for new drivers who love fireworks.

A gift that is great for everyone, it can be helpful for new drivers who frequently use the rear of their vehicle to light fireworks.

A POP Star Wars Darth Vader bobblehead vinyl figure is a fun gift for any Star Wars fan. But it’s especially great for new drivers new to Star Wars. 

A gas pump savings bank is a fun novelty gift that new drivers can use to save money. New drivers can use the gift of a gas pump savings bank to help them save money on gas.

You can get a gas pump savings bank shaped like a car or one that says “Save Money On Gas.”

This automobile cigarette lighter is made of Anodized Aluminum to provide you the best experience when firing your missiles. It is designed to fit into a 12-volt cigarette lighter socket SIZE A (common in most American and Japanese vehicles).

It’s simple to use; simply insert the button into a 12-volt cigarette lighter socket and press for 5 seconds, and you’re ready to go!

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