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Scotch Gift Ideas for Dad

Your dad loves scotch so much that it is the first thing that came to mind while thinking of gift ideas for him. However, you just do not know what in particular to get him. And that is the one thing that is on your mind: scotch. You have come to the right place. This is the perfect list for your particular situation. Here is a list of 27 items to give to your dad who loves scotch.


1. Flaviar’s Scotch-Tasting Box


Get your dad a scotch-tasting box. This is a tasting set of which various drinks are included so that he could get a taste of various beverages. You can choose among different boxes with a mix of also different contents for this. It will be a nice gift for your dad as he gets a taste of various drinks in one bundle.

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2. Personalized Decanter Set with Whiskey Stones

This gift is a personalized decanter set that has whiskey stones. It comes in an engraved box made out of wood. This makes a nice gift to your dad for Father’s Day or on his birthday. The stones make great accessory for whiskey lovers.

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3. Bullet Shaped Whiskey Stones 

This is a pack of a different kind of whiskey stones. These whiskey stones are bullet shaped and this pack comes in six pieces of those. This set is absolutely stunning and having these in your dad’s drink is very cool.

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4. 50 Best Whiskeys Scratch Off Poster

This is a scratch off poster of 50 of the best whiskeys in which your dad would love to receive this gift. It is a great adventure for him. With this poster, he will be reminded of the whiskeys that he has tried and all the others that he is yet to try at least once in his lifetime.

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5. Personalised Bar Runner Mat

This is another great accessory when drinking. It is a personalized bar runner mat that you can change the text of. It even comes with a matching bottle opener alongside coasters. Your dad would love to use this set on his upcoming drinking sessions.

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6. If You Can Read This, Bring Me A Scotch Socks

Aside from actual drinks and drinking accessories, you could also get your dad some scotch-related gifts that are fun to have. This is one of them. This is a cute gift that is perfect for Father’s Day. It is a pair of funny socks that state “If you can read this… please bring me a scotch” at the soles. This will for sure be a gift that your dad will adore and love to wear.

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7. Pipette for Scotch

This is another drinking accessory. It is a pipette for scotch or whisky water dropper. It is made out of glass and is manufactured in Scotland. This is the perfect tool for your dad who likes to change the composition of his whisky. The design is a really cute angel.

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8. Personalized Oak Barrel

Get your dad this personalized oak barrel that you can choose the volume and the style of. It is made out of wood and is great for aging spirits. He can use this for various kinds of drinks like beer, whiskey, and tequila.

But it would also make a nice home decor especially for liquor lovers. This makes the perfect birthday gift.

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9. Original Whisky Journal – 33 Drams of Scotch

This is a whisky journal that could help your dad take down notes about whiskey and his favorite drinks. It is in a compact size so it is easy to carry around. This is a nice gift since he loves scotch so much that he is one to taste different liquor. It is a journal that would come handy and he will definitely find useful.

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10. Lilly Dilly’s Scottish Thistle Cufflink

These are wooden cufflinks in a rustic style in which they are in Scottish thistle. Your dad would surely love these cufflinks and like to wear them every time. This is a thoughtful gift for Father’s Day.

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11. Johnny Walker Bottle Scotch Candle

This is a nice Scotch candle with smoked honey scent as well as heather. It is a candle that your dad would love the scent of and would definitely enjoy. It is a nice candle light up at home.

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12. Personalised Copper Hip Flask with Leather Sleeve

This is a nice personalized flask that even comes with a leather sleeve. The flask itself is metal and has a capacity of 5.5 fluid ounces. It is a thoughtful gift for your dad for Father’s Day that he can fill with his favorite liquor so that he will be able to drink anytime and anywhere.

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13. Whiskey Tasting Set

This is a whiskey tasting set so that your dad would get to enjoy his liquor better. It includes a whiskey tasting glass, a metal chilling base, and a leatherette coaster. With the shape of the glass, alcohol will burn and release aroma, thus helping your dad enjoy the scent of his bourbons, aged tequilas, cognacs, and other drinks.

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14. Suntory Yamazaki 12 Year Single Malt Japanese Whisky

This is a Japanese whisky that your dad surely needs to try. It is aged well and is 12 years old. It has a pure gold color and has the aromas of grapefruit, candied orange, peach, clove, vanilla, Japanese oak, and pineapple. This beverage is described as spiritual and deep and is considered to be Japan’s No. 1 single malt whisky.

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15. Funny Notebook Journal

Are you looking for a humorous gift for your father? Then take this fashionable blank lined notepad and make your buddies laugh out loud by injecting some levity and humor into your household. It has 120 lined pages, a matte finish cover, and is the perfect size 6×9″ notebook.

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16. Whiskey Soaps – Set of 2

Your dad loves whiskey so much that he is sure to enjoy this gift. It is a nice gift that is not a drink but is still liquor-related. This gift is perfect for whiskey connoisseurs. It is a set of two whiskey soaps that are perfect for exfoliating the skin. With these bars, your dad is sure to enjoy his experience in the shower even more.

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17. Daneson Whiskey-Infused Toothpicks

These are toothpicks that are whiskey-infused as they were soaked in bourbon. This box of toothpick comes in a pack of four wherein each pack has minimum of 12 toothpicks. With this item, even picking one’s teeth would be enjoyable for your dad now.

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18. The Scotch Father T-Shirt

This Scotch Father Shirt is an excellent present for any father who enjoys drinking single malt. It’s certain to make everyone of your friends and family chuckle. Ideal for any whiskey enthusiast who already has a whiskey decanter and crystal glasses.

Looking for a unique Father’s Day or Christmas present? This class men’s and women’s shirt is ideal for any coworker who enjoys scotch and cigars. Buy this shirt and you’ll be able to enjoy your cigar and whisky even more. This is ideal for wearing to a bar.

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19. Master of Malt the Home Blending Kit

Your dad will surely have fun with this home blending kit. With this gift, he can try his hand at making his own whisky. It has 2 3cl blended grain base, 2 3cl blended malt base, 3cl Speyside single malt, 3cl Highland single malt, 3cl Islay single malt, 3cl Lowland single malt, 3cl very old single grain, and 3cl very old Highland single malt.

The set even comes with a 3ml pipette, 1ml pipette, 10ml measuring cylinder, 25ml measuring cylinder, 100ml conical flask, and crystal tasting glass that would aid your dad in making his own drink. This is the perfect gift for any occasion.

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20. Dad Juice Whiskey Glass

This is a simple, yet stylish and refined, present. The design is forever etched and it has a chip-resistant rim, which makes it long-lasting.

It has a thick substantial base which maintains it strong and stable. This glass is ideal for drinking whiskey, scotch, bourbon, liquor on the rocks, or a variety of delectable cocktails.

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21. Mortlach 12-Year-Old

This is another 12-year-old drink that comes in a 750ml bottle. It has a sweet and spicy taste with a touch of cherry jam, light tobacco, as well as dark chocolate. This is a drink that is best served on the rocks with just a few drops of water or neat.

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22. I Love Cigars and Whiskey T-Shirt

This ‘I Love Cigars…’ design includes a glass of scotch and a cigar, as well as a softly worn antique typeface. This amusing Cigar Scotch Bourbon tee is a one-of-a-kind Father’s Day gift for any cigar-smoking, whiskey-drinking dad, papa, or grandfather. Get this I Love Cigars, Whisky, and Three Other People T-Shirt now!

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23. Scottish History: Strange but True Book

According to an old Scots rule, the head of every dead whale discovered on the Scottish shore instantly becomes the property of the king, while the tail becomes the property of the queen.

Hundreds of ‘strange but true’ facts and tales about Scottish history may be found in this book. It will thrill anybody with an interest in Scottish history, since it is organized as a tiny history of Scotland, with weird and humorous factual anecdotes for each age.

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24. Heaven’s Door Collection

Your dad needs a taste of this award-winning collection of liquor. This is straight bourbon whiskey that is aged for six years at the minimum with a smooth and lasting taste. It has notes of vanilla and baking spices alongside toasted oak.

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25. Scotch: A Complete Introduction to Scotland’s Whiskies Book

Scotch whisky is popular all around the world. However, for the inexperienced, its diversity might be befuddling. This thorough introduction to Scotch whiskey history, production, and enjoyment will help you confidently traverse the Scotch world.

Scotch includes profiles of over 200 whiskies, ranging from popular blends to prized single malts, as well as an introduction of its sophisticated production process and advice for visiting your favorite distillery, with a specific emphasis on bottles you’re likely to locate easily.

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26. Whiskey Glass with Silicone Ice Mold

Whiskey Wedge allows you to enjoy your favorite spirits in a more artistic way; properly cooled but not rapidly washed down. It comes with one Double Old-Fashioned Whiskey Glass and one Silicone Ice Form for freezing a wedge of ice into the given glass. Whiskey Wedge is the ideal present for the whiskey and spirit fans in your life, and is suitable for any event or celebration.

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27. Cragganmore 12-Year-Old (Special Release 2019)

This 12-year-old drink is a special release that from the name itself, you know that you should get this for your dad already. This is one of the drinks that you just want your dad to be able to have a taste and experience of.

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