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Funny Gift Ideas for a Restaurant Staff - 27 Droll Ideas

When it comes to finding a great gift for restaurant waiters, waitresses and chefs there is a wide selection. From useful gifts that work as reminders to organise your life, to household ornaments that share a love for food and cooking, the array of gifts below provides plenty of funny and practical options that can be of purpose and bring fun to your friends and family’s life.

Many of the gifts can be used on the go, they can be used after a busy day, and they can be enjoyed during personal events. The gifts are suitable for people of all interests; however, they are especially suited to those that work in restaurants as these can be put to use well with their busy lifestyle.

All of the gifts can be used for relaxing and for the home environment. Whatever gift you are looking for, there will be something below for you to choose.

A top-quality ornament that can be placed in the bedroom, living room, and even in the garden. This ornament is unique and it will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

The colors are vibrant and have been carefully painted. With a smooth finish, it is waterproof and durable. The personalized frog is a great conversation starter.

Packaged beautifully, this is the ideal gift for restaurant staff.

If you want to provide a gift that brings the restaurant staff’s love of cooking home then the magnetic head chef and waiter salt and pepper shakers are the best gift. To add some fun to your kitchen, then the salt and pepper shakers are the ideal gift.

The collection is from an exclusive range and as such high-quality gifts and they can be used as shakers and shared in your home.

The unique waiter card lets you write a laser-engraved message that can share your thoughts and give to your friends and family.

The card can be kept in your pocket and you can look at it whenever you want. It looks sleek and can remind you of all of your achievements in the kitchen.

This hotdog stapler is a great way to remind yourself of all of the great moments in the kitchen. The novelty stapler is unique and can be carried around or kept with you on the go.

Whether you want to find a gift that can be used for hobbies and work then the hotdog stapler is the best choice. 

The humorous cover is one of the best features of this organizer. It is a design, waterproof, and easy to clean. This is a high-quality organizer and it works for taking care of your everyday life and work tasks.

The checkbook organizer has room for all of your items such as credit cards, pens, and receipts. There are also compartments to store anything else that you need. This great gift can be used for practical purposes at work and also during the day.

For those that are looking for a lighter gift and an item that can be used during mealtimes, special occasions and when sharing a drink, this is a gift that can be used among friends and family.

The corkscrew is a strong design and great for all those that enjoy to spend time in the kitchen. It can be placed near your favorite drinks and ready for mealtimes and events.

If you are looking for a gift that is something different, the anti-stress squishy burger is an absolutely practical gift for the busy chefs, waiters and waitresses. Once they have had a hard day’s work what could be better than relieving that stress with the squishy burger.

The size of the veggie means that you can carry it round with you and have it at-hand when you are on the go. The material of the squishy burger is gentle and a great sensory gift and it includes three pieces.

With twelve pieces in the pack and a selection of colorful pages to choose from, this is completely resourceful gift.   Whether you want to have a quick doodle, you would like to write down important information or you require the notes for work, the noteworthy sticky notes are a resourceful gift for all of the stationery lovers.

Individual quotes on the notes add that personalized touch. There is room for lists, a quick thought and they are suitable for friends, family, and children.

The dotted cactus releases beautiful scents such as coconut oil and aromatherapy oils of your choice. Each of the scents that you choose to fill the diffuser with create a beautiful living environment.

Kept inside a ceramic pot, the aromatherapy cactus can be placed anywhere in your home. What is convenient about the diffuser is that it does not require electricity. This gift is a totally brilliant choice if you are trying to find a present for restaurant staff.

Easy to carry, a strong vinyl, and steel metal material, this bucket can be used to keep all of your change.

Whether you want to keep the change in a place that is in view or you need something to carry round with you to store all of your change then this is a great gift.

This ornamental design is not only a great way to relax but it also has a friendly design. The giraffe face is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face and the backscratcher provides a better way to scratch.

What an effective gift for those that have had a strenuous day. The gift can be used by older and younger people alike and it can be enjoyed by both men and women.

After a long day, this coloring book provides both waiters and waitresses a way to enjoy doodling and coloring in. They can sit back, enjoy some personalised time and relax as they use a range of different colors with the How Waiters Swear Coloring book.

This is an easy way to relax, the book can be enjoyed at home, out in a cafe, or if you need to space at work then the book is a great option. Look no further for a gift.

For those with a busy year ahead, this calendar planner provides space to put down all of your events, birthdays and anything that is meaningful.

There is plenty of room to write down what you need and you can keep it handy in your bag when you out on the go. There are meaningful headings and it is a gift for those that like to be organized.

Are you looking for a gift for someone that likes to spend time outside and that enjoys traveling? The well-insulated and sturdy travel mug means can be used at the weekend, taken to work and it is a practical choice if you are busy travelling throughout the week.

The message on the mug, ‘Awesome Restaurant Ninja’, is a reminder for the gift receiver of how brilliant and hardworking they are. An apt gift for restaurant staff.

Do your friends or family members that work in the restaurant industry like to share their talents? This waiter gift sweatshirt has a bright and bold message which is a prompt for conversation among all.

It is also sharing the experience and fun that busy restaurant workers have gained. Available in a range of sizes to suit all and a gift that will suit many.

Simplistic and bold, the metal sign can be hung anywhere to share the message. For your friends and family that enjoy fun and sharing a sarcastic message, this will be a well appreciated gift.

The sign is easy to put up anywhere and it can really personalize a space. It is also made from a strong metal therefore it will be long-lasting.

When you’ve had a long day, the Funny Sarcastic Metal Sign is the best gift to direct you towards your own space.

Are you looking for a gift that is a little bit out there and shares bold messages? The pack of 12 coasters are for an entertainment setting and they can be used to put your favorite drink down on maybe at a home mini-bar.

The fun coasters are for a special event and can be enjoyed whenever you feel like getting them out.

A gift for both art and technology lovers, the Surreal Dali Watch Melting Clock can be put up in your bedroom, lounge, office or anywhere in the house. This is an eye-catching piece and a source of conversation.

This is a unique clock so your friends and family will know that you have really put a lot of thought into finding something just for them.

A happy face and a functional bell. Whether your gift receiver wants the bell to be available at-hand by the front door or to get the family’s attention for mealtimes then it is the greatest choice. A bright and cheery gift.

A modern touch but a practical choice for a gift. This phone can be color-coordinated with the rest of your room. It is high-quality and a suitable choice for someone who prefers something for their living environment.

It is a brightly-colored option for someone you might know.

Easy to clip on to a top, jumper or a bag, this bright waitress badge reel shows that someone is happy to be waitress. The badge can be bought to share how much someone likes working in the restaurant industry and it can also be clipped on to a lanyard. This gift can be a present to show appreciation.

This is a top-of-the-range paperweight. The paperweight can keep all of your paperwork and important pieces beneath it. It is a strong design which means that it can be kept in sight and this adds ease to the day.

The paperweight has a really bold look and if the person that you are buying a gift for likes to have a clear yet well-organized environment, then this is the gift for them.

A gift that is both humorous and that will let the receiver of the gift see the fun side to their job, this custom cartoon portrait is one of the most compassionate gifts. It shows an appreciation for all that are in the restaurant industry.

Once the photograph has been received and information about the clothes and any extra details have been sent, the Custom Cartoon Portrait will be meticulously drawn.

The small and friendly design of the Note Dispenser can add fun and useful reminders to everyday life.

With post-it notes that messages can easily be written on and positive messages that can be left in the morning and throughout the day, this is the best gift to start the day with. The cat design is definitely an ideal choice for all animal lovers.

This is a gift for people who want to really get themselves out there, share humor and bring fun to the day. The Sharing the Message button has recorded messages and the gift can be brought out during events.

If there is someone that you know who needs a pen at-hand, then the Keep a Pen Handy Pen Holder is the gift that your friends and family need. It can be placed somewhere where it is always in view, it takes up a small amount of space and the high-quality means that it will remain in-place.

Whether you want to put your favorite pen in the Pen Handy Pen Holder or you are an active drawer, this gift will suit any desk or office.

This funny ‘God knows when you don’t tip’ T-Shirt is ideal for gifting to restaurant staff. It is ideal for both male and female waiters, waitresses, and bartenders.

The lightweight t-shirt has a classic fit and double-needle sleeve and bottom hem. It looks amazing when paired with a pair of jeans.

I’m sure anybody you gift this to will laugh. Can you image the expressions on the clients’ faces?

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