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Funny Gift Ideas for Democrats - Best 27 Ideas

There are people who stand firm in their political stands. In the United States, usually, people are Democrats or Republicans. Democrats are those who are liberal while the Republicans are conservative in their beliefs. This means that Democrats are left-leaning while Republicans are right-leaning.

In a society where people are distinguished based on the two beliefs or parties, there certainly are a lot of rivalries and they definitely differ in their values and in what they stand for. Thus, there are times when Democrats make fun of Republicans and vice versa.

If you know someone who is a Democrat who really stands firm to their beliefs, like your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, mother or father, sister or brother, friend, colleague, boss or co-worker, classmate, or just anyone you know who is important in your life, you might want to get them a funny gift for a special occasion that is coming up, or just for a cheer-me-upper or care package. Here is a list of 27 funny gifts to give to Democrats to make them laugh.

This is a Donald Trump toilet brush. Since Donald Trump is a known Republican, this is a gift that will surely be loved by your Democrat friends. They do not like Trump of course. It even hilariously says “Make your toilet great again” in the box with a picture of trump.

This brush is 11 inches tall and it is 4 inches wide when with the holder. The design of the brush itself is a regular yellow toilet brush with a Donald Trump caricature.

These gifts are definitely for Trump haters. Sometimes your Democrat loved ones might be really mad and irritated during the day and they need to release their stress and anger.

This is a Donald Trump inflatable punching bag. It even comes with freebies and an electric air pump. It is large and hilarious. The size of this punching bag is 59 inches. It will surely be loved by your liberal friends who need to punch something.

This gift is another gift for Democrats that they will definitely love to use. They might even buy another of this when your gift to them runs out. It is a toilet paper roll with the face of Donald Trump.

This gift is in full color and it is also 3-ply toilet paper. This is definitely hilarious to use in the toilet. But it is also high quality as it is soft and absorbent. There are also 200 sheets in one roll.

This is another political satire gift for Democrats. Joe Biden is a known member of the Democratic party and this is a fun prank gift. It is a Biden pen holder that also doubles as a paperweight. It measures 4.5″ x 3.5″ x 5″. It is very realistic and is funny.

It is nice memorabilia for political people whether you love him or not, and in this case, since your loved one is a Democrat, then they might be a Biden fan or follower. Just tease them a bit with this gift.

This is a toilet night light so that your loved ones would easily find their way into the toilet. It is motion-activated and projects images of Kamala Harris, Hilary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Nancy Pelosi.

It comes with double-sided 3M tape to stick to the lid of the toilet. This will surely make their toilet experience hilarious.

If your loved ones like games and they are Democrats, then this is a great gift that they will appreciate and love to receive from you. It is a dart game with Donald Trump’s face on the other side.

This comes with a twist and it is unlike the other dart boards that you have seen before. It is a magnetic dartboard that is easy to assemble. It includes 12 magnet darts in four different designs: red color, blue color, yellow color, and US flag design.

We all need a bottle opener to use during drinking sessions. Make your loved one’s drinking sessions even more fun with this baby Trump-shaped magnetic bottle opener.

It shows an angry Donald Trump which they will for sure love. This will make each time they open a bottle a hilarious experience.

This is a shot glass that is a hilarious gift for a Democrat with the design “Democrat Tears”. This gift is satirical whether or not you share the same political stand as the loved one that you are giving this gift. It is ceramic and can hold 1.5 oz of liquid. It is perfect for tequila. This shot glass measures 2.4″ in height, 2.4″ in width, and 2″ in diameter.

Some people want to see Trump burn. Here is a gift to your Democrat friends. Trump will literally burn as this gift is a Trump head candle.

It is made out of paraffin wax and measures 2.5″ in height and 1.75″ in width. This is a cute gift to use or even to just put on display. Your Democrat friends will love this!

This is a branding iron on steak. Instead of the usual tools for barbecue parties, get this for your Democrat friends so that they can brand the steak that they cook in barbecue sessions with this iron.

This is a fun gift. It is 15″ long and the design on the brand is 2″ tall and is also 2″ wide.

Here are some coasters that your Democrat mother or boss would love to use at home. These coasters come in a set of four and they are democracy coasters in which the design features the famous documents of American democracy which are the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Civil Rights Act.

They are made from cork and tumbled marble. Each coaster measures 4″ in length, 4″ in width, and 0.25″ in height. They are also easy to clean.

This is a hilarious gift for Democrats. Barack Obama is a known Democrat and this gift is very satirical. It is a throw pillow with the design of his zoomed-in face.

This pillow is soft and made out of 100% spun polyester. It is also durable. The cover is also double-sided and full-color. The zipper opening is also concealed which makes the design look clean.

This kitchen towel is a funny political towel. Out of a list of three, it checks out Rational Human Being instead of Republican or Democrat which we all should be.

Despite political stands, we should all be rational and good people. Above political values, that is what matters. This flour sack towel is made out of cotton.

This is a set of playing cards with the design of Joe Biden for President 2020 on the back. This is a funny gift that your Democrat friends will love to use for their game sessions instead of the usual regular cards that they own. Now, have fun playing!

This is a fun Statue of Liberty figure with crazy hair just like the Trolls. The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of hope and this is a fun twist to it.

It is a nice action figure to give to your friends who are political that they can put on display at home or in their office. This figure stands 5″ tall with the hair. It comes in a box.

These are mints to give to your loved ones to show them how much you love them. This is a nice gift if you have a different political stand than them. It measures 0.56 oz and the pack contains sugar-free peppermints that are naturally flavored. The container is a slider-top tin can.

This is a trail mix of Biden Bites snacks. If your Democrat friend needs a snack then you know what to give them. This is a fun political gag gift to give to your political friend.

You may also get your Democrat friend this gift. They might be too stressed already from the political talk and all the political drama. Get them these bath bombs so that they could relax even for just a while.

These are the wipes that they would like to wipe everything with. As Democrats, they do not like Trump. You already gave them the Trump toilet paper. Now, get them these Trump wipes as well.

These will be the wipes that they will love to wipe every mess with. These wipes are alcohol-free and antibacterial. They also come in packaging with a resealable lift tab.

In case your Democrat friend kissed a Republican, this is what they need. This is gum to show how they regret that decision. This is a perfect gift before a night out when you never know when you might be kissing strangers and you also do not know those people’s political stands. This gum pack comes with 8 pieces of gum in peppermint flavor.

Since your loved ones are Democrats, they for sure love Joe Biden and voted for him. This is a mug that they would love to have and use in the morning.

It even says “I love it when I wake up in the morning and Joe Biden is president” which is happening now in America. This mug is perfect for their morning coffee.

This is a pack of 10 buttons with a design for liberals. This is a great gift for a loved one who likes collecting buttons.

This is a book with 100 funny pages that state the 100 best things about democrats. It is a nice gag book that comes in a paperback version. It measures 5.25″ x 0.23″ x 8″.

Get your Democrat loved ones a bottle of wine and wrap the wine with this wine bag. That will be a hilarious gift for them. This wine bag will bring sarcasm to the table.

It measures 13.5″ in length and 5.5″ in width. It is made with 100% eco-friendly natural cotton and can fit wine bottles perfectly.

This is a sarcastic can cooler with Nancy Pelosi’s photograph. It can fit 12 oz or 16 oz cans. It is a funny gift to give to a friend that they can use when drinking.

The finest presents are both personal and utilitarian, which is why a diary is always a great option and far more engaging and entertaining than a card!

This attractive notepad will make an excellent present for any Democrat. It may be used to take notes on training days and meetings, as well as for reflection exercises, creative writing, to-do lists, and task reminders.

This is a dog waste dispenser with 60 bags. There is Trump’s face on the bags themselves with the words “Dumps for Trump”. Those words are also in the dispenser which is in a cute dog bone design. This is perfect for your Democrat loved ones who are pet-owners.

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