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21 Gift Ideas For Outdoorsmen Under 50$

Ahhhh the great outdoors. Or the horrifyingly scary outernet. All just a matter of perspective.

You might not understand why your friend enjoys spending their free time living like it’s Little House on the Prairie and hunt or fish for their own food, but you want to support them right?

Then you looked into all that outdoorsy stuff and–yowzas!–realized that communing with nature can be pretty expensive!

So how do you show your love and support for them and their hobbies without breaking the bank?

We’ve scoured the internet for you and found 21 awesome gifts for the outdoorsmen in your life, all under $50!

#1 A Mug For The Mountain Man

He can’t climb those peaks until he gets his coffee, but he can still take them in at the same time!

It’s 100% ceramic with a high-quality printed design.

It’s both microwave and dishwasher safe, so he can get to the mountains quicker without having to fuss over it.


#2 This All-In-One Tool Built For Any Occasion

Anything can happen in the woods. Even the most experienced outdoorsman can find himself in a sticky situation. With this tool in his belt, or backpack, there’s no situation he won’t be prepared for!

This Quintionist Multi Tool Axe includes 16 functions in one easy to carry tool: flat jaw pliers, regular pliers, a wire cutter, a hammer, an axe, a plier handle, a spring, a tail lock, a knife, a bottle opener, a file, a slotted screwdriver, an assorted hex wrench, a fish descaler, a wood saw, and a Phillips screwdriver.


#3 A Pint Glass

Maybe your outdoorsman is the sporty type. 

If his idea of the perfect ending to any adventure is a tall glass of beer, we have the perfect idea for him.

This glass holds 16 oz. 


#4 A Pair Of Waterproof Socks That Are Unbelievably Comfortable

There are few sensations more unpleasant than wet socks. And for someone who spends a lot of time in non-climate controlled environments, this can very quickly become an unfortunate problem.

Sure there are lots of waterproof socks out there, but a lot of them feel like wearing a pair of plastic bags on your feet.

Good news! Randy Sun has created waterproof socks that are fast-drying and breathable! The three-layer design prevents water molecules from getting in and lets internal moisture escape as it moves. The heel and toe are reinforced for extra padding and comfort.


#5 A Pocket-Sized Water Filter

When exploring the great outdoors staying hydrated makes all the difference between an exciting adventure and an emergency. But just because water is natural, doesn’t make it safe to drink.

So your outdoorsman has a few options: lugging around large, heavy quantities of water, stuffing a bulky purifier into his bag, or drinking all of his water with bitter-tasting iodine tablets. Or, you can help them easily stay safe and travel light with a LifeStraw!

Weighing only 2 oz, this tiny water filter surpasses even EPA filter standards. It filters particles as small as .2 microns and removes a minimum of 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of waterborne parasites. And it’s completely chemical-free, does not require batteries, and has no moving parts.


#6 A Travel Towel

When he’s exploring the great outdoors, packing light is the best way to go. That means he’s only going to have room for one towel if that.

A normal towel can take up a lot of space, never fully dry between uses (which will make everything else in his bag damp), and end up smelling musty.

Youphoria’s PackLight travel towel fixes all of these problems easily! Made from microfibers, it holds up to 5 times its weight in water and dries up to 5 times faster than a normal towel!

Plus it rolls up nice and tight, making it easier to pack in a cramped bag. It’s also mildew resistant so it will stay odor-free!

Includes a carry bag and a hanging loop that can easily snap onto a towel rack or even a branch! Available in 3 sizes, 10 colors.

#7 A Backpack That Becomes a Camping Chair

Easy to carry everything he needs for a mountaintop picnic and then not have to sit on the ground to eat it!

The CAMPORT Camping Chair Backpack weighs only 3.3lb, but is strong enough to hold 331 lbs!

It comes with dozens of pockets to hold everything he might need from water bottles and wallets to a camera or power bank. It also includes an insulated cooler bag!

It then opens up to create a sturdy, comfortable seat! It’s made from durable, waterproof fabric.

#8 A Portable Hammock

If you love your friend, but don’t know how anyone could bear sleeping on the ground, help gift them a comfier sleeping arrangement on their outdoor adventures!

This camping hammock is easy to carry and set up, and makes for a super comfortable experience when sleeping in the great outdoors!

It’s made from a lightweight but extremely durable 210T parachute nylon. Each tree strap (includes 2) is triple stitched, 10′ long with 18+1 adjustable loops that each holds 600 lb. It also includes 2 carabiners with 2,645-pound ratings.

It also comes with an easy-carry backpack! Available in 7 colors and 2 sizes.

#9 A Cool stainless steel insulated cup

A great gift for the hiker or camper in your life to keep in his indoor residence! It’s a little bit classier than drinking straight from the can but feels just as casual!

The design  will never wear off. It’s dishwasher safe, perfect for everyday use.


#10 A Pair of Light Up Gloves

For those overnight trips in the great outdoors. Sometimes, a situation crops up where you just need two hands and a light. But what if he’s out there on his own?

These gloves feature a bright LED light on both the thumb and pointer finger of each hand. They’re lightweight and flexible, so he’ll barely even notice he’s wearing them! The adjustable elastic keeps them secure and stretches to accommodate most hand sizes.

The battery is easy to replace so he can keep these around for years of camping trips to come! 

#11 Some Wall Art To Make His House Feel More Like His True Home

Unfortunately, running away to live in the woods full time is just a little bit impractical. The good news is, wherever he spends most of his indoor days, this cool painting will make him practically smell those pine trees and feel the sun on his skin.

These 4 panels wall art printed on high quality and ready to hang.


#12 A Waterproof Floating Bag

Perfect for the outdoorsman who’s drawn to water like a fish!

The Skog A Kust DrySak is made from heavy-duty 500-D PVC so when they say it’ll keep out all the elements, they mean it! The watertight seams and roll down top provide extra protection to keep all of your belongings dry.

It also includes a splash-proof outer pocket to keep his smaller essentials easily accessible. The zippers feature a reflective trim that’s easily visible at night, and the adjustable arm strap helps him easily carry it anywhere. It can also be attached to a boat or kayak and float along beside him!


#13 A Bottle Cap Holder That Will Go Swimmingly With His Decor

Perfect for the guy who loves drinking beer. Now he can commemorate his trips by saving his bottle caps on this hand-carved bass beer cap holder!

#14 A Quirky T-Shirt

Spending a lot of time outdoors is a bit of a novelty for adults, but when you think about it, that used to be the dream as a kid! This t-shirt proudly declares that he hasn’t completely grown up.

This shirt is made from 100% ringspun American-grown cotton woven in a fine Jersey knit. They’re both designed and printed in Ann Arbor, Michigan with premium inks that are vibrant, durable, and crack-resistant.

Great for both daily wear or when he’s going camping!

#15 A Firestarter Gift Jar

Is there anything better than curling up next to a fire on a camping trip? He can roast s’mores, tell scary stories, or just enjoy the warmth.


#16 A Campsite Storage Line

The best way to keep his campsite organized! This non-stretch nylon strap features 19 loops and can hold up to 150 lbs!

No more worrying about ants or other little critters getting into his snacks, and he can keep his more valuable items where they won’t get dirty or damaged. It includes 8 carabiner hooks and 4 clothespins to easily hang everything up, then the loops stop it all from sliding to the center.

It’s easy to set up and can be used horizontally between 2 trees or hung vertically!

#17 A Travel Coffee Mug Wood Grain

Now he can carry a mug around with him and stay hydrating while he braves the elements!

These tumblers are made from durable stainless steel. 


#18 A Journal To Record His Hiking Experiences

These adventures will make great stories to tell his grandkids someday… as long as he can remember them!

This Hiking Passport is a great way to start! It’s a pocket sized journal complete with 20 entry pages where he can record the details of each hike.

Each entry page includes prompted sections to help him remember the details, and is followed by a blank page for photos and other keepsakes!

There are also 8 bonus pages for checklists, bucket lists, and other fun activities! 

#19 A Pine Tree Coaster

Counting the rings on a tree stump? Cool! Counting the rings his city-slicker friends left behind on his furniture? Not so much–just because he spends a lot of time outside doesn’t mean he’s completely uncivilized!

These tree coasters are all handcrafted natural pine and looks very unique.

#20 A Fun Iron-On Patch

Perfect for the guy who maybe spends all that time in the woods in the hope of catching Bigfoot? At the very least, he definitely believes in the possibility of sasquatch!

This iron-on patch is easy to apply to a jacket or backpack, whether to take on his adventures with him or for daily use! It’s sure to make him laugh, and makes a great conversation starter.


#21 A Pair of Wooden Mountain Cufflinks

A great gift for the mountain man who cleans up nice!

These wooden cuffs are simple enough to complement any suit.


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