Gift Ideas for Adventurous Mom- 27 Unique Ideas

Mother’s Day, birthday, Christmas-these are just some of the occasions when you could give a special mom in your life a special gift. This might be your own mother, a friend, your sister, your wife, or any special woman in your life.

You know that she is adventurous and you want to get her a gift that will depict how she loves adventure. Here is a list of 27 gifts to get an adventurous woman that she could use in her adventures that would also show how much she loves to be out and about and always be exploring.

This is a nice backpack in arctic green color that is perfect for adventures. It will be loved by the special mother in your life.

It is perfect for everyday outdoor activities like hiking or a day trip. It is also light and inspired by a classic 1970 model. It is made from G-1000 HeavyDuty Eco S which is 65% polyester and 35% cotton and is lined with recycled nylon.

This bag is comfortable to carry around and convenient to bring everywhere. It also comes in other colors like fog, stone grey, acorn, cabin red, black, storm, deep forest, dahlia, and green.

When your adventurous mom goes out on her trips, she will need to stay hydrated and cool. This is a 15L on-the-go cooler that she can bring with her everywhere she goes.

It has a nice minimalist design with fun colors. It is perfect for keeping her drinks cool so that she will stay refreshed for an entire day.

It can hold up to 18 12oz skinny cans, 15 12oz standard cans, or 4 750ml bottles. This is a perfect gift for a mom who is always traveling and exploring.

When going out, your mom needs to wear shorts that she is comfortable wearing. These shorts are stretchy and they are also very soft.

With this kind of material, your mom does not have to worry about itching or chafing. She can also move easily and properly in these shorts.

They also have pockets that your mom can fill with her belongings. The waistband of these shorts also allows her to move without the shorts budging.

They even have reflective highlights that will keep her safe and seen. These shorts are perfect for her day hikes or when she goes out for a jog.

Protect your mom or your friend who is a mom from bad weather conditions with this rain jacket. Since she is always out on adventures, she might be exposed to rain.

This is a nice gift for moms who are always on the go. This jacket is made out of 57% nylon and 43% recycled nylon.

It even has a 10k waterproof rating but it is still very much breathable with the mesh liner. This jacket also has a hood and a high collar.

A smartwatch will be very useful for someone who is active. This will help your mom monitor her sleep and heart rate, aside from telling the time.

It is also compatible with Android and iOS devices. It is a nice fitness tracker for those who work out as well. It also has GPS tracking which is perfect for adventurous people.

This is a gift that you should give to that special mother in your life on Christmas.

Your mom loves backpacking. You want to keep her comfortable all the time. Thus, give her this pillow that she can always use.

It is nice to be used when traveling and during her backpacking journey. It is in a nice compact size. It has a removable cover and it gives a clean and cooling feeling.

This is the power bank that your mom needs. It is a USB-C power bank with a 10,000 mAh battery. It can even charge multiple devices at the same time with its USB-A quick charge out ports.

With this power bank, your mom’s devices will never run out of batteries when she is traveling, backpacking, or going on a long jog or bike ride. This is the perfect give to give her on Mother’s Day.

This is a map trail print on tile that you can customize and give to your mom. This is the perfect gift for people who like to go hiking, who are always outdoors or like to do other activities outdoors like biking or traveling. Customize one for your mom.

This will surely be a gift that she would love to put on display someplace like her living room or her office. It even comes with a wood stand.

When your mom is outdoors camping or traveling, she might want to cook a barbecue. In some places, you cannot just get the food you want easily. This is a portable grill that she could bring with her wherever she goes.

Now, she can cook her favorite meals anytime and anywhere. This grill takes up 55″ sq. of cooking space. It can cook up to 4 burgers. It is easy to assemble and use and she will certainly love it.

In the morning, your mom might want to have her favorite cup of coffee. This is a kettle pot and coffee set that is also portable so that everywhere she goes she can prepare her beloved coffee and drink it in the morning in such a peaceful place overlooking a great view of a beautiful landscape.

This coffee set is lightweight and it can boil 1 liter of water in 4.5 minutes. Get this gift for her on Christmas.

These are socks that you should get for your mom since they are very comfortable and they really are made for active people. They provide maximum breathability and they also have compression that supports the foot in its every contour.

This is to reduce fatigue. These socks are especially for trails, running, and cycling. These socks are 67% nylon, 28% olefin, and 5% spandex.

Get this swimwear for your mom. This swimwear is perfect for sun protection with UPF 50+ and it is also a great one to wear on the beach for extreme sports like surfing and wakeboarding.

It will surely save your mom from a possible wardrobe malfunction because having one in this suit is impossible. It is the perfect swimwear for an adventurous woman that still looks sexy and fabulous.

Keep your mom hydrated all the time with this waist pack that comes in a nice black and sailor blue color. It is lightweight and ergonomic that is perfect for her morning jogs or her long bike rides.

It even has tech storage where she can put her phone. This waist pack has an adjustable belt and the flask is leakproof.

Your mom needs sandals for her trips when she goes on trails. These sandals are comfortable and lightweight. They are also flexible and durable, making them perfect for long walks.

These sandals have a comfort layer, force protection, and rubber grip pods. They will surely help your mom stay comfortable on her adventures so that her feet can move properly and she would enjoy her trips.

Your mom might be camping frequently and this is a tool that she will definitely need when she is out. It is a tool that comes with a bottle opener, spoon, knife, and fork in one.

It is made out of stainless steel with a titanium coating. Especially if your mom loves to eat and she does not like bringing so many things with her, this handy tool can solve her problems.

This is a repair tape that is better than duct tape for repairing things. If some of your mom’s stuff gets broken or tears, then with this tape, she can easily fix things.

Since she is an adventurous woman, then those incidents are very much possible. But with this tape, her problems can be easily solved.

This is a gift to get for her if you know that these incidents always happen to her.

Your mom should stay in style while protecting her eyes on her adventures. The sun has been intense these days so it may be too bright outside during her hikes, sporting events, or vacations.

These sunglasses are very fashionable and they are perfect for the beach. They will definitely make a great gift for Mother’s Day

Your adventurous mom should also take care of herself. Get this set of skincare products for her as a self-care kit. It comprises a jelly cleanser, glycolic night serum, hydration serum, and polypeptide cream.

These products are 100% free of fragrance, silicones, and essential oils. They are also vegan and cruelty-free. This is a great birthday gift for her

Your mom might be in need of a new yoga mat and this is the perfect one to give to her. It is a 4mm mat that is in a very pretty color.

With this mat, she can always now do yoga, work out, and meditate. This mat is not just for adventurous moms but moms who want to take better care of themselves.

This is a pack of three pieces of chirp wheels that are used to relieve oneself from back and neck pain. They are also great for muscle recovery.

These wheels are perfect for your adventurous mom who is always on the go and always out on new adventures that she needs to rest for a while and relax her body.

These wheels target pressure points in the neck that help in reducing tension headaches.

This is an emergency survival kit to give to your mom that she can use when she goes camping or when she goes traveling. This survival kit has various essentials like a fire starter, compass, flashlight, swiss card, emergency blanket, and more.

It is the kit that has everything she needs in case of an emergency. This is perfect for adventurous moms who like to go hiking or be out in the wilderness.

This is a book about 40 ladies who love the great outdoors and their stories and photographs. Your mom will surely love this book as she is one adventurous woman herself.

She will certainly relate to these stories and be inspired to go on more adventures. Get this book for her on Christmas.

This is a smart wristband to get for your mom that has encrypted technology so that it can store blood type, medical conditions, allergies, etc.

With this wristband, you can know that she is safe wherever she goes so that you would stop worrying about her when she is out on her adventures.

It is battery-free and water-resistant. It connects to Android and to iPhones 7 and later models.

Does your mom overspend at times but still want to go on vacation? Help her save money with this piggy bank. It is specially designed so that she can save up cash for her next trip.

With this, she will always be motivated as she now has a unique piggy bank to fill.

This is a pocket blanket that is easy to carry around that she needs to bring with her on her next camping trip.

It is lightweight and can be packed easily so that it would not take much space in her bag. Get this for your mom. She needs it.

This is a first aid kit with a flashlight so that she will always be prepared for what might happen. It comes in an ergonomic design that saves space.

This is a cute beer cooler that screams adventure at first glance. Since your mom loves to travel, this design will surely suit her. She will love to use this item.

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