Gift Ideas for Crafty Mom - 27 Handy Ideas

Inherent skills and imagination can go a very long way. When creativity is fueled by love and affection, one can produce functional handicrafts.

It is the inspiration of mothers whenever they want to beautify the home or give their loved ones something personalized. Are you one of those fortunate people who have a crafty mom?

Express your appreciation by giving them gifts related to arts and crafts. It will represent your support and confidence in their talented hands. Are you on the fence about what to get for them? Worry no more! Check out the list below and pick which suits your mom best!

Your Mom may not be a celebrity like Martha Stewart, but if she wants to be busy, then let her be! Help her never run out of good ideas by gifting this daily craft guide calendar.

There is no dull moment for people who have their hands preoccupied. This item fills their daily routine with creativity and enjoyment. It is a great Christmas gift.

It is an advanced way to prepare for the wonderful New Year ahead.

There are a lot of ways to create a beautiful picture. You can choose a pencil, paint, pen, or even a needle and sewing thread as a medium.

A crafty mom who loves to stay at home most likely is aware of embroidery. If your special lady has skilled fingers and has a patience of a monk, then needlecrafts suit them.

This presentation will help them create artworks made of thread that many can admire and enjoy.

Creative mothers are artisans who are always willing to learn to perfect their craft. Give them the gift of knowledge when it comes to sewing by introducing them to the world of Sashiko.

Sashiko is a Japanese term that translates to “little stabs.” It is a form of running stitch with a twist and creates a quilt-like formation. It is a technique suitable for making decorative pillowcases.

This is another positive plus for their homemaking skills.

Are you tired of the conventional shape and style of tote bags? Add a fresh twist by creating a square-bottom drawstring bag.

Give your favorite homemaker this drawstring bag set. When stitched together up, it turns into a reusable shopping bag.

The structure’s shape can carry groceries, pastry or cake boxes, and other items. It is a practical gift for industrious ladies like moms.

A kitchen is a sacred place for mothers. It is a place where they work their magic with every homecooked meal.

Help them keep their workplace organized by giving them a set of airtight mason jars. These storage pieces can keep ingredients like spices well preserved.

It is made of glass; the contents are recognizable immediately. Storing spices with multiple colors is also attractive decorative accents. This item is the decor, storage, and kitchen aid rolled into one!

Moms multitask all the time. It is ideal to give them handy tools that are light and mobile. A cordless glue gun is useful and convenient for crafty moms.

When they are busy making a scrapbook or other customized things, the location won’t matter. It does not need to be plugged in at all times since it is rechargeable.

Take it to the kitchen while cooking or in the laundry room during washing clothes.

Your mom is the queen of the house. Treat her like royalty by giving this them elegant Victorian-themed sewing kit. It has all the essentials to do the work.

Each tool has decorative details giving it a nostalgic vibe of royalty. The set looks expensive and luxurious so it can put anyone in a good mood before the sewing begins.

Does your mother love to paint? Keep her workplace in order by giving her a paint organizer. All the colors and brushes will have their place.

It is an ergonomic gift idea, that will keep her concentration and focus while creating her art. She would not worry about spills or missing tools since everything is in order.

Every art piece begins with a blank canvas. Depending on the inspiration, creative moms would prefer their paintings in different sizes.

Spare them the trouble of choosing how big their next masterpiece be. For creative minds that need multiple mediums, give them this canvas set that features different dimensions.

It gives freedom to choose and feel enlightened before the painting begins.

Does your mother love to bake pastries and other sweets? Enhance the creativity with her confections by gifting an adorable patterned rolling pin.

The tool not only flattens the dough but also shapes them too. Using this can save time and energy compared to utilizing cookie cutters separately.

Now she can have more time to prepare for other things.

Making a craft project is not only based on skills. A person should have proper planning too.

Help your mom take notes in her journey to the next handicraft project with this craft project planner. She will never miss a step whenever it is in her possession.

Plus, the records written can be used by others as a reference and continue the tradition of creativity.

The world is a colorful place. Make it sparkle with this rhinestone’s art painting set. Creative moms would love this unique technique of making art.

Imagine them spending long hours putting this masterpiece together happily. It is also therapeutic and a good break from their tiring responsibilities at home and in the office.

Once completed, they can proudly put them on display for others to see and appreciate. It will be another lovely decor for the home.

Knitting is a hobby many moms do during their free time. It is a relaxing and productive skill.

You can anticipate them to create scarves, dollies, cardigans, and mittens using colorful yarns crocheted together. Prevent the thread from getting dirty by placing it in a yarn bowl.

Make it more getting a handcrafted personalized one. Receiving this will make your mother feel special.

Aromatherapy is a calming and relaxing treat. Crafty ladies would enjoy it more if they make their scented candles.

The soy wax candle set has all the materials needed to create the finished product. This gift item after assembly and completion is also a good giveaway as a token of appreciation.

Who knows? You might be a recipient of the finished product.

Accessories do not need to be expensive. To capture attention, they only have to be unique and trendy.

Allow your mother to unleash their fashion-savvy side with a customized earring set. They can choose from different ready-made ornaments to be attached to hypoallergenic earrings.

Is your mom the type of gal who wants to keep her hand busy? Why not gift her a functional macrame?

After a few twists and knots, it transforms into a plant hanger. The sturdy contraption is a great decor accent to the garden or if your mom is interested in having indoor plants.

Whenever your mom is busy, there is a risk of getting their clothes dirty. Don’t let the dirt and grime touch them.

Gift them a functional apron that protects their clothing and has storage pockets. It will keep the essential tools within reach. They can be more productive this way.

Mix in a dash of cuteness and femininity by choosing one with ruffles. She will look pretty and youthful wearing it.

Crafty hands require a lot of assistance to accurately for their desired shapes. If your mother is into carving, cutting, and stenciling to create scrapbooks, she will need a variety of blades to finish the task.

Giving her a full set of blades customized for artworks is a good deal. With all the materials within reach, your mom is bound to produce her best work yet.

Are you sometimes scared that your mom cut herself while doing her hobby? Then instead of manually cutting paper for customized cards or scrapbook detailing, do it automatically.

It is made possible by using this wireless cutting tool for paper. It’s safe and efficient, your mother will love this.

Crafty moms have a lot of tools they keep close. Make sure that these items don’t become cluttered by storing them in drawers. And to keep them readily available, a moveable cart with drawers is a cool gift idea.

Thanks to the mobility, the storage unit is taken swiftly to where it is needed. And, it can be brought back easily to its space once the work is done.


Is your mom looking for the next big home project? Then allow her to view the options by reading an Arts and Crafts Idea Magazine.

It is a publication that will rekindle the passion and ignite imagination for the next masterpiece yet to unfold. It is full of creative suggestions that cover a variety of tasks like knitting, sewing, painting, and cooking.

Allow your mom to refuel her thinking cap with new information.

Baking is not only for gastronomic satisfaction, it is also an art. And how can a cake be revered? It is through the decorative icing that will be placed on it.

Enable your mother to add some flair to her next confection by using stylish cake piping tips. The helpful tool has different designs to choose from.

Based on the theme of the celebration, the appropriate representation is readily available. Not only did it give the give the baker the freedom to choose, but it can also make the guest happy because the celebration’s centerpiece is so beautiful.

Creative people can be moody but tight-lipped. The best way for them to let out the steam is by expressing it with their art.

If the queen of the house tends to shift gears often, a fun gift idea is a wooden lamp with a moveable base. The base has a few joints.

It enables the position to switch now and then. Based on the current mood, the pose is customizable. You can have a clue how to act when the atmosphere feels odd.

Bonsai plants are cute flora that requires delicate care. If the person handling them is not crafty enough, things can go wrong. That is why, if your mother is taking care of these plants, she needs specialized bonsai pruning tools.

A complete set will guarantee that she can keep these rare greens in their best form. The essential items like shears, repotting mat, scissors, and other gardening materials are included in the package.

It is not only through art items that crafty women express themselves. They can also show it through clothing choices.

A handcrafted-inspired attire will surely pique their interest. An oversized fashionable knitted cardigan is a good addition to their wardrobe.

Aficionados of crocheting will surely rave about this ensemble. It is a versatile accent piece that is wearable for all types of weather.

Creating arts and crafts requires a lot of adhesives. The quality of the work can be affected if the tape applied is either too long or too short.

To avoid these glitches, gift your mom a double-sided adhesive dispenser. It is very efficient and easy to use.

Now, she would not worry about getting the length of the adhesive tape wrong.

Giving personalized and handmade gifts is a thing creative moms love to do the most. Their effort is a waste if their creation is not useable and underappreciated.

A practical and crafty item like DIY scented soaps is beneficial for both parties, the giver and receiver. Mom will have a fun time making the soaps, and the recipient will use them. Now both parties are happy!

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