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gift ideas for someone moving to california

Gifts For Someone Moving To California

California is a great place to live. It is the new party destination with beautiful beaches, amazing avocadoes, and many other beautiful unexplored landscapes. No wonder if your near ones wish to move to California. But while you have to say goodbye, you can always gift a little parting gift as a symbol of your special bond. 

When your friends or family move to California, they will have a lot on their minds. Therefore, a small gift that will help them explore the city better will always be cherished by them. Here are a few gifting ideas that might help you choose a goodbye gift for someone moving to California.  

#1 Moving Insurance

When you know your friend is struggling to move all her to California, you can help her with moving insurance.

During transit, often damages products, and thus insurance is essential. Your friend shall be a little relieved to know that the insurance company bears any damage.

Although it may not look gorgeous, it is a handy gift for your friend moving to California. You can present them with the certificate of insurance and put them together on a card.  

#2 Geometric Hexagon Sunglasses

One thing that everyone moving to California should know is that it can be sunny. Also, besides that, California features a lot of beautiful and mesmerizing beaches.

You can always gift your friend a pair of sunglasses to protect them from the sun. Sunglasses make a fantastic gift on every occasion.

You can find a couple that up with some broad-brimmed hats and some sunscreen. When moving to California, your friend could use the extra pair of sunglasses that you have gifted.

#3 Skateboard

If you have studied California’s culture, you perhaps already know that skateboards are very famous in California.

This can be a pleasant surprise to your friend. It is a fun activity that will help your friend to stay fit and energetic.

Skateboards come in customizable designs. Therefore, you can get one printed that suits their personality. Skateboards can also be used as décor pieces.

If your friend is too afraid to ride skateboards, they can always keep that as a memory on the walls. 

#4 Fitbit Fitness Tracker

When your friend moves to a new place, there is a lot to explore. And if he/she is a health-conscious individual, you can add value to the exploration.

You can gift them a fitness tracker that will record the amount they walked around and explored and their overall health.

People in California stress staying healthy and fit. Your friend can bond with the local people over fitness and health.

#5 Photobook

Pictures are a great of keeping all the memories close. You can compile some of your favorite photographs and print them in the book and hand them over as a gift.

Remembering all the good times that you had together, you can make them available to your friend in this Photobook.

This is also very inexpensive, and your friend will thank you for the montage of photographs you have put together. 

#6 Cards

A card, either handmade or picked from a store, continues to be popular amongst people moving out of state.

There can be personalized messages that you write for the friend moving to California, and these words can continue to inspire them while they are away.

Handwritten cards are always a great way of saying goodbye, and also, the thought will always be cherished. 

#7 Handmade Personalized Candles

These personalized scented candles can be a great way of unwinding for your friend after the day-long exploration. These candles are hand-poured, and each candle contains 8 oz, which can burn for almost 35 hours.

You can also get your personalized message printed on the back of the candles. These are thoughtful yet very inexpensive gifts for someone moving out.

#8 Tickets For Local Attractions

California is known for Disneyland. As your friend loves exploration and adventure, you can give them the tickets to Disneyland, and we are sure your friend is going to love it.

You can gift them a daily pass for a week too, to satisfy the child in him/her. SeaWorld is another place of exploration when it comes to California. Seals and dolphins do their magic in this place. 

#9 The Book- Where I Was from By Joan Didion

This book was written by one of the most influential American authors. The book mentions the reflection of the history of California, and several essays surround that.

What better thoughtful gift than this for your friend who will now be a part of this city. 

#10 Succulent Plants

California is known for its drought. And succulents are a widespread plant in California. If you want a gift to stay with your friend and that will signify your bond, you can gift these plants.

They are excellent options for plant lovers and also do not need much looking after. These plants are also the new trend in California. 

#11 California Guide Book

When your friend is exploring a new city, a guidebook comes in very handy. This is, in fact, one of the best gifting options.

This guidebook will help your friend explore the city better with local food joints, maps explored, and unexplored paths. 

#12 California Magnet

We understand you want to make your friend feel comfortable while they are settling in the new city. 

These tiny magnets can help hold all the papers and bills that seem to be necessary. This is a gift of convenience, which your friend might ignore if had to buy themselves.

This magnet is capable of holding light paper pieces, and they also adorn your study area beautifully. 

They are not meant to hold up heavy papers. They also provide an easy return and exchange policy. 

#13 California Old Map From 1876

This vintage yet gorgeous-looking map is a great handmade gift for someone moving to California. This map shows California from 1876. You can get this map printed in a custom size to add it to your friend’s home décor.

This map is printed on ultra-smooth fine art matter paper of 250gsm. The ink used is Epson Ultra chrome that is said to last almost 108 years but not when exposed outside. This gift will already make your friend feel ready to explore the city. 

#14 Necklace

If a friend is fond of jewelry, then this is the perfect gift. While your friend is exploring the new city, you can continuously remind them against the pendant.

The chain and pendant can be customized to gold plated, rose plated or silver plated. Choose the one that your friend will like.

The clasp system is a lobster claw. The chain is usually 18 inches and can be expanded by two more inches. The gift box also contains:

  • A blank note.
  • A Velvet jewelry box.
  • The gold foil stamped to be making the jewelry box.  

#15 Surfer Boat Wall Décor

As mentioned earlier, California has some beautiful beaches, and the beach cottages also look exquisite. If your friend moves to a place near the beach, this gift is the right choice.

The surfer boats give away a vibe of the nearby sea and are available in three sizes- 35 inches, 55 inches, and 70 inches.

It is also effortless to mount on the wall and fix it. It will look amazing on the wall of your friend’s beach houseThe material is made of wood and is handmade with high-quality vinyl graphics. 

#16 Bear T-Shirt

This animal represents California. And these unisex t-shirts can be a part of your friend’s closet while they are in California.The crow-neck, ring-spun cotton, short sleeves t-shirts are best for customizable quotes for printing.

You will have to choose the color and shade, and dependent on that is the size of the various t-shirts.You can also get matching extras like tank tops and V-neck. Measuring 4.0 oz., these t-shirts are 60% cotton and 40% polyester. 

#17 Hotel California Keychain

Said to be one of the classics, the Hotel California keychain is a great bonding point between the two long-distance friends.The name might take you back to all the childhood memories, mostly if you were an Eagles fan.

Measuring 3.5 inches, the material is acrylic, split key ring, metal grommet, laser cutter, and brass. This one has Room- 13 printed on it. This can be a classic, thoughtful gift for all rock band lovers

#18 Coffee Mug

If you have a coffee lover friend who is really excited and looking forward to shifting to California, this coffee mug must excite him/her. Made up of ceramic material, these mugs can hold up to 11oz.

The high-quality printing makes it attractive and therefore is an ideal gift for all hot beverage lovers. The mug has rounded corners and a C-handle for easy handling. 

#19 California Mountains and Forest Bear - Wood Keychain

As informed earlier, the bear representing California is a wooden keychain with forests and mountains engraved. It measures around 1.4 X 2.5 X 5 inches with 0.5 inch and 1-inch nickel-plated steel split rings.

All the products that the brand manufactures are 100% sustainable and environmentally harvested. You can find the same design on a magnet too. 

#20 Skiing Hooded Sweatshirt

There is never too much hoodie. The hoodies are great for curling up in, and people always go for something smooth, soft, and stylish. These hoodies make great comforting and cozy clothing during winter evenings.

Made up of 50% polyester and 50% pre-shrunk cotton, the hoodie is a double-lined hood with a matching drawcord. It has a 1X1 athletic rib-knit cuff with spandex wristbands. 

#21 Vintage California Travel Posters Coasters

Wanting to gift something that will always remind your friend about you? Our suggestion is these travel coaters. It comes in a set of 4, 4.25 inches each ceramic coaster are a fantastic gifting option.

All these coaters are waterproof as each coater gets a 3-8 coating and gives a glass-like finish. It’s also effortless to clean; all you have to do is clean it with a damp cloth.

The coasters are also quite sturdy, with 5mm thickness. These are amazing bridesmaid’s gifts, too, and they will pop out amongst other gifts. 

#22 California Patch - Poppy Flower

It is considered the new cool to paste these patches onto your jeans or shirts or t-shirts. A cute and symbolic gift can be this poppy flower patch which also has California engraved on it. It can be pasted by iron, and it measures 2.5 inches. It is made with fabric and thread. 

#23 California Notebook

If you maintain a journal, you must already know the importance of having a good-quality notebook. When friends depart, they often write to each other. One great way of doing that is gifting your best friend a notebook and asking them to maintain it every day.

And then, when you meet, you can catch up on everything that happened. This is an excellent notebook for that purpose.

The cover is California-themed and measures around 5 X 7 inches. It consists of 30 pages which means 60 sides. These notebooks are handmade, and therefore you may find a few signs of imperfection. 

#24 California Map Bracelet

A unique bracelet that has a map of California is a great gifting option. These bracelets are created for vintage atlases, encyclopedias, and maps. You can add the location of the map, and that will get printed on the bracelet.

The bracelets are usually 6 inches long with the 2.5-inch extender. The glass piece in the middle that holds the map is 16mm in diameter.

It is sensitive skin safe with alloy, zinc, glass, and suede cording. This makes a great personalized gifting option for your loved ones. 


We have listed several gift options that are available for someone who is moving to California. It is always pleasant to experience to part with some gifts to hold on to after you depart.

These little gifts can always remind you of each other while the other person is starting a new California journey. You can pick from the gifts mentioned above as they will remain memorable and come within a budget. 

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