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Gifts for Couples Moving in Together - 21 Gift Ideas

If your friends are  finally planning on moving in together, a definite congratulation is in order. However, a checklist for moving in together is also in order, because while it may feel like it’s going to be one elongated sleepover with your best friend and sexual partner, real and genuine disagreements can arise when two people share the same space.

Hopefully, it’s the best case scenario: They’re both your best friends, and you’d love to find your favorite pair a gift that they can both use together, forever.

#1 A Nice Set of Mugs

Whether you’re Star Wars fans or just super secure in your partner’s feelings toward you, these ‘I Love You I Know’ mugs make a great housewarming gift for yourselves.

Having morning coffee is a good way to start your day. We offer you this novelty cup with a funny quote printed on the side of the mug that will light up your day. 

#2 A Special Candle

Perhaps the smell of your partner’s nether regions is more comforting than that of a geographical region.

Aromatherapy in every breath with natural essential and fragrance oils containing no harmful chemicals or toxins. Excellent as a gift for hat special couple. 

#3 A Cooking Processor

Cooking together can be an incredible bonding experience, so inspire some culinary genius with this food processor. 

The Hamilton brand has been a leader in kitchen appliances delivering innovative products for decades.

Now introducing the Hamilton Beach Food Processor—make food prep easier with its power, intelligence, and versatility.


#4 A Tea Kettle

Shopping for a couple who loves drinking tea? A nice tea kettle is something they’ll use all the time. This antique-inspired one would look gorgeous on a stove top even when it’s not in use.

An elegant addition to any kitchen, this teakettle pairs vintage styling with contemporary innovation. 

Enameled steel surface will not fade, and the stay-cool handle provides a comfortable, secure grip while pouring.

This teakettle features a conical spout with built-in whistle and a wide opening for easy cleaning and filling. Perfect for all cook tops, including induction. 

#5 A Special Bag

Packing for impromptu weekend trips is best described as “throwing any article of clothing that you see in the next 30 seconds.”

The Novel duffle is an ideal weekender that features a functional side-access shoe compartment, keeping footwear separate and easily accessible. 

Reinforced and articulated carrying handles.

#6 A Bath Caddy

This handy bathtub tray will make their new bathroom feel like a personal spa. There’s space for a stemmed wine glass, a phone or tablet, and a soothing scented candle.

It’s an awesome housewarming gift idea for a retired couple, new parents, or anyone else who’s earned some serious relaxation. 

This solid piece of walnut has many features to help you unwind at bath time in addition to its rich, warm hue.

It can hold a tablet or a smartphone. It is notched to hold a wine glass, and has a tea-light sized cup for aromatherapy or incense. 

There is a hole at the end for hanging a wash cloth or on a hook when not in use. 

A huge part of moving in together is making the space comfortable for both of you. 

This mini ozone generator air purifier is very suitable for small areas or enclosed space, such as refrigerator, closets, wardrobe, pantry, bathroom, car, pet area.

Can eliminate peculiar smell, keep food vegetables and fruits fresh. It also eliminates the smell of hunting clothing and equipment, including body odor and sweat. 

Help you better cover up. 

#8 A Box of Chocolates

What’s better than an old-fashioned love note? One that you can eat, obviously. 

Hot chocolate bombs are chocolate spheres filled with hot chocolate mix and lots of marshmallows!

Pour steaming hot milk over the top and watch the chocolate melt away and release those marshmallows into your milk. So much fun and makes a great gift! 

#9 A Fragrance Warmer

Whether they’re into pumpkin spice or floral scents, this wax fragrance warmer gives new homeowners a cozy aromatherapy experience without the worry of an open flame.

This electric warmer looks beautiful while filling your home with the fragrance of your choice. 

It also does not produce smoke or scoot. When using a warmer there is no open flame reducing the chances of fire. 


#10 A Finance Planner

Combining all your expenses can be a huge relief, or it can be a huge headache. 

This debt tracking log book is perfect for anyone who needs to track their income and expenses month to month. 

Businesses and individuals will benefit from this simplistic & reliable layout. 

#11 A Nice Toy… for Bed

To make the most out of the time you are together, there are options for couples, too. 

Whether you’re a complete beginner, or seasoned pro, our bondage kit will fit perfectly into your bedroom requirements. 

All products have been designed around 3 attributes – Comfort, restraint and durability.

These restraints, collars, handcuffs and ankle cuffs have been specifically designed to ensure that no marks are left on the wearer afterwards.

They also have the ability to leave them on for long durations, thanks to the extra-soft fur which we use on the inside lining of each piece. 

#12 Lyric Art

Here’s another awesome wedding gift for new homeowners. 

Add a sentimental touch to their nest with a framed print of lyrics from their first dance song.

This print is professionally digitally printed onto high quality satin card stock. Available in 3 sizes, (large 11 x 14 inches) (medium 8 x 10 inches) (small 5 x 7 inches).

The frames are not included as standard, you will receive just the print. 

#13 A Special Showerhead

If you ever find yourself sharing the shower and one of you is left out in the cold, this A-Flow expandable shower head has a unique design.

It expands up to twelve inches to widen your stream of water, so both of you are covered.

Inspired by elements of chic, European fashion – the Napa Hand Shower was designed for modern and transitional bathrooms alike. 

Its unique face plate is destined to make a statement as it is unlike anything we’ve ever crafted to date. 

#14 A Video Doorbell

We can all admit it: Living in an empty house or apartment can make you jump at the knock of the Uber Eats delivery person.

Replace your outdated security lights with Floodlight Cam, a motion-activated HD camera with two-way talk, lights and a siren. 

See, hear and speak to people on your property. Shine the lights on all your blind spots. And sound the siren remotely. 

All from your phone, tablet and PC. 

#15 A Set of Coasters

This fun set of coasters is the perfect way to welcome someone into their new home. 

Pair it with a nice bottle of bubbly, and you’ve got an awesome housewarming gift for a couple. This square walnut coaster comes as a set of four or as a set of six. 

The coaster set can be personalized to make a perfect gift for all sorts of occasions: anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, bridal showers, or holidays.

#16 Headphones Splitter

Perfect when it comes to sharing music or watching videos together, this multi-headphone splitter allows you to plug in at the same time.

Perfect when it comes to sharing music or watching videos together.

Matching shirts in public is usually cringe-worthy, even when it’s satirical. Matching underwear that only you two know about is… kind of precious?

This funny couples underwear matching set features a matching flirty phrase, so your funny underwear will spice things up in and out of the bedroom. 

#18 A Vacuum Cleaner

Upgrading to a bigger, more permanent space means more cleaning, too. 

Help the new homeowners get the job done effortlessly with a hands-free vacuum that can be controlled from anywhere via the iRobot app, Alexa, or Google Home.

It’s an especially good housewarming gift for busy couples and parents of young kids or pets. The 600 series is a great way to begin cleaning your home smarter. 

Just schedule it to clean up daily dirt, dust, and debris with the iRobot HOME app or your voice assistant. – for effortlessly clean floors. 

#19 A Smartpad

Engineered and tested by Amazon, Fire 7 is our best-selling tablet—now 2X the storage, faster quad-core processor, hands-free with Alexa, and 2X as durable as the latest iPad mini.

Complete tasks, enjoy movies on the go, browse recipes, or ask Alexa for the weather—making your every day easier. 

Enjoy millions of movies, TV episodes, games, apps, eBooks, and songs. Stream or download thousands of videos from Prime Video, Netflix, STARZ, Disney+, and SHOWTIME. 

#20 A Chromecast

Movie dates while cuddling on the couch are off the table, but watching stuff together is the next best thing. 


#21 A Coffee Maker

This stainless steel coffee maker makes for a modern and stylish addition to the kitchen counter. 

Brew as little as 1-4 cups or up to 14 cups. Carafe includes stainless steel accent on handle.

Start your day right with one, or many, cups of coffee at just the right temperature. Includes a reusable gold tone filter to make brewing easy. 

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