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21 Gag Gifts For New Parents

Parenthood is the most exciting phase in one’s life. It involves many challenges and sacrifices, but parents wouldn’t trade this gift for anything else. However, in the initial days with the baby’s sleeping and feeding schedules going for a toss, new parents may find it all too overwhelming and frightening.

If you know of new parents who have just discovered about their pregnancy or are in the early stage of parenting, here are 21 great and creative gifts you can choose for them. We are sure these gifts will make them smile and give them the much-needed relaxation they need to deal with stress and sleepless nights.

1. Turn for baby duties

If you are looking for a gift for new parents, here is an interesting choice for you. In the initial stages of parenting, the mom and dad have to take turns to take care of the parenting duties. More often than not, this could lead to an argument in some homes as well.

Here is a gift that can put an end to the discussion of whose turn it is to take care of the baby. This is a coin that comes neatly packed in a gift box. On one side of the coin you have the words, “mummy’s turn” and on the other side of the coin you have the words, “daddy’s turn.” So, the new parents can just toss this coin to decide who takes care of the baby and who gets an off-day.

2. Wine glass for off duty parents

New parents are hard-pressed for time. They go through a busy schedule all day with diaper duties, sleepless nights, irregular diet, etc. So, this gift of yours is sure to give them a lot of relief. This is a wine glass set  – one for mummy and the other for daddy.

They can drink wine from their respective glasses, as they binge-watch on their favorite shows, when it is an off-day for them. Your thoughtful gift with funny words on it is sure to bring a smile to their faces, whenever they use the glasses.

This is definitely an out-of-the-box idea for new parents. This book contains funny ideas on traumatic parenting and has detailed illustrations to explain to you the core theme of it. Thanks to this book, new parents will learn about new methods to control their kids, and make them listen to the instructions.

The parents may not follow the dysfunctional parenting rules mentioned in this book, but they can still have a hearty laugh while reading them as a family. The new mum and dad are going to enjoy the new parenting buzzwords that this book would teach them.

4. Announcing baby's arrival with a dash of humor

When they discover about their pregnancy, couples get too excited, and look for innovative ways to announce the same to their immediate family members. If you know of such couples, don’t let go of this gift. This is a cute little onesie, which says to the world, “Player 3 has entered the game”. Now, that’s really funny, isn’t it?

The expecting mother would love to unpack this gift while making a surprise announcement of the baby’s arrival to the grandparents and other close family members.

5. Coloring book for the stressed, new mom

This is a fun-themed coloring book to provide some relaxation to the stressed, new mum. This coloring book contains some swearing words, which the mom can read and laugh her heart out as she vents out her frustration through colors. You can be sure that a new mother is definitely going to appreciate your gift.

6. Book with funny thoughts on pregnancy

This book is full of funny jokes and humorous illustrations on newborns, pregnancy, things you can expect during this phase, etc. This book is definitely a welcome change from the serious books on pregnancy. This book will ease their nerves and help them prepare well for parenthood.

7. A funny T-shirt for the expecting dad

This shirt may look simple, but it is highly durable. Made from 90% cotton and 10% polyester, this highly durable shirt will definitely make new parents crack up. During the first few days, the pregnancy phase can be tough, so this T-shirt, with its super-funny and witty message can make things easy for the expecting couple.

8. Couples Bear Mugs

This insulated tumbler set for the new mom and dad is cute, attractive and funny. It comes with a bear theme and has the words, “Mama” and “Papa” imprinted. While expecting couples will love the attractive theme of this gift set, they will feel thrilled to know that it can keep icy drinks cold for 9 hours and other beverages hot for 5 hours!

Each and every day of her pregnancy is memorable for a mother. What could be a better gift for a new mother than some stickers to remind her of her important milestones? The mother will surely get emotional at the thoughtfulness and wit of this gift. They will love to flaunt these wine labels on their bottles.

10. Nutritional facts about dad and mom

Being new parents is a huge responsibility. However, when you decide to look for gifts for these young parents, there is no need to be serious and choose something to remind them of their parenting duties. You can choose a gag gift like these to make the situation light. This is a coffee mug set containing funny nutritional facts about a mom and dad, which is sure to excite them greatly.

11. Sign language for babies

One of the challenges that new parents experience is when they communicate with their babies. Understanding a baby’s sounds and signs is not easy at all. So, you could gift this interesting book to them. This one talks about different sign language tips, so that parents can learn to communicate better with their babies.

The initial few days of bringing the newborn home are quite stressful for the new parents, as they have to make drastic changes in their lifestyle. This is why, this book which gives a funny account of these initial days can be very helpful to them. This book is an honest yet witty account of how messy days can be for parents.

13. Notebook journal with a funny theme

This is a great gift for a couple that has become pregnant in the times of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Though this may be a simple notebook journal, the book’s cover is what makes it one of the best gag gifts for new parents. This message is sure to bring up a smile to the new mom and dad’s faces, as soon as they open your gift and read it.

14. Unique baby-themed socks for the new parents

If you are looking for unique and fun-themed gifts for couples who have just delivered their babies, these socks are great choices for you. While the look of the socks itself is cute and attractive, their wording is so funny that the new parents cannot help laughing as they read these messages.

15. A sarcastic message for the new dad

When a woman announces her pregnancy to her family, she gets flooded with tips on maintaining her diet. She is advised to eat for her baby as well. However, no one gives any tip to the new dad. Why should he be left behind? This T-shirt with a funny theme is designed for the new dad who takes his drinks quite seriously.

If you are looking for a sleek, funny and functional gift for a new mom, look no further than this elegant stem glass. While it looks like an ordinary wine glass, of which the new mom might already have quite a few in her cupboard, she will be enthralled at this particular gift, purely because of the message it contains.

A wine-loving woman sacrifices the drink to bring her baby safely to the world. So after she has delivered her baby, she would naturally crave to have her glass of wine in peace. This message aptly reflects her thoughts, in a funny way. So, she will love this stemmed glass.

17. Onesie with a funny theme

Here is a wonderful gift for people who are set to become parents in 2021! This is a cute little onesie with a message, “My parents did not practice social distancing,” which is witty and relevant in the current situation. The new mom and dad will have a whale of a time laughing their hearts out, when they make their baby wear this beautiful onesie.

Made with a high-quality cotton blend, the fabric of this onesie is comfortable and safe for babies. This unisex onesieis designed to make diaper changes hassle-free.

If you have been thinking of matching gifts for a new mom and dad that would give them great joy, you can choose these travel tumbler sets with the wordings, “promoted to dad” and “promoted to mom.” The tumbler for the mom is designed in pink and comes with a pink straw, whereas the one for the dad is designed in blue and comes with a blue straw.

These wine tumbler sets are quite special because their wordings look like the baby is saying these words aloud to his parents. This is a great gift for new parents for their anniversary, baby shower, pregnancy announcement, or other special occasions.

These tumblers come with double-walled insulation to keep drinks hot for 3 hours and cold for 9 hours. These tumbler sets can hold 12 ounces of liquid each, making them a great travel companion for new parents. These tumbler sets are made from high-quality, BPA-free and safe materials. They are also easy to clean, making these tumbler sets one of the best fun and functional gifts for new parents.

20. Much-needed relaxation for busy new parents

A wine glass with a classy stem design is definitely not a creative gift, but you can always make them creative by choosing the ones with the right message on them. The wine tumbler that we have mentioned here is one such example. It comes with a funny message, “wine because raising tiny humans ain’t easy.”

This is exactly the mindset of new parents, as they eagerly wait for some rest when the baby dozes off. The initial days of the arrival of the baby can be quite stressful and challenging for new parents, so a wine glass with a witty message is sure to lighten their moods, and make them look forward to their break.

21. A T-shirt for the new parents with a funny message

A new dad will definitely appreciate this gift of yours! During pregnancy and after the delivery of the baby, it is the mother who gets maximum attention from friends & family.  However, doesn’t the dad deserve some credit as well?

So here you go with a T-shirt with a funny message for the dad! This shirt is manufactured in the USA, and it is made from 90% USA-grown cotton. Apart from being funny and witty, this is a 100% functional gift, which a new dad will definitely adore.

When choosing gifts for new parents, you would obviously search for matching items for the mom and dad. However, when you are looking for gag gifts for them, you may not get the gift sets that you expect. Never mind, the idea is to get as funny and witty as possible with your gifts. So you can always choose fun & functional gifts for either parent, if you can’t find sets. As long as the idea is fun-based, you can be assured that the new parents will enjoy your gift.

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