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Gardening Gifts for Dad – 27 Unique Ideas

Gardening is among the most relaxing activities one can think of. It brings us closer to nature and allows us to contribute something to mother earth. You can pursue gardening as a hobby or as a passion. But in all cases, it requires dedication and hard work. So, if you have a father who is passionate about gardening, you must know that it is not a simple and easy activity. So, you must motivate your gardening dad to keep on pursuing his love for gardening. 

Gardening gifts are the best way to motivate him because they will constantly remind him of the joy of gardening. If you choose the right gift, it can forever boost the morale so that he never leaves gardening. So, you must select a gift that creates an impact.

Let us find out the best gifts available online that you can gift to your gardening dad. 


#1. You Are Never Too Old to Play with Dirt T-Shirt

It is a catchphrase that will motivate your gardening dad to jump into the dirt and dig pits. This t-shirt is made from premium ring spun cotton, allowing cooling while your dad is in the garden. You can gift this t-shirt by spending just $9.

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#2. Grow Damn It Garden Sign

When your gardener-dad sees this sign in the morning garden, it will push him to grow more plants. This garden sign is a unique gift option with a humorous saying. It is made of steel alloy and is big enough to be visible throughout your garden. It is also a cheap option that costs only $24.

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#3. 14 Pieces Stainless Steel Gardening Hand Tools Set

For a passionate gardener, a toolset might just be the ideal gift. So you gift your gardener dad this toolset with 14 types of assorted tools in a lightweight and small moulded shell toolbox. It comes with slots for easy storage and classification.

This multifunctional toolset includes rakes, shovels, shears, plant rope, irrigating bottle, weeding knife etc. It can help your dad in all the gardening activities, from digging loosening the soil to watering. Moreover, it is also cheap, and you can gift it by spending just $30 online.

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#4. 5 Tier Vertical Gardening Tower and Stackable Planter

Is your gardener dad interested in growing herbs and small fruits like strawberries? Well, this might be the perfect gift for him then. It is made of high-grade plastic that will last for a long time.

Each pod can accommodate 5″ plants, making it easy to mix different varieties of vegetables, greens, herbs, etc. You can gift it to your dad, who likes gardening, at just $49.

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#5. Lawn Enforcement Officer T-Shirt 

Another great t-shirt option for gifting your gardener-dad is this one. The tagline that says ‘lawn enforcement officer’ will surely fill him with pride every time he enters the garden. It is made from high-quality cotton for cooling comfort and is pre-shrunk.

It also has a 10% polyester blend that gives a two-tone effect. Moreover, it is lightweight and durable with a super comfy fit. So, gift your dad this shirt after buying online at just $19.

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#6. Never Too Old to Play in Dirt Gardening Cap

Gardening is an activity that requires long hours’ outdoors under the sun. So, if you want to gift your dad something helpful, this gardening cap may be the best choice. It also says ‘Never Too Old to Play in Dirt’, which will surely bring a smile to his face.

This cap comes in 3 attractive colours and is made of durable fabric. It will help him protect his head from heat while gardening. So, gift him this product by spending just $19.

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#7. The Gardener’s Friend Pruners

Continuous pruning can be a tiring task for your dad. So, if he has weak hands and needs a piece of equipment that helps in the task, these pruners are perfect. It is made of carbon steel that provides precise and smooth cutting. It can easily trim flowers, shrubs and even trees. It has an ergonomic design with a rubber grip.

Moreover, it weighs just 220grams making it lightweight. So, your gardener dad need not overstress his weak hands anymore. Buy this useful tool to gift your dad by spending $39 online.   

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#8. DYJYBMY Garden Gangster Funny Gardening Apron

A gardening apron like this may be a simple and great gifting option for your gardener dad. It also has a funny saying that says ‘Garden Gangster’, which will surely make your dad laugh.

An apron like this can help him immensely by protecting his clothes from dirt while digging up in the garden. This apron is made from polyester and is waterproof as well. So, spend $14 and gift your dad this apron.

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#9. Hand Soap For Gardeners with Patchouli and Geranium Essential Oils

After accomplishing all the tiring and messy tasks your gardener dad does every day, the most thoughtful gift would be a hand soap like this. This hand soap contains essential oils such as patchouli and geranium and shea and cocoa butter.

The ingredients in this soap will wash off all the dirt gently and soothes your dad’s hands. What’s more? It will leave the hands feeling fresh and fragrant throughout the rest of the day. So, gifting a soap like this that comes at $7 only sounds perfect.

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#10. Shiatsu Massager Pillow

Gardening is a physical task that is exhausting. After his tiring gardening time, your dad may come home with back, neck, and shoulder pain. So, gifting him, this massager will relieve him from all the stress and pain.

It is a compact deep-kneading massager pillow that has a reinforced heating function. It soothes tired muscles and relieves aches thoroughly. So that next morning, he can go back to the garden again. It also promotes blood circulation, which will improve his overall health. You can find this product online at less than $40.

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#11. Reusable Adjustable Gardening Grips

These grips could be the best possible gift that you can find under $10. With these grips, your gardener dad can support and securely bundle up the small plants together. These grips have a strong non-slip grip that will keep the plants staked. Moreover, it is water-resistant also. It costs only $6, so you gift your dad this product without spending much.

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#12. 5 Pack Assorted Fabric Grow Bags 

Gardening and grow bags are inseparable from each other. Your gardener father will need many grow bags for his gardening activities. You can gift him this pack of assorted grow bags to help him grow multiple plants together. These grow bags are made from non-woven fabric that drains excess water. 

It also allows the plant roots to breathe effectively and promote healthy soil microbes. These are made of cloth, so they can be safe from circling in them. Your gardener dad will love them as they will make his job easier. You can buy these online at $35.

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#13. Home Prefer Men’s UPF 50+ Sun Protection Cap

Protection from the sun is an essential need for any gardener. So, if you have a dad who passionately pursues gardening, he may not bother about the sun. But the heat can hinder his gardening activity and his health. So, when you think of gifting your dad something, it better serves a good purpose. You can choose to gift this UPF 50+ sun protection cap that can protect him from the harmful UV rays. This cap comes in assorted colours and is useful for various other outdoor activities.

It has a neck flap, and it is made of breathable polyester fabric and is quick-drying. It also offers a wide brim and mesh vents. These vents allow cooling airflow through the crown and back flap. So, this hat will provide simultaneous cooling while protecting from sun rays. Also, you can gift this cap to your gardener-dad by spending only $15. There may not be any other better gift option at such a price.

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#14. Soil kit And Garden Test Kit

As a responsible gardener, testing and knowing the soil should be the first thing that your dad might want to do. So, if he doesn’t already have one soil test kit, you can choose to gift him one. This soil kit can serve several purposes at once. It is a professional soil test kit that produces lab-like results. It has a pH meter that allows testing of the soil’s pH.

Your dad can also check the soil’s nutrition profile by analysing the mineral content. one can easily trace minerals like Phosphorous, Potassium, Zinc, Manganese, etc., to know the soil’s fertility. With this kit, your dad will be able to grow the plants better. So, if you are looking for something to gift him, you can buy this kit for just $31 online and amaze him.

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#15. BIUWING Rain Gauge with Detachable Spiral Shap

Measuring the rainfall is an important activity that needs to be undertaken if they are into gardening. So, if your dad loves gardening, gifting him this rain gauge would surely win his heart. Only he knows how much important it is. This rain gauge comes with a removable spiral shape also. Now your dad can easily analyse the precipitation event to improve gardening activities.

It is a 5-inch capacity rainwater gauge that provides accurate data and eliminates the need to guess the rainfall. It is made from copper and ABS materials. So, unlike other gauges, which often crack, your dad won’t need to replace it after some usage. Also, the rainwater collector slides out of the metal bracket for emptying and cleaning, making it convenient and less likely to get dirty. Now, when this gauge is available for just $11, what else should you look for?

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#16. Restmo Programmable Sprinkler Timer

When you search for a utility product that will help your gardener-dad, this product might just be the choice. It is a compact device that is lightweight and is elegant in design. It offers 3 different modes, namely; auto/manual/rain-delay.

Your dad will be able to set up a flexible watering schedule with this product. The auto mode has a duration from 1 to 239 mins with an adjustable watering frequency of 1 to 12 hours or from 1 to 7 days. 

The manual mode allows for a range duration of 1 to 239 mins. And, the rain delay mode will give an option from 12/24/48/72hrs. So, you can gift this sprinkler timer which will save time and water. You can get this online at cheap rates starting from $29.

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#17. Gardease Hand Held Leaf Scoop

Being a gardener, anyone would say that the most exhausting task is to scoop the leaves. It becomes troublesome when your dad goes to his beloved garden and sees a pile full of dry leaves. So, to ease his job, you can gift him this leaf scoop that will help him scoop up a large pile in one go. These scoops are made from high-quality, durable material and weigh just 1.3 pounds. So, it won’t be heavy on his hands also.

Moreover, it has a large space that will eliminate the possibility of scattering the leaves while carrying them. These scoops are something that every gardener must possess, so you can consider gifting them to him by spending only $29.

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#18. Weasel Garden Weed Claw


We can say that weeds are the biggest enemies of a gardener. So, if you have a gardener dad, only he can understand the pain of removing the weeds every time he plans to plant a new plant.

You can gift him this Weasel Garden Claw to make his job easier. It will save your dad’s back when he needs to aerate or weed his garden. With its help, all he needs to do is stand over the area and turn the handle. This tool is made from carbon steel, which will remove the weed smooth like butter. Also, that ensures its durability and anti-rust properties. So, gift him this tool by spending less than $50 and see your dad uprooting the nasty weeds without any trouble.

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#19. Fiskars Sharp Ground Steel Blade Bypass Loopers

Any passionate gardener would want his plants to appear healthy and magnificent. So, giving them a trim once in a while is important. But, if you don’t do that neatly, it might spoil the beauty of your garden. So, you can gift your dad these bypass loopers made of sharp steel blades. These glide through the woods easily and provide them with the smoothest cuts. That helps the plants to heal quicker also.

These loopers measure 28 inches and offer low friction while cutting. It also has anti-rust properties, making it durable even after multiple times. Also, it has a non-slip coating that offers a great grip while cutting the woods. So, gift your dad these loopers and see him getting filled with excitement. 

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#20. Walensee Stand Up 3 Claws Weed Puller

Nothing can excite a gardener-dad more than a weed-free garden. But even he would know that it is simply impossible. But, if he has a utility tool like this weed remover, he can remove the weed easily. So, if you intend to gift him something, it might be the useful option you have been seeking. This tool will eliminate the need to bend down every time while pulling the weeds.

Instead, its 39 inches long handle will let your dad pull the weeds from their very roots. It has three 2.75″ steel teeth that are efficient enough to uproot the weed and prevent them from growing back. Buy this product at Amazon for just $39 and help your gardener dad conquer the weed problem like a professional.

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#21. Hori Garden Knife

We can say that a Hori Hori garden knife is the ideal partner for a gardener. It offers great multi-purpose functions. Your dad can use it to cut through roots, dig out weeds or piercing bags of dirt. 

This knife comes in serrated and straight edges that he can use according to the need. It even has inch markings allowing him to know the depth he wishes to dig the plant seeds. This knife comes with a heavy leather cover that protects the knife when not used. It will protect your dad’s hands from any cuts as well. The Hori Hori knife is a must-have for any gardener, so gift it to your dad. All you need to spend is just $29.

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#22. True Temper Multi-Use 6-Tine Steel Manure Pitch Fork

Transferring the manure and mulch is essential in gardening. A pitchfork is an ideal tool that helps in doing that easily. So, if your dad does not have one already, you can gift him this multi-purpose pitchfork. It has 6 forged steel tines that are curved to pick up the bulky material easily. It also has a 48-inch handle made of hardwood that provides added durability and strength.

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#23. Sharpal 103N All-in-1 Knife Garden Tool Multi-Sharpener

Keeping the tools sharp is always important for your gardener-dad. So, a tool sharpener like this will always help him keep all his tools ready. You can gift him this sharpener made of ceramic and tungsten carbide that weighs only 136 grams. This tool will help sharpen all the other important gardening tools such as pruners, knives, machetes etc.

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#24. Flame King Propane Torch Weed Burner

What can be the easiest way to eliminate the weeds forever? Just torch them up! A weed torch like this will help your gardener-dad easily burn all the nasty weeds. It connects to a propane source and will instantly turn them off.

This weed torch also comes with an integrated lighter for a quick flame. So, gift it to your dad by spending just $24 and see your dad burn the weeds down.

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#25. Felco Pruning Shears (F 5) – High-Performance Swiss Made One-Hand Garden Pruners

Gifting your dad these pruners will bring a smile to his face. These pruners are made of forged aluminium handles with hardened steel blades. With these pruners, cutting the twiggy branches is no more a complex task.

These pruners have a large cutting capacity and are well-balanced in their weight. They also have a revolving handle that gives extra comfort. Gift these pruners to your gardener dad and see him loving it. All you need to do is order it online and pay $34.

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#26. Hutzler Garden Colander

A colander like this may be a simple and useful thing to gift your gardener dad. It will help him collect all the fruits and vegetables he has grown after working so hard. This large colander helps collect clean and dry vegetables. Any excess dirt or water will flow out of its large holes.

It is BPA free and is safe with a dishwasher also. Made of high-quality plastic, it is durable and lasts for a long time. Gift your dad this colander at cheap rates starting from $22. 

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#27. GYYVES Gardening Gloves with Claws

What can ease a gardener’s job more than gardening gloves with claws? These gloves come in universal size fits and are made of nylon knit fabric that allows breathability by allowing air circulation. So, it will keep your dad’s hands cool even after digging so hard.

Moreover, the palm of these gloves is made from rubber coating that makes them waterproof and durable at the same time. These are available online at just $10. 

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Summing Up

Gifting your dad something that helps him while he does his gardening activities is not awkward or difficult. It is a loving gesture that will boost his morale and make him feel gratified. So, you can easily choose one for your dad from the gift options mentioned above. All of them are available online on stores like Amazon, Etsy etc., for less than $50. 


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