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Train Gift Ideas for Dad

Since the middle of the second decade of the nineteenth century, trains became one of the most important means of transportation in the world, with them was born a peculiar attraction for these machines. There are many men, especially dad, who are attracted in a very special way by these machines.

So much is a dad affection for trains that a movement called Train Spotting has arisen, which is a community of fans who are dedicated to collecting all kinds of information about trains and everything that surrounds or involves them. To give these dads something attractive we leave you the best 27 alternatives of train gifts for them.


1. T-shirt with Train Print

For dad who love trains, an excellent gift is a T-shirt like this one. It is 100 percent cotton with a quality print of a steam train going through a route via the woods, with a nice message. And you can select the style of the T-shirt you want from several styles.

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2. Bookmark with Train

Dad likes to read in his spare time, and this product will be useful for those moments. A bookmark that allows you to control your position in the book, and this original design, with the main part of a steam locomotive.

It is very detailed, where you can see the hearth, the chimney, and even the safety valve! This is a product that will please him, and it comes with a piece of woven leather and very decorative handle.

This is where you can get it from


3. Leather Wallet with Train

This item is a great gift for dad, and if he is a fan of trains the more, he will like it. It is a fine leather wallet that can be chosen between brown and black. It is decorated with the figure of an enamel steam train in one of the corners.

It has 8 compartments for cards, 4 of them transparent, 2 for notes, and it has a popper to keep it closed.

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4. Train Coasters

For a dad who is a train fanatic, giving him a set of coasters with iconic train figures will be a wonderful experience. He will show them off to his friends.

These coasters are very artistic and are designed with sublimation reproductions of Steve Knotts work, the backing is made of cork, and they are 4.25 inches square on each side.

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5. Mug with Train

A ceramic mug like this one, with the sublimation of a beautiful steam train in white that contrasts perfectly with the black background, is a very touching and useful gift for dad to indulge in his drinks while showing off the trains. It has a comfortable handle, and capacity for 11 oz. of liquid.

This is where you can get it from


6. “All Aboard” Pillow 

This attractive and functional pillow is ideal for the utility it can provide for dad. It is made of border and ticking fabric, with white canvas that gives it a train cabin style, and it has comfortable dimensions of 20 x 13 inches.

This is where you can get it from



7. Train Necklace

This item is very attractive, it is a chain with a very detailed metal train, made with hand watch parts. The train represents the locomotive of a steam train that for the excellent finish and artwork will be very attractive for any dad addicted to trains.

This is where you can get it from


8. Wooden Train Puzzle

If any item is special for a train-loving dad, it is this original puzzle. It is a miniature with scale 1 to 80 of a Prime Steam Express 1860, with 300 laser-cut wooden pieces that guarantee perfect cut. Once assembled it is very decorative for any dad environment.

This is where you can get it from


9. Train Gaskets Shirt Cuffs

A product to surprise dad, he will look very stylish with these train gaskets on his shirt cuffs. They have a steam locomotive in black marked with the number 106. They are metal, and come in an attractive snap closure box that serves to store them when not in use, and to take them on a trip.

This is where you can get it from


10. Retro Pocket Watch with 3D Train

The appeal of this watch is unique, the 3D steam train cover, the black color, the skeleton dial, the chain to hang on a suit, the fluorescent hands to see the time when there is low light, and the vintage style make it an accessory that dad will want to own.

This is where you can get it from


11. Book of the Railroad Revolution

A truly special pocket-sized gift for Dad, this book will increase his knowledge of his great love of railroads. With 447 pages of information on the great history of railroads, the rise and fall of this great transportation industry in the United States.

This is where you can get it from


12. Train Rack

This item will provide Dad with an adequate space to store his trains, and also display them in a suitable place, where they will also be protected. It is made of wood, with capacity for 35 trains, and is provided with metal hooks to attach it to the wall.

This is where you can get it from



13. Decorative Railroad Crossing Prevention Sign

A decorative railroad crossing prevention traffic sign, with a beautiful figure of a steam train, made of aluminum and with quality silkscreen printing, is a great gift for dad to decorate his rooms in the style of his train hobby.

This is where you can get it from


14. Neck, Head, and Chin Support

This ergonomic double pillow is specially designed for travel, and will be very useful for dad to have a pleasant trip wherever he goes. It is made of soft, breathable polyester, and micro chamois, and will provide support to the neck, chin and head. It comes with a bag for storage and transportation.

This is where you can get it from


15. Train Night Lamp

A lamp like this with the base in the shape of a steam train in antique bronze retro style, and very detailed, brings a conical screen with the impression of the steam train. It also brings a switch to graduate the intensity of light.

It is a very nice gift, and useful for the dad that loves trains.

This is where you can get it from



16. Train-Shaped Bottle Holder

With this beautiful accessory dad can show it off at the bar or anywhere else for his friends to admire his passion for trains. It is a bottle holder made of aged iron with the detailed shape of a steam locomotive with a very attractive vintage style.

This is where you can get it from


17. Bronze Mini Train Sculpture

A perfect gift for a dad who admires trains. This is a nicely detailed figure of a steam train with small dimensions 2.3 x 4.1 x 1.2 inches, made of bronze with a retro look that can be used to decorate his desk, his room, or the workshop.

This is where you can get it from



18. Train Designed Pot for Plants

This is a very original item, which can be an attractive gift for dad. It is 3D printed, and a base for placing plants. It is in the style of sculpture of a child playing with the locomotive of a steam train crossing a bridge, it has an ideal size for any place, and the diameter of the pot is 5.5 cm.

This is where you can get it from


19. Leather Travel Bag

This attractive and durable bag can serve dad, for his travels, and for going to the gym. It is made of goat leather, with two side pockets with zippers, and one in the front with buckle closure.

It is lined in canvas inside and the metal parts are made of brass, and comes provided with a shoulder strap and shoulder pad.

This is where you can get it from


20. Aged Wall Clock

The clock resembles the clocks of the old train stations. It has a very European style, the dial is aged, with the numbers in the classic style. It works with a double ‘A’ battery, and is of a dark brown color.

It has a frame to hang it in a square of figures of old decoration. It will be very useful for dad to be in the fantasy of his world of trains.

This is where you can get it from


21. Steam Train Wall Art

A work made up of 4 paintings that are a very original gift for dad to decorate his favorite room. The paintings are printed in Giclee technique on canvas, and show the locomotive throwing the smoke of his engine. Each painting is equipped with a wooden frame and a metal hook to hang it on the wall.

This is where you can get it from


22. Original Train Tie

Original gift for the dad who loves trains, this tie with the impressive figure of a steam locomotive coming from the front and releasing the smoke that extends to the neck. He will love it, and will serve him to walk elegant and very comfortable. They are made of silk and polyester.

This is where you can get it from


23. Collectible Train Coins

Dad deserves fine and elegant gifts. These two commemorative coins of The Flying Scotsman, one in 999 silvers, and the other in 24k gold, are engraved with the legendary locomotive, and come in an acrylic glass box, with felt covered vinyl inside.

This is where you can get it from


24. Bracelet with Train

This item is a very meaningful gift for dad on The Father Day. It is a cord bracelet with a 3D bronze steam train, accompanied by a card made of recycled material, with a beautiful message that can be personalized, for dad, grandfather, and stepfather.

This is where you can get it from


25. Train Sign

A gift of this type is to thrill a dad who has train mania, it will surely serve him for the space he dedicates to trains. It comes with a label that can be personalized with the name you want to entertain dad, and it is laser engraved.

This is where you can get it from



26. Belt with Train Buckle

Straps often come in handy to give as gifts to dad. This one is made of leather and fits up to 48 waist, comes with a metal buckle with a pewter steam train. The whole thing comes packaged in an attractive round metal box with lid.

This is where you can get it from


27. Pen Holder Book Holder

This is a special vintage gift for dad to make him useful, it serves to carry pens and to hold a set of books on his desk, or library, with supports in the shape of a steam train in a black, red, and gold color, on the chimney of the train is placed the pen or the pen

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