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21 Gifts for Moms Going Back To Work

Whether it is a friend, wife, or mom, it is essential to give her a gift as she returns to work after maternity leave. She would really appreciate one of the best gifts for moms going back to work since it helps ease her situation.

To some extent, it will feel like the moms are starting a new routine. They have been used to doing house chores and looking after the baby and the rest of the family. However, that changes after getting back to work, as their tasks will now revolve around business.

How do you help them fit it or relieve the tension? This article can be helpful as it gives you great suggestions on gifts for moms going back to work. Check them out!

#1 A Resourceful Book

In the world we lived some time back, the role of a mom was to take care of the kids. But, unfortunately, some people around us still don’t see sense in a mom leaving her baby behind to go back to work.

As a matter of fact, they interpret it as cruelty and irresponsibility. So when such noise and allegations come her way, the mom would appreciate having this book.

It is ideal for her emotions and contains tips she could use to cope with all that. It is a constant reminder that the mom is not alone in that transition and the whole experience.

#2 Smart Digital Picture Frame

The mom is still getting used to her being away from her family and, more so, her kid if she is going back to work after maternity leave. However, a photo is enough to make her feel like they are not miles apart.

That’s why you need to consider this picture frame as one of the best gifts for moms going back to work.

It is smart, allowing her to share videos and photos to the frame using a phone or email. Equally important, it won’t cost her much time to do it, but the joy it brings is undoubtedly immense. You want to be the person behind her smile every time she looks at her family while working.

#3 Easy Meals Cookbook

Going back to work doesn’t necessarily mean that her duties and responsibilities as a mom goes out through the window. What about hiring a nanny? That may be a great idea, but it comes at a price.

She will miss out on the joy that comes with watching her family enjoy a meal she has cooked. That’s where you come to her rescue and change all that with this gift for a mom going back to work.

This cookbook contains about 200 recipes and photos of how to make delicious meals easily and quickly. Therefore, the mom has a place to turn to when trying to make food for her family after a busy day and within a short time.

Most dishes take half an hour which is time she can conveniently spare. Also, balancing work and home will get easier with such gifts for moms going back to work.

#4 To-Do List Notepad

Juggling between work and parenting can be hard. However, writing down what’s expected of you will ensure that you will hardly miss out on anything, no matter how tough it gets. So what’s a better way than having a to-do list where you write down everything you need to do?

It is stylish with a lot of writing space amounting to 50 double pages. It is also not too big to be a bother since it measures 5.5 x 8.5 inches. The quality of the papers is excellent hence durable. Help your mom or friend stay organized as she goes back to work.

#5 An Electric Breastfeeding Pump

As much as she is going back to work, there are high chances that she is still breastfeeding. Therefore, she will need to pump the milk before leaving for work. Make that task possible by giving her this pump.

It pumps the breast milk easily and doesn’t cost the mom any pain in the process. Its LED is clear to read and easy to operate since it has high-definition resolution and is also sensitive to touch.

In addition, it redirects the milk into BPA-free storage bags for hygiene. They are also a perfect traveling companion thanks to their negligible weight, portability, and excellent battery life.

#6 Nanny Camera

Before the mom went back to work, she was already attached to her baby. That is something that will not go away quickly. So what does she do when she wants to see how the kid is doing? A nanny cam can help.

It is easily accessible from an app that allows you to rotate, tilt and pan the camera as you deem fit. Its 1080p resolution means getting high-quality video as well. They may be far from each other, but the mom will always be at ease knowing that the kid is fine for sure because it is better than hearsay.

#7 Lactating Crisps

Despite going back to work, her breastfeeding responsibility continues. She will need to have enough money at a go. After all, she may only have one chance of bumping the breast milk, which is very early in the morning. However, the milk should most likely last the baby an entire day, and these milk makers can save the day.

The cheddar crisps have healthy ingredients, including sunflower oil, oats, flour, and flaxseed. They have what it takes to improve the supply of breastmilk for a lactating mother. However, it is essential to note that they are also delicious.

#8 Lactating Cookies

Some moms will prefer cookies over crisps. If that’s the case, some cookies will also serve that purpose quite well. Just like their crisps counterparts, they also have ingredients that boost breastmilk supply.

They are delicious too, and that means a win-win situation for the baby. Wouldn’t you be happy knowing that you made that happen? Such gifts for moms going back to work can truly turn you into the superman in their story.

#9 Journal

Moms love being part of their children’s journey as they grow up. But, as much as we would like to rely on our memory, it can fail us sometimes. Due to the work and the many memories that come with raising a kid, it might be hard to remember every memory. But, since they also matter, a journal can help you keep them.

This particular journal is perfect for a mom. It guides you with writing prompts thoughtful enough to help you share your journey with the kid. In addition, it has questions that help you tell a story by answering them.

As you answer them, you also get to reflect on your motherhood journey. Did it change your life, and if yes, how? What did you like and dislike about it all? One day, the journal will tell a story to your generation.

#10 Super Mom Mug

Remind her that choosing to go back to work and leaving the child behind doesn’t make her a lesser mom. On the contrary, it makes her a super mom willing to do anything to ensure that her child leads a better life. This cup will be a constant reminder of that, helping her cope with her new norm quite well.

She also gets to enjoy her favorite beverage from this particular mug comfortably. It’s strong with a ceramic material for durability. Its capacity is also quite large, 12 Oz.

#11 Mama Bear T-Shirt

Before the coronavirus pandemic, this wouldn’t really have made sense on a list of gifts for moms going back to work. However, it has changed how we lead our lives and, more so, how we work.

So, there are high chances she might be working from home once in a while, if not all the time. Therefore, this T-shirt can easily serve the purpose right.

Its materials are poly and cotton, which is a soft yet durable blend. It is also machine washable thus easy to clean and maintain. A mom is willing to do anything to protect her kids, and she will be delighted to know that someone notices that she is a mama bear despite leaving her child behind to go and work.

#12 Leg massager

It can be exhausting to work all day. But, as if that’s not already too much, a mom has other responsibilities to do after work, including taking care of the children. You may not be in a position to help her, but you can make her motherhood easy.

When all is said and done, relaxation becomes necessary, and this leg massager can help. It relaxes feet and calves with its various intensities and modes.

#13 Alarm Clock

There are days when a mom spends a lot of nighttime with her baby, significantly if she doesn’t fall asleep early. In other instances, the kid might wake up in the middle of the night. That leaves the mom with little time to spare for her sleep.

Despite that, she still needs to get up on time. So this alarm clock is one of our gifts for moms going back to work for that exact reason. It is easy to set up, loud enough, and also has a large clear display.

#14 Audible Subscription

As a mom drives to and from work, it can get really boring. That’s especially if it is a long drive and that she is still not used to it. Most likely, she is not used to too much silence, having been at home for a while.

Music subscription can take away the silence and the feeling of loneliness as she goes to work and home every morning and evening almost daily. She will love the Audible catalog and audio quality because it is rich and entertaining.

#15 Customized Pendant

As a pendant lies close to her heart, wouldn’t it be better to feel close to her baby or family too?

That’s why you need to consider this customizable pendant. Its material is stainless steel, hence sturdy to last for as long as she wants to feel her family close to her heart. It is also hypoallergenic and safe for the wearer.

#16 Bracelet

Balancing working and motherhood can take a toll on someone. However, motivation and inspiration can be of great help under such circumstances. So how do you ensure that you support that mom who has just returned to work and feels overwhelmed?

Consider this bracelet to remind her that she is awesome and nothing should ever make her doubt or forget that.

#17 Practical Bag

Due to her new situation, she needs a bag that serves all her roles. This one is just perfect, with room for her laptop, breast pump, and cooler.

In addition, it can comfortably accommodate a laptop of up to 14 inches. Its material is also nylon for durability, and one can’t fail to mention the comfortable straps.

#18 Meetings Guide

If she was not on maternity leave but had taken a long break to raise her kid, this book can really help.


Things may have changed regarding how meetings were held back in the days before she took the break. Help her learn how to appear smart when in attendance as she begins her new lifestyle.

#19 Wine Tumbler

Probably not ideal when breastfeeding, but for a mom already done with that part of motherhood, this wine tumbler is fine.

As she relaxes, sipping wine, she is reminded that she is awesome. Don’t you think it is one of the best gifts for moms going back to work?

#20 Mom Keychain

The mom will be driving often now that she is commuting to work. She also has keys for the house, office, and office cabinets.

You can help her by getting her this mama bear keychain. It makes it easier for her to carry the big bunch of keys around.

#21 Best Mommy Ever Mousepad

As she is working on her workstation, ensure that she has this mousepad. It reminds her that she is an amazing mom inspiring and making her happy every time she sees it.

That will increase her productivity since someone appreciates her efforts.


It can be tough for a mom after taking a break from work. However, the above gifts for moms going back to work can make the transition easy. Some will help her be the best mom and also have it easy despite having to work. Others will discourage her from thinking that she is the worst mom for leaving her kid behind.

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