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21 American Gifts for German Friends

What to bring for my German friend? It’s been a common yet confusing question for most Americans. Of course, who wouldn’t want to surprise a close friend with a heartwarming gift. But if he/she is German, you may have to think a bit before deciding on one.

So if you are an American and confused about what to give your German friend on your next visit? We have a list of solutions for you. In this article, we have come up with the best 21 gifts that you can give your German friend on any occasion.

These specially designed and crafted gifts will surely bring a big smile on there and a feeling of gratitude and joy in their heart. 

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21 Best American Gifts for German Friends

Usually, flowers are and have always been one of the best gifts you can present to your friends. But wait a minute, wouldn’t it become boring if you bring the same flower on every visit? Yes, it will, and you seriously don’t want it.

Everyone wants to be nice and special, and for that, they need to do special things. Therefore, it will be better to bring a new kind of gift for your German friend every time you visit them. 

However, there is no particular order that the gifts are ranked. So first, go through the whole list and select the appropriate gift that your friend is most likely to love. 

American Gifts for German Friends Under $20

Do you know about the special jerky flavor? The American beef jerky, turkey jerky, or Salmon jerky has a unique flavor that the Germans love to eat. So if you are going to visit a German friend, why not bring these tasty jerky packets for them. 

It is not too expensive, does not cover much space, and is not even heavy. This can be the best gift if your German friend is married and has some children. If your German friend himself is a child, it can surely be the best for them. 

If you are visiting any of your German friends, bring them a bottle of maple syrup. It will make your day fantastic and has minimal harmful chemicals.  

This amazing maple syrup is organic and comes with the top-quality jam inside the box. So enjoy a glass of this tasty maple syrup with some pancakes, and let them be happy with your treatment. 

We have dug up the internet and conducted several polls to get an idea that chocolate chip cookies can be a good gift for the Germans. We were greatly shocked that most of the Germans showed extreme love and desire towards the cookies.

Bring some packets of these chocolate-chip cookies for your German friends and his family and just see the happiness on their faces. These delicious cookies contain high-quality ingredients and natural chocolate inside. 

Everyone wants to let their friends abroad know about their best things. If you are looking to give something extraordinary to your German friend, give them the best history books of your country. Tell them to read it in full and then send their final thoughts regarding your country.

This gift works perfectly for officials and working persons of America. Books like “The Promise Land” and “Furious hours” can be best to inform your German friend of your culture and history. 

Show some care for the family and their home. Bring some unique and personalized gifts that will help them decorate their home. Books are always good choices when it comes to giving a present to a German friend. Studies have found that most Germans love to read books. They are also very fond of adding calendars to their walls. 

You can order these personalized calendars with a print of your message on the front. Whenever they view it to know the date or any occasion, they’ll remember you for your care and trust. 

If you are visiting an old German friend of yours who has a couple of children, it will be much better if you bring some good stuff for the kids also. We all know what the kids love, candies. 

We know that Germany itself is known for having super tasty and unique candies. But what about the special candies prepared in the USA. Let them know what your country has for them. Some of the most popular candies available in the USA include Reese’s Peanut Butter, Butterfinger Bars, and Junior Mints. 

When you make the children happy, you automatically make the parents happy. They will appreciate your efforts, and this will enhance your friendship. Don’t miss the chance of becoming the children’s favorite uncle. 

Instead of giving them a normal flower or bouquet, give them the high-quality and fresh air plant that is rare to find. One of the best decor items, air plants are a great thing to show appreciation to your German friend. 

Air plant signifies life and produces oxygen that is the most important thing for our survival on the planet. By gifting this special air plant to your friend, you will tell them indirectly how much you care for them and their good health. This will create an emotional bond between you two leading to a perfect friendship for life. 

Is your German friend a game addict? Bring him his favorite sports team’s merchandise and see the joy and appreciation on his face for you. If he is also a tea lover, get a cup printed with his favorite team’s name or logo printed on that for him. 

Trust me; these would add new energy to your friendship. If you also support the same team, buy the same team t-shirt for both of you and enjoy the game sitting together. 

American Gifts for German Friends Under $50

The first thing that you would love to do is show off your state or region. You want them to know about your country, state, and its regions in a much better way.

With these personalized cutting boards, you can gift them stunning things such as tea towels displaying your state or city map. This will not only reflect your love towards your region and state but his care also.

He will get to know that you want him to know more about you and your city in a better way. It will strengthen your friendship. 

If you don’t know, let us inform you that Germans love nuts quite heavily. If you want to treat them with something they can enjoy gradually, nuts are always a good choice. 

This special nuts packet is prepared with original and high-quality nuts without mixing any other artificial ingredient. Without being too expensive, these smoked almonds are a great gift that your German friend will love. 

The American Bar B Que juices are very popular among the Germans. They love the American taste and natural ingredients present in the bottle to include in their daily breakfasts and lunches. 

America is known to have different juice flavors in other parts of the country, so your city must have a unique flavor. Offer your German friend the particular taste of Bar B Que made in your city. It will be an excellent chance to let them know what your city has for them. 

Bring some fresh and tasty meat and enjoy it with this super delicious sauce to make your day with your special friend. 

It is used by a few people but is very effective. Purchase a Native American gift for your German friend and let them know more about your city and country. 

If you are an official in the city, then present them with something rare to find, such as dream catchers, beaded jewelry, and antique historical pieces that the upper officers have given you.

It will show your love and regards for your friend, adding a sweet taste to your friendship. 

If you are a child and visiting a childhood friend of yours, we suggest you bring this Grill-S’mores with you. Of course, young ones love it too, but the craze of these items is unpredictable. 

These milk chocolate bars will add a huge smile to your German friend’s face and will give you happiness too. Made of pure natural ingredients, the pack contains some bags of Marshmallows and a few graham crackers. 

Enjoy these after having a wonderful lunch or breakfast as a dessert and make your friendship bond even stronger. 

Do you know that Wines and Spirits of America have a unique taste that can’t match other stuff? So bringing high-quality wine for your friend can be a great gift. Some popular wines available in the country are Jack Daniels, Makers Mark, and the special wine made in California

Offer your friend a memorable drink and let them know that you care a lot about his taste and desire. These specially manufactured drinks are specially created for occasions and parties. 

Only a few don’t like tea. I love tea and would appreciate it if someone brings high-quality tea for me. If your friend is a tea lover, surprise him with his favorite thing. 

This high-quality tee box contains ten premium tea blends, an attractive teacup, and some best tea samples in the world. 

Have a cup of tea in the morning or the evening and make them remember this visit for a long-time. 

Believe me or not but Germans do love visiting national parks of America and their merchandise. So to find out your friend’s feelings for the national parks in your city and bring them exciting merchandise from that place as a gift. 

Thankfully, you won’t have to do too much to get some. The national parks in America have made it very easy to get new and stunning merchandise for the people. The best merchandise you can get from the parks are calendars, coasters, bowls, and shopping bags. 

Suppose you are meeting a teenage German friend and are worried about what to give them that they will like. Then, we have this special collection for you. 

You can give them special merchandise such as T-shirts of their favorite stars printed on the back, their favorite sports team’s cap, and so on. Most children love to watch anime, so if your friend does the same, you can bring his special character’s personalized merchandise for him. 

These merchandise can include t-shirts, hand bands, caps, watches, and so on. 

Are you visiting your German friend who is newly married and is about to become a parent soon? Bring them a future present that will fill them with happiness and appreciation just because of your little efforts. 

Purchase a cute and beautiful dress for their upcoming baby and show your love towards their family and life. Also, these soft and comfortable baby diaper covers for the babies will be a huge and unforgettable gift for your friend. 

Is your friend a coffee addict? Give him this personalized coffee mug with your special message printed on the body. 

You can design the mug yourself as per your choice. You can add your photo and some special texts on the body of the mug that will make your friend remember you whenever they use it to have their coffee. 

The coffee mugs are made of high-quality ceramic, so the print will not fade no matter what the situation is. 

It is always good to thank them for inviting you with a unique and special gift. What about saying thank you differently? Gift them this amazing thank you gift box and let them feel your appreciation for their efforts. 

The box includes some of the best-quality beverages and food with a personalized message on the front. So enjoy the best quality and rare American beverage altogether, remembering the memories of your life. 

This print will be produced on Epson Ultra-Premium Photo Paper Luster, an archival photographic paper, with 8×10 prints on 8.5×11 paper.

This is a lovely gift for your buddy that represents both nations and both names. Isn’t it incredible?

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