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21 Thank You Gift Ideas for Cub Scout Leaders

Kids who join the scouts and guides cherish their childhood memories forever. It is because they create everlasting memories by stepping on an adventure. If you remember your cub scout leader, thank him for all he has done for your troop. Gift him something that reminds him about the adventures you’re on together. So, here are 21 thank you gifts for cub scout leaders. 

A Designer Coffee mug is probably the most common gift item. Gift the MBMSO Troop Leader Mug to your cub scout leader. 

It has a capacity of 12 oz. and a dimension of 4.2×5.4×6.1 inches. You also get an attractive and protective gift box to store or gift the mug. 

The coffee mug is made from high-grade ceramic with non-reactive eco-friendly materials. You can scrub the surface with water, and the material can withstand microwave heat. 


  • Made from high-grade ceramic
  • Can withstand microwave heat 
  • Protective gift box

#2 Keychain

Appreciate your cub scout leader with this inspirational keychain from the Baipilu Store. 

It has a motivational inscription that says, “A good scout leader can change the troop, A great scout leader can change a life.” 

You can purchase the Baipilu Keychain from Amazon for under $15. It is made from 100% stainless steel with a lustrous chrome finish on the surface. Moreover, the store also sends the product packed in an attractive gift box. 


  • Made from 100% stainless steel
  • Lustrous chrome finish
  • Attractive gift box 

This pouch will be a great travel companion for your cub scout leader. It is made from soft polyester material that has a high-quality print on the fabric surface. 

This Generic travel pouch has a dimension of 9.0″ x 6.7″ x 1.96.” You can Store your scouting pieces of equipment in the bag and carry them wherever you go. 

Moreover, the bag has a strong zipper attached to a waterproof zipper line. If you want to thank your troop leader, the Generic travel pouch is a must-gift item.  


  • Made from soft polyester material
  • Strong Zipper
  • Waterproof zipper line 

#4 Gear Mesh Bag

If your cub scout leader likes to travel, gift them this gear mesh bag from the “Longevity Gear” store.

The bag comes with a ventilated mesh duffel that makes the compartment breathable. So even if you store your sweaty clothes in it, the compartment won’t stink. 

This bag is specially designed in the United States for athletes and travel enthusiasts. The company uses high-grade 600D polyester and SBS zippers to manufacture these bags.


  • Ventilated mesh duffel
  • Made from high-grade 600D polyester
  • SBS zippers 

#5 Timex Scout Watch

The Timex adjustable scout watch is probably the best timekeeping watch for Scouts and Guides. It has a flexible and attractive 20mm long green nylon strap. 

The watch is suitable for both men and women, having wrist thickness up to 8 inches. It also has a black dial with Arabic numerals imprinted inside the glass frame. 

The best thing about the Timex scout watch is its water-resistant technology. However, the water-resistant is only active up to 50 meters, making it ideal for wearing on monsoon.  


  • Adjustable 20mm nylon strap
  • Water-resistant technology
  • Black dial with Arabic numerals

#6 Pocket Survival Kit

A survival kit is probably the most commonly used tool kit by Scouts and Guides. This pocket survival kit from the XMQY brand is the best-selling toolkit for adventure. 

It has 14 multi-professional survival tools and accessories to operate on the field. In addition, you will get a plethora of equipment ranging from whistles to flashlights. 

Each set comes assembled in a durable box with a dimension of 4.1 x 1.8 x 6.3 inches and weighs 0.44 pounds. You can use it for outdoor camping, hiking, and even emergencies. 


  • Each set contains 14 survival tools 
  • Durable storage box   

#7 Scout Recognition Coin

This scout recognition coin is a badge of honor for cup scout leaders. It signifies the highest achievement for scouts in the United States of America. 

The front face of the coin is carved with an image of the bald eagle. This phase also has an inscription that says, “Once an Eagle, always an eagle.” 

The other side of the coin has a bold imprint of the “Eagle Promise.” 


  • Image of a bald eagle 
  • The imprint of the “Eagle Promise.” 

Don’t mistake the Boy Scout Nutcracker for being a real nutcracker. This wooden toy from the Kurt Adler Store on Amazon comes in various themes. 

You can gift it to your cub scout leader as a small token of love. The wooden toy is wearing a boy scouts’ uniform with a shirt painted with the American flag in this theme.

The figure is standing on a base adorned with the fleur-de-lis symbol and holding the glorious American flag. 


  • Made from 100% wood 
  • Officially-licensed product 
  • 5-Inch tall 

This collector album manufactured by Hobbymaster is an ideal gift for cub scout leaders. You can display and store over 240 scout patches in this album. 

These patches are of different sizes death keeps your collection organized. You can also customize the patches by inserting visual background cards. 

The Hobbymaster collector album has a padded front cover with high-quality binding. Store your rank badges in this collector album, and keep it safe for decades. 


  • Holds over 240 scout patches 
  • High-quality binding
  • Customizable Patches 

#10 Eagle Compass

A compass is compulsory equipment used to train Scouts and Guides. This compass has the picture of an eagle printed on the metallic lid. 

You can also use this piece of equipment to navigate while hiking on adventurous trips. The Eagle compass is made from high-grade brass that has an antique design. 

It has a dimension of 5X5X1.8 centimeters which is almost the size of an average pocket watch. You also get an attractive leather case to store this compass. 


  • Made from high-grade brass 
  • Attractive leather case
  • Antique design  

#11 Primitive Fire Starter Kit

Give the primitive fire starter kit to your cub scout leader to use on the field. This piece of equipment is a prehistoric tool that tests patience. 

You will also get an instruction manual that describes how to start the Fire. The primitive fire starter kit is an excellent experimental tool to train young cubs. 

The bow, spindle, and firewood are made of high-quality softwood that generates friction easily. Moreover, the set comes with a string to rotate the spindle. 


  • Clear and concise instruction manual 
  • Made of high-quality softwood 
  • Ergonomic design 

#12 Eagle Scout Toy

This Eagle scout toy is a great gift to offer your cub scout leader. It is specially designed for scouts and gives the watcher a Christmas vibe. 

The body is handcrafted from artificial resin but non-reactive to the skin. You can wear the Eagle Scout toy peace as an ornament or decorate your official desk. 

Moreover, you can also insert a gold string in the I-hole to hang it up on a Christmas tree. Finally, a marker can easily customize the base of the eagle scout. 


  • Handcrafted from artificial resin 
  • Non-reactive to the skin 
  • Easily customizable base 

#13 Scrapbook

The scrapbook is probably the best gift for your cub scout leader. It stores your fun memories and keeps them safe for many decades. 

In this scrapbook, you will get the top 20 loading pages to insert your favorite memories. The book also contains an image of a window on the front cover page. 

It is pretty significant for scrapbooks and has a dimension of 12×12×0.3 inches. 


  • 20 loading pages 
  • Wider dimensions 
  • Attractive front cover page 

#14 Camping Hammocks

Your cub scout leader will probably fall in love with these camping hammocks. These camping hammocks keep you comfortable and cozy throughout the night. 

It has a lightweight and compact design that makes it a convenient trekking accessory. You can fold the polyester fabric to the size of an eggplant and carry it in your bag pack. 

The set comes with 9 feet long tree strap that makes the hammock very easy to set. 


  • Lightweight and compact design 
  • 9 feet long tree strap 
  • Polyester fabric 

#15 Pocket Binoculars

A pair of pocket binoculars are an essential piece of equipment for scouts. It helps you navigate your way while you are trekking on any terrain. 

This pair of pocket Binoculars from the POLDR store has a lightweight and compact design. The piece of equipment can be used by adult and cub scouts. 

It offers a clearer vision with its 25 mm objective lens with 12x magnification. In addition, you can adjust the focal length of the lens by rotating the smooth “center-focus knob.” 


  • Lightweight and compact design 
  • 12x magnification 
  • Center-focus knob 

#16 Folding Camping Chair

If you want to gift something multi-featured, check out this folding camping chair. This folding camping chair also has a backpack embedded in the sturdy frame. 

The frame has a weight retention capacity of 331 lbs., which makes it perfect for a cub scout leader. 

There are multiple pockets designed in the backpack to store even the most miniature accessories. 


  • Weight retention capacity of 331 lbs.
  • Multiple pockets 
  • Sturdy frame 

#17 Printed T-Shirt

This designer-printed T-shirt is a worthy gift for cub scout leaders. It is printed and designed in the United States and is made of a coat. 

The company blended 50% cotton with 50% polyester to make the fabric. In addition, the T-shirt has a graphical imprint that reads “Cub Scout” in an innovative way. 

You can choose any one of the three color variants available on Amazon. 


  • Made of poly cot 
  • Graphical imprint 
  • Three color variants 

If you care for the safety of your cub scout leader, gift him a first aid kit. This first aid kit from the GO store contains 85 essential medical supplies. 

The supplies can be used to treat minor injuries such as cuts, scratches, and burns. It is safety-approved and prepared in advanced medical laboratories. 

This first aid kit is portable, and you can carry it anywhere you go. 


  • It contains 85 essential medical supplies 
  • Portable package 

#19 Para Cord Set

This Para Cord set is an ideal gift for any cub scout leader. Each set contains ten pieces of Paracord bracelets of varying colors. 

These are valuable pieces of garments during camping, hiking, and even fishing. It also comes with a compass, a whistle, and a fire ignitor for camping. 

The compass is military-oriented and shows accurate direction. Moreover, the whistle can be heard from 500 meters when blown with full force. 


  • Military-oriented compass 
  • High pitch whistle 

When it gets dark, and your cub scout leader is trekking, a USB Headlamp becomes useful. This USB headlamp is ultra-lightweight and has a sturdy design. 

You can adjust the tightness of this lamp on your head with the adjustable strap. You can also adjust the brightness with the 5-motion change switch. 

It also comes with a 1200mAh rechargeable battery that emits constant light for 24 hours.  


  • 5-motion change switch. 
  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • 1200mAh rechargeable battery

Last but not the list comes to the Fleur De Lis ornament by Kurt Adler Store. This ornament is designed in the shape of the everlasting Fleur De Lis symbol. 

Made from artificial resin, the ornament body has a dimension of 4×3 inches. It is an officially licensed product by the International Scouts and Guides Fellowship. 

You can wear it by attaching the ornament body with a string or use as a decorative piece.


  • Made from artificial resin 
  • Designed as the Fleur De Lis symbol 
  • Wearable Design 


Cub Scout leaders are not volunteering small children for monetary compensation. Instead, they make great sacrifices to teach the art of scouting to younger candidates. Instead, the respected Cub Scout leaders dedicate considerable time to this non-profit organization. Therefore, every cub scout has to offer a Thank-you gift to their troop leaders. I hope those mentioned above will bring a smile to your leader’s face. 

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