Secret Gift Ideas for a Married Woman - 27 Special Ideas

You might have a married woman in your life like a close friend, your sister, a colleague, or perhaps your own wife and you want to get her a secret gift or a surprise gift.

This is a list of great secret gifts that are perfect for a married woman. In this list are 27 different items that a married woman will surely love and enjoy.

Any married woman would love to receive a shower gift box, especially this one. This gift comprises various lavender-infused items which are: a lavender soap bar, lavender geranium shower steamers, and lavender geranium body butter.

It also includes a maple wood soap disk as well as a ramie loofah. This gift is sure to bring so much relaxation to the special married woman in your life

This is a great gift from a family member to a married woman or from her husband. It is a wedding portrait that is drawn from a wedding photo.

It is a custom sketch of the wonderful memories from a very special wedding. This gift is sure to be treasured. It can also be personalized with the venue and date of the wedding. It can come in a digital or print copy.

This is a cute recycled metal sculpture with a very sweet meaning. This is a romantic honeycomb that you could surprise your wife with.

The measurements of this piece are 3″ in height, 7″ in width and 7″ in diameter. It is made from steel nuts, washers, bar stock, bolts, and recycled metal.

Get her these personalized mugs as a surprise. These are really cute mugs for couples. They come with an 8″ x 8″ wooden tray and a pair of salt and pepper shakers that are hugging each other.

These are really cute mugs that you can use to drink your favorite coffee in the morning together. This will make a cute gift for your wife especially if you are newlyweds.

Get this special woman in your life a face care box with a card that you can personalize. Self-care is really important.

Show this person how much she means to you with this box that has the following contents: moisturizer olive enriched, face mist olive enriched, sell shape green scented candle, mixed nuts, and a personalized greeting card. She will surely love this gift box.

This is a box of 12 chocolate truffles with different flavors like coconut, strawberry, orange, hazelnut, mixed fruit, and dulce de leche. They are handcrafted and come in a really pretty box.

Chocolates are gifts that are often given to people you love. Give your loving wife this box of chocolate truffles that she will surely enjoy. This is a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

This designer watch is very unique. It is a watch that you should consider giving your significant other. It is perfect for special occasions.

It comes with ruby and CZ stones. The golden chain of this watch is even adjustable to fit her wrist.

All women need bags. They often bring a lot of stuff with them wherever they go. Get the special woman in your life a very special bag.

This bag is in nice orange color with a marble effect that makes it very special. It is a casual bag that is fit for every day or for the office. It is made with PU leather and has the dimensions of 31 cm x 12 cm x 24 cm.

It is the perfect bag for women who work all day then want to go out for a special dinner at night as it is a day-to-night bag.

Air fryers have become really popular recently due to how easy they are to use and clean, how healthy the food cooked with them is, and how many different kinds of food you can cook with them.

Air fryers are very convenient. An air fryer is a gift that anyone who likes to cook or anyone who needs it will love. Give this gift to that special woman in your life so that cooking will be easier for her.

With this gift, she can prepare her meals hassle-free. Even if she is busy, she can still make nice snacks for herself, or perhaps even for you. It is a great gift overall.

There have been more and more people who are becoming into plants these days. Plants are great decorative items at home and they also bring in the fresh air.

Get this snake plant for the special married woman in your life. Surprise her with this gift and she will for sure love it. You can also choose the size of this from small, medium, and large, the type of planter, as well as the color of the planter.

This is a very special candle and is hand-poured and soy-based. It is a natural blend of rock rose, palo santo, and cedar notes.

The packaging of this candle is recyclable and the vessel doubles as a planter once the candle is fully burned. It is shaped in shapes of different cactuses.

This gift will be loved by the special woman in your life especially if she likes candles and plants.

If she loves nail art, then you should get her this LED light nail lamp. It is for gel polish. With this lamp, she can easily do her nails at home. She no longer has to visit the nail salon every single time. This is perfect for artsy people.

She can also use the UV nail lamp for other projects like resin. This is a functional item that she will surely make use of.

Every woman needs a vanity mirror at home. Get this as a secret gift or surprise gift for your loved one. With this mirror, she can easily and effectively put on makeup and do her skincare.

It even has lights around it to help her see in low-light situations. This is great for dark rooms. It also has 360-degree rotation. This is a gift that your special someone will surely appreciate.

Give her these fortune cookies that you may customize the message. Give that special person in your life a very special gift.

Give her sweet messages when she is feeling down. Show her how important she is to you with these fortune cookies. This is a simple yet very thoughtful gift so for sure your wife will appreciate these.

Your wife may get tired from working so much and from all the other activities that she does. Get this wooden foot massager for her so that she can relax her feet.

Show her how much you truly care for her by giving her this gift that can help her relieve herself from stress and pain.

Enjoy wine with your wife with these wine chilling coasters. They come in a set of two which means one for you and another for her. They also come with glasses with an 8 oz. capacity each.

The coaster’s dimensions are 3.88″ in length x 3.88 widths x 1.25″ in height. Enjoy drinking wine even more with these beautiful coasters and glasses set.

Get this ladle for your special person. It is a nice soup ladle that can stand up on its own. It is also heat-resistant and it will be perfect for cooking hot soups, stews, and sauces.

If she loves to cook, then this ladle is perfect for her. It is a simple gift but it means a lot and it shows how much you care for her and how much you value her cooking which is not just the food that she prepares but also her safety in the kitchen.

Get her these nail polishes so that her nails will always be perfect. If your woman loves nail polish and pampering herself, then this is a nice gift to give to her on her birthday or perhaps just because.

They made the perfect self-care gift for a loved one.

There may be times when you do not know what to watch. Here are some dice to help you decide so that you would avoid the indecision and the arguments.

These dice are also very fun to use due to the unpredictability of the results. Make movie watching twice the fun with this item.

Your wife will surely see this as a fun gift that you would often use for dates or movie nights.

Get this split blanket and sheet set for the bed so that you would not have to share. For couples, sometimes it is fun to share a blanket but sometimes that is just not convenient.

Although you sleep in the same bed, you still need your own space. And sometimes you may crave having your own blanket without it being pulled away from the other side.

Perhaps this split blanket will even make sleeping in the same bed even more fun. This is a great gift for couples. Get this set for you and your wife

Show her how much you love her with this candle holder statue. This is a great decorative piece to have at home so that you will always be reminded of how much you love one another.

This is a great Valentine’s Day gift for your wife. Or it may also be a great anniversary gift for a married woman that you know or for your friends who are a couple.

Especially if your wife loves alcoholic beverages, you should get this wine opener with a chiller for her. She will now get to enjoy her drinking sessions alone, with you, or with her friends with this great gadget.

Get this for that very special woman in your life now.

Does your wife hate it when the sponge gets dirty or is just placed somewhere? Then get this as a casual gift for her.

This is a sponge holder with a drainer. It will keep your sponges clean. Plus, the design of this piece is unique and attractive in that it will look like a chic decorative piece at your sink.

If you do not know what to give to that special married woman in your life, then you can just get her a gift card. Get her a one-month subscription to Winc’s drinks.

With this gift, she can get the beverage that she wants. You no longer have to choose. It saves you time and trouble.

Women have a lot of hair care products. This is a hair care holder that can hold her curling irons and straightening products.

It is meant specifically to organize hair styling tools as they might tend to just be placed on top of the dresser or her vanity and get disorganized.

This hair care holder is even very aesthetic that it will surely match the decor of your room or your bathroom.

This is an infinity scarf that she can also use as a travel pillow. If your wife is someone who likes to travel, then she needs this double-purpose item.

It will keep her comfortable for all the times that she is stuck on a train or in traffic, etc. When she gets cold, she can also use this to keep her warm.

Get your wife or your friend who is married these lovely personalized slippers. They are nice bedroom slippers that are fluffy and feel really soft. They are very comfortable and the design is very pretty too.

You can choose the primary color of these slippers from black, pink, gray, or ivory. Then you can personalize the initial on the other slipper. These are beautiful slippers she will appreciate.

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