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21 Witty and Gag Gifts for Fishermen

Fishing is not just a hobby; it is a stress-buster for many people. It is an activity that allows you to let go of your inhibitions and be yourself. Fishing helps evoke the child within you, as you experience immense happiness during this activity. Do you know of a loved one that loves fishing with all their heart? Do you want to surprise them with funny, but witty and fishing-themed gifts that are unique?

If yes, here are 21 witty ideas to pick from , for the person who is a true-blue fisherman at heart.

1. A journal with an attractive cover

If you have that one friend who is crazy about fishing, this journal is a good gifting idea. While this may be a simple blank-lined journal, the wordings on the journal, which say, “If I’m Not Fishing, I’m Thinking About It,” conveys a lot of meaning.

This notebook contains 12o pages, and your friend can use this to jot down important points related to fishing. This gift is perfect for people of all ages. So, you can gift it to your father or grandfather, provided they love fishing.

2. Socks with a funny theme

These are humorous socks that do all the talking. Designed in bright colors, these socks suit men who have feet sizes between 6 and 13, and women who have feet sizes more than 7. Sometimes, you don’t have to say anything; your accessories do that for you.

These socks are one of them! With the message, “I’d rather be fishing” printed boldly on them, these socks make for great holiday gifts. You can wear it along with any attire.

You can even wear it to the office, and sit in such a way that your boss can clearly get the message on the socks! All with a humorous intention, though.

3. One for the confident and handsome fisherman

We all have that one friend who is supremely confident because he is handsome and is highly talented. Well, this gift is for that friend who takes his fishing quite seriously. This black baseball cap has a beautiful illustration of a fish right at the center.

However, the message on the cap is what catches our attention instantly. Your friend is going to break into a smile when he reads this – “Women want me, Fish fear me.” Now this is what we call a cool, confident, humorous and witty message, isn’t it?

4. T-shirt that depicts one’s passion for fishing

Are you looking for a funny but durable gift for a friend that loves fishing? Do you have strict budget constraints as well? Don’t worry; here is an outdoor sleeve T-shirt that is funny, affordable, durable, and stylish.

This graphic T-shirt has a huge illustration of a fish and comes with the funny words, “Eat, Sleep, Fish, Repeat – Any Questions.” If your friend cannot think of any other activity except fishing, this is the perfect gift for him. The best part of this gift is that it comes in different colors and unisex sizing.

5. Travel tumbler with a funny quote

This is one of the best gifts for a friend, grandfather, brother, father, or anyone who loves fishing. This travel tumbler is elegantly designed to keep drinks cold or hot, regardless of the outside climate.

Any fisherman would love to sip his favorite beverage from this tumbler, as he tries his luck at the sea. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that he will consider this as his best fishing companion. The funny message on this tumbler is only the cherry on the top, that you cannot ignore.

6. Funny T-shirt with a fish-themed graphic

This graphic Tee-shirt may look funny and simple on the face of it. However, when you look at the message printed on it keenly, you cannot help but appreciate the pun and wit that comes with it.

Perfect for anybody who loves fishing, this T-shirt is extremely comfortable as it is made from a blend of cotton and polyester. It can be worn in all climate conditions, as it is made from super-soft fabric. This is one of the reasons why this one ranks quite on top of the fun and functional fishing gifts ever.

7. Fishing Lure Hook with a humorous message

Here is a fishing gift that has ample doses of romance and humor in it. If you are looking for a fishing-themed gift for your boyfriend or husband, look no further than this fishing lure hook.

Made from high-quality stainless steel this fishing lure comes with a beautiful message, “You are the only fish in the sea for me,” which will bring a smile to the receiver’s lips automatically. He can use this for fishing, or just a keepsake to relive the beautiful memories again and again.

8. Metal wall signboard with a funny twist

Here is a wall signboard that will make even the most serious person fall from his seat laughing. This has got to be one of the best comparisons ever between education and fishing.

Made from heavy-duty aluminum, this wall sign can be used indoors or outdoors. It can be a great piece of wall décor, when used correctly. With a dash of humor and wit, this gift is sure to stand above everything else, for a person who is passionate about fishing.

9. Romantic gift with a fishing theme

Are you looking for a classy monogram with a fishing theme as a gift for your loved one on your anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or any other special occasion? This fishing lure, with the message, “you are the greatest catch of my life” is the right one for you, in that case.

Made from stainless steel, this lure has these words printed in indelible ink. So, like the love between you, these words will be etched on this gift forever. You can even personalize this gift further to include your name and the date of your special day to create touching memories with a dash of wit.

10. A coffee mug with tongue-in-cheek humor

On the face of it, this coffee mug looks simple with a classy message, “I Love My Wife” printed on it. Has it got you wondering about the humor element? It was the same with us, and we couldn’t hide our smiles until we read the message completely. This coffee mug cleverly highlights the words that we already told you.

However, it doesn’t highlight the complete message that actually reads, “I Love It When My Wife Lets Me Go Fishing.” Now that is some wit, indeed, isn’t it? Your fishing-loving husband will cherish this gift forever, as he can’t hide his smile whenever he uses this.

11. Attractive fishing lures for your loved ones

Here is yet another fishing lure with a loving message for your husband or boyfriend. This lure is cute, romantic and funny at the same time. It is a sign of telling him that he is yours forever.

Your lover may actually use it for fishing or use it as a keepsake.  This lure is made from 100% stainless steel, and comes attractively packed in a gift box.

12. Funny apron for the fisherman who knows to cook

Does your friend love fishing and cooking? Well, there can be no better gift for him than this apron, in that case. This one-size adjustable apron comes with a funny message, “Hook’em And Cook’em,” which is sure to make the receiver break into a smile.

Apart from being funny, this apron is also functional, as it comes with an adjustable neck string and four pockets to hold all cooking essentials.

13. Caps with a witty message

A person who loves to shop till she drops is called a shopaholic. So isn’t it only natural that a person who loves to fish be called a fishoholic? Here is a cap that reflects exactly this message. This word may sound funny, but it has a lot of meaning attached to it.

Perfect for fishing-loving men & women, this cap comes in different colors and has flexible snapback adjustments to fit all people.

14. Beautiful fishing-themed wedding gift

If you have been looking for a fishing-themed wedding gift for a couple, your search should end with this coffee mug set. While the mug for the man has the wordings, “one great fisherman,” the one for the woman says, “best catch of his life.”

Can there ever be a better funny, fishing-themed gift for a couple for their wedding, anniversary, or any other special occasion than this one?

15. One for the fishing enthusiast

Not everyone is lucky enough to pursue their passion and make money from it. Most of us are forced to work, even though our heart lies with our passion.

If you know one such friend who loves fishing, but is forced to work for all practical purposes, this travel mug is an excellent choice as a gift for them.

It comes with double-wall insulation that can keep drinks cold for about 24 hours, and hot for 5 hours. Anybody would love to take this tumbler along with him when going out fishing.

16. Set of attractive beer coolies

Here is one for the fishing-loving couple! This set of 2 beer coolies comes with the humorous message, “What happens on the boat, stays on the boat.” These beer coolies can hold 12-oz cans or 12 to 16-oz bottles.

These funny coolies are entirely functional, as their open-cell polyurethane foam helps to keep the beverages cold for a long time. When you are not using them, you can fold these coolies flat, and store them easily.

17. Graphic T-shirt with a funny fishing quote

This is one of the best and affordable comfort gifts you can give to a fishing-loving person (male or female). Great for people of all ages, this graphic T-shirt comes with a fishing quote that makes you laugh out loud. It comes in different colors,  so you have a variety of options to pick from.

It is made from a blend of 90% cotton and 10% polyester, making this T-shirt extremely comfortable and super-soft. With its adequate doses of humor and sarcasm, this T-shirt is highly popular among fishing enthusiasts.

18. Customized fishing lure hook with a romantic message

Do you have a fishing-loving husband or boyfriend? If yes, this fishing lure with its customized message, is a great choice. It comes with a message, “I love you more than you love fishing,” which is funny, emotional and practical at the same time.

Made from stainless steel for a quality lure, this gift is a perfect choice for your lover on your anniversary, Valentine’s Day and other special days. It also comes in an attractively packed gift bag, making this gift look more appealing.

19. Metal tin sign that compares fishing with work

Do you know of your fishing-loving friends who are forced to work for practical reasons? This tin sign is a great piece of wall décor for such friends. It comes with a meaningful message with a witty dash of humor, and is made from heavy-duty aluminum.

Apart from having a funny message, this sign also comes with two holes, so that you can easily hang it outdoors or indoors with equal ease.

20. Fishing is happiness

This is the perfect gift for anybody who thinks fishing gives them real happiness. The quote on this coffee mug is philosophical and funny at the same time.

It makes you think and laugh aloud, which is why it is a great gift for a fishing enthusiast. Made from good quality ceramic, this coffee mug is microwave and dishwasher safe, making it completely functional.

21. Funny T-Shirt for the part-time hooker

Here is a funny graphic T-shirt with a witty message, which has an inner meaning, especially for fishing enthusiasts. “Part-time hooker” is the message on the shirt.

So, you can understand the double meaning that is intended behind this message. Great for your husband, father, grandfather, or just anybody close to you, this T-shirt is comfortable, affordable and durable.

Fishing gifts are quite hard to find, but it is a bigger challenge if you look for ones laced with humor. The key to choosing the best gag gifts for anglers is to focus on the theme and the message. As long as you get these basics right, you can definitely choose the best fishing gift for your loved one.

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