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Surfing Gift Ideas for Dad – 27 Cool Ideas

Now that summer is near to come, people will be busy looking for places where they can relax and enjoy the view of the sunset by the beach, feel the cool breeze of the sea, and explore our deep oceans. Aside from places, people will also prepare the things they will be needing for a staycation or outing like their clothes to look stunning and hot, and equipment for water activities like scuba diving or jet skiing.

Here is a list of products we prepared that can be helpful to your health and fashion. There are also gift ideas for beach lovers that will make them remember you for that gift and makes it more sentimental.

1. Shark Repellent Band

Through the help of our advanced technology, scientists have come up with an idea of a magnetic apparatus that sends unpleasant senses to keep away the sharks. This is science-based and has proven already to be safe by the Western Australian Government.

This is a perfect gift for those who love to explore our oceans and they can freely enjoy exploring the beauty underwater without the fear of getting harmed by sharks.

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2. Personalized Wave Necklace

This is a handmade necklace made with stainless steel. Its average length is 60 cm but when needed a different size, the seller is willing to answer your questions. This can be personalized where you can request to put initials, dates, or symbols on the palette.

This is a perfect gift for anyone and any occasion since the mere fact you can put their initial in the palette makes it sentimental already, it also comes with cute packaging and it is ensured that the item is safely shipped to the customer.

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3. Carhatt Knit Beanie

Knowing that Carhartt is known for its high-quality outdoor apparel and gears, you are ensured that their knit beanie will give you much satisfaction. These beanies are made with soft and warm acrylic yarn which makes them stretchable. It used to be a workwear essential but as time goes by, it can already be part of one’s fashion which brings confidence to customers making them look cool and stunning.

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4. Surfboard Shaped Cutting Board

This surfboard-shaped cutting board is purely made with bamboo wood with a thickness of 0.63 inches and a weight of 1.02 pounds. It can also be used as a serving board and due to its shape, this stood out from the common serving boards for it gives beach vibes when served on the table.

Another good thing about this product is it’s not made with plastic which makes it eco-friendly and gentle with knives since it’s made with bamboo woods.

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5. Hyperlite Surf Sock

Hyperlite has already established its name as the longest-standing brand in wakeboarding and wake surfing which gives the customers the confidence to purchase their products which are high quality. These surf socks are made with terrycloth fabric that helps to wick away the water for storage. It has a length and height of 4 inches and a width of 8 inches.

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6. Surfboard Carrier

This surfboard carrier or sling is made from tuff 600D poly canvas with large pockets used for storing gears and mesh used for drainage. Surfers often find difficulty in carrying their boards and this surfboard carrier just answered their prayers.

It’s easy to carry and the sling is excellently made and ensured that it wouldn’t drop anytime. It doesn’t have straps that can be tangled anytime soon and can secure surfboards for less than a minute.

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7. SUN CUBE Robe with Hood

This robe is made with 100% microfiber polyester which makes it more absorbent and faster for drying oneself. One of the best features of this robe is that it allows you to change your clothes even in public places Its hood is used to keep your head and ears warm and dry.

It also has a handle for easy bringing it. It also has a kangaroo pocket as storage for some essentials of the swimmer and an adjustable button for the shoulder sleeves.

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8. Waterproof Leg Pouch Bag

This pouch bag has double sealing protection to ensure it is 100% waterproof and can protect your valuables from getting destroyed when soaking in the water. It has 2 zipper locks and 2-fold Velcro latches. Its storage capacity is 5 inches tall and 4 inches wide.

Examples of valuables that can fit in this leg pouch bag are passports, keys, cards, and money. It has no particular size but it fits most customers with the help of a Velcro strap for added security of your valuables.

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9. SummerSand Microfiber Towel

This SummerSand towel is soft and comfortable to use. It can absorb the water quickly and won’t leave marks on the skin when sunbathing. You can use this SummerSand towel when you’re sweating and no need to worry because these towels won’t absorb the smell of your sweat just like any ordinary cotton towels.

It also prevents the sand from sticking with your belongings such as in your bag. The seller is confident enough to return the money of the customers when they are not satisfied with the product and the reviews of the customers, it clearly says that they are all satisfied.

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10. O’Neill Rash Guard

This long-sleeved rash guard is made with polyester and spandex which are said to be effective for protection from UV rays and heat absorption. This is very tight that it hugs your body very well and feels like your second skin. Rest assured that the tightness of this rash guard won’t be a hindrance when moving.

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11. Wetsuit Bag

This is a changing mat that allows people to change on it or place any wet materials on it and it will collect the water and prevent it from leaking. This is durable and lightweight which makes it easy to carry whenever you wanted.

Unlike other surf changing mats which can be used for a limited time only, this wetsuit bag is made with a sturdy material that guarantees to last for a long period or the shop will be willing to replace it with no charge at all.

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12. Chaos Ready Backpack

Chaos Ready is known for its armor-plated equipment. This backpack is 100% waterproof and made with 500 VC Tarpaulin. This is a submersible bag which means it floats when dropped in water.

Even though it is said to be 100% waterproof, the only exemption is its front pocket so customers must be aware not to put any valuables in the front pocket. This is user-friendly and easy to use, has no hassle in fastening the bags, and has a lifetime warranty.

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13. Surfboard Storage Rack

These are made with heavy-duty iron and coated with a matte black finish, making them look elegant. The soft padding protects the paddleboard and there are extra hooks provided to hold the paddles and even the clothes.

This creates an illusion that makes the board look like floating on the wall which serves as a decoration and brings a beach vibe to the room.

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14. Travel Pouch

This is a handmade pouch made with blue, cotton quilted style. The surf travel kit includes surfing essentials such as organic surf wax and sticky bumps. It was separate from the wax pouch to prevent the wax from melting. It also includes natural skincare since travelers are exposed to the sun that’s why they need protection from the UV rays and dirt from the air.

This is a great bag to bring when traveling for it can store a lot and everything you need can be put in this bag.

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15. Money Gift Surfboard

This is made with birch plywood with a width of 14 cm and a height of 13 cm. This cute wood gift is a perfect gift for anyone who likes to go surfing or wants to learn it. It can be a display on their desks and be a reminder of how surfing makes them feel alive or simply happy.

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16. Honeybear Surf Wax

These are handmade surf wax made with natural beeswax based on organic surf wax. Its natural ingredients contributed to the fragrance of its product which makes it stand out among the rest. The overall product is eco-friendly wherein its packaging is hundred percent recyclable.

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17. Portable Clothesline

The number one struggle of travelers during a staycation is drying their clothes and this product has just solved their problems. This clothesline is made with stainless steel which makes it strong, durable, and resistant to rust. This is not a regular clothesline because it has built-in clips which can be moved from left to right and vice versa.

There are various clothes we can hang from this such as underwear, socks, and towels. This is a perfect gift for hikers and travelers who love spending their time outdoors.

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18. Silver Surf Board Cufflinks

The silver surfer cufflinks can be made from glass, stone, metal, precious metal, and combinations of the said materials. These products are made with rhodium plated base metal or silver rhodium plated.

These pieces of jewelry are used to secure the cuffs of the dress shirts which brings elegance to the outfit of the person, making them confident in what they wear.

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19. Surfing Driftwood Art

These are handmade and made of sea glass and shells. The minimalist design of this gift makes it pleasing to the eyes. It can be a great design for one’s desk for it can clear one’s mind when reminded of the serenity of the beach. This can be sentimental when giving a gift because it can be personalized which adds more value to the gift.

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20. SEKI Waterproof Earplugs

These earplugs are made with silicone and are commonly used for scuba diving, swimming, and surfing. These silicone earplugs will protect the ears from being damaged due to the water. Professionals commonly use this but this product is not limited to professionals only. This can be used by 12-year-old kids up to adults.

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21. Portable Outdoor Shower

This is a 1.8-meter-long hose commonly used for camping. This comes with 3 Led lights which allow people to take shower easily even late at night. This is easy to assemble that’s why it is perfect to bring in every outdoor activity you will be having especially since summer is nearly coming.

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22. Surfboard Repair Kit

This is essential for our surfers since surfboards play a huge part in their happiness. This repair kit includes 4 bars of sticky bumps wax and a comb used for cleaning the board. There is also the Solarez Mini Travel Kit which is the fastest way of repairing unexpected dings during vacation traveling.

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23. The Surfer’s Health Handbook

This handbook is written by experts who have undergone emergency medicine and family medicine which contains everything every surfer has to know to stay safe in the water. This is fun to read because aside from its informative, it has colored photos and illustrations which can help more in understanding the lesson.

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24. Three Waves Dad Hat

These surf hats are handmade and made with a hundred percent chino and cotton twill. It has an adjustable top strap to fit any head size. The hats are not limited to dads only but to everyone due to their minimalistic design makes them eye-catchy and look good on any outfit.

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25. Vintage Ceramic Mug

These vintage mugs are perfect gifts for those beach lovers and even for coffee lovers. They come in 9 vintage styles and different colors. Its Orca coating makes the design alive with vivid colors.

These colors in a coffee mug bring a positive ambiance in the morning and it would be a great gift so that they can think of us whenever they’re drinking their coffees in that mug.

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26. Portable Camping Chair

This is a foldable camping chair where the foldable feature allows it to be flattened so it can easily fit in our car when brought for travel purposes. This s durable due to high-quality oxford fabric and can carry a weight of 220 pounds.

Its rubber padded non-slip feet ensure safety and stability when sitting. This is also a multipurpose chair because it can serve as a cooler storage bag. It can hold food and drinks and can keep its temperature for approximately 6 hours.

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27. ZCCO Men’s Wetsuits

This wetsuit is made with spandex and neoprene with a thickness of 1.5 millimeters. This is commonly used in water sports snorkeling, diving, swimming, and surfing. One of its best features is its adjustable fir around the neck and enclosed with a heavy-duty YKK Zipper with zipper hook-and-loop.

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