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21 Awesome Gag Gifts for Your Sister

Your sister is your best friend and one who even understands your silences. You share many beautiful and some not-so-beautiful moments with her. You don’t judge each other, and love each other unconditionally. When you share such a beautiful relationship with your sister, isn’t only natural that you choose gifts that reflect these thoughts, but in a funny way?

Here are 21 amazing gag gifts for your sister. If you love to see the sparkle in your sister’s eyes when she smiles, give her one of these. These gifts help you create moments that you will cherish forever.

1. Scented candles with a funny and emotional message

If you have been looking for an innovative and fun way to express your love for your sister, this scented candle is the right gift for you. It comes with a beautiful message that will tell your sister why you love her the most.

Made from 100% natural soy wax, this candle gives out the relaxing aroma of lavender oils, which can help your sister soothe her nerves after a long day at work. She is sure to think of you during moments like these and thank you mentally for the thoughtful gift you had chosen for her.

2. Wine tumbler loaded with fun

Your sister will have a tough time controlling her smile when she reads the message on this travel mug that you have given her. Through this message, you can let her know that you will always be there for her but cannot take too many risks for the same!

A great fun & functional gift, this travel tumbler comes with double-walled vacuum insulation. Your sister can enjoy any of her favorite drinks (tea, coffee, wine, beer, etc.) in this tumbler, while thinking of you!

3. Coffee mug with a beautiful message

Here is a coffee mug that contains the exact message that you have in mind! When your sister opens your gift and reads this message, she is sure to roll her eyes in irritation and surprise. And have got to capture that moment, as you will cherish that moment throughout your lifetime.

4. Sassy gift with a touch of humor

If your sister goes to the gym or travels regularly, this is a great gift for her. This portable stainless steel tumbler comes with heavy-duty insulation that keeps drinks warm or cold for many hours.

However, apart from its functionality, it is the choice of words on the tumbler that will make your sister smile whenever she reads it. As she sips her favorite beverage from this drink, she is sure to be lost in your thoughts for a moment or two, regardless of her busy schedule.

5. A wine glass with a funny thought

You have to agree that your sister is your best gossip partner. When you two get along, you can bring the whole house down with your bitching and cat-calling. So, here is a wine glass that helps your sister relive all those fun moments spent with you. She cannot hide her smile at the apt and fun-filled message on this wine glass.

6. Wood sign with a funny quote

Your relationship with your sister may not be rosy all the time. Sometimes, she drives you mad, but at other times, you go mad without her.

Here is a beautiful wood sign that exactly depicts this thought. Your sister will love you for this, and she will proudly display this on her kitchen, living room or door. With its classy design and humor-laced words, this is a great gift for your sister for her birthday, anniversary, Christmas, etc.

7. Trinket Dish with an inspirational and witty message

This trinket dish with beautiful words is an amazing gift for your sister as it is fun-themed and functional at the same time. Your sister can use this trinket dish wherever she wants, based on her requirements. The words on this message start on an emotional note, but end on a funny note that will bring an involuntary smile to your sister’s face.

Made from high-quality ceramic, this trinket dish try is polished with a shiny primer, which makes this dish visually appealing. The letters are nice and dark, as they are made from vinyl. So, they last for a long time.

8. A time-telling gift for your sister with a twist

Your sister might expect to see a clock inside when she unwraps your gift, especially if you had already told her that it would expect her to see the time. Imagine the shock and surprise on her face when he opens the gift that comes with two clips for hanging her coffee mugs and wine glasses!

Right above the coffee mug holders, you can find the “AM” sign, and above the wine glass holders, you can find the “PM” sign. The holder proudly reads, “How My Sister Tells Time.” So, this is definitely a lovely gift for your sister, indeed.

9. Cosmetic bag with a witty caption

Does your sister love spending time applying makeup? Well, here is a cosmetic bag that you can gift her. She is going to love you but also hate you for this, though! What’s funny about a cosmetic bag, you may wonder!

Take one look at the picture of this bag, and you will understand why we have chosen this gift on this list. It comes with the picture of a skeleton applying makeup, and the message, “this bag contains my face,” which is sure to make your sister break into a smile.

10. Funny birthday gift for your sister

Here is a double-wall vacuum insulated tumbler that will give your sister all the love and support she needs. Though it is considered a fun-themed gift, this is a perfect choice for your sister, if she is feeling low or in need of support.

The best part of this gift is that she will think of the beautiful moments she spent with you, whenever she uses it. This unique wine tumbler can be used for other beverages as well, and it keeps the drinks cool for 9 hours and warm for 3 hours.

11. A word game for the nerdy sister

Regardless of her age, your sister will love this word game book very much, especially because it has a lot of nostalgia attached to it. When you all get together for a family dinner, you can enjoy your childhood memories once again as you play this word game.

This Mad Libs series of word games have many workbooks, pop culture and other games that will keep you hooked for a long time. With its fun element intact, this word game is one of the best gifts for your sister, if you want to see her laugh her heart out.

12. Cosmetic bag with a strong yet funny message

This is not just a cosmetic bag, but something that could reflect your sister’s personality. She will love this professionally designed makeup bag, as it helps to keeps her cosmetic essentials organized.  This one comes with a highly durable zipper, and is made from high-quality material that is softer than canvas.

If you want to surprise your sister for her birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion, this cosmetic bag will do the trick. It also has a sassy and funny message printed on it, which is a bonus, indeed.

13. Wine tumbler with a humorous quote

You cannot walk past some gifts, especially when you are choosing them for your sister! This steel wine tumbler is just one of them. The message on this tumbler is too funny to ignore, and your sister is going to have a whale of a time reading it aloud as she opens this gift.

This unbreakable tumbler is made from heavy-duty stainless steel and its double-walled vacuum insulation allows it to keep drinks cold or warm for many hours. Your sister will love the attractive packing and look of this tumbler, and she is sure to think of you with a smile on her lips, whenever she uses this.

14. Organic candle with a funny but loving message

Do you have a sister who has been your partner in crime all through your life? If yes, you can gift her this relaxing scented candle as a thank you gift. While the candle is made from organic soy wax and has a burn time of about 50 hours, the interesting part of this gift is the funny words written on the candle jar.

15. Coffee mug that will make your sister smile instantly

You might have seen sisters related to many themes like best friends, soul mates, secret keepers, gossip partners, etc. Can you ever imagine sisters being compared to chubby thighs? Well, this coffee mug just did the unthinkable!  The message on this is so funny that it will make you pick this one for your sister immediately, even if there wasn’t any occasion for gifting.  

16. Funky thought on a makeup bag

Is your sister good with vocabulary? Is she into wordplay? Well, this is the right gift for her, in that case. This may be a makeup bag that will help her organize her cosmetic essentials. However, the cherry on the cake is the funny and funky message printed on it. If you don’t know what vertubenflugen means, try Google!

17. Personalized jewelry with a dash of humor

Gifting jewelry to your sister always involves a lot of emotions and sentiments riding high. It is now time to break the tradition, and make this occasion funny, instead. This personalized bracelet will help you do exactly that.

This is a flexible, cuff bracelet with a funny message for your sister. While she may act irritated reading the message, she will love to flaunt this gift among her friends.

18. One for the little sister

Do you have a little sister, who is cute and understanding all the time? Here is a coffee mug that will not only express your love for her, but also coax her into doing as you say.

Time to show your dominance and make the little one look up at you in awe! This coffee mug with the message, “best crazy little sister” will melt her heart for sure.

19. For a cool sister-in-law

Lucky are those who have a sister-like relationship with their sisters-in-law! It is hard to form such a close connection with your sister-in-law, and if you have one like that, waste no further time showing your love to her through this beautiful and funny gift.

The pink-themed ceramic coffee mug comes with a message with the F-word, but if you have a cool sister-in-law, she will love it.

20. For the burrito-loving sister

If your sister is a burrito-lover, look no further than this gift for her special day. This giant tortilla throw blanket is sure to have all her heart, and she will thank you immensely for the same.

Made from soft, fleece material, this blanket is highly durable. Your sister will carry it wherever she goes, as she wont be able to part with such a beautiful gift.

21. A coffee mug to express your love in a witty way

Do you want your sister to feel emotional and irritated at your childish behavior at the same time?

Give her this coffee mug to see the exact reaction in her eyes! This coffee mug comes with a message that you and your sister cannot ignore for the rest of your lives.

These gifts may look simple. Coffee mugs, wine tumblers, scented candles, may look ordinary for you. However, what makes them special is the beautiful messages printed on them. When looking for a gag gift for your sister, we would always recommend you to focus on the beautiful thoughts or messages printed on the gift than the gift itself. This is because, these messages are the ones that will stay with her forever, and help her think of you whenever she uses your gift.

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