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Travel Gift Ideas for Mom – 27 Ideas to ease her journey

Buying a gift for a traveling mom is not that easy. You want to gift her with a present that she can use while away, and that is memorable too. Also, I bet you would like a gift that the mom can never forget you with every time she uses it, right?

If you are looking for a good travel gift for your mom for her birthday, Mother’s Day, or a gift to wish her safe travels, you are in the right place. We have compiled a list of the 27 best gifts for travel mom’s worth buying.


1. KEDRIAN Mom Travel Tumbler

A tumbler comes in handy when traveling as one can carry their favorite drink to sip while on the go. So, if your mom is planning for a short or long trip out of town, gift her a tumbler. It is safe for cold and hot drinks since the materials crafting holds both cold and hot drinks. The tumbler has a beautiful message dedicated to your mom.

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2. MLVOC Memory Foam Neck Pillow

If your mom complains of neck pain when she travels for long-distance, get her this neck pillow. It is a reliable travel neck pillow filled with memory foam that forms a cushion to support the neck while sleeping at different angles. This pillow has a breathable cover to allow airflow and an extra face mask to ensure undistracted sleep.

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3. BAGSMART Weekender Overnight Bag

This is a comfortable bag to tag along when going for short trips as it does not occupy much space, and the size is excellent for packing fewer clothes. This bag measures 19.5 x 8.2 x 11.5 inches, which fits the category of carrying on a bag when traveling by plane.

The multiple compartments provide enough space to pack different clothes and accessories. So, if your mom is planning to go for a short business trip and does not have a carry-on bag, get her this one.

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4. Pacific Coast Signature Large Rolling Tote Bag

You can never go wrong with a mid-sized rolling bag, and this is a great bag to buy your mom, who plans to go on a vacation. The bag materials scream vacation since it has a beautiful floral design, and it is versatile in carrying for comfort. So, your mom can roll it or bring it with the two handles over the shoulders. The bag has a large main compartment and hidden zipper style to secure items from theft in new places.

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5. International Women’s 10-Piece Deluxe Kit

Every woman should have some travel essentials for hygiene and grooming purposes, and this travel kit has the major items you require. So, if your mom is traveling far for the first time, I recommend you get her this essential travel kit. The kit consists of hair, oral, toiletry, skin, and facial care products. The best thing is that the crucial kit costs 15.31 dollars.

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6. Personalized Holiday Corporate Travel Jewelry Case

Jewels have to have a storage case as they can easily be misplaced. So, this is an excellent gift to get your mom on her birthday as she can use the case to store her jewels. The jewel storage case has three compartments and a zip to secure the jewels stored. The top has beautiful velvet materials, and you can order this case custom with your mom’s name.

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7. ACdream Passport and Vaccine Card Cover Case

With just around 10 dollars, get this card and small documents organizer for your mom on a flight trip. It is made of leather and various slides where she can organize her travel passport, vaccine letter, and other small essentials like ID and credit cards.

This case has RFID blocking technology to secure document information from theft. It is small and slim for quickly slipping into the pocket.

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8. Happyluxe Airplane Shawl Wraps 

This is a versatile travel shawl that your mom can cover her on the plane and use as a scarf when traveling in cold areas. The shawl is made of Tencel and Spandex, which are soft, breathable, and comfortable to the skin. You can get this shawl in different colors.

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9. EverSnug Travel Blanket and Pillow

A travel blanket is one of the best travel companions one could have, and this blanket from Eversnug is excellent. It can be used when traveling by car, plane, or outdoor events like camping.

It is large to provide ample body coverage, and the materials are warm, soft, and comfortable for the body. The blanket can be folded and zipped to be used as a pillow. Carrying it is easy since it has a hook to fix on a suitcase.

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10. Clever Fox Travel Journal – with Budget Plan

It is only reasonable to have a budget when going for a vacation to avoid overspending, and this journal is a good journal plan. This journal helps you plan for places to visit, things to do, and while there, and it can help you monitor your expenses. It has a hardcover and a strap for holding the pen. This is an excellent gift to get your mom so she can plan family vacations with ease.

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11. Skechers Women’s Shoe

Comfort is paramount when traveling far, and these are great pairs of shoes to buy your mom who is traveling far away. These shoes feel like you are not wearing anything, so they are comfortable on your feet.

The top materials are mesh to allow feet’ breathability, and the soles are made of synthetic materials for comfort. The cushioned 5Gen midsoles provide good support to the soles. Get these shoes in a color that your mom likes.

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12. MZOO 3D Contoured Cup Sleeping Mask

Some people have problems sleeping in foreign places or when flying and if your mom is one of them, buy her the 3 D sleeping masks. The sleeping masks have low-rebound memory foam that is soft and comfortable for the eyes.

They entirely block out sunlight for easy sleeping. Each eye section has a cup for good coverage and security around the eyes. This mask has an adjustable headband for good fitting.

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13. Columbia Bora Booney Hat

A cute hat is a bonus accessory to have when vacationing in the summer. This hat is made with nylon materials that quickly wick away moisture to prevent sweat accumulation. It also blocks a high percentage of UV rays around the head area for comfort. The hat has a drawstring to ensure one has a good head fit. So, the next time your mm plans for a Bahamas trip, get her this hat in her favorite color.

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14. Donerton Smart Watch

This is a good travel gift to get your mom to track her activities and health while away from you. It is even better for moms with health issues since the watch tracks calories, heart rate, sleep, and others. It is waterproof, so if your mom wants to swim, she does not need to remove the watch. The watch is compatible with iOS and most Android devices for easy control.

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15. Personalized Engraved Powerbank

A power bank comes in handy when traveling as you can still charge your device even away from a power source. Traveling to a new pace can be challenging as you won’t know where to boost your phone battery while out of your hotel room.

But with such a power bank, your phone will always get charged while on the go. So, order this power bank for your mom going on a trip and have it personalized with a cute travel message.

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16. Burt’s Bees Gift Set

Self-care is crucial even when away, and this kit consists of everything you need to take care of your skin. The pack comes with; deep cleansing cream, hand salve, body lotion, foot cream, and lip balm, all made with essential oils and infused with honey for good, soft, and glowing results. The body products are packed in travel-sized containers for easy packing in all travel bags. Surprise your mom with this skincare kit for her next travel.

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17. JennyGems Travel Sign- Hanging Wood Wall Decor

This is an excellent gift to buy your mom, who enjoys traveling. It is a cute wall hanging to decorate a home and has a funny message describing travel as “the only thing you will buy that makes you richer.” It has a brown finish that adds a classic rustic feel to the home and has a rope for hanging to the wall.

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18. Travelon Women’s Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag

This cute bag is comfortable when touring around, plus it is equipped with security measures to secure your essentials while walking outdoors. The bag has two large compartments for organizing your items, and there is a front magnet flap to ensure no one can easily open the bag. The bag is comfortable to carry as the shoulder strap is adjustable.

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19. Wander Woman Shirt

If your mom can’t stay for a month without traveling, this T-shirt is an excellent gift for her on her birthday. It comes printed with the “wander woman” message to describe your mom’s traveling norm. The T-shirt has a round neck, and you can get it in different colors.

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20. Hidden Pocket Infinity Scarf

A scarf is a good travel accessory as you can use it to protect you from the cold as a style accessory. This scarf is super cute as it is made with floral details that accentuate one’s look. It is light, so your mom can wear it even in hot seasons as she tours new places. This scarf has handmade pockets to hide essentials like a passport and phone when traveling.

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21. Wanderlust Travel Gift

Your mom, who probably plans to travel for a vacation to relax her mind and body, would find this helpful adventure journal. It is a small cute journal that comes packed with cards bearing different activities that travelers should undertake. It makes the travels easy since it can guide your mom on what to do while away. So, make sure to order these cards for her before she travels.

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22. Adventure Wish Bracelet

This is a cute bracelet to get your mom when traveling, so she does not forget about you (although your mom can never forget you). It is a pretty bracelet that comes attached to an adorable message for someone going away. The wrist cord is made of cotton materials, plus it is adjustable in the fitting.

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23. World Map Travel Ring

This cute ring is designed with a world map such that whoever wears it will have the map on their finger. It is an excellent gift to buy your mom, who loves to travel. It is a good and beautiful accessory she would love to add to her collection.

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24. Custom Curated Travel Gift Box

This is a memorable and classic gift pack for any wanderlust out there. So, if your mom happens to love traveling around, surprise her with this cute gift package. The gift package is customizable such that you can order bulk packages depending on the items you want to be packed in there.

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25. AeroPress Go Portable Travel Coffee Press

Is your mom a coffee lover? Here is a thoughtful gift to buy her, so she enjoys her coffee all the time. This is an espresso with cold brewing settings, plus it makes up to3 cups of coffee in a minute. This coffee espresso machine is compact so packing to carry is comfortable. The parts are detachable for cleaning

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26. Avoogue Women Waterproof Rain Jacket

This is another good travel companion, especially if you are going to unfamiliar places. The jacket is light in weight, so packing it in your travel bag is easy, and it is waterproof. So, if it rains, you will be secure from the rainwater.

This jacket is a breathable windbreaker to rock in windy areas, even during the hot seasons. It has a hoodie to secure the head from water and cold. Get this jacket for your traveling mom in her favorite color.

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27. Travel Keychain

This is not a regular keychain as it is meant for travelers, whereby it helps them keep tap of where they go. So, if your mom loves to visit new countries, she can collect rings engraved with different countries to store on this keychain. It can accommodate up to 65 country chains.

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