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Gift Ideas for a Forgetful Man - 27 Cool Ideas

Let’s face it, sometimes people forget things. Maybe you accidentally left your wallet at home or left a meeting with no phone. Or maybe you left your keys at home and forgot to grab them after work.

Whatever the case may be, having to look up things from time to time can be a little annoying, especially when you have to look up things like the time, your schedule, and important appointments. Thankfully, some great gifts are out there that can help remind men of their important responsibilities.

This list of unique and fun gifts for a forgetful man will help you decide on the perfect present, after all, no one can truly remember everything. And, who knows, maybe this list of unique and fun gifts for a forgetful man will help that special man in your life remember his responsibilities again.

Pit Paste is a savory paste made from pork, yams, and bananas. It is known for its rich flavor and is often used topping for savory meats such as pork chops, pork chops with wild boar jowls, or pork chops with apples.

Yams are another popular ingredient that goes great with pit paste. Banana flowers are another unique and fun addition to the list of gifts for a forgetful man.

They are known to improve memory and increase learning capacity.

Door knobs are one of the most overlooked accessories in a home. They are great for holding keys, but they can also be used to store small documents and other loose items.

The organizers made from painted steel and wood can be used for either indoor or outdoor use. The best thing about door knobs is that they can be used as a calendar reminder.

The calendar not only automatically marks the day of the month, but it can also remind you of what time of the day that is.

Grocery list notepads are a great idea for any family. They make it super easy to write down all the ingredients for a meal, and they can also be used to note down the quantities for recipes.

You can custom tailor the grocery list notepad to suit your needs and appetite. It can be used as a journal to write down your daily routine, and you can use it to list out all the groceries you plan to buy for the week.

It can even be used as a calendar to mark the day of the week.

Wallet cases are a great way to secure your passport, money, and other important documents. The best part is that they are RFID-free, and they do not contain bloatware like internet connections and GPS.

The downside is that they are not cheap. If you are looking for a unique and fun gift for a forgetful man, a wallet case is ideal. The downside is that it is not easy to find a wallet case made from animal skin.

Luckily, most wallets these days have an integrated case with a cash compartment to protect your money and other documents.

Evaluation cards for doctors and nurses are quick and easy to report a patient’s condition. However, these reports are often lost or garbled.

What if you are in a situation where you do not have your phone with you? What if you are in an accident and have no one to call? What if you are in a survival situation and do not have access to a phone?

An emergency cash key chain can be a lifesaver. There are many emergency cash key chains available, and you can choose from many different designs. You can custom tailor the keychain to suit your needs and taste.

If your man has to go to the toilet a lot, this is the perfect gift. The toilet flusher is essential for every man, no matter what month it is. It uses a special flush that only flushes when you run the water.

So, no stopping, stopping, and starting, just complete silence while you flush – and that’s how long it takes for you to get your coffee or whatever you’re drinking.

You don’t expect to get a gift like this every day, and you especially don’t expect to get it on your birthday, but that’s what happens when someone gives you lawn or plant watering stakes. They are the perfect gift for any gardener, and they don’t cost a penny.

Simply put the stake into the ground, and then water your lawn or plant according to the instructions on the package. You will never forget about this, and your man will love you for it.

This is another great gift for the man who always forgets to do things. This is a great reminder for that man to look through his doormat checklist and make sure everything is in order.

This is also a great gift for the college student who likes to organize his things. And, of course, this would be the perfect gift for the man’s boss who has to remember things.

One of the best gifts for the forgotten man in your life is a phone wallet keyring. It will remind the man how much you care, but it will also keep track of his wallet in case he ever loses it.

If he has a phone with a built-in wallet, just print off the wallet keys and stick them in his wallet. You can purchase a wallet case with built-in wallet slots and pockets for the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or any other mobile device if he doesn’t.

Cable ties are a piece of modern-day industrial technology. They’re usually made from a strong, durable material that’s easy to knot but can also be used to secure different types of equipment or materials.

When it comes to gifts for the forgotten man, a phone cable is one of the best options. It goes a long way toward giving the man a piece of his old job back. This is especially true if the man has retired or found another job.

When it comes to your man’s hydration needs, nothing warms the cold, hard, drink-o-meter like a reminder to drink water. Ulla, the smartphone app, is a lifesaver when remembering to take a daily shower or fill up on water.

It reminds you to drink water and tracks the amount of water you’re drinking and how often. Some men don’t drink enough water out of fear of being too thirsty. With Ulla, you can set reminders on your phone, and it will send a push notification when you’re not drinking water as you should be.

One of the best gifts for the forgotten man in your life is a Vacu Vin cooler. These aren’t your dad’s ice-cold beers; these are ice wine coolers filled with delicious, cold, house-made ingredients.

This will help your man stay hydrated during the hot summer months, but it will also help him stay alert and boost his mood.

This is another one of those unique and fun gifts for the forgotten man in your life. This time around, it’s a Tile Mate, a Bluetooth bit of gear that lets you pair a phone with a Tile credit card reader.

When you pair the tracker with your phone, you can receive updates on your favorite channels and even “reward” your phone with special offers or discounts when you track it using the reader.

If your man is a bit of a tech buff, he’ll love a Timed outlet. These all-in-one devices come with everything you need to stay connected to the modern world.

They feature Bluetooth, a flashlight, speakers, a calculator, a barometer, and a remote controlling your TV, lights, and other devices. They’re also water-resistant, so you can take these bad boys anywhere.

If your man is a bit of an athlete, he’ll love this gift. It’s a rubber duckbill designed to be used as a headband.

It comes with a little Bluetooth speaker that you can clip to your bag or cup. You can also use it as a headband when you’re looking to keep your hair out of your face.

Do you have a man on the go? You might want to display his stuff in a more organized fashion. This side pocket organizer is perfect for that.

It’s made from durable, flexible TPU, so it can easily store your phone, keys, wallet, and more. It’s also designed as a wallet holder, so you won’t have to dig around in your bag or jacket pocket for things.

This is a new product that’s super simple to use. Put a bit of dog food in the dish, and the app will track your dog’s intake.

You can see how much they’re eating and even receive push notifications if they’re not taking enough food.

There are multiple dog food brands that you can choose from, and the formulas can be tweaked to suit your pup’s specific nutritional requirements.

If your man has an iPhone, you will want to give him this as a gift. It’s an app that lets you “lock” or “unlock” any picture you take.

You can set an expiration date on the image that you take, so it will only be visible to you for a certain amount of time.

This is a great way to protect your privacy and remember what that perfect picture you’re looking for.

These must-have undergarments come with a built-in soaker to stop leakage from anywhere in the body.

They’re easy to find and easy to use. The best part is, they were not expensive, and they were pretty cheap.

The best gifts for a forgetful man will help him keep his sanity by keeping your papers, emails, and other files organized and easily accessible.

It will also keep his desk free of papers, books, and other items that take up space.

Many people ask what gifts to get their coworkers who aren’t necessarily related to them. You can get the same effect by giving a gift related to your childhood, a magnet representing your favorite subject, or an airplane for someone who loves to travel.

Whatever you choose, it will help your friend feel special.

Everyone needs a brain supplement, and the best gifts for the forgotten man will help him keep in top shape.

It will help your friend improve his cognitive function by keeping his mind active and preventing him from becoming forgetful.

We all know that playing memory games at work can be productive, but what happens when the games get out of hand? What if the games get too difficult, or when your friend starts to “think” too much instead of “choose”?

The best gifts for the forgotten man will help your friend’s brain function better by keeping it challenged, healthy, and young.

Although we all dream of having a fancy desk, it’s okay to settle for something nice once in a while. This could be his everyday planner, a note-taking organizer, or a portfolio to display your work.

The best part about the portfolio is that it’s customizable. You can choose the fabric, the colors, and the size. You can also add a stamp to give it a personal touch. It comes with an attached folio that you can use to keep track of everything.

This is a great gift if know a man who is forgetful. A dishwasher magnet clean dirty sign will help him stay on top of their tasks and keep their physical space clean.

These are simple pieces of cardboard with a shaft that is magnetized. When a dishwasher is loaded, the magnet inside the sign points to the machine. This will send the mind of the working parent to clean mode.

This is a flippin’ genius idea that works. This is the original and greatest version of the motion sensor light switch. You can find them at hardware stores for pretty cheap, and they’re super easy to install.

These are great for homes and office locations where there may be a lot of movements, especially if he is prone to forgetting to put on the light once it gets dark.

You don’t need to install them in every room-you can choose where you want to place them.

This is a smart gift for the forgetful man in your life. The Med-E-Let is a no-hassle, no-rushed experience. This is a manual self-dispensing pen that you simply fill with your choice of medication.

You can choose from various types and brands, including ones that contain only the medication you need. The best part is that the product is easy to use, and allows you to have your medications at hand. 

Gift him this so he does not forget to take his meds on time!


The best gifts for a forgetful man make him smile, relax, and feel good about himself. A goodnight kiss on the cheek from him will mean the world to you.

There are many choices when it comes to the best gifts for a forgetful man. From clothing to coffee to travel to vacation to pool and more, the possibilities are almost endless.

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