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24 Gifts for Stem Cell Transplant Patients

A stem cell transplant is a traumatic event, which only patients undergoing the therapy can understand. While the success rate of stem cell transplant therapy is pretty high, sometimes, patients have to deal with a few of its side effects. 


So, if any of your family members, friends, or colleagues have undergone this therapy, send them a thoughtful gift to brighten their day. But have you thought about what you should give them? 


We understand finding perfect gifts for stem cell transplant patients is a challenge. That’s why we have listed some ideal gift options. Scroll down to know about them. 

#1 Survivor Bracelet

People who have survived stem cell transplant needs to be given a constant reminder of how strong they are. You can make them feel this by giving them a survivor bracelet. 


This particular bracelet is made of stainless steel and is silver in color. It is elegant in design, durable, and adjustable. It also comes with an inspirational and bold message that says ‘You Picked the Wrong B*tch.’ 


Besides this, the bracelet also comes with other messages that are equally motivating and inspirational. 


Thus, it’s a perfect Mother’s Day, Christmas, birthday, and anniversary gift

#2 Cancer Survivor Coffee Mug

After undergoing stem cell transplant therapy, patients generally feel tired and takes a lot of medicine. 


This thing can take a toll on the mental & physical health of a patient. But you can boost their confidence level by giving them a super cute cancer survivor coffee mug. 


This particular coffee mug comes with a motivating message that reads, ‘I’m Survivor, What’s Your Superpower.’ This cup is dishwasher safe but not microwave safe. It looks great and can be given on different occasions to stem cell transplant patients. 

#3 Box Sign Motto

To help a stem cell transplant patient stay strong during the treatment process, you can give them a motivational box sign motto. 


This particular box sign motto is made in China and looks beautiful. It comes with an inspirational message that can keep stem cell transplant patients strong, determined, and positive. 


The box sign motto can be kept on the side table, and it makes a perfect anniversary, birthday, or graduation gift. You can also give this box sign motto on any other special occasion to the patient. 

#4 Recovery Keychain

This keychain with an inspiring message will make the person smile who has undergone stem cell therapy. It’s a perfect gift that tells the patient that he is capable of doing everything. 


Its delicate design, great quality, and amazing recovery quote make it an ideal gift. You can get this keychain for your friends, family members, or colleagues who have undergone stem cell transplant therapy. 

#5 Bracelet with Adjustable Stainless Steel Chain

After the stem cell transplant therapy is done, most patients feel tired. And complete recovery from the therapy can take up to so many days. 


During this time, the patient needs motivation and support, which you can offer them by giving a bracelet with an adjustable stainless-steel chain. It will never fade, rust, tarnish, stain, or turn wrists green. 


This particular bracelet is made of metal and looks stunning. It comes with an adjustable chain to offer a great fit. The bracelet is available in different motivational messages as well. So, get this adjustable bracelet and motivate your friends and family members who need your support. 

#6 Tumbler Cup With Lid

Nothing can make a stem cell transplant survivor feel better than telling them that they are amazing and strong. You can tell them this thing in a different way by giving them a beautiful tumbler cup with a lid. 


This specific tumbler cup comes with an inspiring message that reads ‘You Are Amazing and Strong And Brave, Remember That Today.’ The cup comes in three different colors, i.e., aqua, coral, and glacier grey. 


This tumbler cup is ideal in size and is perfect for sipping coffee, tea, wine, juice, or anything else. It’s an ideal gift for many occasions. 

#7 Funny Gold-Plated Spoon

An item that makes an ideal gift for stem cell transplant patients is this funny gold-plated spoon. The spoon looks excellent and can be given on different occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, birthday, or anniversary. 


The spoon is 7.5 inches long and 1.2 inches wide. It is made of stainless steel and comes with a beautiful message that reads ‘A Spoonful Of Strength.’ After using, the spoon must be immediately cleaned and dried. 


It looks adorable and can be given to stem cell transplant patients as a gift to remind them of their strength. 

#8 Compassion Blanket

After transplant therapy, patients often feel cold and get a mild headache. Thus, they are advised to rest and focus most of the time on their recovery. 


You can give your friend, family member, or colleague a compassion blanket to make them feel warm and comfortable. This specific blanket is available in different colors like dusky pink, blue, charcoal, light blue, purple, silver-grey, and teal. 


It is made of 100% polyester and can be washed easily in a machine. So, gift this cozy blanket to the stem cell transplant patient and let them feel warm and comfy. 

#9 Scented Candles

Once stem cell transplant is done, patients are advised to rest to recover quickly. You can make their recovery time easy and memorable by giving them scented candles in a designer ceramic jar. 


This particular scented candle is infused with essential oils having notes of almond, vanilla, and orchid. Its aroma is both fresh and soothing. 


Give this aromatic gift to your friend and help them transform their place into a personal sanctuary. 

#10 Socks

If the stem cell transplant patient has recently come home after therapy, consider these comfy socks an excellent gift for them. This sock is white and has a beautiful message written at the bottom. 


It can be easily washed in the machine and is super comfortable. You can get it for your friends or family members to make them feel strong and better. 

#11 Charm Bangle Bracelet

Send positive energy into the lives of those on their recovery journey from stem cell transplant therapy. This expandable shiny gold bangle bracelet looks great and will bring a smile to the face of the person receiving this gift. 

#12 Survivor Angel Figurine

Having some kind of positive and angelic figure can keep the stem cell therapy patients feel strong and better. 


You can get this survivor angel figurine with a pink ribbon and text that says ‘Faith Hope Strength Courage.’ 


The angel figurine is made with the best quality materials, and it is a beautiful and perfect gift for patients surviving stem cell transplants. 

#13 Care Package

Show that you care and love with an adorable care package. This package has a cozy flannel blanket, warm socks, a tote bag, a reusable plastic water bottle, and a sleep mask. 


It is a complete gift package you can gift to a stem cell transplant patient to make them feel loved and support them throughout their recovery journey. 

#14 Washable Dust Mask

You can tell the stem cell transplant patient to stay safe from the virus by giving them a washable dust face mask. This mask is made of polyester, is black, and comes with a message printed on its top. 


It’s perfect for stem cell transplant patients as they might have to visit the hospital to keep their health in check frequently. So, they can wear this mask and stay safe. 

#15 Healing Blanket

At the price of a bouquet, you can give the stem cell transplant patient a healing blanket that comes in different colors. This blanket is available in charcoal, light blue, mint green, navy, pink, purple, teal blue, and wine color. 


This comfy healing blanket comes with a positive and uplifting message that can make the cancer survivor feel better. It is made of soft & luxurious material and can be carried around easily. 

#16 Pink Ribbon Queen Pillow

A cancer survivor patient is likely to rest most of the time. So, by giving them this cute and soft pillow, you can make their recovery journey easy breezy. 


This particular pillow is a simple and impressive way of saying that you care. You can give it to your friends, family, or colleagues to make them feel better. Also, this pillow makes a great addition to interior decor.  

#17 Balloon Decorations

There is no better way to welcome a stem cell transplant patient than giving them beat cancer balloon decorations. 


These balloons are one of the best ways to tell the patients that they are stronger and can do anything. 

#18 Foam Slipper

Stem cell transplant patients should try to relax as much as they can. Thus, give them this comfortable slipper that is available in different colors. This foam slipper also has different sizes from which you can pick the right one. 


It comes with a secure heel collar and has a waffle knit on the upper side of the slipper. This lets your foot breathe, meaning the slipper is sweat and odor-free. 

#19 Notebook

Even stem cell transplant patients would want to write down something important. You can give them this unique planner to write down their appointments, tasks and track their health and fitness goals. 


The unique design of this planner makes it a must-have for people who have survived blood cancer. 

#20 Refrigerator Magnet

Another great item you can give to stem cell transplant patients in this exciting and beautiful refrigerator magnet. 


The magnet looks pretty and is suitable for different metal and magnetic surfaces, including microwave oven, watching machine, locker, or fridge. You can even get this particular refrigerator magnet customized. 

#21 Sweatshirt

If you are still not satisfied with the gift options and are looking for something better, get your hands on this comfortable sweatshirt.


This comfy and soft sweatshirt will keep the stem cell transplant patients warm. It is available in seven different colors. This means you can easily choose the perfect one. 

#22 Cotton Towel

Your friend or family member who has undergone stem cell therapy will appreciate you giving them this comfortable cotton towel. The towel comes in different colors and shows that you care. 


This premium towel is perfect in every way and stays in the right shape for a long time compared to other towels. 

#23 Silk Scarf

You can get your hands on this beautiful silk scarf that is easy to drape. Give it to a stem cell transplant patient so that they can keep themselves warm each time they visit the hospital for routine checkups. 


This scarf is available in different colors and makes a perfect birthday, anniversary, or graduation gift. You can give it to your friend, colleague, or family member who recently came home after the transplant. 

#24 Jam

After stem cell transplant, patients are often advised to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. You can give them this fresh jam that comes in a glass jar. 


This delicious jam is available in different flavors like peach, apple raspberry, peach pineapple, damson plum, grape, cherry, and orange marmalade. 


You can give this tasty jam set during some party or special occasions to make the stem cell transplant patient you care about. 


Finding an ideal gift for stem cell transplant patients takes time, but you can easily get them the best present with these gift ideas on your side. 


Since stem cell transplant patients are in their recovery period, it is better to give them something that could make them feel comfortable while they are relaxing. Or you can give them a unique item that can constantly remind them of how strong they are. 


No matter what gift item you choose, you must also give your unconditional love and support to stem cell transplant patients. 


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