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21 Best Gifts for Someone Who Have Saved Your Life

We all have learned to show gratitude and respect the person who does something good for us. But, unfortunately, in this selfish world, one hardly dares to step up and do something for others, and there are certain reasons behind this fact. In such a society, it is worth more than just giving a thank you card to the person who has gone to his maximum ability to protect you from any kind of problems. 

In this article, we have come up with the top Thanksgiving gifts that can make a huge smile on the face of the person who has done something extraordinary for you. 

The air plants are a creature to watch out for because of their stunning shape and modeling. The amethyst is a part of geology that is as beautiful as the air plants are. 

The air plants are constant oxygen providers, which and their looks add up on the value.  Amethyst air plants are a sign of a happy life. If you are looking for a perfect gift that indicates the value of life, you can go for this one. 

Giving this crafted gift box to your grateful person will surely add a smile to his face. If you want to say something more, don’t worry, the box comes with a handwritten “you’re a gem” card. 

Instead of giving a thank you card that will eventually be lost, you can give some super delicious cookies instead. 

The cookies are baked fresh daily with several super delicious ingredients. The ingredients include AA-grade butter and 100% natural chocolate without adding artificial flavors. 

We all know that one is hardly going to keep your thank you card for too long. That is where these cookies come into play; when he eats these super delicious cookies, he will undoubtedly appreciate your efforts to make him happy. 

#3 Moscow Mule Cocktail Kit

Do you want to take them out for a drink to say thank you so much? Unfortunately, it can be boring as well as costly. So why not try sending this specially handcrafted Moscow Mule Cocktail Kit that will add royalty to his table. 

These specially handcrafted mugs are designed to provide you with a perfect drinking experience. Each mug has a capacity of 16-ounces. That is an ideal thing to put some wine in with a couple of ice cubes. 

#4 Personalized Monogrammed Mugs

If you want to send a thank you gift to the person who has saved your life, how about giving a set of personalized monogrammed mugs?

Monogrammed mugs are always a fancy gift for others, and you can also use them to thank somebody. You can order unique alphabets of the person’s name printed on the mugs.

These prints are rich in quality and will never fade, no matter what. So, whenever the person uses this mug, it will remind them of your gratitude and make them smile and happy. 

When it comes to gifts to the person who has done something unpayable for you, personalized thank you gift boxes come into play. 

These well-crafted gift boxes contain a message candle, bubble bath soap, shower bombs, and some more adorable gifts inside. When the person receives it, they will surely realize that you also care for their health and wellness. 

This special thank you gift box will keep them reminded of your gratitude whenever they use it. 

Sending scented flowers soap petals can be an excellent idea when you are thinking of thanking someone. 

These are not real flowers. These are specially designed soap petals used to wash hands or use as a showpiece in the room. The soap petals give a pleasant smell throughout their time in the room. 

One primary reason behind giving these crafted soap petals is that they are very beneficial for the mind and uplift a person’s mental health. The special fragments present in the petals balance a person’s emotional, physical, and psychological health. 

If your lifesaver loves to eat strawberries, why not treat him with his favorite food. 

You can give him a set of hand-picked strawberries dipped in real Belgian chocolate.

The box also contains a special message that mentions THANK YOU. This will not only strengthen your friendship bond but show your gratitude towards his efforts. 

He will enjoy the strawberries with a pleasant smile on his face that will reflect his happiness towards your efforts. 

It is always an excellent choice to send a stunning candle that says “THANK YOU” to the one who has put his life at risk to save yours. 

This personalized sweet water decor thank you candle will add many happy lights to the life of your favorite person.

It comes in a 9oz clear glass jar and can burn up to 40 hours. The wax included in the candle consists of a mixture of tropical fruits and sugared orange summer-scented soy. 

#9 Marbled Glass Coaster

Yes, marbled glass coasters come in handy when sending an adorable and valuable gift for someone very special.

These stain-proof and absorbent marble coasters have been made from ceramic stone. This rare stone has the quality to absorb any liquid within 5 seconds.

In addition, these marble glass coasters are specially designed to prevent sticking to cups without leaving any stains on the item.

If that special person loves cooking and kitchen activities, this can be one of the best gifts he would expect. 

#10 African Print Napkin Set

Napkins are as handy as glass coasters, and they can be a great choice if you are looking for a gift for your lifesaver. 

These napkins have special African prints that add unbelievable beauty to the items. You can choose a napkin of their favorite print and gift them. It will be a significant part of their thoughts, and they will be happier than ever. 

Instead of giving a bouquet of flowers, you can give them a set of flower tea towels. This will add a special show to their kitchen or their room. 

Along with the special flower design, you can add the person’s birth month on the towel. This will create a feeling of love between you two and strengthen your bond.

In addition, this personalized flower tea towel will indicate that you also think and care for someone who has done something to save your life. 

Gifting this type of wine label will make them remember that you are thankful for their efforts. You can visit them and give them this “THANK YOU” printed wine label personally and enjoy the premium wine together. 

Is the person who put his life at risk to save yours a cat lover? Then gifting him a personalized ceramic cat planter can be the best idea to show your gratitude. 

This special cat planter will add a showcase to his desk as a planter or even a decor object. You can also personalize this flower pot like their real cat; you just need to send a reference photo to the manufacturers. 

We all know the value of showing love and care for other animals. This will make them as pleased and happy as ever. 

#14 High-Quality Teabox

If your lifesaver is a tea-lover, you can treat him with a specially crafted tea box. It indicates that you care about his habits and routine. 

The box contains:

  • A tea mug.
  • A tea ring.
  • A tea scoop with a bag clip.
  • A couple of personalized thank you saying socks.

Every time the person sits to enjoy his cup of tea, he will remember your efforts to make him happy.

#15 "THANKS, A LATTE" Coffee Spoon

This specially designed coffee spoon is printed with a “THANKS A LATTE” message on its surface that reflects your gratitude toward the person’s efforts. 

Every time he puts the spoon to stir the coffee, he will smile because he remembers your efforts to say thank you. So, this cute gift from your side will be a big sign of your love and gratitude towards him.

#16 Coffee Table Game Set

If your lifesaver is a game addict, you can gift him with this popular coffee table game set. It will keep him entertained every time he plays the game. 

Usually, this gift is for children, but its craze has been overtaking different indoor games very quickly. The game set includes 28 tiles in a rugged decorative box. You and your friend can both play this game together, remembering the best moments of your life. 

If your lifesaver is a girl or woman, you can show how grateful you are to them by sending this customized thank you gift box. 

The box contains scented bath soap, a silk body butter box, and premium face soap. The box also contains a personalized beauty box where a “THANK YOU FOR BEING AMAZING” message is printed. This will convey your lovely thoughts whenever they use the stuff. 

If someone old enough has given you a new life, this cotton throw blanket will be a worthy gift to show your gratitude towards their unpayable efforts. 

This high-quality cotton blanket can be worn, bundled on the couch or sofa, or used as a decor piece. In addition, these blankets can be used in any season to cover the body with full comfort. 

#19 A Notebook

If a book addict or official has saved you, this junior spiral notebook will be the best you can give them to show your gratitude. 

This junior spiral notebook consists of a column where they can add their comments on your efforts on any activity they do or observe. The solid cover is crafted from a 30/70 blend of wheat straw. It gives the notebook an eco-friendly look.

There is also an ink pen attached to the side of the notebook. With 70 cream-colored lined pages, they can note down their special memories or official tasks easily. 

Do you want to show your gratitude towards your mom’s efforts? Just think of gifting them with a special candle printed “THANK YOU” It looks stunning, doesn’t it?

The box contains scented waxed candles that will add a show to your kitchen. Let your mom feel that you love her and are grateful for everything she has done for you. 

Is your lifesaver a child or an adult? Here is what you can give him that will make him extremely happy. 

We all know how much everyone love fruits. Therefore, we have brought this specialized vintage fruit gift box for you. 


Deciding what to give to the person who put tremendous effort into you is pretty confusing. We don’t want you to bother yourself too much about it, and that is why the solid list above will make it quite easy for you to choose the best what can be a thanksgiving gift to the one. 

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