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21 Gag Gifts for Lawyers

The profession of lawyers is quite stressful. Lawyers have to do a lot of research to ensure that they can argue well in court. Research and analysis take up a major part of their lives. It is quite difficult for them to find humor in their everyday stressful lives.

So, here are some interesting things you can gift them, to bring a smile to their faces. The ideas on this list are unique, thoughtful, funny and sarcastic. Lawyers, regardless of their intensity levels at work, will have a tough time controlling their smiles when they see these gifts. The best part of these gifts is that they aren’t designed for any occasion. Do you know of an attorney friend, who has been having a super-hectic day at work? You can gift them one of these ideas to bring a smile to their faces.

If you are looking for a gift that will relax the minds of lawyers, this lavender-scented candle is a good choice. It comes with the wording, “Keep calm, the Lawyer is here,” which is a clever pun of the exact lawyer’s profession.

Made from natural soy wax, this candle can burn for 45 hours non-stop. After a hard day at work, lawyers can use this candle for about 30 minutes to 1 hour to feel relaxed and rejuvenatede

2. Witty message for your lawyer

Here is a coffee mug with a power-packed message. Give this to your lawyer and watch him erupt into a smile. While the mug itself looks attractive in a deep black shade and has excellent quality ceramic, the message printed on it is quite funny.

Made in the USA, this coffee mug is microwave and dishwasher safe. There is no doubt about the durability of this mug. You can be sure that the lawyer will love the message and the performance this coffee mug delivers.

3. Whiskey Glass with a funny message

This whiskey glass can hold about 11 ounces of alcoholic beverage, and it looks extremely stylish. However, the wordings and visual image on the glass make this gift a great gag choice for lawyers.

If your lawyer loves to relish his whiskey during his break, this glass is an apt gift for him. With its thick bottom and ergonomic design, this whiskey glass is a great choice in the fun and functional category.

4. BAE message for the lovely lawyer

Today, many youngsters use different styles of lingo with acronyms. If you don’t know the latest trend of the teen language, it will be tough for you to talk with youngsters. One such acronym is BAE.

While this actually means “before anyone else,” you can also mean it as “best attorney ever” while giving this mug to your lawyer. If you have a close lawyer friend, you cannot think of a better gift than this mug.

5. One for the average lawyer

It is quite tough to stump a lawyer with your words. However, here is your chance to bring an element of surprise and humor to your lawyer’s face. This is definitely not just a coffee mug that he will stack away or give to someone else.

The words, “World’s Okayest Lawyer” are sure to crack him up a little, though he may not be happy with the choice of adjective you have chosen for him.

6. Wine glass with a dash of humor

Here is a wine glass for a lawyer friend of yours who loves wine. If you thought it is just an ordinary wine glass, you are mistaken. The wordings on the glass are sure to bring an automatic smile to the lawyer’s face, as it is not something he would have expected.

Made from 100% high-quality glass, this wine glass is designed in a spill-free and leak-free design. It is comfortable to hold, and comes in a durable design.

Do you know of a female lawyer who loves to do up her face and be presentable always? Here is a cosmetic bag with a funny message that is bound to make her happy.  This lightweight and reusable makeup bag come with a pun-intended message, “First the makeup, then the justice.”

For a lawyer who takes her vanity quite seriously, this is a great gift. Even if not used for storing makeup essentials, this bag can be handy for storing other travel accessories or essentials.

8. A mug for the confident lawyer

Now this one is definitely going to surprise your lawyer in a pleasant way. While he may think he has got another coffee mug as a gift, the message on the mug will stump him for sure.

He would love to flaunt this mug on his work desk to tell his clients that he has the edge over his opponents. Though it is all meant funnily, this is a coffee mug that will greatly boost your lawyer’s confidence.

Any lawyer would love to get this gift. He would feel proud to showcase this coffee mug on his desk, so that clients can get to understand his mode of working. Most of the time, lawyers get irritated when they get too many unnecessary questions from their clients.

Also, sometimes clients try to teach their attorneys how to argue a particular case. In these instances, lawyers would love to tell the message printed on this mug to their clients to emphasize who the real expert is.

10. For the World’s Okayest Lawyer

Your lawyer might already have many coffee mugs in his home or office. However, he would never mind getting this one, as the message on it is funny and full of sarcasm. Usually given to a sibling who is a lawyer, this coffee mug comes with the words, “World’s Okayest Lawyer.”

Watch your lawyers get a shock when they read this message, as they wouldn’t have expected this at all. While it may give them a little irritation, they can’t help smiling at the wit of the message.

11. Wooden door signs with a witty message

If you know of an attorney friend who appreciates humor and wit, here is a beautiful-looking door sign that you can give them. The words of this sign are “All you need is love and a good attorney” which explains why a lawyer would feel proud to hang this on his wall or door.

You can use this sign to stand freely on a desk or can use nails to attach it as a hanging. Made from high-quality wood, this can be a great gift for a lawyer’s house-warming function or any other special occasion.

12. Lawyer Nutritional Facts

Here is a coffee mug that your lawyer would love to drinkfrom. This is a great gift for an attorney who takes a lot of pride in his profession. Why is a coffee mug so special, you may ask. It is because of the thoughtful message printed on the mug.

It contains nutritional facts about a lawyer, focusingon qualities such as hard work, passion, care, skill, sleep and caffeine. Mostly, all lawyers care deeply about these qualities.

13. Are bar exams easy?

Yet another coffee mug with a power-packed message with a dash of humor! If the lawyer you know has just cleared his bar exams, and is ready to start his practice, this is a great choice of gift.

This cup lists the difficulties of the bar exam in a funny way, which brings a smile to the lawyer’s face. The best part of this mug is that this message is printed on both sides of the mug, making it a great gift for right and left-handers.

If you are looking for a funny and affordable gift for a lawyer’s birthday, this keychain is a good choice for you. This keychain is made from good-quality stainless steel and hypoallergenic materials. It is a perfect gift for a lawyer for his graduation day, birthday, or any other special occasion.

Here is a classy gift apt for a lawyer who has just graduated and is ready to face the real world. This cute bracelet comes with the word, “lawyer” on one side and the picture of scales of justice on another. Also, this stainless steel bracelet is rust-free and hypoallergenic. Its size can be adjustable, which makes it perfect for people of all sizes.

16. Beautiful wall hanging with an interesting message

This is a beautiful gift that emphasizes a lawyer’s strength – his communication! If you know of a clever lawyer at arguing and winning cases, this elegant wall hanging is a great choice for him.

While the message on the piece is quite funny, its distressed finish and durable construction will make lawyers fall in love with it at first sight itself.

17. Coffee mug with a lot of wit and sarcasm

Don’t just turn away from this gift because it is just a coffee mug! It is the message on the mug that makes a lot of difference. In this case, the message has a sarcastic hint, which lawyers are sure to love. What’s more, they could even place it on their work desk, so that clients can see the wordings clearly, and respect the lawyer for his honesty.

18. Paperweight with funny legal terms

A paperweight with a unique theme, indeed! If you have been searching for out-of-the-box gift ideas for lawyers, this can be right on top of your list. It may be a simple paperweight, but it has some funny legal terms printed on it, making it the perfect choice to be kept on an attorney’s work desk. Your lawyer can’t control his smile when he opens this gift and takes a look at the sarcastic legal terms.

Well, if you know of a lawyer who specializes in divorce and marital disputes, look no further than this witty gift. Made from natural soy wax, this candle can burn non-stop for about 45 hours, making the atmosphere relaxing and soothing for the lawyers.

However, more than anything else, the message printed on this candle will crack up the lawyer. Gifts like these are few and far between; so, don’t let it go.

20. Zipper Bag with a funny message

This has got to be one of the most creativelydesigned zipper bags or organizers that you would ever come across. Perfect for lawyers, this zipper bag comes with a design that resembles an evidence-collection document with all the similar details imprinted on it.

Apart from looking funny, this zipper bag is quite functional as well, as it is made from 95% recycled, easy-to-clean material. Lawyers can store their stationery items, cosmetic items, small notepads and mobiles in this.

21. Liar or lawyer?

It’s a universal truth that a good lawyer has to lie a lot to safeguard his clients. While lawyers don’t admit this openly, everyone is aware of this fact. So this coffee mug, which states the truth explicitly, is a huge hit currently. Attorneys love the witty pun in this message, and they will thank you profusely for this fun and functional gift.

You have to do some serious thinking while looking for funny and witty gifts for lawyers. It is a challenge to impress lawyers, but when you choose one of these 21 gifts, you are sure to stump them! It would be a great moment for you to watch your lawyer go speechless for a moment, as they sink in the humor and wit of the content of these gifts.

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