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21 Amazing Gag Gifts for Your Boss

For most of you your boss is not just your manager, but your mentor and guide. If you have got a boss who takes great care of your personal and professional development, you can consider yourself quite lucky, indeed!

Are you planning to gift something for the boss you respect so much? Well, here are some out-of-the-box ideas you can give your boss, if you share a comfortable relationship with him/her. Your boss cannot help but break into a smile when he sees the funny yet witty gifts you have chosen.

1. Innovative Memo Pads for the Busy Boss

What better gift for your boss than memo pads? Here are some interesting and colorful memo pads for your bosses with humorous messages that will surely bring a sly smile to their faces. This particular memo pad bundle is a set of 4 books, with each book containing 50 pages.

Your boss can use these to take notes, write down his schedule and use it for brainstorming ideas during a meeting. Regardless of how he plans to use these memo pads, he will think of you whenever he uses them.

2. Calendar explaining funny tricks

Do you have a boss who loves to conduct and attend meetings? If yes, this one is going to be a great gift for him. This is a calendar, which contains the details of all major holidays and references for each day.

However, what makes this gift interesting is the funny tricks, it mentions, about looking smart in a meeting. Your boss is going to roll over the floor laughing, when he reads some of these tricks. He might even consider following some of these tips in his next meeting! He will feel proud to keep this calendar on display on his office desk.

3. Socks for the best boss

Here is a perfect gift for a boss you admire a lot. These pair of socks with the words, “World’s Best Boss” written on them, will make your boss upper-proud of his achievements. These are available in many colors, and have beautiful designs of trophies and wines on them, reminding your boss to go on a holiday.

Though you may not have intended anything, these socks are naturally funny and prove to be great gifts, especially for Christmas, birthday, anniversary, farewell, and other occasions.

4. Perfect boss gift during the pandemic

We live in the age of a pandemic, where we find it quite difficult to even stock essentials. That’s why this gift is great and will be remembered for its perfect timing. Yes, it is a coffee mug,alright, but a mug with a difference.

Your boss will find it very difficult to hide his smile when he reads the message on the coffee mug.  It says, “A Boss Like You Is Harder To Find Than Toilet Paper In A Pandemic.” If that doesn’t bring a smile to your boss’s face, we don’t know what will!

5. A Coffee Mug with a sweet message

Have you been waiting for the right opportunity to show your gratitude to your boss? Why wait for his birthday or farewell party to deliver a moving speech and make the situation emotional. Here is a fun yet emotional way to tell your boss how much you respect him.

When your boss reads this message, he is sure to feel happy, while still being clouded with an emotion he cannot describe. While you may find many coffee mugs addressed to your boss, you should choose the ones with witty, funny and powerful messages, to make your gift different from the rest.

6. Travel Mug with a funny and sarcastic message

This one is a travel mug with one of the most sarcastic messages you will ever encounter, especially when looking for a gift for your boss. While this mug can be used as a wine tumbler, it comes with double-wall insulation, which also helps your boss use it for his cold or hot beverages.

Made from high-quality and BPA-free stainless steel, this travel mug comes with a spill-resistant design, adding to its quality. However, the most interesting part of this gift is the sarcastic message printed on it.  When your boss reads this message, he/she is sure to break into an involuntary smile.

7. One for the lady boss

Do you have a tough lady for a boss? Does she take her job seriously? If yes, this gift will please her immensely. While there are many gifts that you can choose for your boss, nothing works its charm than a desk sign for the boss lady.

With its attractive pink nameplate and gold frame design, this one is a beautiful and thoughtful gift that you can give your woman boss.  If your boss lady can handle some humor, you can get this gift for her.

8. Birthday card with a funny message

You may wonder what a birthday card is doing in the “funny gifts for boss” section. Well, we thought so too, until we read the message on it. This is one of the best and cracking notes that you will ever encounter when you want to choose gifts with funny messages for your boss. The best part of this gift is that it is blank on the inside to type your personal message of gratitude or best wishes.

9. Travel Mug with Nutritional Boss Facts

Here is a travel mug for a boss who is proud of their achievements. Made from heavy-duty stainless steel, this high-quality travel mug is a great gift for your boss for any occasion like birthday, farewell, retirement, anniversary, etc. It comes with double-walled vacuum insulation that helps to keep beverages hot for about 5 hours and cold for 9 hours. Watch out for the interesting “boss” nutritional facts on this mug, which makes it a great gag gift for your boss.

10. Desktop Punching Bag to beat the stress

If your boss is prone to a lot of stress and tension at work, here is a thoughtful and funny gift for him. His nerves are bound to get calmed down and relaxed when he sees your gift.  This is a unique punching bag set with a suction base to stand properly on the desktop table.

It comes with a punching bag and tiny boxing gloves that your boss can wear on his index fingers. Whenever he feels stressed, he can punch his fingers on the punching bag, to feel relaxed. Be ready to get appreciated by your boss for this thoughtful gift.

11. A great gift for a boss who is leaving

This is not just any other stainless steel tumbler. It is made from high-grade stainless steel, double-wall vacuum insulation and BPA-free material. Its spill-free design can make it a great travel companion for your boss.

However, apart from these features, the witty words on it stand out in this gift. Perfect for a boss who is moving to another organization, this gift can make your boss feel emotional, proud and funny at the same time.

There is hardly any organization without any chaos and confusion. The only person who listens to the chaos patiently, and comes with practical solutions is the boss himself! So, here is a beautiful desk sign for the boss who keeps his head high amidst all the stress and chaos in the office.

This is an attractive steel plate that comes with a shiny steel frame design. Titled “chaos coordinator,” this desk sign will definitely make your boss feel proud of your choice. He wouldn’t mind flaunting this signboard on this desk always.

13. Flask and shot glass set for the best boss

Here is a classy and cool gift for your boss, whom you consider to be the world’s best boss. This gift set contains a unique, round-shaped flask that can hold about 7 ounces of beverage. It also comes with two shot glasses and a funnel, to ensure that you can pour from the flask to the shot glass without spilling even a drop.

Made from rust-resistant, high-grade polished stainless steel, this gift set is surely going to impress your boss, especially if he loves to carry his drinks discreetly in a beautiful case.

If you share a satisfying relationship with your boss lady, this is a great gift that you can pick for her. Though it is a simple coffee mug, the message on this gift is sure to make her proud of her achievements and status. Made from high-quality ceramic, this mug is for the lady who has worked upward in the corporate ladder with her own grit, talent and determination.

15. Wall art for the amazing boss

Well, this doesn’t fall under the funny category, but it is surely one of the best gifts that we would highly recommend for your boss. To be a leader, mentor and boss at the same is quite impressive, indeed! If you have such a person for your boss, this wall hanging is a good gift for him.  It contains some beautiful words for your boss printed in bold HD style on high-quality canvas. This will make him super-proud of his subordinates.

16. Funny farewell gifts for the boss

You don’t have to get anything other than this set of funny party balloons for your boss’s birthday if you want to see him smile. These balloons come with some funny messages like “I will miss you for five minutes,” “Hope you fail,” and more. The party is sure to get on to a high level when your boss and your co-workers see the messages on these balloons. If you have a sportive boss, who doesn’t mind some fun and pun, this is a nice choice.

Is your boss a golf-lover? This mini golf set is one of the best things you can gift him, in that case. Though it comes in a miniature model, this golf set comes with all the necessary equipment. Your boss can spread this set on the bathroom floor and play golf, while carries out his toilet duties!

It comes with authentic-looking putting green, flag, a couple of golf balls, a putter and a “do not disturb” door hanger, which your golf-loving boss is going to love undoubtedly.

18. One for the boss of the HR department

Many people make fun of the HR department in many ways. But what if you belong to this department and your boss is from the HR? Well, here is a golden opportunity to laugh at yourselves by gifting him this diary with a funny cover. The title of this book will make even the toughest boss break into a smile.

19. For the boss who is crazy about meetings

Does your boss call you in for a meeting every one hour or so? Here is a thoughtful, funny and sarcastic way to tell him that he has to cut down on his meetings! A coffee mug with a beautiful message, this gift will be a huge hit with your boss, as he cannot help himself smile at the tongue-in-cheek humor of the message printed here.

Here is a classy gift for your boss lady, who takes work and partying as seriously as she can. This mug and glass holder comes with a funny message with “before work” under which comes the provision for holding a couple of coffee mugs, and the “after work,” under which comes the requirement for holding a couple of wine glasses. While it is handy to keep her mugs, and glasses, this holder can also be part of her kitchen décor.

Are you looking for ways to tell your boss that your work is monotonous and disinteresting? Here is a funny way to give him/her the message – a coffee mug with a message, “Some days, the best thing about my job is that the chair spins”! Quite funny, isn’t it? We are sure your boss is going to love your unique way of expression.

While all these gifts are great ideas for your boss, please remember to try them out, only if you have a comfortable relationship with your boss. Sometimes, gifting your boss the wrong kind of gift can cause a rift in your relationship, and that’s the last thing you would want, wouldn’t you?

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