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21 Gift Ideas For A Couple Trying to Conceive

Planning for a baby is an essential phase in one’s life. Couples trying to conceive need all the support and good wishes from their friends & well-wishers to help them in this journey. Do you know of a couple in your close circle, trying to conceive? Do you want to give them something special that they will cherish forever? Here are 21 great gift ideas you can choose from, for couples who are planning for a baby.

1. Gift Cards in a cute bag

Gift cards never go out of vogue. A couple trying to conceive may have quite a lot of expenses planned for starting a family. The best gift for them would be a gift card packed in a beautiful baby-themed bag. While the bag itself might want them to look forward to the joy of having a child, they can use the card to buy something they want.

You can make the cards more meaningful by adding customized messages as well. If you are looking for a gift that the couple is going to cherish forever, this one is sure to top the list.

One of the best gifts you can consider giving somebody trying to conceive is a gift hamper containing foods that could boost fertility.

A hamper containing some of the choicest varieties of foods like chocolates, dry fruits,  figs, fruits, such as strawberries, avocados, bananas, etc. is an excellent idea of gifting people planning to expand their family.

3. A book for couples undergoing infertility treatments

Some women might have to go through different fertility treatments like IUI and IVF to conceive. These times can be difficult and challenging for her and her partner. The best gift you can give a couple going through this phase is a book that explains the beauty of a child that is grown after enduring this pain.

An interesting gift option is a book by Kate Pache. It is titled, “Spectacular You: An IVF Love Story.” If you know of a couple going through the IVF process, this is a great gift. You can know more about this book by clicking this link

4. A gift basket containing relaxing spa items

Planning for a baby is not only a physical process. It involves emotions and mental feelings as well. They need to have a relaxed and peaceful frame of mind to think about expanding their family. 

So, you can gift them a hamper containing luxurious spa items, if you can afford it. These can include luxurious bath crystals, aromatherapy treatments, etc.

5. Bracelets denoting fertility

There are quite a few bracelets available on Amazon that you can pick from, for gifting a couple planning for a baby. 

These bracelets have figurines and pictures that provide all the good wishes and charm for expecting mothers and fathers. The best part of this gift is that it is affordable, and it is available in many sizes. You can buy them as a set for the couple.

6. Yoga support for fertility

When people are planning to expand their family, their main focus should be on improving their physical and mental health. The posture and quality of blood circulation are important factors that play a vital role in conception. If you have been wondering about the right gift for a couple trying to conceive, a book on fertility-specific yoga exercise is a great idea.

There are some awesome Yoga programs that help couples get pregnant naturally, without any hassles. You can choose some best-selling options from these yoga modules and gift them to your near & dear ones.

Sometimes, all it takes is a change of place to set in the right mood and vibes to succeed when couples are planning for a baby. A thoughtful gift in this case would be vouchers for a stay in a luxury hotel in their locality for 2 or 3 nights, based on your affordability limits.

You can gift the two of them a fully-paid trip, so that they can enjoy to the maximum, without any stress. More often than not, couples aren’t able to dedicate time for themselves due to their hectic work schedules. A fully-paid vacation like this could be a welcome break for them, to help them succeed in expanding their family.

8. Affirmations Gift

There is nothing more powerful than your thoughts when it comes to leading your life. So, affirmation cards are one of the best gifts you can gift a couple trying to conceive. These cards contain positive thoughts that will magically improve your self-belief and encourage you to conceive.

When the to-be-parents read these affirmation quotes every day, they get to manifest the feelings of motherhood and fatherhood naturally. As their minds get filled with positive thoughts, they are in a better position than before while planning for a baby.

9. A gift on diet

We all know that we are what we eat. So, what can be a better gift for a couple trying to conceive than a detailed guide on the diet that they have to follow to increase their fertility chances? You can find many diet options on Amazon when you look for the perfect gift for couples trying to conceive.

You can choose books that talk about practical but straightforward diet options that couples can follow in their homes to conceive naturally.  You will find many types of diet options for different circumstances, like couples planning for natural pregnancy, couples planning for fertility treatments, couples planning for a baby in their late 40s, etc.

There are many natural health supplements available on Amazon for couples trying to conceive. While choosing supplements, always choose the ones that are plant-based, 100% natural and devoid of side effects. You can choose a hamper containing supplements like prenatal vitamins, overall gut health, detoxification pills, etc.

It would be great if you could check with a physician first, if expecting couples can conceive these. If possible, you can also include a doctor’s recommendation in the hamper when sending it to the couples. This will assure them that the supplements you gifted are safe and risk-free.

11. Fertility planner

A planner is one of the best gifts you can gift for a couple trying to conceive. You can find many TTC (trying to conceive) planners on Amazon. These will help women track their menstrual cycle, ovulation cycle, medications, and other important details that will help them plan for conception better than before.

Thanks to this journal, couples don’t have to remember every single detail when they want to expand their families. You can choose a planner with some affirmations and motivational quotes to inspire couples and help them in their fertility journey.

Sometimes, women might find difficulty conceiving when they have vaginal infections. While yeast is the most common cause for these infections, there can be other reasons for this. When a woman’s vaginal health is not perfect, she may have problems conceiving. Therefore, a vaginal health test kit is one of the best gifts you can give a couple trying to conceive.


With the help of this kit, women can check the status of their vaginal within minutes. You can choose sophisticated kits that help to check the pH balance of a woman’s vagina within seconds. Women can spot vaginal infections with this kit and take necessary treatment for the same, to improve their chances of conception.

13. Fertility earrings

Personalized gifts are one of the best when it comes to choosing something for couples trying to conceive. You can find several earrings with prints of the Goddess of Fertility and other positive charms that will provide a calming feeling to women trying to conceive. 

To make the gifts personalized you can get the initials of the woman & her partner on the earrings, before gifting them to your loved ones.

Crystals have always been associated with calming therapies. You can gift handcrafted, healing crystals that come in beautiful gift boxes to couples trying to conceive. Apart from being great pieces of interior décor, these crystals also give out positive vibes, which boost the mood of the couples. You will find many sizes of gift packs of these crystals.

All you need to do is do some research on fertility-boosting crystals and choose the hamper that contains them. Rose Quartz, Unakite, Rhodonite, Moonstone, Botswana Agate, Green Aventurine, Selentine Heart, Aquamarine, Jade and Carnelian are excellent choices of crystals for couples trying to conceive.

There are quite a lot of Reiki-charged fertility candle kits that are brimming with positive energy for couples trying to conceive. These candles are made from magical herbs, dried flowers and crystals to give all the good vibes that couples need when they are trying to expand their family. Some candle kits are charged with special moonlight power and magic to help couples improve their reproductive health.

One of the best gifts for couples trying to conceive is a fertility-friendly lubricant for women. Formulated by doctors and used in various fertility clinics, authorized lubricants help women conceive naturally by providing the necessary moisturizing effect.  

You can gift lubricants that help maintain pH balance and reduce vaginal dryness in women, so that they can conceive without any hassles.

For couples who are trying to conceive, what can be a more apt gift than something to regularize their hormones? Designed exclusively for improving women’s fertility, certain teas infused with the best prenatal vitamins are the best choices for people trying to have a baby.  You will find different types of organic teas that help regularize the hormones and menstrual cycles in women.

Some of the flavors you can pick as gifts for expecting couples are peppermint, raspberry extracts, lady’s mantle, tree berry, sweet mint, etc. All of these extracts help to improve the reproductive health of women, when consumed regularly.

18. Vaginal steam therapy

This is another interesting gift that you can give to couples who are TTC (trying to conceive). A woman’s vagina needs to be health and refreshed to accept the sperms quickly, and proceed with the other steps that will lead to conception. 

You can gift these couples relaxing vaginal steam therapy kits infused with natural herbs and plants. When used regularly, these can stimulate a woman’s vagina and increase her chance of conception.

One of the best gifts for couples trying to conceive is a fertility token with a prayer at the back. The most common token that is gifted to expecting couples is one with the photo of Saint Gerard, known to provide good vibes and wishes to the couples. 

Also known as the Patron Saint of Fertility, this picture calms one’s nerves and helps one develop positive thoughts when trying to conceive. This token is small and can fit in a wallet easily. This is definitely one of the thoughtful gifts you can give to TTC couples.  For more details, you can check on the link

Gone are the days when plain coffee mugs used to be popular days. In today’s digital world, mugs with personalized messages and photos have become increasingly popular. 

So, if you have been thinking of a perfect gift for a TTC couple, you can choose a coffee mug that has a motivating fertility prayer on one side, and the couple’s photo on the other.  These coffee mugs are easy to maintain, and they are quite affordable.

21. FengShui Elephant Figurine

FengShui is one of the oldest scientific systems of China, which teaches about the positive vibes in the atmosphere. Certain things are believed to spread good energy while certain things are believed to contain bad energy. 

According to this ancient Chinese system, a green-colored elephant figurine is believed to improve fertility among TTC couples, apart from improving prosperity and wisdom in one’s home. So, you can gift beautiful, handcrafted elephants for TTC couples, to send them all your good wishes and prayers.


When choosing gifts for couples trying to conceive, you should be mindful not to hurt their sentiments in any way. The above gifts are all designed to improve positivity all over. When you send these gifts along with your personalized messages, it can bring a smile to their lives. We hope these ideas help you choose the right gift that TTC couples will cherish all their lives.

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