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Angel Gift Ideas for Mom

We know that moms’ nature is to take care not just of the relationship within the family but to beautify the home as well. They are the Angels in every home.

Even though our moms are not limited to that but most of them tend to focus more on making the house feel like home by adding furniture and stuff. It became their hobby to beautify the house they were living in.

They get satisfied when they see their family getting amazed at how peaceful and calming the house looks. We owe it to our moms as to why we feel comfortable at home, relaxing so peacefully. Designing their houses has been a therapy for some mothers and in line with this, we prepared a list of gift ideas that will surely make your mom’s heart flutter and happy.


1. ANLUNOB Preserved Purple Roses

Anlunob is known as one of the outstanding manufacturers of home decoration which include different fashion styles from places around the globe like France and America. These preserved purple roses are made of natural Japanese rose. The glass cover has a color of translucent blue which produces a variety of colors when illuminated by light.

This is a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and anniversaries for it could last approximately 5 years. Its European style makes it elegant and eye-catchy when displayed.

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2. Guardian Angel Figurine

This is a pocket-sized and hand-carved figurine measuring 1.5 inches which makes it easy to bring in our bags. The purest and most genuine gift we could give to somebody is prayers and this guardian angel figurine will bless your loved ones with spiritual healing and positive energy to protect and heal one’s mind and body.

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3. GIGALUMI Solar Angel Lights


These solar angel lights are made of long-lasting stainless steel and premium plastic. Its light is waterproof so need to worry about it. Each solar light angel has 7 cold-white LEDs that glow with elegance and substance.

This is one of the best memorial gifts we can give but it is not limited to that only. This can also be given on Thanksgiving or even on Christmas since it can still be used at home as decor and a source of light.

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4. Angel Chimes Lights

These angel lights are solar-powered and eco-friendly. It charges itself automatically in the daytime. This comes with 6 angels with various colors, each angel has the feature of a color-changing LED bulb so the switching of colors will be smooth.

This is a perfect gift for everyone, regardless of their gender. This can serve as a decoration or even a night lamp. Having this as a night lamp will give someone a good sleep for its colors is very relaxing. The angel wind chime symbolizes love, safety, and happiness

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5. Silver Angel Necklace

These handmade necklaces are made handmade and packaged in a safe and secured gift box. This is a good gift for all the ladies and moms. It’s simple design makes it pleasant to the eyes. Wearing this silver angel necklace will add elegance to your outfit, making you look dashing and confident.

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6. Kocera Golden-Winged Mug

The golden-winged mug is made with porcelain and has a height of 8.5cm and a depth of 8 cm. The mugs are goldenly glazed painted with holographic glaze colors which shine when placed under the sun.

This is a perfect gift for anyone, especially coffee lovers who will not just enjoy their coffee but the mug as well. The gold color brings elegance which makes it pretty as a home decoration.

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7. Waterproof Angel Aprons

These cooking aprons have a design of marble angels made with waterproof oxford cloth. The apron is not limited to cooking purposes but can also be used in painting, housework, and even for flower arrangements. Its pockets are a big help to its use that’s why chefs love to use this.

It has an adjustable belt and the waist is equipped with a bandage. This is easy to wash and elegant to wear.

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8. KUNDLA Glass Angel Night Light

This angel night light is made with high-quality glass. It was crafted in Tifanny style so no need to worry about the color because it will not fade. It can also last for years when taken good care of it.

The frame of this night light is electroplated with silver and stained-glass material. There is a heart-shaped pendant with words engraved “Faith Hope Love.” This is a perfect gift to show our expression of love to somebody.

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9. Angel Wings Candle Holder

This candle holder is handmade and made with ceramic. It has a height of 7.2 cm and a width and depth of 12 cm. This Nordic tealight is known as famous for the candlelight creates an amazing effect on the lid which makes it stand out among the rest of the candle holders. Its simple design makes it more relaxing to look at.

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10. HODAO Sculpted Angel Figurine

These angel figurines are made with resin which is known to be eco-friendly. This is product was part of Jack’s original sculpture and painted by hand. Its packaging is pretty as well due to its heart-shaped design.

This is a good gift to anyone regardless of their gender. Its white color is a good addition to the decoration of a room.

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11. Silver Feather Ring

This sterling silver feather ring is made with an S925 stamp which is lead-safe, nickel-safe, and cadmium-safe. Its platinum plating looks like white gold and platinum. This is perfect for someone special to our hearts because angel wings stand for love, spirituality, and protection. Giving this as a gift will be a reminder of your genuine love.

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12. Personalized Guardian Angel Keyring

These keyrings are handmade items made with Tibetan silver and crystal birthstone. The keyring is presented on high-quality 300gsm brown Kraft and packaged with a cellophane sleeve. It is stainless and has a size of 25 mm. This is a great gift for people who appreciates little value because they can easily make this keyring sentimental once they see their initial letter on it.

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13. Angel Wings Wooden Gift

These detachable angel wings wooden gifts are handmade products made with wood, natural oil, and natural wood dye. It has a height of 10.8 inches, a width of 17.8 inches, and a depth of 5.9 inches.

This can be personalized and one great feature of this product is that it’s not limited to name initials. You can write your message to that person, may it be in a form of a poem, joke, or even an idiom. This is a great gift to anyone on which occasion as well.

You no longer need a card to write your message but your message will be engraved on the wings which will last for a long time.

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14. Angel Sun Catcher Crystal

This is a handmade item with a length of approximately 25 cm including the hanging wire. The angel is made from glass beads with a length of 5.5 cm. One of its best features is that it will fill a room with sparkles and rainbows when illuminated by the sun. This will be accompanied by a card where you can write your message to that person and a suction hook to display this product.

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15. Angel Wings Graphic Shirt

This handmade shirt is made with cotton. solid color, heathered color, cotton-poly blend, Bella canvas, and Gildan. This is an oversized and perfect gift to anyone regardless of gender. This is a good gift for a person who loves styling their outfit.

For a mom, they can try making it as an undershirt and partner it with an elegant necklace or making it an oversized crop top to join the trend. For the guys, the black and white shirts can be partnered with denim pants which can highlight their skin.

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16. Artinme Angel Wings Curtain

This shower curtain is made with 100% polyester fabric which makes it durable and waterproof. The one-side ultra-HD UV printing shower curtain resists color fading even in moist places so you don’t have to worry about it. This shower curtain can make the shower room look clean and presentable. It comes with durable and high-quality hooks for easy installation of this shower curtain.

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17. Zzfab Rhinestone Wing Purse

Zzfab has a wide selection of women’s accessories, pieces of jewelry, and bags. They are known for their high-quality products which look stunning when used. One of their products is this bling purse that has 2 handles. It is made with high-quality synthetic leather and silver-tone hardware.

It comes with an extra lone detachable shoulder strap. This is a good gift for anyone because this will surely help to spice up one’s fashion. This will greatly make them feel pretty about themselves and boost their self-confidence.

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18. Angel Wing Silver Bracelet

These sterling silver bracelets are handmade items made with silver with a size of 17×5 mm. It has a mix of smooth and bar-cut beads that comes in different shapes. These are finished with Rees Jewelry Design hand-stamped bran tag to make them presentable. This comes with sweet packaging that includes printed ribbons, tissue paper, a gift envelope, and a gift bag so there’s no need to wrap it when you’re giving it as a gift. Its minimalistic design adds elegance to the aura of the receiver.

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19. Guardian Angel Crystal Brooch

These pieces of jewelry are handmade items made with genuine crystals. This comes from a brand in the UK that is famous for its high-quality accessories, sterling silver jewelry, and gifts. it has a size of 5.5 cm x 2.8 cm. This is a good gift to anyone during special occasions because items like these are one of a kind and they can associate that special occasion when they saw this jewelry. This will give your loved ones luck and safety as if you are the ones protecting them.

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20. Angel Planter

This Napco Angel Planter is made with glass. Its design is inspired by the vintage of the 1950s. These little angels are cuter in person and it is a good addition to the decoration of the house. Based on the reviews of the customers, it was very well packaged. It arrived clean, well wrapped, and safe.

This can be a gift for any occasion and this will look good at someone’s desk for it brings positive vibes due to its cute appearance.

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21. Grateful Figurine

This angel figurine is made with resin and hand-painted. It has a written sentence of “I am thankful for you” which is a good gift to someone who has done a good deed for us. This can be a way of expressing our deep gratitude towards them.

The eyes of the figurine say a lot of emotions. This cute angel will serve as our appreciation to that person to let him know that his thoughtfulness wasn’t unnoticed nor appreciated.

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22. Hoddesd an Angel’s Gift

This product is handcrafted with the use of a rustic distressed style. Its product type is woodblock. This is a good decoration for plain walls that will surely make them alive and colorful.

This product was hand-selected by the craftsman and created from the most high-quality wood to keep its appearance which makes it look luxurious and expensive. This is a good gift for any occasion because this can be displayed in their homes or in their offices which catches the eyes of the visitors.

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23. Erofa F9S Fountain Pen

This writing fountain pen is made with quality resin and metal. This gives you a comfortable feeling while holding and writing with it due to its lightweight. Unlike other pens, this has a stainless-steel snake head pattern which makes it stand out and look fashionable due to its captivating design.

Pens are not the common gifts we receive on any occasion but this one is different. The receiver will like the aura it brings and they will probably enjoy using it when writing.

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24. Angel Journal

This journal has a total of 120 pages made in the USA. It has a soft color, matte paperback cover with perfect binding. A gel pen and pencil will look good with his journal. This is a good gift especially now that the school year is not over yet. This is a good notebook for writing notes and with the help of the soft colors on the cover, this will give excitement to the receiver of the gift, motivating them to write on it.

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25. Design Toscano Baroque Twin Clock

This irregularly-shaped clock is made with marble polyresin. This is battery-powered and has a width of 5.5 inches, depth of 2.5 inches, and height of 5 inches. This is only a traditional style but due to the golden outline on the clock, it looked elegant which makes it perfect decor at home or even in the garden.

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26. MechWares Angel Wall Hook

This hook is durable because it is made with high-quality cast iron. This is a unique and attractive hook but it is a heavy-duty accessory that will spice up the vibes in your room. This can last for years and the coat hanger has a special coating that protects it from getting rust.

This is not a simple hook but it reflects your taste in decorations due to its primitive designs. This is a good gift for moms since they know which parts of the house need hooks and it can also be used as a decoration of the room to make it look presentable.

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27. Vintage Angels Kitchen Towels

These hand towels are made from fabric, polyester, and coral fleece to be exact. This is reusable and eco-friendly. It is a set of 2 kitchen hand towels with an amazing pattern design that makes it attractive to the eyes. This can be a great help to moms when cleaning since these towels are made with premium materials that make them easier to clean. This has multiple purposes that make it worthy to purchase. It can be a hand towel in the kitchen and bathroom and dishcloths to wipe the table and clean the floor.

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