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Gift Ideas for Old Souls - 27 Cool Ideas

Old souls are people who have interests in life very different from others, have high degrees of maturity, think things through, have great empathy with other people, enjoy life very much, and love solitude.

Giving a gift to these people can be complicated, because they feel very little attachment to material things that do not represent values, that is why we present a varied list of alternatives to surprise those old souls you appreciate. They are all interesting and represent the values that these people love and desire.

For an extraordinary gift for old souls, you can feed their spirit, with a peculiar stringed instrument like a ukulele. This one is made of Hawaiian wood, with nylon strings, comes with tuner, gig bag, fretboard sticker, nickel silver frets, and chord card, and it is a very light instrument weighing only 1.8 pounds.

The old souls are attracted to writing, and old things, so a pen with these characteristics can be a very attractive gift for them. This is a fountain pen, with Lilliputian style size, very comfortable to carry in your pocket, the cap can be screwed.

It is very light and offers great durability, its manufacture is aluminum, and the tip is stainless steel, and it is refillable.

It is good to know that people with an old soul are attracted to activities that involve the use of eye-catching papers, such as these vintage style ones. It comes in packages with up to 360 pieces which come in different designs, sizes, and colors, also come in a very attractive packaging in the best vintage style.


This is an excellent gift option for that person you want to surprise, and it will be very useful for those days when you need to warm up the environment. It is a decorative chain of 2 meters with 10 warm LED lights, which work with AA batteries, and have a nice vintage style.


The old souls love everything that reminds them of their past times, so this article will make them smile. It is a functional plastic pencil sharpener in the shape of a retro camera, and has a handle to remove the tip of the pencils, and a compartment where the waste falls so that they do not dirty. The camera lens serves as a guide to see when the compartment is full.

Another gift that will surprise that old person you love so much is this aged notebook, with a look that resembles a very old object. It has an ideal size for proper handling, and  the pages are made of brown c paper, with very light botanical prints, and the cover has a very attractive worn look.

Old souls love to write, that’s why a great gift for them is a notepad like this one, made with 100% cotton paper, with guide for a uniform and straight writing, comes in A4, and A5 size formats, and has 50 sheets.


The love and attachment that old souls feel for all the things of the past, such as letters, cards, and different handwritten messages is enormous.  This is because they miss those things so much nowadays because of technological advances, so, it is a good reason to give them this beautiful guide, full of the art that produces handwritten texts, with beautiful, nostalgic papers that will make them evoke the past.

If you want to surprise an old soul, this item is the ideal. The art of crafts is a craft that they are passionate about, and this small, and useful tool will lend them many benefits. Its tiny size is exceptional, its blades very sharp, come with a leather case, and adorned with a silk tassel.

This is undoubtedly a great gift that will be very useful to that loved one. It is a tin case of dimensions that allow easy transport, and consists of scissors, a thimble, 2 rolls of thread, a tape measure, 2 buttons, 3 needles, 3 hooks, pins, and a skein of colors.

This article is ideal as a gift, since it gives the person who receives it the possibility of exploit their creativity while occupying their leisure time. It comes with more than 200 special sheets for origami animals, and has an illustrated booklet with instructions for making a variety of designs.

People with old souls will appreciate a gift like this, because they love reading, and this product gives them the opportunity to know what page they are on, plus they are decorated with beautiful illustrations of trees painted in watercolor.  And, the package brings 5 bookmarks.

For people who seek tranquility, and hate uncertainties and hectic life, give them this workshop is to show affection. In it, they will learn to develop skills in the use and creation of diaries with beautiful designs, with floral patterns that will allow them to plan with joy and enthusiasm the different activities.

This kit is a way to show concern and appreciation for the person to whom you are giving something, because it will encourage creativity, and help them to occupy their free time doing something interesting, fun, and challenging like building their Bluetooth radio.

It comes with all the necessary components, and with a detailed instruction manual for assembly.

This was a fun time in the olden days, that’s why old souls will love it. This fun set produces lots of excitement by building multiple models as pins, brings 70 gold colored hooks in various sizes, rainbow-colored beads, letter beads, mini envelopes, and a kilt pin.

This is a very authentic gift for that being who loves the old. These shirts come printed with very striking vintage style motifs, wildflowers, leopard, cassette, and come in 14 colors to choose from. They are made in very soft cotton, and with knitted collars.


The flowers through the years have had much meaning when they are given as a gift. They carry implicit affection and love for the recipient.

These are special, and very attractive dried flowers that will dazzle the recipient. You can give them many uses.

Give joy to your loved one with this beautiful retro wall clock, very original design. It is made of burnt wood, recycled, engraved, and painted with varnish. It will serve to highlight any retro environment, where you can evoke your past times of memories and joys.

Another excellent alternative as a vintage gift, is this romantic lamp for the bedside table, made with the base in rustic iron, and the lampshade in fine glass, with a minimalist style.

It has a very comfortable size that allows it to be used also in work tables, and coffee tables.

Artistic painting is a pastime that suits seniors very well, so an old soul will definitely benefit too. It is a compelling reason to give them this set consisting of 24 colors, 6 brushes, 1 palette knife, 2 pencils, spray to hydrate the paints, 2 canvas, spare white tempera, eraser, and 2 desk cubes, all in a handy case.

For people who like retro, this gift is ideal, because apart from remembering the old instant cameras, this camera is equipped with the new technology, from 5 MP sensors, to sensors to turn on the flash automatically when light is scarce.

And, it does not require ink or rolls, and uses a special paper for fast printing of photographs.

A gift for that loved one to nostalgically remember the times of the cassette. Using USB technology, you can carry in your car the retro music in a modern flash drive, but with the shape of a cassette that will make you go back to the past, with 8 GB in storage capacity.

The cassette is objects that fill with memories, and evoke happy times to the old souls. This great gift will fill them with happiness. It serves as a pencil holder, pens, markers, paper clips, and other desktop objects, and is also a tape dispenser, which is very easy to replace.

It has the shape of an old cassette, so, fill the office retro atmosphere, or anywhere in the home where it is useful.

This is a practical set of kitchen jars made of aged copper that will give a very peculiar touch to the home of the person you will surprise with this decorative and useful present.

It will serve to have on hand products such as sugar, coffee, flour, and even pasta. They come in 4 different sizes and capacities to give each one the most appropriate utility.

That person who longs for the antique will love this teapot, and it will be of great use for moments of sharing. It has an attractive and aged exterior, with its enameled interior.

It has a 950 ml capacity, with steel infuser, and is available in 14 beautiful colors. It is made to keep the tea hot for longer. The high relief and aged leaves give it a unique touch.

People whose soul is aged tend to use yoga to relax and feel good. A great present that can be given are the tools to facilitate the practice of this discipline.

This set consists of 8 wooden dice with illustrations of the exercises and movements. Just throw the dice and the routine is ready to perform. It comes in a wooden box with a nice laser engraving that allows easy transport.


For the female old souls, an activity like knitting, entertains and relaxes them. So, with this kit you will help her to stay active, and entertained, consists of 4 rolls of cotton yarn in 4 different colors, plus yarn needle, and circular, and comes equipped with a sturdy bag with hermetic seal for easy transport.

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