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Designer Gift Ideas Under $500 - 27 Special Ideas

When you mention a designer brand’s name such as Louis Vuitton to other people, most of them would associate it with luxury, particularly in terms of having an expensive price tag. At the same time, this would be hardly surprising as such brands would also often be identified with intricate details, quality materials as well as fine craftsmanship.

Whether you appreciate good fashion or serve as a fan of a particular famous brand like Hermes, Michael Kors and Dior, here are twenty-seven gift ideas that will show how you can get your own beautiful items without necessarily spending thousands of dollars for them.

This Red Roses Scent Surround Diffuser from Jo Malone will allow you and others to enjoy floral scents without having to worry about trying to keep your flowers fresh for a long time. Since this is a reed diffuser, it also has no chemicals and doesn’t require batteries to use them.

Keep your cash, cards as well as other small items organized with this stylish leather wallet from Mulberry that also features the signature postman’s lock from the brand. With a variety of hues to choose from, you can easily find one to match your favorite outfit or color.

Whether you want to provide protection for your eyes from the intense glare of the sun or just want to look sophisticated, these Gucci sunglasses will never do you wrong. With its sleek design and the Gucci logo subtly embellished along its black frame and lens, the style on this piece is timeless.

When it comes to iconic designs, there is no mistaking the black, red, white, and beige tartan, or what the brand’s fans may call the Burberry Check. Add to your style points with this nice accessory which would easily be identified by people in the know.

This designer item is worth its price since its reversible feature allows you to transform it to a black and red skinny leather belt, essentially making it a two-for-one buy. Valentino’s gold V logo also serves as an elegant belt buckle for this piece.

This versatile gold brooch helps you to add a little extra to any of your outfits for the day, from a simple black shirt to a stylish blazer. Anything will instantly be elevated by this piece from Saint Laurent since this fashion brand is one of the most recognizable worldwide.

This is your dream gift if you are a fan of both Balenciaga and Crocs, with the former putting its stamp of approval on this collaboration. These sliders allow your feet to breathe and will also be perfect for any activities in the water, which Crocs is known for.

Keep you head warm and comfortable while also looking hotter with this cashmere beanie hat offering from Saint Laurent. The Saint Laurent logo in this piece is understated, which would be ideal for people who do not want to draw unwanted attention to the brand of their apparel.

It would not be surprising is people would identify you with the scent you wear, and with this in mind, the Noir Extreme Cologne will make you unique. You can also add this to your collection if you are looking for something which has woody and sweet notes.

Stay cool and be cool with this lightweight Tom Ford Polo Shirt that should be an essential in any man’s closet. Always look your best even for events which only call for casual wear, as well as for your hobbies like tennis or sailing with this item.

When it comes to women’s fashion, accessorizing will always help you to stand out, and this brass ring from Fendi will help you to do just that. People will appreciate the fine detail on this piece, especially with how the iconic Fendi logo is embellished multiple times on it.

If you are looking for stylish gloves to alternate with your leather pieces, then this suede offering from Ted Baker is for you. While not giving the same warmth or protection as leather, these will on the other hand, provide you more feel and control.

Some people would say that great skin is even better than wearing a great outfit, and this limited-edition gift set from Dior will take you one step closer to that goal. While this may not display the Dior brand outright to other people, the results will definitely have them asking for your beauty secret.

An umbrella is always handy when it comes to protecting us from the harsh rays of the sun or a large downpour of rain. Get to do this in style as well as show your appreciation of the Burberry through this item that comes in the brand’s signature colors.

If you are a collector or an art enthusiast who appreciates beautiful pieces, this fountain pen from Visconti inspired by the renowned artist will be just right for you. It will now seem like you are holding your own personal painting in your pocket that also happens to double as your writing tool.

Break out from the boring and monotonous designs that come with other kettles, through this artistic piece that has cherries and black dots scattered along its white enamel surface. This is a great way to show your sense of style, especially when serving guests that come over to your home or office.

This ice bucket is part of a set from Tom Dixon but is already a beautiful glass piece on its own. Whatever type of drinks you may be serving, alcoholic or otherwise, you can be sure to have them cold as well as enjoy a pleasant visual experience with this item.

This large vase from Michael Aram does not even need to have plants or flowers to complete it, since it is a beautiful piece of art just by itself. The vase is made from stainless steel and adorned with a brass branch, providing a clean look wherever it may be placed.

People have often said that sleep is a luxury, especially when they need to attend to their work, business, or family responsibilities, among many other duties. Don’t think twice since you deserve to make all your valuable resting hours luxurious with this white delicate pillowcase from Ralph Lauren.

You don’t have to make things complicated when it comes to bath robes, but this piece from Barefoot Dreams was designed to be elegant, functional, and comfortable. Its length also ensures adequate coverage to below your knees and even up to your ankles.

Add this Louis Vuitton notebook to your collection, and it will surely inspire you to always keep notes as you admire its beautiful logo cover. Other LV enthusiasts will definitely admire this item and be interested on where you got it from once they set their eyes on it.

If you are an avid men’s watch enthusiast, then this stainless-steel piece from the Slim Runway collection of Michael Kors may be just what you are looking for. Its crisp, timeless design along with its water and scratch resistance make this an item you should not miss out on.

Known for its bags as well as wallets, this Coach gift set will help you get your organized when it comes to important items such as your money and keys. You can also keep a wide array of identification as well as credit cards with the separate provision for them.

This is a perfect item for fans of the Louis Vuitton brand since most people would always be carrying their smartphones with them. This stands alone and also matches well with other popular items from the brand such as their bags.

Having a cup of tea has often been identified with sophistication, and when your tea set happens to be made by Hermes, that will just bring it to another level. This set’s style is perfect whether you serve Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Oolong, or any other tea of your choice in them.

If you have no varsity jacket from your school or need a quality piece to add to your collection, this hooded piece from True Religion will be a great option for you. A clean look is also more easily achieved since the jacket is predominantly black with white trim.

Christian Louboutin is famous for the signature red soles of its heels which were surprisingly inspired from nail polish. Unlike unknown brands in the market, you can be sure that the same quality and passion was put in making this item as other Louboutin products.

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