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Gift Ideas for Moon Lovers - 27 Special Ideas

The moon is an exceptionally powerful force. It has been worshipped for centuries by many different cultures. The moon is said to impact our dreams, feelings, success and overall wellness. Because of all of these reasons, moon gifts are extremely meaningful to and highly appreciated by people who love the moon.

In honor of all things lunar, here is a comprehensive list of twenty-seven gift ideas. No matter if the person on your list enjoys dancing under the light of a full moon or if they have dreams of exploring space in the future, there is something on this list for them. These moon gifts are a great way to show off your creativity and to move beyond boring gifts.

This amazing moon lamp is made with 3D printing technology, giving it a realistic full moon shape. Moon lovers will appreciate that the surface of this charming lamp is very close to the lunar moon.

This unique lamp features 16 color choices that can flash, fade or strobe. This lamp would go great in a bedroom, living room, dining room, or even in the bathroom. It would be great for a child who needs a nightlight or an adult who just enjoys fun lamps!

This moon lamp comes with a remote that can be used to easily change the colors.

This teapot offers exceptional quality and a beautiful design. It is made of heat-resistant glass with a durable and comfortable grip handle.

The mesh stainless steel filter is perfect for loose leaf teas. The filter is removeable to accommodate flowering teas. This teapot is easy to use and dishwasher safe.

It can be used with loose leaf tea, standard tea bags, flowering or blooming teas. This pot can also be used to infuse fresh fruit or herbs water in the refrigerator.

This beautiful women’s necklace will make the perfect gift for that special moon lover in your life. The beautiful necklace is made of 100% real sterling silver.

The dainty rabbits are plated with 18k gold. It is a truly eye-catching jewelry piece. This stylish necklace is nickel-free, lead-free and hypoallergenic to keep skin happy and healthy. It will come with an elegant jewelry box and is perfect gift for any occasion.

This set of blue and white moon shaped jewelry holders make a great gift for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and so much more. These dishes offer a mini-size that does not take up a lot of room, so they are perfect for small spaces.

They are simple enough to fit into any decor, but elegant enough to stand out. These ceramic moon dishes are made of high-quality materials. Each moon shaped dish can store rings, earrings, watches, or even spare change.

This handmade macrame dream catcher will make an elegant gift for any occasion. It is made with high quality cotton.

This dream catcher makes a great decoration for any room of the home or for a bohemian themed event. The included easy to install LED lights make this dream catcher look amazing at night. Keep a loved one’s dreams safe by gifting them this beautiful dream catcher.

If you are looking for a super unique moon themed gift, this clock is a great choice. It is skillfully handmade in England.

The moon phase clock features a stunning chrome plated design with a mirrored backdrop. It has a mounting bracket on the back so that it can be easily hung up on a wall.

This clock is the perfect addition to a bedroom or home office. It will add a touch of space fun into any room or help bring together a space themed room.

This handmade stepping stone will help the moon lover in your life create a magical path through their garden or yard. They are sold individually, but you can buy several that represent different moon phases to make a completely unique display.

The artist who makes these stepping stones uses different shades of concrete to perfectly depict the different moon stages.

This easy-to-use device, which is handmade with care in Malaysia, promotes sleep naturally without medication. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for a person’s well-being, but it can be difficult at times.

Most people suffer with at least the occasional episode of insomnia. This sleep aid was designed by a chronic insomniac to help users fall asleep more easily.

It is kept by the bed and once it is touched, a gently pulsing light projects onto the ceiling. This creates a hypnotic effect that helps the user relax and slows down breathing to a sleep-inducing level. The sleep device includes a detailed instruction booklet along with access to an online interface.

What do you get the moon lover that has everything? A class where they can learn about the moon’s energy from a talented astrologer.

This amazing one-hour class will teach the gift recipient how to consciously connect with the energies of the moon. The class includes a workbook that will be shipped out beforehand.

Does the person on your shopping list like to host parties? This moon themed indoor version of the backyard favorite can be used all year round in any weather.

This set is handcrafted from ethically sourced mango wood and inlaid with silver tone brass. Because of its small size, this set can be placed on a table or the floor. Each set is uniquely hand crafted in India. It will bring a unique touch to any gathering

This beautiful blanket is portable, durable, and can go just about anywhere. It features a lovely lunar design. The blanket is made of recycled polyester.

It is durable enough for yoga in the park, picnics in a field, or long days at the beach. It folds up into a square and even has its own carrying handle.

Each hand-crafted clip is inspired by the night sky. A fine-art photographer turned jewelry designer beautifully creates the stunning moon’s waxing and waning cycles with these celestial-inspired hairpins.

Each hair clip features digital images of lunar phases set in rhodium-plated brass bezels topped with glass domes. These handmade hair clips are out-of-this-world. These clips are elegant enough to wear on a special occasion, but simple enough for daily wear as well.

This thousand-piece puzzle is the perfect moon themed gift idea for someone who likes a challenge. This puzzle was created to celebrate the moon landing.

It is a circular puzzle that features the near side of the moon in incredible detail. The image, which was provided by NASA, shows the moon in stunning clarity.

If you love someone to the moon and back, give them a gift from the actual Moon!

This beautiful pendant contains a genuine sample of moon dust. The dust is collected from a lunar meteorite. The dusk has been analyzed and authenticated by a laboratory. The beautiful glass pendant comes on a 20-inch sterling silver chain.

Life is too short for boring ice! This moon ice mold can be frozen to create a unique ice cube or used to make a moon-shaped ball of chocolate! It is BPA free and made from food grade silicone. This would make a great gift to celebrate any special occasion

This moon themed wall art is crafted from durable materials with the upmost attention to detail. Each one is carefully packaged to ensure that it will arrive safely.

This shelf features seven storage shelves of varying sizes, so there will have plenty of space to display stones, crystals, essential oils, and other small decorations. This unique statement piece will impress guests.

This display shelf will look amazing in any space in your home including bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms and home offices. It will come completely assembled and ready to display your special treasures.

This cute moon themed planter is the perfect gift for someone who wants to add a celestial touch to their home interior. This white ceramic crescent moon pot features gold star details and a speckled finish. This hanging planter is the perfect way for a moon lover to display their house plants.

This concrete moon face sculpture is the perfect decor piece for a tranquil and stylish home. Each sculpture is ideal for a small shelf, mantel, or table.

This face sculpture will make the perfect gift for a moon lover. It can be used as an anniversary gift, a birthday gift, a wedding gift, or for any other occasion. Every sculpture is handmade and unique.

This mirror set is the perfect home decoration for moon lovers! This set will bring an enchanting Bohemian essence to any space. These beautiful mirrors add a unique feel to the wall they are placed on.

The simple but elegant design allows them to match any room, no matter what color scheme it is decorated in. This set is easy to install and comes with adhesive stickers. They are made with acrylic instead of glass.

This black and rose gold moon and stars watch can be personalized. It is a great choice for someone with a sophisticated and contemporary style. The rose gold moon gives the watch a three-dimensional feel.

It is perfect to wear with both casual and more formal outfits. This watch makes a wonderful keepsake gift for any special occasion.

The full moon will shine all month long with this unique clock. It brings a delightful space themed touch to any room. The clock is made out of sustainably-sourced Birch plywood.

It comes in two sizes to accommodate both large and small spaces. It runs on one battery, so there is no need to have access to a wall plug.

Give the gift of wellness. This gorgeous moon phase yoga mat features the phases of the moon in a star-filled sky. It’s beautiful addition to your yoga practice!

This yoga mat is lightweight, yet durable. It has a handy polyester carrying strap. It is free of latex and heavy metals.

These beautiful 14K gold plated moon themed earrings will bring positive energy to any outfit. They are perfectly sized for everyday use. They are carefully crafted with high quality metals.

The earrings are hypoallergenic & nickel-free. The moon design is fun for children, teens, and adults. They come in giftable packaging.

This adorable set of lollipops features six of the moon’s eight monthly phases. Children and adults alike will delight in tracking the moon with their tastebuds.

Each of these edible works of art is handcrafted by candy experts. These fun lollipops feature a 2D image encapsulated by a tasty candy coating. Every unique lollipop features its own flavor and flair.

These pops are a fantastic gift for anyone who loves both the moon and candy. These sweet treats are handmade in Illinois.

This soft hoodie features an astronaut swinging from the moon. The hoodie itself features a slim fit and a kangaroo pouch. This hoodie is available in tons of colors and in a variety of adult sizes. It will make a gift for anyone who loves funny designs and enjoys being comfortable.

This gorgeous cup is handmade on the pottery wheel using cream colored Australian stoneware clay. It is then kiln fired three times at extremely high temperatures for added durability.

The cup is glazed with a non-toxic minty green glaze. Because of the hand-crafted nature of these cups, each one is unique. The handle is decorated with real gold for a luxurious feel.

These moon themed playing cards make the perfect budget gift for space lovers and stargazers. The cards feature real photos from NASA of the phases of the moon and iconic lunar modules. This deluxe 54-card deck is sure to make game night a lot more fun for the moon lover in your life

This cool list of gifts for moon lovers has something for everyone. Each carefully picked gift on the list will put a smile on the face of the lunar enthusiast in your life.

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