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gift ideas for chinese exchange student

Gift Ideas for Chinese Exchange Students

The Chinese culture has a great belief in the tradition of giving and receiving gifts. When you exchange gifts with a person, you also exchange the values, traditions between each other. It establishes/re-establishes or makes your bond stronger.

Having an exchange student indulges you in a dilemma if he/she will like you, your home, and your family. Giving a gift can establish a bond and connection between you two. 

At times you might find it challenging to choose the right gift for your Chinese exchange student. Don’t worry! Here is a list of some beautiful gifts that you can give to him/her.

The dragon-style design makes this pen unique. This high-quality pen comes with a mix of beautiful colors, which makes it pretty cool.

It is a handmade pen with a plating of gold. Each aspect of the pen has been finished efficiently. 

You can gift it to a person who loves to have antique and unique items. The pen writes beautifully, which makes it a precious gift.

You can also choose a fountain pen. It is really adorable and gorgeous.

Made from brass, the bookmark is 7cm long. It has a figure of Ruihe deer at the center of the circular bookmark.

The beautiful and astonishing background makes it a stunning bookmark. 

The bottom part looks like mountains, and you can see a sun-like figure in the rest of the background near the deer’s head.

The brass material makes it a high-quality item. It looks pretty cool and unique. 

Made from bamboo, these wooden bookmarks look stunning. The classical texture of these bookmarks makes them unique.

Each bookmark has a floral design engraved on them. 

Also, each of them has a different shape. These bookmarks have a brown thread attached on the top, which fits the bamboo material’s wooden color.

The receiver will really love it. 

One set contains four bookmarks. They all are unique embroidered on a bamboo embroidery hoop using an embroidery needle—these measure 12 cm long and 3.5 cm wide. 

The bookmarks are embroidered using high-quality threads. All of them have their design.

The floral design of these bookmarks makes them beautiful and unique. The vibrant color of the threads makes them look stunning.

An item for daily use, this bag can be utilized for various requirements. The bag measures 28 cm long, 30 cm wide, and 8 cm deep, making it suitable for carrying books or even laptops. 

The bag comes in green color with some Chinese characters printed on its front. It is made with professional skills and looks fantastic.

Its high quality makes it last longer. It is unique, and a Chinese exchange student will surely love it.

Made from ceramic, this cup has a height of 4 inches and a width of 6 inches. It has a holder slot and base to keep the two chopsticks. It has a really smooth finishing, and its texture looks unique. 

The cup’s design and color look beautiful and unique. If the receiver is a noodle lover, then he will indeed feel happy to have it.

It can be one of the best gifts for a Chinese student, and he/she will really adore it.

The dragon figure is very significant for the Chinese people. This dragon bracelet is made from Zinc alloy and has been played by a silver alloy, making it a high-quality product. 

This handmade bracelet has a length of 8.5 inches. It has a dragon figure making it adequate for a Chinese exchange student.

It can be personalized and looks beautiful. It gives you an extra charm and is really adorable. 

Does your Chinese fellow love nature? If yes, then this is going to be an ideal gift for him/her. It has a little panda made on a beautiful pebble with high-quality acrylic colors. 

The stone measures 1cm high, 5cm wide, and 3 cm deep. You can easily wipe or clean it. You can also get it personalized according to your wish.

The end-to-end finishing makes this item really unique and beautiful.

The set has a pair of earrings and a necklace, uniquely designed in the shape of a Chinese calligraphy brush.

Made from stainless steel, the item has high quality and is highly durable. 

Both the earrings and necklace are handmade and look gorgeous. The earrings are lightweight and comfortable.

They look beautiful. If the Chinese exchange student happens to be a girl, I will highly recommend you gift this set. She will appreciate the beauty of the set.

Confidence leads our path towards our goals. This necklace is a perfect gift for a student. It has a Chinese confidence pendant that measures 1.2 inches high and 0.625 inches wide.

The necklace is handcrafted and is painted by hand to give it an end-to-end finishing. 

It includes few quotes to deliver the meaning behind the pendant. It comes with a feature quote: – “Self-confidence see opportunities, discover talent resources and dormant possibilities.”

It always encourages the receiver to move on the right path to achieve his/her goal. It looks beautiful and is a unique item to gift. 

This painting set, lined with red velvet, is a lovely gift to give someone. It has two painting brushes and some other equipment related to art, packed in a beautiful box.

The color plate is made from ceramic and has a nice texture. 

The set comes in a wooden box and looks unique. It can be an excellent gift for someone who loves to do a painting or a Chinese exchange student.

This is a beautiful drawing set with Chinese symbols and is built in a Chinese style. 

Exchange students come to your country or provinces from a different country or province.

This gift depicts the map of your area and the map of the exchange student’s country or province, both interlinked by a line in the shape of a heart. 

The concept is so creative and lovely that it stands out to be a unique gift. It shows the great bond of love that gets established between you two.

You can get it customized according to your maps. This looks beautiful and amazing and is unique. It is finely printed on Epson premium luster paper and looks adorable.

It includes a set of 12 beautiful encouragement cards. Made from paper, these cards have motivational Chinese phrases written on them with their English meaning. The 12 messages include: –

  • “You can do it.”
  • “Go with your heart.”
  • “Add oil.”
  • “Grateful to have you.”
  • “It will be fine.”
  • “Stay well.”
  • “Think positively.”
  • “Take a deep breath.”
  • “when you’re feeling low, eat some sweet.”
  • “Be contented.”
  • “Treasure.”
  • “Take it easy.’

These all messages help to encourage a person in his life. Each of them looks beautiful and creative. The beautiful colors of paper are used to make them stunning. 

The Chinese culture has a significant place for dragon figures. These earrings have a beautiful pendant in the shape of a dragon. Made from Zinc alloy and plated with silver, these earrings are of high quality. 

The dragon has been depicted with his extended wings. The pair looks stunning and beautiful and has excellent finishing.

You can wear the pair comfortably and will love it. It can serve as an excellent gift for a Chinese exchange student.

Hand-made with quality watercolors, this painting looks pretty cool. It is made on rice paper and also uses ink.

The painting is in the shape of a square (each side measures 26.7 inches). It shows two Koi fishes swimming in joyful peace. 

The fishes symbolize tranquility, peace, and perseverance. It looks beautiful and unique. The beautiful colors are used to give the painting extra beauty. It is a perfect item to gift.

Made on rice paper, the painting depicts a famous ancient figure: Baoping Feng Shui. It shows Baoping Feng Shui riding on a horse. Beautifully painted in vibrant colors, the painting looks fantastic. 

Every aspect of the painting has been painted finely and shows the excellent skills of the painter. It has some Chinese characters painted in black. You can also select any other portrait offered by the painter.

The painting is eye-catching and is very attractive. It looks pretty cool and can be a lovely gift to give.

Gifting a basket of snacks to an exchange student can be a good idea. It gives a feeling of home and shows your care for him/her.

The package includes a variety of snacks. Each of them is handpicked and is of high quality. 

It has 40 different items with varying tastes. It includes salty almonds, chips, popcorns, and many other tasty items.

It is an excellent package if you want to surprise someone. With a variety of snacks, you always show your care and love for the receiver.

#18 Glass Teapot

It is a thin and high-quality teapot. Made from glass, the pot has a bamboo lid with an attached coil to filter the tea. Its unique classical design looks beautiful. The pot has a handle and provides an excellent grip to you. 

The borosilicate glass makes it a unique item. It has a capacity of 1800ml. It is easy to use and clean. Its handle doesn’t get hot quickly and allows you to hold it without any problem.

It can be an excellent gift for a tea lover and is a durable item if handled with care.

#19 Fishermen with Hooks

The set has four tea holders. They represent the old story “Jiang Taigong won the China Design Challenge.” Each piece has a hook and can be used to hang your loose tea while having a cup of tea. 

They look beautiful and decorative. These white color pieces are made from silicon. They are durable, and you can easily clean them.

They look unique and memorable. The pieces are easy to use and can be a perfect gift to give a Chinese exchange student.

Customarily called “foo dogs,” they depict lions and are generally placed at the entrances of houses and buildings.

They act as a protector. The item includes one male and one female figure. 

Made from wood, they look beautiful and a great piece of craftsmanship.

They can be displayed on a table or bookshelf. They have a nice look and appropriate size.

Concluding Words

Gifts make the bond between two people more hearty. Giving a gift to an exchange student makes him/her feel at home and feel like he/she is in between his/her family. 

All the items mentioned above are unique and beautiful and have been mentioned by a Chinese exchange student. All the gifts are of regular price and are of high quality. Direct links have been provided if you want to buy one. I hope that this article will be helpful for you. 

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