Gift Ideas for a Masculine Woman - Best 27 Ideas

You might have an extraordinary woman in your life, whether it may be your mom, a friend, your girlfriend or wife, your sister, or anyone you know who is unique. She does not have feminine hobbies. This is a masculine woman who is strong both inside and out.

And since she is extraordinary, you want to get her a gift that is as unique and as amazing as she is. Here are 27 gift ideas for a masculine woman.

This woman loves to work out. Working out could be difficult at times. It requires discipline to continue. Help her be consistent in getting work done with this fitness journal and workout planner.

With this, she can record her progress, the activities that she has done, the sets, and even her food intake. She can also record her goals with this journal and how to attain those goals.

This is a really nice gym companion especially for people who like to be organized. This is the perfect gift for a masculine woman.

A masculine woman likes to stay at the gym to workout. For that, she will be needing gym clothes and other stuff to use at the gym that are not provided by the gym itself.

These are wrist straps that she could use for weightlifting, for strength training, and other gym activities. They provide support for the wrists when lifting.

They are durable and comfortable to ensure that they will last quite a time. These wrist straps come in a set of two and they are available in various colors. These wrist straps are also used by many pro athletes are trainers.

Remind this woman of how beautiful she is with this motivational keychain. Motivate her more to be stronger and to continue her fitness journey that she loves so much with this gift. It is 2.75″ in length and 1-1.25″ in width.

It is silver plated which makes it a classy piece for her to use to hold her keys or to hang onto her bag. This is a nice casual gift to give to this masculine woman in your life even without an occasion

Help her stay motivated all the time. This is a dumbbell shaped water bottle that is perfect for those who need inspiration in their fitness journey.

She could also use this bottle as a dumbbell when she misses lifting. It is a nice piece for exercising that she can also drink from to stay hydrated after working out.

It also comes in various fun colors so you can pick out one in the color that this masculine woman likes.

This is a nice large lunch bag that the masculine woman in your life whether it may be your mom, sister, or girlfriend could bring everywhere. This is perfect is she likes to pack extensive lunches.

Since the bag is large, she can pack everything she needs like a full course meal with a smoothie, salad, chicken, and soup. It is durable and the material is dirt-proof which makes it easy to clean.

This lunch bag is perfect for going to work, to the gym, hiking, camping, or for a picnic.

This masculine woman likes to be out and active. These are jogger shorts that she will surely love. They are perfect for everyday like simply lounging out at home.

But they are also perfect for summer when she wants to hang out at the beach or for traveling. These shorts are also comfortable enough to be worn when running or jogging, biking, or at the gym for working out.

They are perfect enough to be a birthday gift for this woman.

This is the ultimate push up board that a masculine female would love to have at home. She will be able to use this board anytime and anywhere for when she likes to work out for a while.

It is great equipment for a home gym. Help this masculine woman become stronger than she already is with this gift.

Too much activity and exercise can cause fatigue. This is a gift to relieve her muscles from stress. With this leg massager, her muscles would no longer feel sore all the time.

This is also great for circulation and to relax the legs. She likes working out and spending time at the gym but she also deserves to be able to rest.

This is a gift that she will surely appreciate. Give it to her on Christmas.

She might also like skiing and this jacket is very perfect for that. It is perfect for cold winter and for extreme weather conditions. It has a zipper closure and is waterproof and windproof.

Even in unexpected bad weather, she can now withstand mountain climbing trips with this. This is a great sports jacket for rainy and snowy seasons.

This is a great toiletry kit bag for travelling. It is sturdy and has a vintage design with the leather. It is also very functional and stylish. Anyone would love this gift.

Plus, it does not look feminine but it is still perfect for a woman which makes it a great gift for a masculine woman.

This is a set of three soaps which are Dead Sea Mud, Activated Charcoal, and Dead Sea Salt. They are perfect for all skin types whether she has dry or oily skin, or even sensitive skin.

These soaps are also 100% natural. They are made with essential minerals that promote skin tissue growth like bromide, calcium, and potassium.

This gift is a perfect care package gift for a masculine woman.

This masculine woman might like camping and this is a set of equipment that she needs for the outdoors. They are for backpacking, hiking, and hunting.

This set consists of survival items like a fire starter with a whistle, extension bars, screwdriver set, window breaker, canvas bag, and others.

If this masculine woman loves coffee, then you should give this to her a s a gift so that she could try them out. This is the world’s strongest coffee but for sure she could handle this given as strong as she is.

This coffee is high-quality and fresh that she would forget all the other coffee that she likes for this one.

These are cool glasses that you should give this woman as a gift on her birthday or for Christmas. They are quirky and they have a light golden metal frame.

They also sport tortoise detailing and the shape of these glasses is round. They give off a vintage yet trendy and cool look.

Give her this set of dark blue desk organizers with six pieces which include a pen organizer, file organizers, and other items. With this gift, for sure her desk will always be organized and she will surely know where everything is.

This set is also very pretty that it will be a stylish desk accessory at the same time for her office.

These are ropes that are unique and not like the ones that she usually uses. They are LED-embedded and have a battery life of up to 36 hours.

This is a unique piece of workout equipment. It is a smart robe that is compatible with a lot of health systems like Apple HealthKit and Google Fit.

Get this masculine woman some weighted bangles too for working out so that she could have the additional weight that she wants when running, when doing yoga, or other fitness activities.

She loves fitness so she will enjoy this gift and love to use it.

Protein bars are best for people who work out and need to grab a snack. This is a variety pack of various protein bars that are gluten free and are perfect for on the go.

They are the best snacks that you could give to a masculine woman. This pack comprises 5 chocolate sea salt bars, 5 coconut chocolate bars.

These are unique bookends that are heavy and durable. They provide great support to books. They look really great and are perfect for the office whether she decides to place them on a shelf or on her table.

These bookends are nice to be given as birthday or Christmas gifts.

She might have a lot of important files that she needs to have on the go. This is an external hard drive that she can use for Mac, PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

It has USB 3.0 and has a one-year rescue service. It comes in black and white colors. It has a capacity of 1TB but you can also choose from the other options which are: 500GB, 2TB, 4TB, 5TB, 6TB, 8TB, 10TB, 12TB, 14TB, 16TB, and 18TB if more or less storage space is needed.

There is also a portable SSD option available for this item.

Get her this Eua de cologne spray. Women like to smell nice and this cologne has a luxurious scent with a woodsy citrus fragrance.

It has the following notes: lemon, organe, mandarin, bergamot, grapefruit, neroli, petitgrain, clove, Lilly of the valley, rosemary, jasmine accord, white musk, rose accord, vetiver, amber, and patchouli.

This is a nice diffuser that looks very minimalist. It has a woody and earthy scent with key notes of vetiver, sandalwood, and amber wood.

If this girl likes earthy scents that are definitely not feminine, then this is a scent that she would appreciate in a diffuser.

This is a knife stand with an unconventional design. The design is inspired by a tree stump and it looks elegant and minimalist.

It can hold up to eight knives. Give this to her on Christmas. It is a nice functional kitchen item that she will surely love to have at home.

This is a tank top t-shirt that this masculine woman would love to wear around. It is hooded and comes in a nice orange and blue tie dye design.

This shirt is perfect for lounging at home, for working out, for a casual jog at the park, for a beach trip, or for an errand day. This shirt comes in X-Small to XX-Large size.

It is very lightweight and the design is sporty and perfect for outdoors. There are also a lot of other color options for this top.

A denim jacket is a versatile clothing piece that can be worn with almost anything and to a lot of places and occasions. It comes in sizes Small to X-Large.

The material of this jacket is 99% cotton and 1% spandex. It is a classic piece that she can wear with her favorite jeans or joggers with a trusty pair of sneakers.

Get this masculine woman some nice design for her walls. This wall art painting has a chess design. It is most suited for the living room or for the office.

This comes in a large size or 60″ x 32″ and in a medium size that is 40″ x 24″. This is an ideal Christmas gift.

This is an industrial desk lamp that has a unique design that is perfect for the home or the office. It is nice for the living room but it would look great for the bedroom as well.

This lamp is very unique that the masculine woman in your life would love this gift. It is a nice gift for Christmas or for her birthday.

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