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Gift Ideas for Widowed Mom - 27 Comforting Ideas

There’s a big world out there for a newly widowed mother. With so much to do, so many places to go, and many things to buy, planning a gift for a widowed mom can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, there are plenty of great gifts that you can get for a widowed mom. While you may still be in the grieving process, your widow is probably already feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities that come with being a single parent.

These days, she’ll need all the practical and sentimental help. From grieving to planning for the future, a widow can use a little help from her friends. Here are some great gift ideas to get a widowed mom:

If there’s one thing a widow wants, it’s guidance. Your friend lost her spouse through no fault of her own, so she may be feeling lost and alone. This journal is a great way to show your widowed friend that you’re there for her during this difficult time.

When your friend is going through the grieving process, the journal will be an excellent way for her to record what she’s feeling, think about her future, and express her gratitude for the memories she has left of her spouse.

This journal comes with a beautiful ribbon-tied book and a pen and lined pages for writing. This journal is an excellent gift for any newly widowed person.

When you lost your spouse, you had the opportunity to leave a lasting impression on their life with a memento tile. This faithful tile can be personalized with the late spouse’s name, the year they passed away, and the words “Those we love don’t go away.”

This ceramic tile comes in various sizes, so it’s easy to fit into any room in the house. Not only will it serve as a constant reminder of the deceased, but their loved ones can keep it in the room where the person died.

This would make an excellent gift for the widow with a large family.

This sterling silver chain has a heart charm with a cutout saying “Mom,” perfect for any widow whose spouse is called Mother.

The person who gave you this necklace may have lost their spouse through death, or they may be a widow themselves. This thoughtful gift will remind your friend that you’re there for her during this difficult time.

This is a great way to show your friend that you care, with a necklace she can wear every day.

A grieving widow may feel a little lost without her spouse, but a mala bracelet is a great way to remind her that she’s not alone. These bracelets are designed to bring balance and peace to the wearer.

They come in various colors and are adorned with different Sanskrit words or phrases, such as “faith,” “hope,” and “love.” You can choose a mala that best represents your friend’s needs during this difficult time, or you can get her generic mala and add a meaningful inscription.

This is a great way to show your friend that you’ve thought of her and care.

A widow will need all the support she can get to remember her spouse. Whether she’s keeping a journal, creating scrapbooks, or making a tent for the flower pots, scrapbooking supplies are a great way to get started.

You can even try using a virtual scrapbook online if you’d like to keep costs down and have no room in your schedule for a scrapbook.

This is a beautiful way to show a widow that you care, and it’s something that both of you can do together.

Candles are a simple yet powerful way to show how much you care. This candle is a great way to personalize it for your friend’s late spouse.

If you know that the widow will be going through a more challenging time, you can choose the “strength” candle.

These candles are made with love and respect for the deceased, so your friend will know that you care, and she can burn them as a reminder that she’s not alone.

This lantern comes with a beautiful black and white photo of your friend’s late spouse.

The picture will come to life as soon as she lights the candle, filling the lantern with his image.

This is a great way to show your friend that you care while also providing her with much-needed light and peace.

A widowed mother will need plenty of nourishing and nutritious meals to keep her strength up during this difficult time.

The Healing Soup Cookbook provides step-by-step instructions on making a wide variety of soups that will help a woman heal both physically and emotionally.

This is one of the most highly recommended books on the market, and it comes highly recommended by this website as well.

If you can’t think of anything else to get a widow for Christmas, try buying her a box of essential supplies and a prayer shawl.

This is a great way to show a widow that you care, and it’s also a fantastic gift for any woman going through a difficult time.

This sympathy care package will help your friend get through the grieving process, and the prayer shawl will remind her that she isn’t alone.

The next gift on our list is a free digital download that speaks volumes about your love and support.

This is a free printable card that you can personalize with the late spouse’s photo, the date they died, and the words “I miss you.”

If you have any artistic skills, you can quickly turn this into a beautiful card that your friend can keep on her desk, read whenever she needs a little encouragement, and carry with her always.

Wind chimes are a fantastic way to show your sympathy and support for a widowed mom while not a traditional gift.

These wind chimes are easy to look at and will surely bring some comfort and healing to your friend.

This expandable wire bangle bracelet is perfect to put on when your hands are full.

It comes in at just the right length to protect your hands and can be easily expanded if needed.

It’s a beautiful, sentimental gift that any widow would love.

This beautiful blanket is the perfect thing to cuddle up with when feeling a little blue.

The soft, soothing fabric will remind your friend of the simple joys in life, while the Healing Thoughts embroidered on the front will offer her much-needed comfort.

A set of glass comfort stones can be a wonderful reminder of the comforting presence of loved ones when you’re feeling alone.

These smooth, round stones are great for massage and can be heated in the microwave for added comfort.

They can be placed in the freezer for icy blasts or a soothing foot massage in the bath.

This adorable and sentimental candle holder is the perfect gift for any widow in the early days of grieving.

It holds a single tealight candle and features an angel figurine with a tealight, allowing her to enjoy the comfort of a loved one throughout the night

This gorgeous photo clock is the perfect reminder of your friend’s love and devotion.

It features a single, elegant flower set against a backdrop of twinkling stars.

When pushed, the clock will light up the bright stars and turn on the date, keeping your friend informed and happy all at the same time.

This beautiful gift set includes a meditation calendar and a prayer card tin filled with 50 cards, making it an excellent choice for any widow seeking spiritual comfort and support.

The container includes a convenient pull-out drawer for easy access to each card.

This beautiful moon lamp is the perfect way to honor and remember your loved one.

It gently lights the way for your friend in her dreams, reminding her of her life and the people who loved her.

You can also use it when you need a little comfort yourself.

This beautiful comforter set bag will come in handy when you’re on the go.

It’s the perfect size to fit a single comforter, keeping it clean and protected when traveling around town.

These bath and body gift sets are perfect for a widow who loves to indulge in pampering.

Your friend will love the variety and quality of the products and the convenient size of the containers to take with her when she’s on the go.

Wine country gift baskets make the perfect gift for any occasion. It’s even the ideal gift for newlyweds trying to start their winery!

With so many options to choose from, you can rest assured that your gift will be accompanied by delicious wine, delicious food, and luxurious bath products.

A widow dealing with sleep deprivation will need all the help she can get.

The Hooshing Vibrating Neck Pillow Massage Therapy will have her looking forward to bedtime with sound, light, and vibration therapy.

If your widow is looking for something to help her heal and get through this challenging time, the Missing You: An Adult Coloring Book for Grief, Loss, and comfort is the perfect gift.

This book will be her go-to for comfort, featuring 40 flowers and plants to help your widow cope with loss and seven beautiful full-color illustrations. 

Even though Macrame is typically made for kids, it’s a beautiful craft for grown-ups. That is if you have the patience for it!

The Easy Macrame DIY Kit for Adults will have her creative side well-fed, and she can spend hours making beautiful Macrame items for her home.

An herb garden is an excellent gift if your widow loves to cook.

It allows her to add her unique touch to her cooking, but it can also help her connect with nature and feel more centered.

A 30 Days of Yoga for Beginners is a beautiful gift for someone looking to start feeling a little bit better.

It’s the perfect way to help your widow de-stress, fit, and feel centered.

A warm and cuddly lavender-scented plush toy is the perfect gift for a grieving widow. It provides comfort, but it can also help calm her down when she has a spin

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