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21 Graduation Gifs for Chemistry Majors

For every student, her graduation day is super-special. That’s the day when she gets a formal degree to test her knowledge in the practical world. That’s the day when she relishes the fruits of her labor, and she is ready to rock! Graduating in a tough subject like chemistry deserves special applause, indeed!

This day needs to be celebrated with a lot of pomp and grandeur. You need to make the chemistry graduate feel special and proud of her achievements. Here, we bring you 21 such gifts you can choose from, for the chemistry graduate, on her special day. These gifts are a mix of many emotions like humor, emotion, pride, support and more. Watch the graduate’s eyes twinkle with joy as she opens your gifts and understands the thought behind those gifts.

1. Chemistry-themed bracelet

Here is a beautiful gift for the girl who has graduated in Chemistry. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this bracelet is solid, durable and elegant. It comes with beautiful charms that contain awesome chemistry-themed pendants hanging from it.

The centerpiece of the charm contains the words, “Science girls do better, ” which instantly makes the receiver fall in love with this bracelet. She wouldn’t think twice before wearing it along with any outfit, so that others can also see her love for Chemistry.

Girls love small pieces of elegant jewelry, even if they are science nerds. Here is an exquisite bracelet that will melt the hearts of a science lover in a second. If you have been looking for a simple but elegant graduation gift for chemistry majors, this can be a great choice.

This bracelet comes in the design of a molecule, and has a lobster style of clasp for better durability. The best part of this bracelet is that it comes in three tones – silver, gold and rose gold, for you to choose from.

Apart from exuding beauty in its minimalistic design, this bracelet is also known to give people inner peace and better sleep routines

3. DNA-Charm Earrings

Here is yet another scintillating piece of jewelry for the chemistry graduate to win her over. These cleverly designed earrings are a dream for every chemistry lover. These DNA-charm earrings come in the shape of dopamine chemical, and is a perfect graduation gift for a science lover.

The science graduate will love the functionality of this gift, as these earrings are made from high-quality stainless steel, which doesn’t rust or tarnish. They come packed in exquisite velvet bags, which add to their beauty.

This has got to be one of the most thoughtful gifts for the chemistry graduate! As she steps into the professional world, she would have lots of drawings to do on her assignments or projects. What could be a better gift than this unique stencil, which she can use to perfect her drawings?

This gift owns the distinction of being the only solid, metal, solvent-proof chemical stencil in the market today. This stencil comes with a benzene ring, boat and chair conformations on one side. On the other, it comes with useful chemistry unit conversions and equations.

Do you know of a woman passionate about chemistry, and who wants to achieve something big in this field? This magnet is a great gift for her, in that case, not only on her graduation day but also on other special occasions.

It comes with the meaningful words, “A Woman’s Place Is In The Lab,” which motivates her daily to do a great job in her career.

Here is a gift that will make the chemistry buffs feel relaxed and enjoyable. The combination of chemistry and coloring is sure to be loved by anybody. This coloring book gives science students the much-needed relaxation they need from their busy schedules.

One of the major highlights of this gift is that it contains positive and funny quotes for the chemistry teacher in between the pages. These single-sided pages contain beautiful and unique Mandala art paintings that graduates can color away to glory.

Have you been looking for the most suitable gift for a chemistry graduate? Here is a keychain you cannot afford to miss. This keychain comes with a circle pendant with the funny words, “Biology Degree Loading.”

On either side of this circular pendant, you will find two charms – one in the shape of a microscope and the other in the shape of a molecule.

8. Glasses depicting the periodic table

Here is a pilsner glass that a science lover can never get tired of! Have you ever wondered how it would be to see periodic tables and laboratory markings on your beer glass? A glance at this gift, and you will know what we are talking about.

These dishwasher-safe glasses are funny, as they come with visual representations of a laboratory-style beaker on their face. These are great gifts to hang out with friends over a glass of beer!

9. Caffeine beaker mug

Here is a coffee mug, with a difference! Designed exclusively for science lovers, this coffee mug comes in the design of a lab beaker. It has the words caffeine written on it with some illustrations of molecules.

Made from borosilicate glass, this mug comes with measurements marked up to 400ml, just like how you would find on beakers in the lab.

10. Inspiration gift for graduation

This is a graduation gift that will never go out of style. It oozes inspiration and motivation, and it looks elegant.

This crescent moon and stars necklace is one of the best gifts you can give to someone dear, as a graduation gift.

Made from sterling silver, this necklace contains tiny CZ stones that are safe for your skin. The inspirational words on the package should not be missed!

11. Necklace with Atomic Science Theme

This atomic science-based necklace is one of the best you can think of for chemistry lovers. The unique pendant which depicts the formation of atoms is a show-stealer, indeed.

The wordings written on the necklace, “Be Like a Proton, Stay Positive” make it a great graduation gift for chemistry students. It is made from skin-friendly materials of sterling silver and copper.

12. Congratulation message for graduation

More often than not, the small things make a lot of difference in one’s life. This coffee mug is a perfect example of this fact. If you cannot think of fancy graduation gifts for your favorite girl, you can opt for this simple, pink-themed coffee mug that contains inspirational words.

This mug is a perfect gift for a girl who has graduated in 2021, as the mug specifically mentions this year. The words printed on this mug are a blend of motivation and congratulations, which is sure to make the receiver’s heart melt with happiness.

13. T-Shirt with Chemistry Humor

Sometimes, graduation gifts need not be serious, even if the person has graduated in a difficult subject like chemistry. Here is a T-shirt with a dash of humor.

This simple, navy-blue shirt comes with a humorous illustration of one beaker saying to the other with flames, “You are overreacting,” which is sure to make anyone break into laughter.

14. Travel Tumbler with a dose of chemistry

Here is a travel tumbler that is designed exclusively for chemistry buffs. The message printed on this tumbler is filled with wit and chemical names of basic compounds, which make it look more attractive than it already is.

This travel tumbler comes with double-wall vacuum insulation that can keep drinks cold or hot for many hours. The science buff will love carrying this tumbler to college, gym, trips, and everywhere else she goes.

15. Funny and thoughtful keychain

What can be a more suitable gift for a chemistry lover than a keychain with an alloy-shaped pendant? Here is a simple but smartly designed keychain that has chemistry-themed charms apart from this beautiful pendant. While the charms contain chemical measurements and microscope designs, the keychain itself is highly functional.

It is made from hypoallergenic materials that do not rust or tarnish. So, the science nerd will love that she can continue using this keychain for many years. Since it also has a smooth finish, this keychain doesn’t cause any irritation to the users.

16. Laminated Periodic Table Poster

This is not just the normal periodic table poster that you would find in the market. The specialty of this poster is that it is updated with all the new elements, making it a real gift for the chemistry lover. It has some of the newest elements like 113, 115, 117 and 118 added to it.

This poster is made from laminated paper so that chemistry students can stick this poster on their walls for quick reference. Apart from all the details of elements, it comes with explanations like state key, atomic number and other details of the properties of these elements.

17. Creatively designed pen with a stylus tip

You might have heard about a normal pen and a pen with a stylus tip that you could use on your devices. However, here is a uniquely designed pen that is a blend of both these functions.

What’s more! It comes with an LED light as well. Why is this a great gift for students who have graduated in chemistry, you may wonder.

This is because this pen has scientific symbols engraved on it. These symbols include those of molecules, atoms, astronomy, DNA and more.

Don’t we all know that failures are the stepping stones of success? Still, it would be so good to have something to remind us of this beautiful thought every day, isn’t it? Here is a coffee mug that does exactly that!

Designed for science students, this coffee mug comes printed with the words, “CoFFe, the elements for success”, which only science people would understand the pun, and it will help them to achieve their goals.

19. Funny Unisex Chemistry-Themed Shirt

Are you looking for a unisex graduation gift for a chemistry student? This unisex T-Shirt would be a great choice for you, in that case. This T-shirt comes in an attractive navy-blue shade, and is available in many sizes. Made from 100% USA-grown cotton, these T-shirts are cool, comfortable and durable at the same time.

However, the funny chemistry-themed illustrations and the wordings on this T-shirt are the icing on the cake of this gift, definitely. Any chemistry lover is bound to be blown away by your choice of gift, and they would wear this shirt at the first opportunity they find.

20. Beaker Shot Glass Set

Here comes a gift that a chemistry buff would truly appreciate. As she starts her work in a laboratory, she wouldn’t mind having as much periodic tableware in her kitty as possible. So, here is your chance to make her fun nights connected to her precious lab!

These shot glasses are designed in perfect beaker shapes of different sizes, and come with accurate measurements so that she knows how much to drink exactly, on a night out with her friends. This gift set contains 4 pieces – 2 beakers and 2 flasks, all made from highly durable, laboratory-grade borosilicate glass.

21. A blend of chemistry and sarcasm

Are you looking for the right gift for a science lover who also has an excellent sense of humor? Science and humor don’t go together, usually.

However, here is a coffee mug that comes with a perfect blend of these two themes in the same piece. A chemistry student is bound to fall in love with the thoughtfulness of this gift, in an instant.

As you can see, these graduation gifts remind the students of their passion for chemistry in one way or the other. We hope these 21 gifts would have given you an idea to choose science-based gifts that are thoughtful and practical at the same time, so that they don’t come across as being too preachy or educational.

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