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21 Gifts for Film Majors

When in college or at work, you must have met one person who is always talking about films and their backhand work. There is always more than what we see on the screen and they have made you understand that. When you have to gift something to this artistic person, who has a special love for films, it has to be something special.

These people, when in college, have the most bizarre and amusing ideas. When it comes to events or even small festivals, they create a whole new perspective with their camera lens thanks to their passion for films. So here we have 21 gift ideas for film majors to remind them of their passion.    

1. Coffee mug in the shape of a camera lens

This uniquely shaped and designed mug is ideal for someone who has a knack for filming. This mug comes with a leak-proof lid, and comes with a system that locks in the liquid, and doesn’t allow it to spill.

The best part of this mug is that it is a replica of a Canon camera. So, it goes without saying for the one who is passionate about photography and videography.

2. For the one whose passion is films

A mug for those who think there are only three important things in life- “eat, sleep, and film.” With a black exterior and white ceramic interior, this coffee mug can hold 11 ounces of coffee.

Film majors will love to flaunt this mug among their friends, as the words on the mug speak of their passion for their films.

3. Clapper Board

Aspiring assistant directors should be given the perfect gift that is designed for them. One of the best things about this gift is that it can be used as professional equipment or a piece of home decor.

Made from acrylic material, this clapper board comes with a wooden handle. The stainless steel metal crew and magnet-styled closure make this clapper board durable, elegant and stylish.

This sofa couch with the words, “Lights, camera, action” with a classy picture of a motion camera in black and white is one of the best gifts you can give film majors.

Made from a blend of polyester and cotton, this cushion is highly functional as it can be used anywhere. It can also be washed in a machine, and the fabric is designed to last for many years.

5. Christian-themed gift for motivation

If you are looking for a gift for a Christian film major, look no further than this one. This key chain comes with a filmmaker’s camera charm and a circle palette that has a blessing written over it, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

When they see this message, film majors get newfound courage and inspiration to succeed in their lives, against all odds.   

6. Necktie with a film theme

What else could be a bigger flex than that of styling your clothes based on your preferences? This will be the perfect gift for film majors to show how much they like being in their zone. Gift them this necktie that will definitely turn gazes.

This grey necktie that has small doodles of clapper boards drawn over it will help them flaunt their love for film, wherever they go. They can also wear this necktie for a graduation ceremony.

7. Iron Man Shirt

Any film major would be a fan of Marvel Studios, which makes the best use of CGI, VFS, or even SFX. Do you know of film majors who love characters created by Marvel Studios?

If yes, gift them this Iron Man shirt that comes with a small twist of chemistry. Designed in comfortable fabric, this shirt will definitely get a well-respected position in the wardrobe of film majors.

8. Excellent socks with a filmy theme

Do you know of film majors who are waiting for an excuse to escape from a particular situation? So give them a chance to say these words aloud, but with their feet!

These feet-calming socks that we recommend have the words, “I’d rather be filming” written all over them. They clearly indicate that the real passion of film majors lies only in filming and nothing else.

When they are forced to attend an event that they had wanted to miss, they can show their sass by putting these socks on display for everyone to see and know their priorities.

9. The Movie Guide that film majors should know

Movies are not just stores that last for a couple of hours. They are replete with emotions, and they have sentimental reasons behind their making.

As a true-blue film major, one has to understand the basics of movies to excel in his career.  Hence, it is a great idea to gift them this guide to help them in their film journey ahead and scale new heights.

This book, “Movie Guide” by Leonard Maltin is an interesting read that provides new perspectives for film majors.

10. Lessons from Walt Disney

This book has mostly every 90s kid’s childhood trapped within it. Written by Robert I, the CEO of Walt Disney for 15 years, this book contains lessons that he learned by himself throughout his journey.

The book also contains all the anecdotes about what he created and experienced during his stint with the company. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that this book is an encyclopedia for film majors.

11. For one who loves writing

Not all film majors love cameras and video-making projects; some will also love to write scripts, dramas, plots and more. If you want to gift something to these budding writers, here is a great choice that you can pick up.

This two-toned mug has the perfect schedule etched for them. It comes with the words, “Eat, sleep and write’ written over it. So, it gives away the fact that film majors have their priorities set on writing creative stuff always.

Put them in any scenario and they will take out a camera and start to click away to glory. Yes, we are talking about film majors that are passionate about photography. A picture worth a thousand words is what these people want to create always.  

This simple but thoughtful keychain is one of the best gifts for such upcoming photographers. This gift has a camera as a charm. The palette of this keychain reads “Because every picture has a story to tell.”

These words are sure to impress the photographers very much, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this keychain will inspire them to keep getting better at what they do.

If you are looking for perfect gifts for film majors, you should gift them the one accessory, without which their education would be incomplete! Yes, we are talking about the good old film reels, of course!

This metal movie reel is a perfect décor for the office or home. Though it looks simple, this metal piece is a wonderful gift that will keep motivating film majors to make good films and think out of the box always. They will be more than happy to receive this gift from you, as it reflects their inner calling perfectly.

14. Socks for the passionate filmmaker

A very big aspect of being a filmmaker is also watching films. However, this gift is not just for someone who just watches the films. It is for someone who watches, interprets, and observes every single aspect of the movies in a way that they can dissect the movies properly.

If your film major friends have an eye for detail, it is time to gift them these socks right away. Gift these socks to them, and allow them to have their most favorite excuse of all time, which is, “Do not disturb I am watching movies.” Quite a meaningful excuse, indeed!

15. Kodak Camera and Printer Set

This instant camera but with a retro twist is something that you should gift for film majors. As aspiring filmmakers, they should have the compelling necessity to capture every moment perfectly. 

The good thing about this gift is that it isn’t just an ordinary instant camera; the camera can be paired with Bluetooth and can also be used to print pictures anywhere, anytime. This also comes with 68 sheets to print on which makes it all the more reliable than before.

Film majors will love this gift, as it not only kindles their passion for filmmaking, but also helps them create beautiful memories they will cherish throughout their life.

No matter how well the person is doing in life.They all need some kind of motivation or a push to keep looking and moving forward. This gift is the one that will motivate film majors right when they need it.

Thanks to this bracelet, you can let your film majors friends know that you will always have their back, no matter what. The words on the palette of this keychain will motivate film majors to believe in themselves and keep marching ahead in their journey.

17. Movie trivia for every film major

Why don’t we move away from all the cliché gifts and gift film majors something that is actually interesting and out of the box? You can play this trivia game with them to check their knowledge of movies or increase their knowledge of movies. 

This game consists of more than 4000 questions related to films and their history, thereby making it a perfect gift for aspiring filmmakers.

18. Multi-purpose flask set

Here is a great gift for those film majors who are serious about their drinks. These multi-functional flask sets are 100% spill-proof, which will keep the liquor intact. 

Not a drop of liquor will be wasted, thanks to this technology. These flasks can also be used to fill water or any other beverage instead of just alcohol. It comes with stickers that allow sealing the bottle and a funnel, too.

The best part of this gift is that it is disguised as a sunscreen lotion bottle so film majors can easily sneak in alcohol in the film sets or other venues.  

19. One for every Avenger Films’ fan

Here is a great gift for an aspiring filmmaker, who is also an ardent Avenger Films fan.  This gift contains an insider guide to all the Avenger films, all facts they need to know about these movies. 

Avenger Films are great works of art, considering the mix of animation and the live-action presented in them.So film majors will get to learn a lot from this guide.

20. For one who wants to pursue direction

If they plan to take the difficult road and pursue direction, you should gift film majors a gift that will keep them motivated during the tough days ahead. This keychain does exactly that. 

Made from stainless steel the keychain also comes with a thank you note on its palette to thank the upcoming directors for their excellent contribution to the world of films. 

21. Movie cards for film lovers

If they love films, they are sure to love this gift from you. This is a card game called “Cinephile” and has been designed to light up the mood of aspiring filmmakers. 

This game is not just about films; it is also about pop culture and music, which will help them in increasing the arena of their knowledge.

Choosing a gift that is so specific can be a burden but we have taken that burden for you, hoping that it will be easier for you. Films have a huge impact on us, and this can only be possible because we have such amazing, upcoming creators like the film majors, for whom we have helped you find a gift here. We are sure that they can appreciate these gift ideas, because they are creative and thoughtful, just like their personalities.

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