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21 Gifts for Classics Majors

Someone who understands the depth of literature will always try to find meaning in everything in and around them. While they are someone who loves literature they are that one friend that is obsessed with gowns, bows and the deep dark essence of writing that is revived by either Sylvia Plath or Jane Austen.

The words of poetry drench them in a wave of emotions never experienced before. The smell of old, vintage books smells like French perfume to them. These people, who are lovers of classic books and literature, have obviously done their majors in classics.

When it comes to gifting them something they love, it can be a very demanding job. Here, we tell you what you can gift classics majors to ignite a  smile on their faces apart from books that will make them happy. Here are our 21 gift recommendations for classics majors.

Charles Dickens is one name that will make any classics student’s eyes light up in joy and admiration. When you gift them these special copies by Charles Dickens that include Great expectations, Hard Times, Oliver Twist, A Christmas carol, Bleak House and A tale of two cities, they are never going to get tired of thanking you!

These classics are always looked up to as exceptional works of fiction and classics majors will definitely like them.

2. The Impressive CS Lewis Collection

A Lewis C. collection is something that every book reader or a classic lover would wish to have. Therefore if they are someone who loves to read fantasy classics, then gift this to them.

This collection includes twelve works by Lewis. C. They would have heard about him and read about him in-depth, but you should gift them a copy that has all the works combined together, so that it becomes easy for them to refer to the same, in the future. 

While studying in majors, writing theses or dissertations is very important. They may face problems in mastering the art of writing the perfect piece of thesis.

You can help them a bit by gifting them a manual for writers of research papers, theses, and dissertations. This manual by Kate L contains detailed instructions and several pointers on writing the perfect dissertation.

4. Essays from great authors

While classics majors might have read famous fictional works of reputed authors, they may not have had the same exposure to essays. So introduce them to the world of essays with this gift.

 This is a collection of essays by Charles Dickens that includes a total of 8 beautifully written essays. Gift this wholesome collection of essays so they can cuddle up in a soft corner and read all these essays with deep introspection.

5. Collection of major American poets

A well-written poem is always welcome in the world of classics major. When you present them with a collection of poetry from some of the best American poets, it will only kindle their curiosity like never before.

So here is one of the best gifts for a classics student. A poetry collection featuring the works of some of the famous American poets that includes Wallace Stevens, Ralph Waldo Emerson, William Carlos Williams, Henry Wadsworth,

Ezra Pound, Walt Whitman, Edgar Allen Poe, Emily Dickinson, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Stephen Crane, Cummings, Robert Frost, Hart Crane, W. H. Auden, and many more.

6. Reading between the lines

Do they always tell you how they want to read like their professor? How have they wanted to read to the depths and core of each line? Then gift them this book that will help them to read like their professors.

This book will allow them to read like how they want to. This book on, “How to read literature like a professor” by Thomas C Foster is the absolute guide that they need.

7. Literary-themed note cards

What else can you give a book lover something other than books and note cards? These note cards are very helpful; they can use them wherever they want- as a bookmark or putting a note on a bulletin board.

This is the perfect gift for classics majors as it has illustrations of books doodled all over it.

8. Witty English words on a coffee mug

A coffee mug that is so thoughtful it will leave everyone thinking about it. It will confuse anyone who does not use such literary terms. This mug is also perfect for a grammar enthusiast because of what is written on it.

It is the most suitable gift for classics majors and literature lovers. All they need to do is appreciate humor, wit, pun and sarcasm to understand the nature of this gift.

9. A guide for the students

This LSAT trainer book proves to be great company for students who are studying alone. This guide will help them increase their scores in any competitive exams they undertake.

Being a great self-study material, this is one of the most appreciated gifts for college students, who don’t have enough support to help them with their studies.

10. Classic Pen and Pencil Holder

If there could be one moment in the world of literature that classics majors would never want to forget, it would be the death of Julius Caesar. Gift them this pencil holder that will always remind them of how he died to invoke literary thoughts in them, at all times.

This pen and pencil holder comes with a space at the back where they can place their stationery items. This gift is perfect for someone who gets the literary reference of Julius Caesar.

11. New-age translations of meditations

Classics majors don’t need shiny or costly things. They need gifts that are loaded with emotions, values and literary references. This new age translation of meditation is one such thoughtful gift for them.

They will always love and appreciate thoughtful gifts like this. Works like these are translated very often and are given more and more depth with every translation. This newly translated version will set their heart ablaze and they will be forever grateful.

12. Historical writing for the classics lover

What kind of classic lovers are they? The romantic type, the historical style, the war type or the lost type, or anything else? If they are of the historical kind, we have found the right gift for them.

 This historic book comes with illustrated and annotated maps. The Landmark Herodotus is a stunning edition of the greatest classical work of history ever written.

Wall art that is specifically made for book lovers! This wall art is precisely designed with pages that form the backdrop and has a beautiful quote written over it.

This very well-framed wall art will leave classics lovers speechless. This would make the perfect décor for them. So without thinking too much about it, grab this gift right away before it is too late.

14. Book-themed sweatshirt

You must have never met a classic major book lover who does not want to show off their nerdy side. They would always love to carry that in their personality. 

So gift them this beautiful sweatshirt that will give them the perfect oomph factor, while showing off their nerdiness at the same time!

This sweatshirt that has the best classic, “The Great Gatsby” printed over it, and it is sure to steal their hearts in an instant.  

Not all book readers are Grammar Nazis, said no one to date. Every book lover has always silently corrected everyone’s grammar. So why not give them this mug that goes with their personality and allows them to tell people loudly that they are judging them constantly.

So you better stay careful when you speak or write English in front of classics majors, because they will remember every mistake you make. This coffee mug is in a very chic white color with black words written over it in a typewriter font, making it look very attractive.

Anyone who has read the works of Lewis C. will know how important tea time is. When teatime holds so much importance in their life, why not gift classics majors something relevant to that? Gift them this unique set of 25 tea bags, but wait! This is no ordinary tea bag.

These tea bags come with a literary quote. Yes, each tea bag comes with a literary quote printed on it. Literature lovers are sure to be mesmerized by this. These tea bags are the kind of gift they would have never received in their life.

17. Coasters with a library theme

Now that we know the importance of tea in a classics lover’s life, we can also understand that they would be particular about the cutlery in which tea is served for them or by them. So, here is the perfect gift just for them!

These coasters not only add value to their kitchen décor, but they also reflect their love for books. They come in a pack of four, and have the theme of a library.

They have the issue date details printed on them. While this adds to their bookish décor, it will also act as a reminder to always return their books on time.

18. Shakespearean Bandages

These are actual bandages that come with a Shakespearean twist. These bandages come with classic insults written over them. You can choose which to put where based on what kind of injury it is. This can actually be a lot funnier and interesting thing to do because their injury will have a story to tell.

Extremely useful and witty these bandages come in a set of 15. All these bandages are not just for fun. They are medical bandages with a blend of literature. Gift these to classics majors, so they know you take care of them sarcastically too.

19. Throw pillow for the book lover

Would you like to gift classics majors a pillow that can be put anywhere in any place and one that will reflect their thoughts perfectly? Yes, we have got you covered.

This pillow is exactly what they need in their reading room – not because it’s a comfortable and squishy one, but because it comes with a quote written over it that says, “So many books so little time.”

This quote displays the mind of every book lover, and they will love this throw pillow for sure.

20. Socks for the classics major

These socks show the heart of a book reader out in the open, or out on their feet (pun intended). They come in an off-white color like that of a page from a book, and have all the names of the books written over them.

It will add to the perfect outfit for a library. It is also a very good way to show everyone the number of classics they have read.

21. James Joyce Finger Puppet

Are they a fan of James Joyce? Then you should gift them this finger puppet/ fridge magnet, for sure. This cute puppet, made in plush material, is super soft and durable. Gift this to classics lovers to make them feel proud about being able to carry a literary giant in their pockets, everywhere they go.

They can use this puppet during debates, story-telling, thumb wrestling, or other fun-filled theatrical activities.  These finger puppets definitely reflect the magnetic personality (literally and figuratively) of the great legend that James Joyce was.

So what are you waiting for? Grab one of these for your classics majors friends to see them erupt in joy. They will definitely write a poem for you to express their gratitude for choosing such thoughtful gifts for them. 

These recommendations have been specially curated for a book lover, and more precisely a classics major book lover. 

With a dash of literary charm to them, these gifts are fun, creative and functional, indeed!

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