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27 Best Gift Ideas for Nursing Professors

Nurses are synonyms for service. They are quoted as a rank higher than the queen. We have regard for this profession. These feelings should be put into action to let them know how valued they are.

After all the toil, most of their day goes in nursing sick people back to health. Nursing professors make sure that they are well trained.  We can support them by cheering and encouraging them for the job well done.

Here is a list of 27 gifts that you can purchase below $50 to make their day. Few of them are so affordable that you can generously shower your love even if you have little money to spare.

#1 Motivational Water Bottle

A water bottle crafted with so much love, care, and thoughtfulness is a good gift for nursing professors. The most important element of this water bottle is the motivation it provides to keep drinking water throughout the day.

Its frosted body adds class, and the blue hand tag is not only stylish but also functional. Cleaning this bottle is a breeze as it comes with a wide mouth. The flip-top enables one to drink single-handedly with busy hands, and the lid lock ensures no leakage.

The strainer feature makes it more versatile as it allows fruit or tea infusion on the go. Vibrant colors, classy-looking print, and the nurse-specific message are all just perfect!

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#2 Sherpa Throw Blanket

Show your sincere appreciation to your favorite nursing professor by sending them this plush throw blanket. It is soft, fun-filled, and has interesting appreciative phrases that are bound to make them happy.

It can serve them in many ways, such as to keep them warm during the night, as a travel companion, or as comfort while reading. Above all, they highly appreciate its nurse-specific design and the attractive hues, shades, and patterns that complete this blanket.

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#3 Compression Socks

For those standing on their feet for the entire day, compression socks are a boon. Nurse professors are on their feet for most of the day, and these socks are a must to keep them going. They offer progressive compression for enhanced blood circulation.

Compression socks reduce the occurrence of varicose veins along with reducing soreness in the legs. The spandex offers a snug fit, nylon wicks the moisture, and copper offers odor resistibility.

These socks are durable, lightweight, easy to wash, comfortable, keep the feet cool and dry. You can choose from a wide variety of patterns and colors.

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#4 Personalized Mug

Printed mugs never go out of fashion for gifts, especially when they involve excellent customization. The funny caption smiles on the nurse professor after their tiresome service.

This white ceramic mug with a funny message lifts their spirits each time they drink from it. Though it features a simple line on a plain background, it is powerful enough to bring laughter into their weary day.

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#5 Apple Watch Band

Gift a customized Apple watch band for the apple watch-wearing nurse professor and surprise them. Choose from a range of colors to match their uniform, personality, or favorite color.

The EKG stethoscope design adds the medical element and the monogram engraving option personalizes it further. The high-quality watch band feels breathable as it is not too thick. Did I mention that you can choose the color for engraving as well?

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#6 Travel Tumbler

A functional gift with a fun message is always a super-hit gift. Travel coffee mug helps the busy nurse professors carry their beverages with them and have them during their commute, saving time.

The sleek design, perfect size of 27 ounces, and high-quality food-grade stainless steel, BPA-free lid is its highlight features. It is rust-resistant, unbreakable, and doesn’t transfer any flavor even when used with different beverages.

Clear lid with push-on lid, fits well in car beverage holder trays, and the double layer helps preserve the temperature of both hot and cold beverages.

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#7 Succulent planter ceramic pots

Are you looking for a useful gift for a plant lover nurse professor? These cute little ceramic planters are sure to brighten their day. The warm quote will remind them to smile as they head out on a long day ahead of them.

Glossy glaze finished premium ceramic pots add vibrance to the home décor. They sit well in shelves, window sills, balconies, desktops, offices, or practically anywhere.

They are ideal for placing succulent plants. Note that these pots do not come with plants in them.

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#8 Large Multi-pocket Tote Bag

Nurse professors need to carry so many things to work, such as lunch and things they think might be useful. A large professional-looking tote bag with multiple pockets is a very useful gift.

A large main compartment with a zip closure keeps things secure and allows one to carry many things in a single bag. Several pockets inside the bag help them keep things organized, and the exterior pockets make it easier to access things instantly.

Bags wear off easily with nurse professors as they use them throughout the day. However, the highly durable material used in making this bag gives it a long life.

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#9 Organizer Fanny Pack 

The multi-compartment bag with several facilities to carry medical gear conveniently is a very useful gift for nurse professors. This lightweight, water-resistant bag comes with a heavy-duty quick-release buckle for easy handling.

Versatile wearing options are available with this bag as you get a waist belt, shoulder strap, and carabiner clip. The premium zipper holds everything securely. It can hold an iPad mini, stethoscope, medical gloves, and other useful items.

The reflective strip provided for the tape holder is helpful at night. Easy access pockets such as clear pockets and the side opening back pocket help access things handily.

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#10 Burt’s Bees Hand Repair Gift Set

The excessive handwashing leaves their hands dry and rough by the day. Pamper them with this hand repair kit which gives them smooth and soft hands. This gift set comes with 2 ultra-rich hand repair creams, each made of shea butter and almond milk.

The lemon butter cuticle cream softens their cuticles, revitalizes, and soothes them. These Burt’s Bees products are made of natural ingredients and are rich in Vitamin E. They included a pair of cotton gloves to wear after applying the cream.

This complete hand care kit is formulated from botanical oils and is safe even for sensitive skin people.

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#11 Affirmation cards set

Even healthcare professionals need self-care; they need it more as they drain themselves. These affirmation cards will give them the required moral boost and remind them they are important.

These simple line art cards in pastel color highlight the message beautifully. Every message in this card tells them that they do amazing work and need to take care of themselves and that their service is important.

Nurse professors deserve every bit of appreciation, and this set comes with 20 such affirmation cards of 3×4 size—rounded cards with UV coating on high-quality card stock. A drawstring canvas bag you get with this set is useful for storing them.

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#12 Retractable Personalized Badge Reel

This name and title customizable badge on a white background with the initial highlighted is all that nurse professors need to display their ID in style. You can tailor this gift further to its size, color, and clip options to the necessity of the badge wearer.

They can choose from swivel clips for attaching it easily to the garment in places such as pockets or necklines. The belt slide option is sturdy, with a metal slide that conveniently fits the belt loop or scrub collar.

As the front of the badge has a mylar coating, you can wipe it clean with a damp cloth. Whatever options you choose, ensure that you provide your custom credentials properly. Remember that the badges do not come with any default text or design but whatever you choose.

This is where you can get it from

#13 Heart Stethoscope Necklace with Name

This heart necklace is a piece of elegant, fine jewelry available in 925 sterling silver, 14 k gold, and stainless steel or 14k rose gold-filled finish options. It has a stethoscope design molded into a heart. It is further personalized by adding the name and the little ECG design.

The necklace comes beautifully packed in a trendy container. The manufacturer ensures high quality and 100% guaranteed satisfaction. It is handmade jewelry which makes it a favorite gift for those who love such items.

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#14 Hero Headbands with Buttons

Healthcare workers are nothing less than a superhero, and everyone agrees with this statement, particularly after the current conditions. We need to show what they mean to us, and these headbands with hero design spell it out well.

These headbands are not only stylish but are also appreciative of their service. You can customize it with buttons that allow the nurse professors to put their masks away from their ears. It helps lift the strain off their ears and keeps them from aching.

These bands come with a knot design. They are made of soft knit for comfort and stretch well for proper grip.

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#15 Personalized Stethoscope ID Tag

A personalized ID tag for a stethoscope is welcomed with a wide smile by every nurse professor. They can wrap it around the tube of the stethoscope and flaunt it and keep it safe from getting mixed up.

These ID tags are made from hypoallergic, high-quality aluminum. If you need them brass or copper finish, you can ask for it. You can customize it for its fonts, design stamp, name, and credentials.

As they are hand stamped, they have that hint of handmade imperfect impressions but perfectly beautiful pieces. They are packed by default in a gift box, so you need not worry about repacking them.

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#16 Full Zippered Monogrammed Fleece Jacket 

Keep your nurse professor warm and cozy with this midweight, exceptionally soft fleece jacket. It is heavier than microfleece and offers excellent protection from cold. The monogram and name embroidered on it add a personal touch.

This giftable full zipper jacket is made of polyester. It has a twill-taped neck, chin guard, reverse coil zipper, zippered front pockets, and knotted zipper pulls. Also, open cuffs and drawcord facility with open hem offers easy adjustability.

Coming to customization, you can choose the font, name, titles, credentials, letters, the color of both names, and the monogram. Ordering one for the nurse who takes care of the sick with a smile is worth it!

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#17 Customized Keychain 

Nurse professors take a lot of beating as they invest themselves in training future nurses. It is emotionally draining and requires patience to perform such a job.

Bring that thankfulness into their everyday life with this keychain that reminds them that they are appreciated. It is a perfect gift for the professors as they understand how much they are appreciated and how much of a difference they are making in the lives of young nurses.

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#18 Crystal Gemstone Kit 

This gemstone set comes with chevron amethyst for stress relief, peach aventurine for confidence, zebra jasper for focus, and sodalite for perception. These genuine, high-quality stones are sourced from Brazil, Russia, and Botswana.

If the nurse professor trusts in gemstones, these beautiful crystals will brighten their day as they find their refuge in these stones. It comes with an info card about the gems and what they offer, giving the user a better idea of the gift.

You will also receive a gift bag to store these 20mm-30mm gemstones of variable size, pattern, texture, and color.

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#19 Funny T-Shirt 

Give nurse professors this fun-filled T-shirt that instantly lightens their mood and transforms them into relaxed mode. Choose a unisex or woman-fitted t-shirt. It is available in the form of a hoodie.

You can choose the colors from navy, forest, heather black, and dark grey heather. As they are offered in many sizes, you can easily find the right fit along with style.

This comfy t-shirt is 100% ring-spun cotton, making them soft for the feel. The high-quality fabric holds on to the print well even after washing. The neckline and sleeves are reinforced with a double stitch for extra durability.

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#20 Handmade Aroma Candle

Hand-made candles with fragrance oils are super relaxants after a heavy-duty job. Nurse professors need such breaks quite often to revitalize themselves. What’s more relevant about these candles is they come with a heartwarming message specialized for nurses.

These soy wax-based candles come with a cotton wick and a glass jar. The manufacturer does not offer any label customization, but the one that defines the nurse so aptly is enough.

All the fragrance oils used in this candle are high quality and phthalate-free. As the oils are not of essential oil grade but candle grade, they are safe to use around babies, pets, and during pregnancy.

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#21 Nurse Wall Art Poster 

This is an apt gift if you plan to make the nurse professors remember their awesomeness every day. The unframed life-size posture with inspirational message fills her with determination every time they look at it.

This gift appreciated them enough for the strength they bring in into their job from time to time. The archival matte paper they are printed on and the reactive pigment ink used gives out high-quality output.

They have an instant-dry coating that does not allow smudging or fingerprints on them. The thick base of 9.5 mils and the heavyweight paper of 230 GSM helps in long durability. They are shipped safely in heavy-duty poster tubes.

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#22 Printable Funny Valentine’s Day Cards

These digitally downloadable funny medical valentine cards are perfect for an instant gift. Though they are listed as valentine cards, you can treat them as love-filled cards to brighten up your special someone’s day at any time.

As you can download them and print them out then and there, you need not wait for them to ship home. There are 24 cards in this set, and each of them is filled with super fun messages that most medical persons will burst at instantaneously.

Also, you can save them and surprise them each day with an apt message and build up the fun. They are also available in 12 pack and 6 pack versions if you think 24 pack is not for you.

This is where you can get it from

#23 Pocket Size Brain Sheet Book

This lab pocket-sized handy reference book is helpful for nurse professors to train new nurses in looking up important information quickly. The 18-color cardstock and the 70 pages of brain sheets for clinical forms are great tools for every senior nurse.

You can tear them out for more convenient usage, say you need to practice one of them a lot. With these useful forms, the nurses can check out every necessary information on important and frequent conditions they need to attend.

These include blood pressure, ECG EKG, pain assessment, neuro assessment, blood pressure, heart sounds, injections, temperature assessment, lung sounds, IV fluids, etc.

This is where you can get it from

#24 Engraved Heart with Personalized Poem

This 4” x 4” x ¾” sized acrylic heart is transparent and comes with an engraved message. You can personalize the message and have it etched onto this acrylic heart, like engraving it on their heart forever.

Whatever you provide in the customization box is engraved on this cute little heart. As depicted in the sample, a nurse’s poem is a good choice for your nurse professor if you do not have any specific thoughts in your mind.

This is where you can get it from

#25 Personalized Keychain

Appreciate the nurse professor in your life with these cute nursing keychains. They can put it on their fridge or their lockers, and each time they look at them, it reminds them of how much you admire their work.

This handcrafted set of glass cabochons with magnets is of 1-inch size. The picture inside the glass dome is printed on high-quality matte photo paper.

This is where you can get it from

#26 Custom Engraved Wallet

The 4.5” x 3.5” sized custom engraved wallet with medical monogram and name are something that nurse professors can carry around proudly. They would love to flaunt it each time they pull out their wallet.

It is useful either as a wallet or as a cardholder. The calf leather material used to create these wallets is of top-notch quality. Even the thickness parameters are carefully planned for optimizing the ease of use.

This elegant wallet fulfills its worth as a gift as the nurses can use it in their everyday lives.

This is where you can get it from

#27 Painted Wooden Sign

This special painted wooden sign is antique stained for giving it an aged look. It looks charming due to the glittery sealer and the ivory ribbon attached. As it is of size 3.5″ x 7″, you can hang it anywhere.

It goes well on the wall knob, or just free hang it using a stand on your table. This special sign is handcrafted with compassion and carries an appreciative message for the nurse professors.

This is where you can get it from


Remember that gifts are not only something you give others, but you can also gift yourself something nice. Self-appreciation is very powerful and necessary from time to time. Whether you are buying these gifts for yourself or for another nurse Professor who may be a colleague, friend, family member, senior, wife, or girlfriend, we got you covered.

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