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21 Gag Gifts for Police Officers

Grumpy faces and composed looks characterize police officers, but we definitely have a lot to thank them for. They are our saviors in most difficult situations, and we must never miss a chance to gift them something that will make them laugh!

Wondering what gift might suit a police officer? Let us try something new for a change! Here are 21 brilliant gag gifts for police officers that will finally make them double up with laughter!!

21 Gag Gifts for Police Officers

#1 Singing Police Teddy Bear

This adorable soft toy with sparkling eyes is sure to make a police officer laugh like a kid. But what makes it even funnier is its music feature whereby it sings “Bad Boys”!!

Imagine pulling over a few bad boys on the road and coming home to find a teddy mocking you about it! This interactive and stuffed teddy comes at an affordable price of $29.99 and is one of the best gag gifts you can buy for a police officer.

#2 Gun Mug

The most typical picture of a police officer in our heads is with a gun in his hand, attempting to scare off criminals! Well, what better gift to buy for a police officer than a mug with its handle shaped like a pistol?

Not only does it connect directly to the profession of a police officer, but it also has a better grip than normal mugs because pistols are meant to be gripped firmly! If that isn’t funny, what is?! They cost as low as $17.59.

#3 Police Dog Tops

Know a police officer who has a pet dog? Or does the police officer have a dog at the station? Well, here is the perfect funny gift you can buy for him at the cost of not more than $15!

Now that the little one has a cute shirt to wear at work, they can both wear uniforms and stop the bad guys when at duty. It is sure to make police officers laugh for days on end. 

#4 Doughnut Shaped Mug

The world is simply full of old jokes about police officers, and one of them is that they are said to love doughnuts. It is also said that stocking doughnuts are a favorite pastime for cops!!

Remember Homer Simpson from The Simpsons, the inspector who spent half his day chewing on doughnuts? This coffee mug is shaped and designed like a doughnut as a reference to the same joke. This mug comes as cheap as $14.99.

Puns always make the simplest of gifts far more hilarious than they are meant to be. Police officers keep cracking cases one after the other tirelessly. So, how difficult should we make it for them to crack a few nuts?

In a complete uniform and carrying handcuffs as well, this nutcracker looks like an Officer reporting for duty. This gag gift is a must-have one in the house of any police officer.

#6 Crime Scene Pan Holders

These silicone pan holders are shaped like chalk outlines from crime scenes ready to be investigated. The joke is directly in line with the job of police officers and is sure to make them laugh.

They are available in both red and white color and at a highly reasonable price. They can also keep your tables clean and free of burn marks from hot utensils. This gag gift is a great idea for a police officer.   

#7 Cop Badge Bottle-Openers

As hilarious as this pun is, this gift is undoubtedly unique. So often have we heard and seen, in reel and real life, a cop shouting “Open Up” while banging on the door of a house.

This bottle opener is shaped like a police badge and has those exact words etched on it. It is the best gift you can find for a police officer who appreciates humor and puns. So, get it quick!! You can get them for $10.01.

#8 Cop Badge Chocolate Molds

These are molds for making chocolates shaped like a badge for a police officer that can be used for personal and commercial purposes for gifting a hilarious present to police officers.

They are about 3 inches in size and can be used as a gift on various occasions, including birthday parties, retirement parties, etc. Each one has six cavities and is perfectly reusable as well as washable. They are available for a minimal amount of $2.90. 

We all have seen the yellow tapes at a crime scene at some point in our lives. Keeping the crucial role of a police officer at the crime scene in mind, you can gift him/ her with these bandages that take the literal scene on a lighter note.

These adhesive bandages are yellow and have “crime scene” written on them in bold black capital letters. They come in cute little tins, and each has 20 bandages that can be used for adults and children. They are not only funny gifts but also for minor scrapes and cuts. 

Police officers frequently use tactical vests. These tiny and cute miniature tactical vests are a funny gift meant for police officers. These holders are available in adjustable diameters: they can hold whichever bottle you require.

Alongside this, they also help in keeping the beverage cool for as long as the drink lasts. This is undoubtedly a unique gag gift idea for police officers, available at a really low-price range. This holder has a small thin blue line flag printed on it for police officers based in the USA. 

#11 Yellow "Crime Scene" Scarf

Who does not wish to use a warm fleece scarf in the chilling temperatures in winter? And for police officers, specifically, Old Glory brings a beautiful yellow scarf made of pure fleece.

The words “CRIME SCENE. DO NOT CROSS” are printed in bold black and capital letters. It is printed with a dye sublimation process which makes each scarf different from the other. This gift is funny and functional at the same time.

#12 Printed T-Shirt

What is a birthday gift if not filled with a bit of humor like this shirt which reads, “being a unicorn was hard, so I decided to become a police officer.” It also has an animated unicorn printed on it.

We all know that police officers are important, and we all should thank them for it. But instead of a dull thank you, you can simply gift them this funny t-shirt made of cotton and available at a really low price in a variety of colors as well as sizes. There are five colors and six sizes available. 

Being a police officer is no easy task. Neither is it a peaceful or even joyful one. So, all police officers deserve to spend some time laughing at all the jokes that have ever been made about them and their profession.

They have probably heard a few of them already, but they can always read it again and again till they double up in laughter all over again. This is available for $9.95.

You will find all sorts of jokes ranging from “Advice to Dumb Criminals” to “Police Quotes” in this pocketbook. We all know that laughter is the best medicine. So, what are you waiting for?

This coffee mug, white in color, reads, “A COP PULLED ME OVER AND SAID ‘PAPERS’ I SAID ‘SCISSORS, I WIN’ AND DROVE OFF.” A little humor related to some childish act and the situation the police officer must have found him is sure to make a cop laugh out louder than ever before.

This is available for a price as low as $14.95 and is undoubtedly one of the best gag gifts for police officers.

#15 Pop Up Greeting Card

Imagine opening a greeting card, and lo and behold; there’s a pistol staring right at your face. Not to worry, it is just a pop-up from a really funny greeting card that you can gift a police officer on any occasion.

It only costs $8.99 and is sure to make any police officer keep laughing for hours on end. This can sure be a lovely add-on to your gift list.

#16 Printed Coffee Mug

We all know that police officers love busting into crime scenes in the best way possible. Nearly every movie and every book with a police officer in it have at least one such scene in it.

This funny coffee mug has the words “I LIKE BIG BUSTS, AND I CANNOT LIE” printed on it. After all, who doesn’t? They come at an affordable price of $13.99.

Police Officers who have just been promoted to Lieutenants deserve a promotion gift! Know someone like this? Well, here is a lovely travel mug made of stainless steel with the words “POLICE LIEUTENANT BECAUSE FREAKIN’ MIRACLE WORKER ISN’T AN OFFICIAL JOB TITLE.”

Well, there is no doubt that they are our saviors! So, this funny travel mug is a perfect gag gift for policy officers.

#18 Retired Police Officer Mug

Do you know a police officer who has just retired from his glorious profession? So as a gesture of thanking them for working all those years tirelessly, you can gift them something funny.

Well, here is a perfect gift for them. This mug has a beautiful pun written on it. It says, “RETIRED POLICE OFFICER/ TIME TO GIVE IT ARREST.” The word “arrest” has been used as a hilarious pun to mean “a rest”!

This is a unique gift for retired cops at their retirement parties. Adding on to its uniqueness, this costs less than $5. Happy Gifting!!

#19 Funny Praise Mug

Who on Earth has not complimented a police Officer before, saying that they are the best in the world? So, for a change, you can gift him something funny.

So, at $13.99, here is a hilarious gift for a police officer. This mug says, “World’s Okayest Police Officer.” What can be funnier than this bittersweet irony?

#20 Lawn Enforcement T-Shirt

All of us are pretty familiar with the term Law Enforcement. Well, imagine what a police officer mowing his lawn at home will look like!! This is because all police officers are part of the law enforcement system.

So here is the perfect gift for any police officer who is as active at home as when on duty. This shirt is available in 4 different sizes and at a price range of $11.99 to $21.99. They have the words “Lawn Enforcement” written in green and is a perfect gag gift for police officers.

This BBQ apron is funny because of the graphical way it portrays a police officer. It is bright and made completely of polyester. It shows a police officer’s uniform along with a pair of handcuffs and looks hilarious when worn.

Pros of the gift? It is not costly at all (it costs less than $16, it fits everyone, and is a perfect gag gift for police officers for any occasion. So, collect it quickly and gift it to a police officer who loves to cook to make him laugh like never before.


So here goes the complete list of 21 gag gifts for grumpy police officers who deserve to laugh as a token of thanks for all the hard work they do every moment of their lives. Happy gifting!!

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