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21 Funny Gifts for Grooms

The relationship of marriage will work only if there are some compromises between the man and the wife. No marriage in this world is always rosy and lovey-dovey. Every couple goes through different challenges, and it needs to do different things to sort things, so that it can ignore the thorns and enjoy the roses.

Here are 21 funny but effective gifts that you can give for newly married grooms, about to be married in a day, or been married for a year or so. These gifts are a funny take on the compromises one needs to make a marriage work. Try these to enjoy the spark in the groom’s eyes.

1. The key to a successful marriage

When it comes to a groom who is newly married, nothing gives him a high than sex. So, here is a beautiful piece of room décor for the groom, which he can hang in his bedroom. This décor comes with the message, “the key to a successful marriage is to argue naked.”

Need we say more about this? Even if there are differences among them, the groom and his bride are sure to laugh their hearts out when they see this message. Apart from being funny, this gift looks classy with its rustic wood patterns.

2. Keyring with a humorous message

Gift this gift to a groom friend of yours, so that he can gift it to his wife! This is going to create ripples of laughter for both of them for sure. If you have been looking for a funny gift for a groom at an affordable price, this one fits the bill perfectly.

The wordings on this keychain are very funny, but one must appreciate the intelligent use of wordplay here. The groom is definitely going to get excited when he reads these words, and he wouldn’t wait for an occasion to gift this to his better half.

3. Funny instruction manual for the groom

A groom has many challenges in front of him on his wedding day. Looking good for the photos, striking the right pose with his wife, handling the hundreds of relatives that keep greeting him, caring for his fiancé from time to time, etc., are some of the activities that stress him out completely.

So here is a beautiful gift for the groom to help him handle his stress better. This one is an instruction manual, exclusively for the grooms. Though it may look funny to gift the groom a manual of this kind, it definitely helps him stay calm on his D-day.

4. A coffee mug with a funny message for the groom

If you want to gift your son-in-law the perfect gift that he would remember forever, here is a coffee mug that reflects your thoughts perfectly. Gifting clothes, jewelry and accessories are so traditional. It is now time to break the rules and get trendy when choosing gifts for your son-in-law.

While you can still gift him all traditional gifts on his D-day, you can keep this one for social parties. So, when he opens the gift before everyone, the room is filled with mirth and laughter without any abandon.

5. A toilet timer for the groom

As a groom or a husband, a man loses his freedom to utilize his time the way he wants! That’s the essence of this fun gift. This is a toilet-timer that comes with a timer of exactly 5 minutes for toilet breaks.

So, once you are married, you cannot take your mobile to your toilet and browse for half an hour while you do your duties. You have just 5 minutes to finish off your duties, before you run the next errand that has been already planned for you.

6. Boxers with a funny theme

These are boxers with a silly and funny theme, but the groom or husband won’t mind wearing them, because they are super comfortable. These animal-themed boxers come with the words, “Trophy Husband” printed at the back, making it a really fun gift.

However, the boxers are purely functional as they are made from 100% cotton and designed in a loose-fit pattern. They also come with an elastic band, and are very easy to maintain.

7. Funny gift for the groom from the bride

Here is a greeting card with an intimate message from the bride to the groom. As a bride, you should ensure that nobody else sees this card, as it is exclusively meant for your husband only.

If you let anyone else in the family read the wordings on the card, you are sure to go all red with embarrassment writ large on your faces.

Though it is only a simple birthday card, it definitely deserves a place on this list purely because of the humor in the words printed on the front page of the card.

8. Beautiful and romantic gift for the guy

Does your new husband snore a lot? Here is a coffee mug that lets him know he does, but also tells him you love him no matter what. The message on this coffee mug is outright funny, and is sure to make your husband reach up to you for a warm hug and cuddle.

Made from 100% pure, white ceramic, this coffee mug is functional. Your husband would love to sip his daily coffee from this; however, he would prefer to do it in his home only, as he wouldn’t want his office colleagues to read the intimate message on the mug.

9. A gift for every groom

Planning for a wedding is no mean task at all. While brides usually have their activities organized neatly, grooms keep running helter-skelter until the last minute to finish their pending chores. Here comes a funny but highly effective gift for every groom in this world.

“The Everything Groom Book – A Survival Guide For Men” contains all the instructions that grooms should learn about planning their engagement, wedding and even honeymoon!

10. Messages in a capsule

In an era where couples communicate through advanced technologies, here is a cute little gift with an old-world charm to it.

Gone are the days when we used to write love letters to our dear ones. However, there is something unique about hand-written love notes, isn’t it?

Here is a bottle containing 50 capsules. Inside each capsule is a blank chit of paper, in which you can write your message for your groom.

On days, when you feel shy to voice out your emotions, you can use this fun but effective method to express your feelings to your partner.

11. Cute and simple T-Shirt with a funny message

Here is a simple but humorous gift you can give your husband to see the smile in his eyes. Made from 100% USA-grown cotton, these shirts are super comfortable.

The message, “Trophy Husband” is written using safe, QCM screen printing inks, which are resistant to cracks.

Any groom will love the simplicity and functionality of this shirt, while he will also appreciate the humor behind the message.

12. Troubleshooting tips for newlyweds

Though this is a manual for the newlyweds, it can be a useful gift for the groom alone. The bride is anyway not going to follow the instructions mentioned in any manual, isn’t she?

This book contains some funny and thought-provoking tips to make a marriage work. It also contains useful troubleshooting tips to debug the problems that crop during the first year of marriage.

This is one book every groom should read before he says, I do.

13. Pocket watch with a funny quote

Here is a classy and elegant gift from the bride to the groom. This pocket watch, made in exquisite style, contains engraving on a polished steel surface. The steel chain that the pocket watch is suspended from is 45cm long.

However, what makes the gift more attractive than it already is, are the wordings on it – “Groom today, Husband tomorrow.” This is a gift that the groom would always cherish, as it would bring back all the good memories of his wedding day.

14. Funny engagement gift for the groom

Here is a funny, functional and simple gift for the groom. Once he is engaged, a groom is always managed by his fiancé.

So here is a T-shirt that comes with this message – Under New Management. While the message is laced with wit and humor in equal quantities, the T-shirt is highly functional.

It is made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton, and the groom wouldn’t mind wearing this super-comfortable shirt to the office on Fridays to flaunt the choice of words of his loved one.

15. A book the new groom should read

The Knot Book of Wedding Lists  – The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Day is a book that the groom and bride should read before planning their wedding.

However, this book would be more helpful for the groom, because the bride has already had her plans sorted and in place!

For grooms who don’t know where to start, this book is indeed a savior when planning for their wedding.

16. Keychain with a funny theme

Here is a cute keychain with a funny theme for your groom or husband. You can give him this on your wedding day, Valentine’s day, first anniversary, or any other day that is special for both of you.

Your groom is sure to break into a smile when he reads this message, and he cannot help but feel proud for having you in his life. Don’t be surprised if he attaches his car or bike key to this keychain and starts using it immediately!

17. Scented candle with a lovely message

Here is a romantic gift with a fun theme for the new groom. While the wording on the candle’s jar is funny, it does congratulate the man for the new innings in his life.

This candle contains eco-friendly soy wax that is infused with the goodness of lavender oils. This candle can light up the couple’s bedroom and give them a romantic ambiance to spend some intimate moments together.

18. Bachelor Party Sash

Bachelors parties are occasions when friends of the groom are at their creative best. The groom is the center of attention at these parties, and his friends rally around him all night.

When you are planning for such a party for your friend who is going to be married recently, you can consider this sash as a gift for him.

Gone are the days when only ladies got to wear beautiful sashes at beauty pageants. Wear this sash around the new groom and make him do a ramp walk around the floor.

Capture these moments on a camera and have a good laugh about it all through your lives.

19. Groom T-shirt with a dash of humor

Well, this is a beautiful T-shirt that you must get for a groom on his D-Day. The visual image and the wordings on this T-shirt are too creative to be ignored.

The shirt contains the picture of a smiling bride and a grumpy groom with the message, “game over.”

This indicates that the independent life of the groom has come to an end, with lots of humor and a little bit of sarcasm.

20. Grown Man T-Shirt

Yet another T-shirt indicating the end of a man’s independence once he gets married! This super-comfortable shirt is soft, durable and affordable.

However, the message on it, which states that a man only gets to do what his wife wants him to do, is very funny and attractive.

21. Funny keychain for the groom

Here is one from the bride to the groom, with lots of intimacy hidden behind the funny wordings! This keychain, with its tongue-in-cheek humor, is sure to keep the spark alive in any relationship.

The wordings start with an emotional note, but they move towards an intimate note towards the end, leaving you both blushing and laughing simultaneously.

A groom is bound to be surrounded with many gifts from his friends, colleagues and relatives on his wedding day. Let go of the tradition and boredom when it comes to choosing gifts for the groom. Think beyond the box and choose from one of our 21 ideas mentioned here to make him feel embarrassed, smiling, thoughtful and surprised at the same time.

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