Garden Gifts for Mom - 27 Unique Ideas

This season, your mom deserves a little special treatment. Whether she’s the type to enjoy flowers or prefers her greens, a little something to make her feel pampered is always in order. After all, mothers are people, too.

Although it’s easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the season, take a moment to remember the people who supported you through the cold and lonely winter.

They are the reason you’re able to share this season with them. Luckily, this list of gardening gifts for mom will have her feeling pampered in no time. With something for every skill level and a little something for everyone on your list, the following are the best garden gifts for mom:

If your mom is the type who loves to garden, she will love this set.

This is the perfect setting for the avid gardener, a sturdy wooden work chair, a pull-toy, and a watering can.

No matter how much you love gardening, you will appreciate this set more than words can say.

If your mom is the type who loves to have a little vintage in her life, then these signs are just perfect.

Featuring a country garden with a bench, a sunflower field, and a house that reads, “Let it grow,” this set of three signs makes an excellent gift for any home.

Made out of sturdy wooden material, these signs will smile every one’s face as they admire them from afar.

Everyone loves a little protection while they’re gardening, and these gloves will provide it.

Featuring a pair of steel claws on the end of the fingers, these gloves let you happily tackle everything from weeding to pruning with confidence and ease.

Made from durable material, these gloves will help your mom get the most out of her gardening experience this season.

Is your mom a proud mommy? If so, this t-shirt is for her. Featuring a picture of a proud mother holding her newborn baby, this t-shirt is a great reminder for your mom to enjoy the outdoors while she can.

With the perfect mix of sassy and sweet, your mom will love showing off this t-shirt when she’s out in the garden.

This is the perfect gift for your green-thumbed mom. It features a unique design that lets you grow herbs and vegetables in a stackable planter.

Featuring a rubberized finish that prevents the wooden shelves from warping, this is the perfect set to add some color and texture to her patio while keeping her plants happy and healthy.

Many moms have the unfortunate task of dealing with constant cold, wet ground. When you need to wear shoes to the garden but don’t want to ruin your socks, a pair of women’s premium garden clogs are the perfect solution.

They’re designed to be sturdy enough to handle the elements but still be comfortable enough to walk in all day. Some models even double as slippers if the ground is dry.

Your mom will love this gift set. This set has everything she needs to get started in the spring, filled with gardening tools, a journal, and a planner.

Featuring a sturdy plastic journal with a cloth cover and a metal spiral-bound gardening schedule, this set is perfect for recording her gardening experiences.

If your mom is the type who loves to garden in style, this apron is perfect.

This apron will come in handy whether she’s hanging out in the garden with you or relaxing on a Sunday afternoon.

Featuring two pockets on each side, a fabric tie closure, and a vibrant print, this apron is the ideal mix of professional and casual.

If your mom is the type who loves to collect things, this is the perfect gift.

Featuring a large steel Katai storage box, this is an excellent way for your mom to organize her seeds and plant markers.

Featuring a large capacity of up to 50 pounds, this is the perfect way for her to safely store her seeds and markers for her annual garden plantings.

This is the perfect gift for your mom, who loves to garden but isn’t sure where to start.

Featuring a handheld tester that measures the electrical conductivity of the soil, this is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to get a better sense of the health of their soil.

Whether she’s experiencing a little Deja vu or you want to make sure your mom’s soil is up to snuff, this is a great tool to have in your gardening toolbox

If your mom loves to garden, take this as your first gift to her. Hampers make the perfect gift for any occasion, and she will love you, even more when she discovers the contents

If your mom has a green thumb, this will make an excellent present for her. Mum Plant Markers make identifying vegetables, herbs, and flowers easy.

With a set of three markers, your mom can mark her plants, keeping track of the location of the different plants in her garden.

This is the perfect gift for the handyman or woman in your mom’s life. It’s a combination of valuable items in one box.

The Gardener’s Gift Box contains a bottle of hand lotion, a bottle of hand wash, and a pair of gloves. Your mom can use hand lotion to moisturize her dry hands and gloves when working in the garden to protect her hands from the elements.

The hand wash will come in handy when she has dirty hands, and the lotion and gloves can double as a gift for friends or family members.

The vegetable seeds kit comes with everything your mom needs to get started. The seeds contain a variety of vegetables, fruits, and herbs tailored for different climates and growing conditions.

If your mom is interested in developing her vegetables, this is the perfect gift.

Your mom will love having this hands-off approach to gardening. She has to sit back, relax, and watch the seeds grow. Nothing could be easier or more enjoyable

If your mom has a cactus in her garden, this watering spike will come in handy. The metal watering spike is designed to push water through holes in the metal top gently and directly into the cactus’ soil.

This will save your mom from getting close to the cactus and risk getting pricked. Your mom will appreciate the convenience, and your cactus will be happy.

If your mom is into indoor gardening, this colander will come in handy. Hutzler’s Garden Colander is perfect for draining excess water from vegetables, strawberries, herbs, and other plants.

The lightweight and durable colander will easily attach to a kitchen sink or be used on a tabletop. It has a built-in handle for easy transport and storage.

This is the perfect gift for your mom if she spends a lot of time in the garden. This hat comes with extra-large ear flaps to protect her ears from the sun and harmful UV rays.

The brim is adjustable, so your mom can wear the hat in the garden and then take it off at the house when she’s done. This is the perfect way to protect your mom’s skin while still giving her that fresh air.

This is the perfect gift if your mom lives in an area where mosquitos, are a problem. The ceramic mosquito diffuser is designed to help protect your mom’s indoor plants and her indoor furnishings.

The mosquito scent left in the diffuser will keep mosquitos away, leaving your mom’s indoor plants undisturbed.

This diffuser features a convenient on/off switch and can be used throughout the summer and fall.

This is an excellent gift for the beginner gardener. Vegetable Gardening Wisdom offers insight for every stage of gardening, from choosing the best plants for your garden to weeding and maintaining your plants to harvesting and enjoying your harvest.

With information on how to grow vegetables, when to plant them, how long they should grow, and how to care for them, this book is the perfect gift for the new gardener in your family.

This is a beautiful way to bring the outdoors in. The handmade beaded suncatcher features a delightful hummingbird made of glass and steel.

The hummingbpeird can be hung upside-down to dry or placed outside in a sunny location for the season.

The suncatcher’s vibrant colors and the intricate pattern will add beauty to any room in your house. This is an excellent gift for the person who has everything.

Terracotta pots are all the rage right now, and for a good reason. These easy-to-care-for pots are perfect for new gardeners and experienced gardeners alike, and with so many designs and patterns to choose from, you’re sure to find the ideal set for your mom.

These pots come in two, ensuring that there’s one ready for when your mom’s current one is ready for planting.

She can easily transplant her seedlings from one pot to the next, ensuring that she has fresh veggies to add to her table each season.

A Contemporary Watering Can is an excellent gift for any gardener and especially great for moms who enjoy flowers. These cans have a classic design and will match almost any backyard decor.

The large capacity ensures that your mom won’t run out of water before her plants need it, and the spout area doubles as a watering can for smaller plants and flowers.

Pruning shears are essential for any gardener, especially for moms who enjoy nurturing their plants.

Felco makes some of the best pruning shears in the industry, with their classic design and easy-to-use functionality, making them a top choice for home gardeners.

Besides pruning, these shears can be used for everything from cutting back ivy to harvesting vegetables, making them a versatile and indispensable gift for any gardener.

Your mom will love having a birdbath in her backyard. It is beautiful and soothing to look at, but it will also be an excellent way for her to take care of her plants.

Besides making your mom’s plants feel special, this birdbath also acts as a great decor piece, complementing any garden decor.

It easily mounts to a deck rail or fence post and can be filled with water from a hose or a garden spigot.

Nothing warms the soul like the smell and taste of fresh flowers, and the best way to deliver this to your mom is in a glass.

Her flower glass mugs will be the hit of her next outdoor coffee hour, with their pretty patterns and bright colors making them the perfect gift for any gardener.

During the summer months, her flower glass mugs can double as serving pieces for iced tea or lemonade, making them the perfect blend of functional and decorative.

It’s essential to make your mom’s walkway a little more comfortable, especially when wearing heels.

This stepping stone paver walkway mold will do the trick while also creating a beautiful design in her backyard.

It is a great way to add some warmth and dimension to her backyard, but it will also make it easier for her to step on and off her deck.

Let your mom take her greenhouse to the next level with these adorable sprout pencils.

Covered in tiny leaves, these pencils are the perfect way to add a little greenery to her desk or coffee table while also reminding her of her backyard green thumb.

They are also the ideal gift for any gardener who likes to take their plants with them when they’re away from home, making them the perfect travel companion for outdoor adventures.

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