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21 Gifts for Woodcarvers

Woodcarving is an intricate art that requires a lot of patience and discipline from a person. It is one of the best art forms to keep yourself occupied, and enjoy creating beautiful designs. Woodcarving brings a certain sense of peace to one’s mind, as it helps to keep stress, anxiety and anger at bay.

Do you know of a professional woodcarver in your family? Has anyone close to you started learning woodcarving recently? If yes, you have come to the right place. Here, we bring to you 21 awesome gift ideas you can give to woodcarvers, regardless of their level of expertise.

1. Design book for creative ideas

Woodcarvers are always on the lookout for creative designs. Here is a book that will help them.  This design book contains 40 ready-to-use patterns, and a detailed manual on creating these designs.

With clear-cut instructions on carving human faces, wood spirit symbols and other elements of nature, this book has all the potential to become a woodcarver’s best friend.

This book contains all of 1o4 pages filled with illustrations, tips, techniques, and all inspiration necessary for woodcarvers to get a renewed interest in their art form.

2. Small design manual

A professional woodcarver would tell you that it is easy to create large designs on wood, but quite difficult to create small and intricate carvings. Well, if you know of a woodcarver looking to learn the basics of carving small designs on wood, this manual is the right choice for you.

This design book contains 101 small carving designs that artists can get inspired from to improvise on them. The best part of this gift is that it contains two versions of each design, with lots of attention to detail.

Here is a 20-piece, amazingly beautiful woodcarving tool kit that experts and beginners can easily use. These knives are specially designed for woodcarving purposes; therefore, they come with an electrolytic coating to last for many years.

You will be happy to see the joy on the face of woodcarvers when they unwrap this gift, as it contains all the tools they need to create new designs. This set contains 12 carbon steel carving knives, 1 whetstone, 1 storage case, 1 carpenter pencil, 1 wooden ruler, 2 pieces of sandpaper and 2 wipe clothes.

Here is something designed exclusively for someone who has just started to learn the art of woodcarving. This book contains 12 artistic designs that beginners can understand easily. These 12 projects include simple designs like kitchenware, desk accessories, combs, and other easy projects.

It comes with a detailed step-by-step guide and traceable templates, thanks to which beginner woodcarvers don’t find any problems following the instructions.

This one is a complete carving kit that brings joy to beginners in woodcarving. The steps are so easy that even teenagers can carve the bird perfectly as described in the kit.

It comes loaded with all essential tools like a sharp, whittling knife, wood whittling kit, supplies needed for the final finishing of the bird, video tutorial with detailed instructions, 2 woodblocks, birdie template and more.

6. Wooden filehandle set

These wooden handles are designed to give woodcarvers a good grip when handling various projects like furniture décor and more. This set contains  20 wooden file handles that have a smooth finish.

The centered holes and uniform size of these handles make them a must-have in a woodcarver’s kit bag for sure.

This is an exciting gift for a woodcarver, because it contains all the essential tools, and a good case for storing them as well. This way, he can carry these tools safely, wherever he goes, and continue creating beautiful designs from his hand.

This set contains a 13-piece stainless steel woodcarving set, perfect for professionals and beginners. You will find 8 chisels, 3 sharpening files and 2 rasps in this set –  a complete kit to help them create the masterpieces they wanted.

8. Creating whimsical figures

Are you looking for a suitable gift for a person who loves to carve whimsical figures or animal puppets from wood? This manual is just what you need, in that case.

This one contains detailed instructions and attractive illustrations of 20 whimsical projects like a dog, cat, bird, alligator, panda, ostrich and more.

Every single project comes with interesting tips from the author, carving techniques to be used for it and pictures of different angles of the finished product to give a clear idea to the woodcarver.

9. For the one who specializes in making faces

Most woodcarvers specialize in a particular type of carving. While some focus on natural elements, some focus on animals, and some others on human faces.

This design book is for that woodcarver who wants the expressions on the faces he creates, to be realistic.

This manual contains detailed instructions to carve beautiful and ugly faces, with special tips on carving lips, hair, nose, eyes and ears.

10. Work tool apron

When working with wood, it is always recommended to wear aprons for two purposes – safety and functionality. An apron with many pockets will help woodcarvers keep all their essential tools in places where they can be retrieved easily.

This canvas bib apron is a great gift for woodcarvers, because it comes with 21 tool pockets to store tools of all sizes and shapes. The magnetic strip on the chest is a huge bonus, as it helps to keep small tools like nails, screws, nuts and washers safe.

The quality of wood plays a very important role in the quality of the overall finished product created by woodcarvers. This is why you can gift these high-quality basswood blocks to aspiring woodcarvers, so that they can create awe-inspiring designs from them.

This set contains 10, super-soft, grain-free wooden blocks, making them great choices for professional woodcarvers and beginners. Since basswood doesn’t contain any odor, it doesn’t trigger any allergic reaction in people, making it one of the safest wood types for carving purposes.

12. Magnetic wristband for instruments

Isn’t it pure joy to have all the tools you need in one place, so that you can carry on with your carving project without wasting any time? Well, this magnetic wristband is, therefore, a great gift for woodcarvers.

It can be wrapped around their wrist securely, and it comes with 15 durable magnets. These help to safely store small tools like nuts & screws. Apart from these, this wristband also comes with two compartments for storing non-magnetic tools, making it a great gift for a woodcarver, on his special day.

13. Thumb Guard

Woodcarvers are bound to experience many injuries as they deal with razor-sharp tools. It is important to wear proper safety gear while creating masterpieces. Here is an excellent gift that will make them feel happy.

This artistic, leather-crafted thumb guard is so durable, that it comes with a warranty of 101 years! This item is handcrafted from super-soft and full-grain leather; therefore, it is durable and ages gracefully as the years roll by.

What could be a better gift for a woodcarver than a figure carved out of wood to light up the appeal of his home? Here is a wooden home décor piece that has been handcrafted to perfection, without a doubt.

If the woodcarver loves wildlife, he will love this bear figurine definitely. It brings a flavor of natural wildlife right into their halls. It is made from durable resin material, which makes this figurine look artistic and excellent.

15. For specializing in spoon carving

Do you want to gift something to a person who was always interested in woodcarving but didn’t know where to start from? This spoon-carving manual is the perfect gift for you, then!

Designed for beginners, this manual contains tips and tricks from an expert woodcrafter on mastering the art of carving wooden spoons of various types.

The receiver will be thrilled to get this, as he will get a thorough idea of carving spoons, ladles, forks, scoops, spatulas and other spoons after reading this manual.

16. Funny T-Shirt for woodcarvers

Here is a gift for the passionate woodcarver. This simple but funny T-shirt contains the words, “Sawdust is man glitter,” bringing a smile to anyone’s face. It is made from 90% USA-grown cotton and 10% polyester. As a result, this T-shirt is extremely soft, comfortable, and durable.

This T-shirt is known for its high-thread-count, which is the primary reason for its durability. Designed for men and women, this T-shirt is perfect to be worn while people carry out their carving.

If you know of a woodworker who loves to note down his daily goals and keep a record of his carving projects, this notebook journal is a good choice. If you thought this is just another simple diary, you are mistaken.

This journal had found its name on this list, thanks to its attractive wordings on the cover, which go this way – “I Work With Cutting Edge Technology.” Aimed at woodcarvers, this message has equal amounts of fun and pun in it.

It is quite normal for a passionate woodcarver to consider his craft more than education. What could be a better gift for such a person than this journal with words that exactly reflect his thoughts? He is sure to break into a hearty smile after unwrapping your gift, and he would love to flaunt it with his friends.

This journal contains 120 high-quality pages, which the woodcarver can use to take notes on important tips when he reads design manuals, keep a record of his carvings, etc.

If you know of a woodcarver who seeks ultimate happiness in the art of carving wood, this is a great gift for them. Such people are unaffected by the stress in their lives, because they feel light the minute they take their carving tools in their hands.

As they carve different masterpieces from wooden blocks, they derive immense pleasure in the process, which cannot be described in words.

This t-shirt, whose inscription reads “I don’t need therapy; I just need woodcarving” is the perfect gift for such ambitious woodcarvers. They can never thank you enough for this thoughtful gift.

Yet another journal, you may wonder! However, we are forced to include these beautiful journals in this list because their covers contain superb words dedicated to the woodcarver exclusively. This one is no exception to this fact, either.

“I have enough tools, said no woodcarver” are the words on this notebook journal. Every passionate woodcarver will surely resonate with these words, as they always look to keep adding more and more tools in their carving kit.

Well, woodcarvers take to their art not only to escape from stress and worry, but also from housework! Though they may not admit it, woodcarvers are happy to be sitting in the corner of their homes, creating beautiful objects, than do mundane tasks like washing, cleaning and cooking.

So, here is a notebook journal, which reflects the thoughts of a woodcarver perfectly, on its cover. Your woodcarver friend will be thrilled to read his thoughts on this gift, and he will definitely appreciate you for your thoughtful gift.

More often than not, we forget that gifts are meant to make the receivers happy and not show off our status to others. There may be exquisite and high-priced items, up for grabs, when looking for woodcarvers’ gifts. You may give them a bottle of exquisite and costly French perfume, but that will not make them happy.

The 21 gifts that we have listed above are all related to woodcarvers’ art form, and add a lot of value to their lives. Simple carving tools that may look meaningless to you, may bring about immense joy for them. We hope our recommendations listed above can brighten the face and mind of the woodcarver friend of yours.

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