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Gifts for People with Back Pain – 27 Relieving Ideas

Do you have a parent, friend or partner suffering from back pains? Well, this can be brought by so many factors such as bad sitting position, old age, chronic diseases or even period cramps. So, for a good gift for such people, it would be best to get them something that helps to reduce their back pains. In this article, we have a list of gift ideas for People with Back Pain.


1. Back and Neck Massager

This is a massaging device that not only works for the back but focuses on the entire body. This massager helps to relax stiff muscles, remove pain, and eliminate soreness.

It has four massaging modes, so you can choose the massage mode according to the pain intensity. If your dad or mom is complaining of back or anybody pain, this is a good gift to get them.

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2. The Mind-Body Connection Paperback

This is a more natural healing approach method for someone who does not like to take drugs to relieve pains. This book is written by a professional doctor who provides a guide on how one can connect the mind and the body for natural healing. Get this book for your mom who does not like taking medicine as it may work for her.

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3. Acupressure Mat for Back Neck Stress Relief

Acupressure back pain treatment has been widely used in various cultures but this mat is more advanced which means better results. If your husband suffers from neck or back pains probably from sitting long in the office, get him this amazing massager mat.

The top surface has flowers with each flower having 29 massage nails that give great results. The mat also comes with other accessories like 1pillow, 1 travel-size storage bag, massage stick and a head massager.

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4. Personal Wellness Journal

This is like a health diary essential for helping one to keep track of their health issues and growth. In our case, you can gift it to a loved one who occasionally complains about their back pains.

They can record when their back has issues, the progress they make and even the medical attention they get in this diary. It has a hard book, and each leaf has two blank pages to write on.

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5. Organic Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil

A good massage using the Organic Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil can go a long way to relieving any form of back pains. The oils are quite famous for being originally used in India.

These are essential oils extracted from natural plants and have a calm scent that is comfortable to most people. The oils are largely used to relax muscles improve the respiratory system and promote good circulation.

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6. Posture Corrector Back Brace

In some cases, back pain or injury will occur due to bad positioning of the body. Well, this posture corrector is meant to ensure you maintain the right posture. So, for people who tend to sit or stand for long hours when working, this brace will help to relieve chronic back pain associated with such activities.

The brace can fit anyone with a chest size of 30″ to 43″. If your husband works in a warehouse or sits for long hours in the office, gift him with this brace.

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7. Scented Candles Gift Set

These are not ordinary candles as they are infused with aromatherapy scent essential for relieving tension, stress and anxiety. A pack has four candles with four different natural scents for a good feeling.

They can burn for up to 35 hours, and these are cute candles too. So, if your wife is not feeling well, gift these beautiful candles to calm her.

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8. Weighted Blanket

Sometimes you just need a little bit of weight on your body to get a good night’s sleep after a long tiring day. This is a unique duvet with a 7-layer weighted design essential for pressing on your body to help calm the body.

So, if one is having back pains or stiff muscles, the blanket can help relieve the issue. It has a cotton cover that is quite comfortable for the body. To buy this duvet, just measure your body weight and add a pound to it when ordering.

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9. Ergonomic Computer Stand

Is your boyfriend complaining of back pain maybe after starting to work from home? This could be a result of the posture he positions his body when working.

This is a detachable computer stand that adjusts in height so one can place the computer at the right height. The stand can hold a 10 to 17 inches wide laptop and adjusts up to 90 degrees angle.

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10. Ergonomic Mesh Computer Chair

An office chair that can correct one’s posture and provide lumbar support is an excellent choice for people with back pains. This office chair is ideal for people working for long hours as it offers great support at the back, arms, and head.

The back has mesh materials for breathability. So, if your woman tends to carry office work home, get her this comfortable chair.

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11. Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

This 2-inch gel memory foam infused mattress topper is made in a way that it conforms to your body for support when sleeping. So, for people with back pain, this topper will make sure your back has the right support for comfort and support as well.

The mattress topper has temperature regulating gel beads that ensures no heat builds up at night.

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12. Epsom Salt for Soaking Bath Salts

Sometimes you just need to take a bath with the right elements and your back pain will disappear. Well, soak in with these amazing bath salt ingredients to relieve your back pains as it does a great job.

The infused materials and natural ingredients like lavender in the bath salt have an aromatherapy effect. The pack comes with three containers of bath salts, three bath bombs and essential oils. This is a good gift for a new mom who just had a baby.

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13. Professional-Grade Orthotic Shoe

These Superfeet orthotic support shoe inserts are meant to structure and offer support to your feet mainly when you wear heels. The innersole has memory foam fillings that form cushioning for your feet heels.

With happy feet rest assured you will not experience back pains as you walk at a comfortable angle. Get the innersoles for your wife on your anniversary.

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14. Back Support Belt

The support belt is the real deal when it comes to healing herniated disc, sciatica, back pain and even sore muscles. The belt is comfortable to wear for long as it has mesh-like materials that are breathable.

The good thing about the belt is that it can fit around most people as it is adjustable. So, if your husband is complaining of back pains after working, get him this belt as you celebrate your love.

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15. Car Back Support Lumbar Support Pillow

For that extra support and relief of back pains for men who drive for long hours, this is the right support pillow to get. The pillow is meant to attach to the car seat for safe and comfortable lumbar support.

It has a dual strap that safely adheres it to the seat to prevent it slipping. This is a great gift for men in truck driving jobs as it supports them while on the road.

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16. Digital Stimulator Unit with Accessories

Everyone who experiences back pains once in a while needs to invest in this gadget. It is a machine meant to stimulate muscles, and tissues at the back, neck and shoulder to relieve any form of pain.

This is an electrotherapy machine equipped with 10 modes of massage for that instant pain relief effect. The device is adjustable to accommodate different pain intensities. I would buy this massage device for a mom or dad experiencing back pains.

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17. Backpod Premium Treatment

Treat the back pains in the comfort of your home using this great device. This is an effective and professional physiotherapist to relieve pain from the back of the neck. This device is good for people who experience back pain from sitting too long in the office, as it can help relieve tensed lumbar muscles.

So, it is a good back pain reliever to get for your wife complaining about stressed back muscles.

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18. Yoga for Beginners Kit

For people who love yoga, this yoga kit is meant to help you when flexing at yoga or if you are having back pains while doing yoga. This kit consists of an alignment yoga mat to ensure you position the back in the right place when doing yoga. This yoga kit also has a strap for increasing flexibility something beginner would like.

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19. ORGANIC Temple Tea Bags

For anyone suffering from chronic pains, these organic teas are great relievers. So, if your mom keeps on complaining about back pain, get her the organic teas to relieve the pain naturally. The teas have a blend of natural ingredients and each pack has 15 tea bags.

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20. Extra Large Electric Heating Pad

This is another back pain relief pad that one can use in the comfort of their home. It eases pain, stiff muscles and if you have bad cramps, this pad will ease the pains. It comes with control remote to regulate the heat such that you can set low, medium or high heat treatment. If your wife tends to get cramps or lower back pains, this mat would suit her.

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21. Himalayan Glow 1002 Crystal

As much as this salt glow crystal lamp does not provide direct treatment for pains, it has been associated with calmness every time people sit near it. It is extracted from Pakistan and every time it glows, it has some calm effect on the body.

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22. Sore Muscles Soap

Every time you are suffering from muscle soreness after a workout, or back pains take bath with this soap and your body muscles will relax. The soap is made with essential oils plus herbal elements that provide a therapeutical effect to the body. The soap is a good gift for moms and dads for Christmas.

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23. Portable Vehicle Support Grab Bar

Not only does this handle provide support when getting in and out of the car, but it helps to prevent back straining when you get out of the car. It is a good handle to get your elderly dad or mom who still drives as it makes getting in and out of the car easy.

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24. Socks Helper with Foam Handles

Anyone with a back injury or who can’t bend their back to wear socks needs this socks aid. They are plastic shells made in a curve form to contour to the leg. The shell comes with ropes essential for aiding when pulling up the socks. The sock aid is great for elderly people so buy it for your dad.

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25. Suction Cup Reacher Grabber

This is a multifunctional grabber that one can use as a walking stick, reaching bulbs, removing trash among others. It is a good choice for people with back pains as it ensures they don’t strain their back muscles to bend or even carry heavy loads. You can get the aider for someone who had a back injury to use as they recuperate.

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26. Upright Posture Trainer

If you tend to slouch on the chair which results to back pains, then I recommend this amazing posture trainer. It is integrated with a smart device so it can alert you every time you position your body in slouch mode.

It is compatible with both iOS and Android phones. Buy this gadget for your wife or girlfriend.

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27. ATUMTEK Standing Desk

This is an adjustable working desk ideal for people working at home. It accommodates most PCs and laptops, plus the height is adjustable depending on where you work. It is made with steel materials for durability and stability.

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