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Gift Ideas for Cyclists Dad – 27 Unique Ideas

Bicycles are a great hobby for dads to stay physically fit, so they can share with their friends and have fun on different routes while exercising.

But this hobby requires accessories, tools, and useful implements so that the hobby of riding the bike is not stormy, but pleasant. There are a number of special items for a cycling fanatic dad.

Here we present the best 27 ideas about products that will certainly please dad, and most importantly, will be of great help. Read the 27 to the end, and you will realize that there are no better alternatives.


1. Bicycle Computer with GPS

This is a great gift that will provide a great utility to the cycling fanatic dad, is a functional device with a number of functions, among which is the GPS, you can program the routes, and indicates the points where you should make the turns, has speed controls, heart rate and more.

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2. Special Headphones for Cyclists

These headphones called bone conduction will allow the cyclist dad to hear the music with high-quality sound, while still hearing the sounds of the environment where he travels, which makes them very functional and practical.

They are resistant and very light, its titanium frame allows them to stretch and bend at the whim of the user, and work with wireless technology, the battery lasts up to 8 hours.

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3. Heart Rate Monitor

For a dad who practices cycling a Bracelet that he can wear on his wrist, and serve as a heart rate monitor will be very useful. It will protect his health, and help him to improve performance in his training.

This device has Bluetooth, is compatible with, smartphone, tablets, GPS, and bike computers, and the battery lasts up to 30 hours. The efficiency is well demonstrated as it is used by the big cycling teams such as Bora-Hansgrohe, INEOS, Katusha Alpecin.

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4. Waterproof Saddle Bag

A very functional item for dad’s bike, it is very elegant. It comes in black color, with reflective details that allow him to be seen by drivers. Made of coated nylon and its seams are armored to prevent it from getting wet inside, and provided with an efficient mounting system. It serves him to carry his things, tools, documents, and so on.

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5. Digit Combination Lock

One of the essential things for dad’s bike, is security. Many times, he needs to stop and leave the bike while he buys something, this device cable lock with digit combination lock will allow him to secure it to a post, or fixed object. It is strong, in steel alloy, with 100000 possible keys that make it very safe.

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6. Front Bike Rack

When dad needs to transport luggage and other things with considerable sizes on his bike, he needs a tool to place them safely on the 2-wheeled vehicle. This practical and functional rack made of metal is the solution. It is very easy to install, and will give him the opportunity to carry briefcases, bags, and even boxes safely, it comes in 4 types of coating.

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7. Bicycle Hanging Hook

This little gadget is a hook that will help dad to save space in his garage, with it, he can hang the bike and the rims, optimizing space, and storing the bike safely

It has a wood thread that has the ability to support the weight of the bike, and the hook is coated with vinyl.

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8. Bike Rack

With this bike rack, you save dad the limitations for the storage of the bike, and can keep it standing without risk of scratches. It is a metal device, with folding, and is very easy to store when not in use, and serves for any type of bike.

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9. Bicycle Bell Buzzer


When dad drives the bike, he needs to warn passersby that he is riding, for this is very functional this metal bell is very easy to install, produces a loud noise that can be heard by those who pass nearby, and has a very colorful design.

This is where you can get it from



10. Front and Rear Light for the Bicycle

This set of bicycle lights will be very useful for dad, so he can ride safely at night, without the need for annoying cables, as they work with rechargeable batteries, have an adjustable bracket to attach them to the handlebars and the seat tube. They also have different lighting modes for more efficiency.

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11. Bicycle Tool Set

This bike tool set is very complete and has everything dad might need to repair his bike, with 32 items all very functional and necessary when you have a bike, they are high-quality tools, and come with a handy storage box.

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12.Famous Cyclists Figures

Dad cycling fans have idols within this sport, these figures made of aluminum, and hand painted, bring a trio of world-renowned cyclists, there are options of the best, including Fabian Cancellara, Greg van Avermaet, Tom Dumoulin, and many more.

They are very decorative figures that will serve dad to decorate the environments where he frequents.

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13. Cycling Socks for Dad

Cycling apparel is very useful for dad, socks are of great importance, these are ideal in an assortment of amazing colors and combinations to make them look very attractive, and have comfortable soles in wool for dad to ride the bike with great pleasure.

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14. Biker Gloves

It is necessary for dad to protect his hands when riding a bike and to have gloves that will prevent his hands from sweating and give him a better grip on the handlebars. These gloves relieve the pressure on the hands, and prevent them from numbness. The palm is provided with synthetic leather, and they have tactile closure.

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15.Tour de France Poster

A gift for dad to decorate his environment, and delight in his love of cycling. This beautiful poster has in an attractive design the colors of all the teams that have won the most important cycling competition in the world from 1903 to date, can be selected in 2 sizes on a fine paper and comes in a decorative poster holder.

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16. Bike Polish with Sprayer

This is a quality polish for the frames, metal parts, and tires of dad’s bike, which will be very useful to keep it impeccable, it is based on liquid silicone polish, which provides extra protection against the sun’s rays to the bike, and is very easy to apply.

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17. Cup Holder for Bicycle Handlebars

A very useful accessory for dad’s bike. It is covered with black rubber, and has a capacity to support up to 71 g of weight! Dad can carry his drink, coffee, soft drinks, energizers, and any liquid you want. It is very colorful and installs very easily.

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18. Handlebar Liner Tape

This tape besides giving protection to the handlebars, gives it a very attractive design. It is made of woven nylon, and with a very soft foam backing, and is self-adhesive. It gives dad cushioning in his hands while riding the bike, and has very striking figures in the fabric.

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19. Bike Bar Bag

An extraordinary gift for dad’s bike, it will serve him well, because it has a top compartment for the Smartphone with a transparent cover, and sensitive to the touch screen for the phone, and he can carry it in sight, and at hand.

It is very easy to place, and has two straps to adjust it to the frame of the bike.

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20.Travel Pocket Book for Cyclists

For dad to know about the most wonderful places to go cycling, it is a very attractive pocket book organized by continents, with impeccable illustrations of the destinations, and with very valuable information, both routes, maps, and places to stay.

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21. Bicycle Case

Dad will love this practical and efficient bike cover, made of waterproof polyester, in 6 attractive colors, and in 2 sizes, with holes on the bottom to secure it with a bike lock, this accessory will protect dad’s bike from dust, rain, and scratches.

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22. Tire Repair Kit

This is a very functional item for the cyclist dad, brings a CO2 inflator with trigger to apply the gas, small patches, levers with pads, zipper bag, 3 cartridges of 20g of CO2. It will be very useful to avoid getting stranded on the road.

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23. 10-Function Multi-tool

Among the tools that dad must have for the bike, this is essential. Here are 10 tools in one, saving space, and optimizing the use! It is made of chrome vanadium, so it is very resistant, and compact.

It has 6 hex keys, spade screwdrivers, Phillips, and star, and a crosshead.

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24.Helmet with Tail Light

One of the most necessary implements for riding a bike is a protective helmet for the head, and this one is ideal for dad. It has a great design and has 14 LED smart back-lights, vents, can be connected to the Smartphone through an app and access music and route information.

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25. Jean for Cycling

If any garment has had multiple uses over time, it is a pair of jeans, and this one is especially for dad to wear when riding a bike. It has a straight cut, elastic pockets, is padded in the seat and crotch area, and has a double lined pocket to carry the Smartphone.

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26.Bicycle Mudguard

An accessory that lends a great utility to the cyclist dad in the moments when the rain surprises him, with this folding mudguard will prevent his clothes from getting muddy, when not in use it hides easily under the saddle, it is very light, and comes in 3 colors, white, red and black.

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27. Waterproof Jacket for Cyclist

An excellent gift for dad to protect himself from the downpours when he rides his bike. This is a professional style jacket in waterproof material, with areas in the armpits and back, which allow optimal perspiration.

Very light, resistant, and colorful, and has elastic material in the lower back that prevents the jacket from riding up.  When folded it fits perfectly in the jersey pocket.

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