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21 Gifts for Academic Advisors

The role of academic advisors is very important at the college level, because they guide the students to pick up their major and minor subjects properly. They are with students in every step of their lives, to ensure that they choose their graduation subject in line with their career goals.

Many students, who become highly successful in their careers, owe their success to the role of their academic advisors. Do you also have an academic advisor or counselor you owe a lot to? Here are some special gifts that you can give them on any special day. In fact, you don’t need a special day to show your gratitude to them. Grab one of these right now, and let your academic advisors know that they mean a lot to you.

This might be a simple mug, but it comes with some powerful words that you cannot ignore. If you have been looking for a perfect gift to express your gratitude to your advisor, there can be no better gift than this coffee mug.

The words written on this mug indicate that a great advisor is hard to find and impossible to forget – exactly the thoughts that echo in your mind! These words are printed in indelible ink on both sides; therefore, it is a great gift for right-handed and left-handed advisors.

Academic advisors are so powerful that they seem to survive just everything that comes their way! Their knowledge is enough to chase away all troubles. So, here is a gift that will show them their real power.

This is a simple and comfortable T-shirt made out of cotton. However, the reason why this gift is on this list is not because of the shirt itself. It is because of the words printed on it – “Advisors make the world better”! Now, if that can’t make academic advisors proud, we don’t know what will!

3. Notebook with the apt theme

An academic advisor will need to take notes and keep track of his schedules, counseling sessions with students, meetings and more. So, what could be a better gift than this notebook journal for them? This journal comes with 110 pages that advisors can use to make notes.

However, the catchy point of this gift is that it comes with some beautiful words on its cover. These words not only help you show your gratitude to your advisor, but will also inspire them to keep doing a great job in their roles.

Here is a gift for an academic advisor who has a good sense of humor. If he can appreciate wit, he will love your gift immensely. This is a notebook journal that comes with 120 high-quality pages for the advisors to take notes and organize their daily tasks.

Academic advisors are known to solve all types of problems for students. So, this notebook journal with catchy words on the cover is just the right gift for them. These words indicate that an advisor can solve even those problems that students never knew existed!

5. Poster to show your gratitude

Have you been searching for the right and classy gift for your academic advisor? Your search should end right with this wall poster. This is an elegant frame made from a black PVC frame and has an acrylic glass print.

This transparent poster has the true words that define an academic advisor. Your counselor is sure to feel touched by this thoughtful gift, as she takes great delight in guiding her students in every step of their lives.

6. Mug with a funny and sarcastic theme

More often than not, listening to your academic advisor is more than enough to succeed in life. That’s exactly what this mug tells you! Your advisor or counselor is sure to have a hearty laugh at the sarcastic but true message printed on this mug.

They take great pride in their jobs; therefore, it is only natural that you gift them something like this mug, which gives them the much-needed boost they need every day. This mug can hold up to 11 ounces of their favorite beverage, and they would love to keep this mug on their work desk.

Well, here is one of the best gifts you can give to your academic advisors to make their day brighter than ever. The words written on this mug read, “The world’s best academic advisor.” What more do they need to feel proud of their job and the difference they bring in the lives of students?

These words are printed in indelible ink; therefore, it doesn’t fade off even if the mug is washed many times. This is definitely one of those objects that an academic advisor would love to show off to his friends and fellow advisors.

8. Travel Tumbler with a superb message

Are you looking for a functional and suitable gift for your academic advisor? If yes, this travel tumbler is the right choice for you. It comes with double-walled vacuum insulation, which helps to keep drinks cold or hold for many hours.

This travel tumbler is lightweight; so, your academic advisor can carry it with him wherever he goes. Apart from its functionality, it is the wordings printed on this travel tumbler that steals the limelight! Your advisor is sure to feel thrilled reading these nice words.

9. For the advisor with superpowers

When you talk of superpowers, you often think of characters like Spiderman, Superman, etc. Why think of fictional characters when we have real examples of people with superpowers in the form of academic advisors?

Academic advisors have to deal with many students at a time. They have to listen to their aspirations properly and guide them accordingly to choose the right subject to major in. These choices can go on to define students’ future careers.

Hence, being an academic advisor, in itself, is a superpower, indeed! That’s exactly what this notebook journal states, making it the right gift for them.

10. Funny message in a mug

If your academic advisor knows to appreciate humor, he will love this coffee mug. The words on this mug clearly state advisors are evil geniuses, which is true. While they are hard taskmasters, you cannot agree more that they are one of the best intelligent species of mankind.

11. T-Shirt with fun and sarcasm

Nothing will irritate academic advisors than acting dumb and giving answers that are not related to the questions. So, here is a T-shirt that will irritate them, and make them laugh out loud as well.

This simple T-shirt is made from ringspun cotton and contains a funny solution for a math problem. The solution is so ridiculous that it can make academic advisors roll their eyes in disgust.

An academic advisor needs to be on his toes when it comes to keeping his day organized. He might have many counseling sessions scheduled for his students, and he needs to ensure that he doesn’t mix up his sessions. So, here is a notebook journal just for him, to plan his day well. This one looks attractive and comes with beautiful words, too.

This is one journal that will give the utmost happiness to an academic advisor. This is not just an ordinary journal. It comes with an attractive cover with words that are just written for the advisor or counselor. Yes, the advisor is always right, and there are no two ways about it.

14. For the nearly perfect advisor

An academic advisor is a person who is always guiding the students in their respective fields. So, he is almost perfect in his decisions, and gives almost the right solutions to every problem. 

So, here is a coffee mug that is the perfect gift for academic advisors. The words on this mug go this way – “I am an advisor, because I’m nearly perfect.” Advisors or counselors are bound to have a smile on their faces when they unwrap this gift.

15. For the coffee-loving advisor

Does your academic advisor love coffee? If yes, this notebook journal is the right gift for them. While there are many things that may motivate advisors, nothing inspires them more than a cup of coffee. So, here is a notebook journal that will make them happy.

“Academic Advisors – Powered by Coffee” are the words on the cover of this journal. With 120 high-quality pages, this journal makes a great gift for academic advisors for their birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and other special occasions.

Everyone gets scared seeing academic advisors, because they are full of instructions and guidelines for students. They always keep tracking the status of projects, timelines and more. So, while everyone is scared of academic advisors, they aren’t scared of anyone.

Here is a notebook journal that is suited for them perfectly. It comes with the words, “You can’t scare me; I am an academic advisor,” which are an equal blend of fun, wit, truth and sarcasm.

The role of academic advisors is quite challenging. They meet various types of students in a day. While some are extremely intelligent, some others are slow learners. Some might not have the inclination to learn new things, as a result of which they display unnecessary attitude in the college.

This notebook journal will help academic advisors those people who don’t have the interest to learn anything. Keeping this journal on their work desk will ensure that they don’t have to tolerate stupid people in their office.

What is it with academic advisors and notebook journals, you may ask! We have listed quite a few journals here as gifts, but all with good reason. The words on the cover of these journals are so attractive, that we thought they should find a place here. This one is no exception to the rule, either.

With the words, “World’s Okayest Academic Advisor” written on it, this notebook journal is sure to make advisors burst into laughter. You don’t doubt their knowledge with this gift, as it is only meant for fun. Give this to someone who knows to appreciate wit & humor, without getting offended.

Academic advisors play an important role in shaping students’ lives. You can never thank them for standing by you, cheering you on with your life choices, guiding you wherever necessary, encouraging you when you feel low & lost and celebrating your success like their own.

Do you want to express your gratitude to such an advisor? Here is a keychain that will suit the purpose perfectly. This keychain comes with the exact words in your mind, and makes it easy for you to express your gratitude for them. Your counselor is sure to feel touched reading the words printed on this keychain.

Is your academic advisor a wonderful mother as well? Here is a notebook journal designed exclusively for her. A woman who rocks both her positions! Yes, this journal is for that woman who is a great academic advisor and a lovely mom as well!

This is one of those books that your academic advisor would love to carry wherever she goes, as she loves to flaunt her superpowers to the world, without any inhibition.

21. For the busy advisor

Here is an awesome gift for the academic advisor who is super proud of his title. He would have many tasks to manage as part of his job. So, here is a journal that describes advisors as multitasking wizards, a title that they love and adore.

As you can see, all you have to do is choose simple but witty gifts to make your academic advisors happy. They take great pride in their profession, and these gifts are some of the best in the market to help you show your gratitude to them for their role in shaping your career.

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