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21 Gag Gifts for New Dads

Thinking of a gift for new dads? You can find quite a few gifts in this list for different categories of new dads. While some may be expecting the delivery of their baby, some may be in the early parenthood stage. Some others may be dealing with sleepless nights thanks to their infants. Regardless of the category of new dad you know, this list will contain something for each of them.

All these gifts are intended to be quite creative and funny. They aim to bring joy to the life of the new fathers and relieve them of the stress caused by sleeplessness, diaper duties, mood-swings of wives, etc. These gifts inadvertently bring a smile to the faces of new dads.

1. A new dad who enjoys his drinks

This is an apt and funny gift for a soon-to-be daddy. Usually they say, pregnant women must eat for herself and her baby. So, why should the dad be left behind? This funny shirt has a message for the new dad who loves his drinks just too much. So, for the lady eats for two, the man can drink for three! This shirt can also be worn by the new dad to announce his partner’s pregnancy to the world.

2. For dads who want to experiment with their kids

Here is a typical gift that new dads will enjoy a lot! This is a book that contains over 50 small experiments to be done on the kid to study the kid’s motor skills, language skills and more. If you know of a dad who loves research-based parenting, this is a great choice for you. New dads can get quite eager when they get a gift like this; however, they need to ensure that it is safely hidden away from the mum, as she may not like experiments conducted on her child!

3. T-Shirt with a funny message

One of the key points to keep in mind while choosing gag gifts for new dads is to be creative and funny, This is a simple T-shirt, but the wording on it is what makes the gift extraordinary. A new dad would definitely love this gift as it tells the world about his potential. Made from soft cotton fabric, this shirt is highly durable and is safe for the kids to sleep on.

4. Survival guide for new dads

The person who receives this gift is going to thank you immensely. Considered to be one of the most thoughtful gifts ever for new dads, this one talks about the challenging phases of pregnancy, delivery and the early days of the infant. It has some funny but meaningful tips for new dads to get through these phases with confidence. The one-of-a kind man-to-man advice and a survival guide is definitely a savior for all new dads.

5. Great jokes on dads

Being a dad comes with its own responsibilities and challenges. This is a gift that contains extremely funny and realistic jokes on dads and the way they cope up with the different phases in life. A new dad can definitely relate to this book, as he would have experienced every single moment mentioned in this book. Some of these jokes are so great that they act as perfect stress relievers for new dads who are juggling between their baby duties.

6. Pregnancy Field Guide for Dads

If you know somebody who is soon going to become a dad, this is a perfect gift for him. A pregnant woman goes through lots of physical and mental changes. She has dealt with quite a few hormonal imbalances, which leads to her frequent mood swings. This is where the role of a new dad comes in. This gift will teach a new dad how to live with and support his pregnant partner, so that he can prepare well to become a new dad. Watch the smile on your friend’s face when he sees this gift.

7. Activity Games to prepare for fatherhood

Preparation is the key for a person to become a good father. And the more preparation he undergoes, the better father he can become. What better gift can bring him happiness than this activity game set that has over 50 games & puzzles to prepare him for the fatherhood journey? What should a new dad do when his baby is due to arrive soon? What kind of support should he offer to his partner? This activity game set contains many puzzles that contain answers to these questions and solutions for the doubts in a new dad’s mind.

8. Travel Mug with Dad Facts

This travel mug has awesome words that will make a dad proud of himself and the way he has been carrying out his responsibilities. This stainless steel wine tumbler is made from high-quality materials that a dad carries wherever he goes. The highlight of the mug is the brief description on its body about some of the quirky facts of being a dad. Gift this to a new dad, and watch him break into a smile instantly.

9. Cutting board with a funny message for dads

Though this piece looks like a cutting board, a new dad would definitely not use it like one. He is going to hang this wooden board in his kitchen as part of a memoir to remind him of this beautiful phase, even after his kids have grown up. This wooden cutting board comes with a bold, laser engraving about the perfect recipe for a dad. We are sure that your friend, who is going to be a new dad, is going to love this beauty.

10. Beer Glass for new dads

Here is a gift that will give new dads some time to cool off from their daddy duties and have a sip of beer that they have been yearning for! Made from high-quality, clear glass that comes with a thick base, this beer glass can be used for many other things other than drinking beer. The sight of this glass will make new dads smile and enjoy their break, whenever possible.

11. Funny onesies for a kid about dad

Well, this one is not for the dad, but for the baby actually! However, a new dad will definitely appreciate this onesie, which comes with a funny, power-packed and witty message. The best part of these onesies is that they are very comfortable for the babies. New dads also find it easier to change diapers when babies wear these onesies, as compared to other dresses. Whenever the baby wears this dress, the new dad is definitely going to think of you and appreciate you for the thoughtful gift.

12. Toilet Timer for the Busy Dad

A new dad doesn’t have enough time for himself at all. Most dads seek their relaxation and peace when they take toilet breaks. No more doing that as well! This unique but funny gift is a toilet timer that runs for just five minutes. This is to indicate to your friend that in the new fatherhood phase, even toilet breaks are a luxury! If you have been thinking of out-of-the-box ideas for new dads, this one is definitely a great choice for you.

13. Pregnancy handbook for new dads

If your friend is going to be a first-time dad, look no further than this pregnancy handbook as a gift for him. This is a detailed handbook that contains all the details that will help prepare them to be not only a great dad, but also a great partner to deal with the pregnancy phase of his partner. This handbook contains all information necessary for first-time dads to go through the fatherhood journey without any hassles.

14. Apron showing daddy’s duty

With this gift, a dad doesn’t have to run helter-skelter to gather the essentials to fulfill his diaper duties. This beautiful, fun-themed apron comes loaded with everything a dad needs to change the soiled diapers of the baby. It comes with a face mask, disposable diapers and rubber gloves as well for added effect. The best and funniest part of this apron is that it comes with bottle nipples that protrude out from a dad’s chest when he wears it. Watch your friend go ballistic when he finds what you have gifted him.

15. Pillow for the sleep-deprived dad

It is only natural for a new dad to sleep very less at least during the initial months of his baby’s arrival. As he keeps getting very little sleep every day, he is prone to a lot of stress and tension. What better gift than this relaxing pillow for him during this phase? It is funny and relaxing at the same time.

16. Turns for babysitting

In the first few months of the arrival of the baby, the parents usually fight among themselves when it comes to taking turns for diaper duties. Not everyone is organized while deciding whose turn it is on that particular day. So, here is an innovative and interesting gift to make the job easier for these new parents. This is a solid brass coin that has “your turn” and “my turn” on each of the sides. So, with just a flip of the coin, new dads and moms can easily decide who needs to do the baby-related tasks that day.

17. Gifts to denote dad milestones

If your friend is a beer lover, he is going to love this funny but thoughtful gift. These are beer bottle stickers that come printed with witty messages to appreciate several milestones in a new dad’s career, like the first time his baby peed on him, the first time he had to manage the baby alone, etc. These stickers can help to create memories in a dad’s life.

18. Some pampering for the new dad

With all the running around that they do, new dads definitely deserve a break and some pampering, don’t they? So here is a kit that contains some things to make him feel special and loved. There are many such new dad pampering kits that you can choose from. While some contain quotes, books and guides to help him become a perfect dad, some kits contain chocolates and grooming essentials to make him feel relaxed.

19. Funny door sign

This is definitely going to be one of the best and funniest door signs that you could ever gift a new dad. This is one of those few gifts that would automatically make anybody smile, when they see it. This classy door sign comes with a rope hanger and has a rustic feel to it. It can be easily hung on the doors of new dads, and even visitors are bound to break into a smile when they see the witty words on this gift.

20. Coloring book for the dad

Though it may sound weird, a coloring book is one of the best gifts you can give a new dad to make him feel relaxed. Since he is busy with daddy duties all through the day, a dad doesn’t get enough time for himself. Coloring is a beautiful way through which he can express his feelings and feel rejuvenated to carry on with his duties the next day. A new dad is definitely bound to enjoy this coloring book as he sips some beer.

21. Matching dress for dad and the kid

Here is a matching T-shirt and onesie set for the new dad and his baby. The wordings on this dress set are sure to make the dad happy and proud. He will never miss a chance to wear this matching set of clothing with his baby and flaunt the same to the outside world.

New dads deserve a lot of praise and motivation for the job they do in bringing up their babies and supporting their partners. These funny gifts are small tokens through which you can thank them and encourage them to keep up their good work.

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