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Baseball Gift Ideas for Dad

Baseball is not only the most popular sport in the United States, but it is also a sport of great importance in Caribbean and Asian countries, and is surprisingly popular in European countries.

The love for this discipline is rooted with great magnitude in men who are dads, who become fanatics and fans of their teams and players, to have ideas of what to give them to make them feel pleased here are the 27 ideas of the best gifts you can give to a baseball lover dad.


1. Cushioned Baseball Sandals

For a Baseball fan dad there is no better gift than beautiful sandals like these. They provide an efficient rest after any physical activity, and give him the possibility to relax the parts of his legs, knees, ankles, sole of the foot, as they are provided with special padded insoles, and have a front panel that can be replaced very easily.

You can choose different sports motifs, especially baseball bats and the ball.

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2. Baseball Shorts

This is a very attractive short, with knee-length cut, and a colorful design with the flag of the United States. It is decorated on the sides with the stitching of baseballs, has good-sized pockets on both sides, and the waist is made of elastic material that fits any size.

These shorts are made of 100 percent polyester, and is a garment that will delight any dad lover of this sport, and that will serve to practice this, and any other sport.

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3. Baseball Sports Bracelet

A modern dad will always love to wear a bracelet on his wrist, and if he is a baseball fan, this one will surprise him. It is made of leather and the center of the ring has seams that simulate the baseball. It has two clasps to close it, and has a slider made of aluminum that brings an engraving that can be personalized with the name of dad.

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4. Exercise Planner

A good gift for a dad who loves sports like baseball, is a diary like this one, which will allow him to keep track of the daily exercises he does. In it, he can keep a record of each exercise session, which will allow him to keep track and observe his progress.

This planner gives him 150 pages with calendar, pages of goals, and a follow-up of his routines. It has a practical vinyl cover, and a very comfortable size.

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5. Baseball Pillow Case

It will be a pleasant surprise for dad to see his pillow on his bed dressed in the pillowcase with the home play of a baseball stadium and a color allusive to the baseball uniforms. Also on the pillow, the phrase “No plate Like home” can be boldly seen.

This functional pillowcase fits all standard size pillows, is made of 100 percent polyester, very soft, and is elastic.

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6. Mini Custom Engraved Bat

A bat is an iconic symbol of baseball, this one is sized to serve as a souvenir and ornament for dad, it is made of wood like the real bats, and you can request a personalized engraving that is made with laser on the thicker surface of the bat, and can carry two lines of three words each, it will serve dad to show off his love for this sport.

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7. Baseball Bat Tumbler

This is a very original item that Dad will love. It is a 1 oz. drink glass, made of wood, in the shape of the knob of a bat, decorated with a laser engraving of the logo of Dad’s favorite Major League Baseball team, and can be selected from 30 MLB teams.

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8. Bat Bottle Opener

This product is special for dad to show off to his friends at get-togethers, for those occasions when they need to uncork bottles he will have this unique bottle opener, made of metal and wood, with the handle of a baseball bat, which comes laser engraved with the logo of his favorite Major League Baseball team, and is available with the logos of all 30 MLB teams.

This is where you can get it from



9. Baseball Wireless Headphones

A spectacular item that Dad will appreciate. The utility that these headphones give with the figure of baseballs that make them very attractive, with a practical and attractive charging case with the shape of the ball. It comes with Bluetooth 5.0, includes 3 sets of domes as it is advisable that these are changed periodically,

The battery life of 6 hours, and comes with the USB cable to charge them.

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10. Baseball Bat-Shaped Decanter

Surprise dad with this decanter of whiskey! It is made of Borosilicate glass, and is shaped like a baseball bat, and has a capacity of 250 ml. It brings 4 glasses of 12 oz for whiskey in fine crystal, and includes a luxurious support made of mahogany wood.

It can be useful for dad for the home bar, or office.

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11. Ball-Shaped Electric Massager

Among the needs that Dad has, he needs a device that gives him relief and relaxation after a day of exercise, or after a hard day’s work. This massager with the shape and color of a baseball, apart from being functional, will cause him great satisfaction for his love of baseball. It has four legs with their rubber bands to avoid damaging the skin that vibrate when the massager is turned on, and works with two double A batteries.

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12. Baseball Mug

A tool that Dad often needs is a good cup for his coffee, or any hot drink, and like this one that is allusive to baseball on all sides, it will fascinate him, it has the shape and color of half of a baseball, and above the handle a picturesque baseball glove, it is made of fine white ceramic, and has a capacity for 16 oz of liquid.

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13. Personalized Baseball Bat Pen

If a dad is a baseball lover, he will be delighted with this pen. It has the peculiarity of being made with wood bats that have been used in real games, and also can be customized with an engraving that can carry the name of Dad!

The metal parts of the pen are gunmetal, have Parker refills, and come with a leatherette case that is also personalized with the same engraving of the pen.

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14. Baseball Pencil Holder

An ideal gift for dad’s desk. It can be very functional, as it is a desk organizer, and it can be used to place pens, pencils, markers, business cards, clips, staples, staples, staple remover, and scissors.

It is made of plastic, and is shaped like a batter’s helmet and comes in the color of all MLB teams, with the logo of each of them.

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15. Retro Bottle Holder

There are items that cause a sensation when you see them. When it comes to give a gift to a dad who is a loyal baseball fan, this nice bottle holder will be of great use, and he will be happy to see the batter holding the bottle as if it were the bat.

It is a product that will serve him, and will adorn him at the bar. It is made of poly resin, has an attractive aged bronze finish, and its bottom is covered with velvet.

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16. Baseball Bingo Set

A great pastime for a great baseball loving dad. This Bingo game made of birch plywood is laser engraved, and will be great fun for dad and his friends. Unlike the classic Bingo, this one has neither numbers nor animals, but everything that can happen on the baseball field of a real game, embodied in the boards and chips of this Baseball Bingo.

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17. New York Times Custom Baseball Book

It is said that giving a book is giving wisdom and culture, and if it is about dad favorite sport, it will have more meaning for him. You can choose the one about the history of dad’s team, in which he will find the most important events in the time of existence of his team.

The most exciting moments, and all with graphics, so he can go back to those days of glory, with information extracted from the archives of The New York Times, with a nice binding that can choose from 8 colors.

This is where you can get it from



18. Baseball Wallet

Men’s wallets are very useful for a dad, but they must be strong and durable. This one is made of the same leather used to make real baseball fielding gloves. It’s boiled and has a beautiful design with the stitching of the balls of the game.

It has capacity to carry up to 8 cards, whether credit, debit, ID, or driver’s license, and a compartment for bills.

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19. Multiple Spatulas for Barbecue

A dad loves to prepare barbecues, and with this article, you can please him with that taste. For being a product allusive to baseball, the happiness of dad will be double.

This culinary tool has the characteristic of having the handle in wood that make baseball bats, and has the shape of the knob of these bats, the metal part of the spatula is stainless steel, and has 4 functions in a single utensil.

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20. Baseball Bath Bombs

These bombs are special for dad to achieve complete relaxation while showering, and are made with natural oils, fruit fragrances, and Epson salt to effectively meet and relieve muscle bleeding.

They are shaped like baseballs, and come in a very peculiar crystalline container that simulates real baseballs, and contains 3 bombs.

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21. Baseball Team Watch

If your dad is a fan of the New York Mets this is an ideal gift for him, it is a very sporty watch with the colors of the metropolitan team, the strap is silicone in royal blue, enamel on the crown and top ring, in the sphere of an attractive silver tone brings printed in its center the team logo, is resistant to 50 meters underwater, and brings a battery that can last up to 10 years.

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22. Gift Card MLB Shop

Among the best gifts that can be given to a dad for whom baseball is very important, a Gift Card Shop is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives. These cards have 10 options ranging from $10 to $500, with which you can access the tab of the team you want and access a range with multiple possibilities to purchase a wide range of items.

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23. Los Angeles Dodgers Cap

A Major League Baseball loving dad always has a team that is his passion. If yours is a Los Angeles Dodgers fan, this cap is a real gift for him. They are made of polyester and elastane, have curved visor, team logo embroidered in high relief on the front panel, and each of the 6 panels has ventilation eyelet.

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24. Baseball Stand

An attractive item to decorate the table, desk, and even in dad’s workshop. It will serve to display the balls you have autographed, even for any other round object. The base consists of 3 mini bats made of wood, which meet with a wooden ring that simulates the weights used by batters to warm up. It has very comfortable dimensions to place it on any table or shelf.

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25. Set of 3 Baseball Pictures

A beautiful art gift for dad, very functional for him to decorate his environments. They are made in black MDF wood, with the alternative of 3 dimensions, and in 2 colors or unpainted.

The main targets of these compositions are baseball players in full action, batters, pitchers, and fielders.

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26. Chain with Crucifix of Bats

A baseball fanatic dad will be well suited for this jewelry made of pewter. It is a chain that comes in 6 different lengths with a pendant crucifix formed by 3 baseball bats. It is a very striking garment that will look great on dad, and proudly show his passion for this sport. The material does not rust.

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27. Beach Towel

A very useful item for dad, and he can proudly wear it when he goes to the pool or the beach. It is made of cotton and polyester, very soft and with good absorbent capacity. It has the colors, the logo and the name of dad’s favorite MLB team as a great attraction.

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