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Vintage Gifts for Mom – 27 Gift Ideas

There is something about vintage gifts, especially when gifting someone who is in their late forties. 

These are gifts that bring back great memories and they are masterpieces when kept at home. 

Vintage gifts are suitable to give our moms for a birthday or Mother’s Day as we remind them of how amazing they have grown in those years and they get to remember when they were born. 

Below are 27 ideas of vintage gifts to get for your mom.


1) Butterfly flower Glass

This is a functional and decorative glass cup worth getting your mom on Mother’s Day. 

The glass is made with enamel glass materials and a touch of flower decor to give it that retro finish. 

The glass mug comes with a spoon to use when stirring the drinks.

This is where you can get it from


2) Sun and Moon Embossed Vintage Leather Journal

Get your mom this vintage crafted journal to keep her notes at home or when working. 

It is a cute journal made with pure leather materials and has 240 pages made of handmade vintage papers. 

This journal is unique as it has a wrap-around strap to secure the stored notes.

This is where you can get it from

3) Hipiwe Vintage Metal Jewelry Box

Help your mom ensure her precious jewels are kept secure and the room looks elegant by adding her this masterpiece. 

It is a vintage-inspired metal jewel box made of premium zinc alloy coating to prevent it from rusting or corroding. The box has two compartments and can store all types of jewels.

This is where you can get it from

4) 1983 Double-wall Vacuum Cup

If your mom is turning 40 years, you need to get her this cute vintage-inspired tumbler. 

It is only good to let her know she is aging like fine wine, every time she sips a drink from this tumbler. This tumbler comes in rose gold and mint colors plus it can hold a liquid of about 12 oz.

This is where you can get it from

5) Vintage Metal Feather Bookmark

If your mom loves to read, then this is a great gift to get her. It is a vintage feather bookmarker that is handmade using quality metals and finished with beautiful gold color for that classy look. 

The feather bookmark also comes with a cute flower 3D pendant she can use with different necklaces.

This is where you can get it from

6) YZKKE 5Pack Women’s Vintage Winter Socks

Make sure your mom stays warm in the winter seasons by getting her these vintage heavy knitted socks. 

The socks are made with soft warm materials to make sure the feet stay toasty and warm at all times. A pack comes with 5 pairs of socks in multiple color designs.

This is where you can get it from

7) Beauty and Beast Rose

This rose can be used to beautify the room, creating a romantic mood throughout the day and night, or as a night light for your child’s bedroom. Coexistence is both beautiful and functional.

The small LED light is incorporated into the petals, and the glass dome is constructed of quality borosilicate glass, which is crystal clear and has a firm texture, allowing you to completely enjoy the beauty of the rose.

This gift is ideal for Mother’s Day, birthdays, and Christmas. Glass flower roses are also perfect for Christmas gifts and décor.

This is where you can get it from

8) La mariposa Vintage Jewelry Box

This is another cute jewel box that will not only hold your mom’s precious jewels but it adds classic decor to her dressing table. 

The jewel box comes custom with a butterfly on top and it is made with quality alloy materials. This jewel box is quite stable as it is made with butterfly legs and flower details on the side.

This is where you can get it from

9) DUOSME Preserved Rose with Necklace

It is made with real roses and has a one-of-a-kind preservation procedure. The preserved rose will last for 3-5 years with no need for watering or management; only avoid direct sunlight, odorous items, extreme temperatures, and dusty environments.

This preserved rose represents eternal love. Real, fresh roses with an I Love You necklace and a beautiful card for women. This flower box’s compartments can also be used to hold other tiny items of jewelry. They are also ideal for Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, an anniversary, or a birthday.

This is where you can get it from

10) 1972 Vintage 16 oz Mint Coffee Tumbler

This is a vintage tumbler made for all people born in 1972. So, if your mom is turning 50, get her this cute tumbler. 

It is an insulated tumbler made with stainless steel materials. So, she can use it to pack cold or warm drinks when going out.

This is where you can get it from

11) Retro Typewriter Pencil Holder

Keep your mom’s working desk organized by buying her this cute retro typewriter pen holder. 

This vintage typewriter pen holder only measures 4 x 4 inches which do not take too huge space on the working desk. Also, the fact that it looks like a typewriter ensures it adds a great look to the desk area.

This is where you can get it from

12) Vintage Metal French-Hair Clips

These are cute vintage-like hair clips that are made with different patterns and colors to complement different hair colors. 

The hair clips are a good gift for your mom as she can rock them for different occasions and different hairstyles too. 

The hair clips are made with rhinestones and resin plus metal alloy for durability.

This is where you can get it from

13) Hyzrz Cute Retro Lovely Apron

Keep your mom looking sexy while preparing meals with this cute vintage apron. 

The apron is made with cotton plus chic details that make it look elegant. It also has pockets where she can keep small essentials like kitchen towels for easy access. 

This apron comes in three colors; so, choose a shade that fits your mom’s taste.

This is where you can get it from

14) Recycled Vintage Drop Earrings

If your mom loves jewels then I bet she will love these cute earrings as a birthday gift. The earrings are crafted from recycled antique glass and bottles. The earrings feature a drop-down design and have jar like design that makes them look elegant.

This is where you can get it from

15) 3 Pcs Metal Leaf Bookmark

This is a cute vintage bookmark essential for gifted people who love to read. So, if your mom enjoys reading books or the Bible, get her the bookmark. 

It is made with copper materials so; it does not rust or lose its texture. The main purpose of this bookmark is to help readers record reading progress.

This is where you can get it from

16) KitchenMania Wood Recipe Box

This vintage-style recipe box is meant to hold papers bearing different recipes to prepare in the kitchen.  It is a great gift for your mom as she can write down the different recipe meals to prepare or she prepares for the family for easy monitoring. 

The box is made of wood materials for that rustic touch and it can hold up to 100 double-sided recipe booklet/papers.

This is where you can get it from

17) Aged to Perfection – Wine Glass

If your mom enjoys a glass of wine, you need to get her this cute vintage wine glass. It has an “aging to perfection” message engraved, just to show how great and beautiful your mom is aging. The glass is a good gift for birthday or Mother’s Day.

This is where you can get it from

18) Limited 1972 Edition Makeup Bag

This is a classic vintage multifunctional bag to buy for your mom. She can use it to carry and store her makeup or just use it as a small purse when going out. 

It is a cute bag with vintage work printed on it and has a zipper closure mode.

This is where you can get it from

19) Large Farmhouse Metal Recipe Box

This is a versatile box that you can gift to your mom to either organize the kitchen recipe or for storing receipts and other small documents at home. 

The box is quite large and has dividers to organize the receipts and documents for easy access.

This is where you can get it from

20) Vintage Precision Sewing Scissors

This antique silver, high-quality stainless steel, and alloy scissors with a vintage design are hardened to a high hardness.

It is appropriate for embroidery, needlework, crewel, sewing, crafting, and other crafts. It’s ideal for moms who enjoy sewing or do-it-yourself projects.

This professional tool is sharper and more long-lasting. The alloy handle is more comfortable. Sharp blades with a pointed edge can cut paper, thin cartons, replace thread cutters to trim thread when stitching and cut thin twine.

This is where you can get it from

21) Vintage Gift Bag

Gift your mom this bag to use when going grocery shopping or even when going for picnics with your dad. 

The bag is made with strong and durable canvas materials and has two stable handles for easy carrying around. It has an open-top design for easy storing and accessing stored items.

This is where you can get it from

22) Vintage Stained-Glass Frame

Look for your mom’s child photo and frame it in this cute vintage photo frame to give her as a gift. It is a cute yet memorable gift worth getting your mom when celebrating her birthday. 

It has glass-like finishing on the edges that adds a touch of decor and a great look to this frame.

This is where you can get it from

23) YU FENG Vintage Dragonfly Pewter Perfume Bottle

This beautiful glass vintage perfume bottle will transform your mom’s dressing table by adding a beautiful decor statement while being functional. 

The materials crafting on this perfume bottle consist of dragonfly and flower pattern metal and glass that makes it look elegant while guaranteeing durability. 

Note that this is a multifunctional bottle that can hold perfume, lotion, toner, or moisturizers.

This is where you can get it from

24) Fashion Sweatshirt

Surprise your mom with this amazing vintage sweatshirt. 

It is a long-sleeved sweatshirt made with soft and comfortable materials. 

The sweatshirt also has a pocket where she can keep small essentials like keys or phone when going out. You can get this casual sweatshirt in four different colors.

This is where you can get it from

25) Awakingdemi Vintage Royal Style Metal Carved Spoons

Cute yet memorable spoons that you can get for your mom’s kitchen. 

The spoons are made in cute designs and are multifunctional. They can be used for eating fruits and can work as teaspoons as well. The set comes with 5 spoons and one fork.

This is where you can get it from

26) Anne Klein Premium Crystal-Accented Watch

Make your mom feel special by getting her this beautiful watch. 

It is made with crystals that give it a vintage and modern look. The watch is also waterproof for safety when your mom comes to contact with the moisture.

This is where you can get it from

27) Vintage Coffee Mug

This is another awesome gift to get your mom who is turning 40 years. It is a cute mug with a beautiful vintage message and it is large to hold enough coffee for your mom. 

The mug is made in black matte color and has a vintage message celebrating people born in 1982.

This is where you can get it from


These are classic and amazing gifts to get your mom who is into vintage items. The gifts reviewed above are good for birthdays or when celebrating Mother’s Day.

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