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21 Skyrim Gifts for Kids

Do you plan to gift your kid, most likely because there is an upcoming event? Whether it is Christmas, New Year, birthday, graduation, or any other occasion, choosing the right gift is important. This piece will come to your rescue if your child loves and plays the Elder Scrolls Skyrim game.


It contains a list of the best Skyrim gifts for kids that will impact their lives. As long as they play the game, they are aware of the existence of these things. However, they have only seen them virtually. Can you imagine how they will react upon seeing them live?


Read on, grab one or a few and see their reaction. Most likely, it will be priceless.

If your kid loves playing Skyrim, this pocketknife is a perfect gift. However, if you are wondering why your kid would need a knife, you can rest assured that it is not real.


Instead, it is an imaginary weapon with the game’s theme and also looks quite authentic.

Its blade measures 3.5 inches, whereas the knife has a measurement of 4.5 inches. You can have the design customized according to your preference or what you think the recipient will love.


Equally important, it can be personalized with the name of the kid you intend to gift. Its materials are aluminum, wood, and steel for durability and realism.

Ever since the coronavirus global pandemic, masks have become an integral part of our lives. Now that one has to wear it, what about wearing one that is fun and a source of happiness? That’s why you should consider this as a great gift if your kids are Skyrim fans.


Its material is polyester to make it soft to wear for long hours and durable too. It has a pair of 5-layer activated carbon filters and a nose clip. It is reusable; hence no need to throw it away after use. On the contrary, clean it, and it will be as good as new.


Your kid most likely has a room, and this clock will be a great addition to its décor. It is stylish hence adds beauty to his bedroom.


Your kid will appreciate it due to its Skyrim theme if he is a fan. It is made of old vinyl records hence stylish, but the manufacturer has also made it modern regardless.

Besides beauty, the kid will be in a position to check the time whenever convenient. It has a diameter of 30 inches.

This game is yet another great addition to a collection of a Skyrim fan. It is superb and exquisite, not forgetting perfect for teenagers and adults.


Equally important, its vinyl material makes its quality high hence durable yet lightweight.


They have various Skyrim characters on them. You can come across Shrine of Zenitha, Shrine of Talos, Shrine of Stendarr, Shrine of Mara, Shrine of Kynareth, Shrine of Julianos, Shrine of Dibella, Shrine of Arkay, and Shrine of Akatosh. It is an excellent company for your kid’s study table or room.

You want to see your kid as comfortable as possible, and that’s just how maternal and paternal instincts work.


However, they often make throw pillows dirty hence the need to protect them lest they get ruined. To achieve that, you may want something as significant as these throw pillow covers.


The intriguing part of the covers is the Skyrim theme which makes it perfect for your child if they are fans. Dimensions are 18 x 18 inches, whereas the material is polyester. Consequently, they are soft and durable. They have a zipper and are also easy to clean.

#6 Skyrim Throw Blanket

Your kid needs warmth, especially when the weather is cold. This throw blanket will serve that purpose and, above all, bring joy to any Skyrim fan like him. Besides using it indoors, it is also perfect for outdoor use.


Therefore, your child can always use it when going camping, outdoor sports events, concerts, and road trips. The material is 100% polyester to make it durable and warm.

As your kid plays his Skyrim game, ensure that he has ample space to support every moment they deem fit.


That’s one way of ensuring that they win, and they will always be grateful for such a mouse pad. So make his dream come true with this gaming mouse pad.


They are ideal regardless of the mouse in hand with stitched edges that hardly wear.

Expect neither degumming nor deformation. Besides being wide, they are also soft.

Their non-slid rubber base makes them reliable, and you can always watch the mouse pad when dirty.

This pocket watch helps your kid keep track of time when on the move. In addition to the watch, the package also contains a necklace chain.


The diameter of the case is 1.8 inches, whereas the length of the chain is 15.7 inches. It is an excellent decorative accessory for party costumes or a great addition to a Skyrim collection.

#9 Skyrim Dragon Pendant

Next among our best Skyrim gifts for kids is this necklace. The chain is durable and about 50 cm long. Its materials are nickel, silver, brass, and silver.


It is lightweight hence perfect for wearing on the kid’s neck even for a long time. It is important to note that it comes in a charming gift bag as well.

#10 Skyrim Dragon Key Chain

Does your kid have to carry any keys around? If yes, you have to make it easy for the kids to carry the keys and hard for them to lose them. One of the best ways of doing so is by gifting them this key chain.


If they are Skyrim fans, the key chain will be more than that. It will remind them of a favorite game, and that sentimental value will make it hard for them to lose it. The dragon also makes it look great and sophisticated. Its material is iron for durability.


#11 Skyrim Lapels

As your young boy wears his stylish suits, add a lapel to take the style a notch higher. As a matter of fact, you can pin it on almost everything, including a T-shirt, lanyard, and a backpack. Of course, if the kid is a Skyrim fan, the set will make much sense.


It is a set of 4 lapel pins, and each one of them has a style of a different character. It is quite light and fashionable. The dimensions are 1 x 1 inch.

Is your kid a player of the famous Skyrim game? Is he also a fan of dragons? If the answer is a resounding yes, this journal is a perfect gift for your young one.


It is also compact, measuring 5 x 7 inches hence easy to carry around. It has up to 300 pages made of recycled biomass hence high quality and acid-free. You can use paint, a pencil, pen, and charcoal to write on it.

Is your kid a fan of the Skyrim game and loves its character, Aela the Huntress? If that’s the case, feel free to buy this gift for them.


It is all about Skyrim. The author gets inspiration from the book and showcases the different symbols associated with Skyrim.


It uses heavy stock glossy paper and a hardcover to ensure that the book lasts for long. 

Some kids love wallets, and if yours is one of them, buying it would surely make him smile. He can keep his pocket money or school ID card, among other things. Is he a Skyrim fan as well? If nodding, you can as well buy him one inspired that that game. That’s why we recommend this particular wallet.


Its material is full grain cowhide coupled with an excellent leather treatment. Therefore, you take home a durable wallet that feels luxurious and smells great. It features a window pocket for easy access to ID cards.


It also has up to 8 pockets for your cards providing ample storage space and promoting organization too. The wallet is also slim and lightweight.

Whether your kid loves coffee, tea, hot chocolate, milk, or any other milk, a mug is always necessary. Therefore, there are high chances that you already have a mug.


However, you should still go ahead and buy this one if your child is a Skyrim fan. That game inspires its design.


Another exciting thing about it is the fact that it changes depending on the temperature of the content. Initially, it will look like any other black mug out there. However, that will change as soon as you pour a hot beverage into it. It is ceramic with a capacity of 11 ounces.

Every fan of The Elder Scroll Skyrim, including your child, would love to add these coins to their collection. They look so much like the real Skyrim gold coins to the extent that it is hard to tell the difference. They also have similar styles and shapes to ensure that they look as real as possible.


Their materials are brass and sterling silver to look real and last for long. Each coin has a diameter of 34 mm. Equally important, they come in a gift box ready to be gifted to your young one.

This is yet another addition to the collection of a Skyrim fan. That’s why it is one of our recommended gifts for a kid who loves the game. It is a crucial piece of the enchanted equipment hence worth gifting your loved one who gets all this regarding the game.


Its material is polyester casting resin which lasts for a long time. You can also rest assured that it will be glowing, making it look quite real.


It is also rechargeable to ensure that it glows for as long as you want. Its length is 2 7/8 inches, whereas the width is 7/8 inches. It often clouds when wet, but you can always wipe it clean using a dry rag.

Skyrim has interesting quotes said throughout the game. Getting them on stickers would make your kid who loves the game smile.


If you want to be the one who puts that smile on his face, grab these stickers. Besides words, the stickers also have corresponding characters.


They are hard-drawn then printed hence accurate and visually appealing. The vinyl sticker paper makes the printouts strong and waterproof with a smooth gloss finish.


The adhesive is strong and permanent for easy display on various surfaces, including tables and walls.

It is a great collection for a Skyrim player hence an excellent choice of gift. Its design uses ink, whereas the materials of the body and the seal are plastic and resin, respectively.


Additionally, the recipient can stick it on various surfaces, including a wall, table, door, jacket, or bag.

It is similar to what the guards in the game wear, making it a great piece of collection for a Skyrim fan.


The manufacturer prints it in PLA plastic then hand paints it with acrylic. The finish is a matte clear coat to give it a cool look. 

Instead of buying just any other coasters, grab this set of Skyrim-themed coasters for your kid if they are fans of the game. It has six pieces ideal for moments when he has friends coming over.


Most likely, they also love Skyrim and will find it fun to use the coasters. The material is high-quality wood hence lasts for a long time.


You now have an idea of what to gift your kid who loves the Elder Scrolls Skyrim. Some of them make a great collection of various accessories used in the game. Others are meaningful in their day-to-day lives. The bottom line is that they will love the gifts.

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