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21 Gifts for Radiation Patients

Radiation therapy is usually used as part of cancer treatment. Patients undergoing radiation treatments experience a lot of physical and mental pain. While you cannot do anything to bring down the intensity of their pain, you can lighten their mood and give them the encouragement they need to go through this tough phase.

Here, we present 21 such thoughtful gifts that you can give to someone undergoing radiation treatment. These gifts help them feel motivated and inspired. Once they become mentally strong, they can endure more physical pain than they ever imagined. So, here are some gifts to show you care, and that you are there for them, no matter what.

One of the most common effects of chemotherapy or radiation treatments is patchy skin or skin rashes. When a dear one in your family suffers from itchy skin, redness, irritation, or patchy skin after undergoing radiation treatments, here is a gift you can give them to bring them some relief from their pain.

This hydrating cream is specially designed for oncology patients, and it contains the essential oils. These oils provide a soothing effect to the skin, and help patients to get rid of the pain caused due to the itching and redness.

2. Thumb stone with an inspirational message

A person undergoing radiation treatment deserves a lot of support and encouragement. When every day is filled with challenges, the key is to take it one day at a time. What could be a better gift for the patient than a thumb stone that exactly reflects this message?

This soothing thumb stone, made from zinc oxide is compact but powerful. The patient can keep this in her pocket, and rub it between her fingers frequently to derive solace and keep tension or fear at bay. Its lightweight nature makes it easy for patients to carry it with them wherever they go.

The first thing that a radiation patient would want to do after treatment is to relax as she snuggles herself in a warm blanket. So, here is a healing blanket, which will help her with exactly this.  

This comfortable throw blanket made from fleece contains positive words of encouragement, so that patients get support from the same.

This blanket comes in two layers – the interior layer contains Sherpa fleece, and the external layer has fluffy flannel. This is a wearable blanket that will make the patient comfortable.

4. Angel depicting courage

Some gifts exude peace and comfort just with their visual presence. This figurine is one of these. Depicting a beautiful angel, this figure is the visual representation of strength and courage.  This figure is painted in resin, and it is handmade with a lot of love and care.

When the radiation patient sees this figurine standing on her side table or shelf, she derives a lot of courage and mental peace.  She can take care of this gift very well, as it needs only a clean cloth to wipe off its dust. You will love the peace on her face when she unwraps your gift.

Chemotherapy and radiation treatments come with many serious side effects. One of them is hair loss. Hair loss leads to severe depression and loss of confidence in some people. Want to cheer up somebody experiencing hair loss due to chemo sessions?

Here is a hair cap from a reputed company in the USA, to conceal their problems. This cap contains minimal seams, ensuring that it doesn’t cause any allergic reaction on one’s scalp. It is made from 100% cotton, and comes in various colors as well.

Here is a complete care package that will make radiation patients feel happy and pampered. This package contains six pieces designed with much care and love for the patients who need them the most.

This package contains one comforting blanket made from Sherpa fleece, 1 insulated tumbler to keep their drinks hot for many hours, a pair of cozy socks to keep their feet warm, an eye mask made from silk to help them sleep well, a greeting card with words of motivation and a cotton tote bag to carry their essentials.

7. Coffee Mug offering courage

More often than not, some simple words give patients all the courage and support they need. Here is a coffee mug that does exactly that, with its simple yet effective quote. It comes with the words, “You’re the strongest person I know.”

These words are enough to inspire a patient undergoing radiation. Whenever they feel down and out, all they need to do is take a look at this mug, to know that they are sorted.

8. Socks with a funny theme

Are you looking for gifts with a dash of humor for cancer survivors or radiation patients? These socks will fit the bill perfectly.

Yes, it does come with cuss words, so you may not want to give them to minors. However, the intent behind the message on the socks is noble, as the message only intends

9. Positive Thinking Jar

Here is a jar of positive thoughts that will encourage radiation patients to live their life with a smile on their faces. This jar contains many chits, and inside each chit, there is a positive quote that one cannot afford to miss.

Patients can open these chits and read the positive messages first thing in the morning or before they go to bed at night, feel the internal peace, and keep their fears and anxiety at bay.

This is a simple but thoughtful gift for radiation patients. With a dash of fresh passion fruit, berry and honey flavors, this electrolyte supplement is refreshing, tasty and hydrating at the same time. It comes in a pack of 16 small travel packs, which patients can carry with them easily.

When they feel tired or dehydrated after the frequent chemo sessions, they can pour the contents into a glass of water, and get instant energy, thanks to Vitamins B3, B6. B5, B12 and C are present in it.

Radiation and chemotherapy sessions can cause quite a lot of exhaustion in patients. This exhaustion, if not treated properly, can also lead to nausea. Sometimes, continuous radiation sessions can also cause uneasiness in the stomach for many people.

Here is a thoughtful gift that will help people get rid of this problem. These are some queasy drops to fight nausea, and they come in 3 packs, with each pack containing 21 drops.

These drops, which come in five flavors of green tea, lemon, ginger, raspberry, banana and cola, ensure to give patients quick relief from nausea and upset stomach.

12. Lip Balm for hydration

When you give them this thoughtful gift, radiation patients don’t have to worry about dry and cracked lips as an after-effect of their treatments. This is a set of hydrating lip balms from Burt’s.

All these four lip balms are 100% organic. They are made from natural ingredients like beeswax, strawberry, coconut oil, pear, vanilla bean, shea butter and fruit extracts to provide the much-needed nourishment and hydration to their lips.

Nothing would make radiation patients happier than something that would tell them how loved they are. Here is a box sign that will tell them exactly that.

This one contains the words, “Always Remember, You Are Braver Than You Think, Stronger Than You Seem and Loved More Than You Know.” Now, if that doesn’t make them feel strong, loved and cared for, we don’t know what will!

Oncology treatments can take a toll on one’s sleep. So, here is a roll-on that promotes good sleep among patients, as it is infused with the aroma of essential oils like lavender.

Patients have to apply a few drops of this roll-on on their wrist at bedtime, to forget all their discomfort and sleep like a baby. Apart from treating insomnia, this roll-on can also be used to relieve nausea, upset stomach, anesthesia side effects and more.

15. Special seat belt

Here is a thoughtful seatbelt pillow that is designed for breast cancer patients who are undergoing radiation. It can be very uncomfortable and painful for them to wear normal seat belts. This one is very soft, as it is made from cotton, puffy material with cushion-type filling.

It protects patient’s chest at the time of driving, and can be used over the shoulders or on the lap, depending on the location where the surgery or radiation treatment was performed.

16. Wine Tumbler with a powerful message

Here is a great gift that you can gift for radiation patients who love their wine. These wine tumblers come with double-walled insulation, and can be used for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as well.

The wordings on this tumbler are powerful, motivating and inspiring. They give the patients the much-needed strength to carry on with their treatments, and win over cancer as quickly as possible.

17. Planner to remember treatments

This is not just a diary that cancer patients can use to track their recovery and update their treatment dates. It is an all-in-organizer that contains positive quotes on each page, which tasks for the day listed out in detail.

Cancer treatments can eat up a lot of time and effort from patients. They need to remember every single date about the blood tests, scans, therapies, chemo sessions, and more.

This organizer will help them get their entire cancer treatment under control, with the help of meticulous planning.

18. Woolen blanket with a beautiful message

While radiation patients will be thrilled about this beautiful cotton blanket, they will be moved to tears reading the emotional message written on it. The words, printed in big and bold print, go this way – “In this family, no one fights alone.”

These words give patients the feeling that they are cared for and don’t have to fight their battles alone. These blankets are absolutely comfortable, too, as they are woven using 8 miles of super-soft, American-grown cotton.

19. Travel Tumbler with a positive and funny message

Do you know of a radiation patient, who is mentally strong, and who is taking on her treatments headstrong? Well, this travel tumbler is just the right gift for her. It comes with a powerful yet funny message, which the patient will love reading every day.

Apart from its witty message, this travel tumbler is purely functional as well,  as it comes with safe, double-walled vacuum insulation to keep drinks cold or hot for many hours.

Here is a perfect art piece for a cancer survivor. With its powerful and super-inspiring words, this art piece can be a great home décor item.

The patient will love to wake up every morning to this positive message hanging on her wall, as she derives a lot of support and inspiration from it.

If you are looking for an inspirational yet functional gift for a cancer survivor, this keychain is a great choice for you. Made from 100% high-quality stainless steel, this keychain is free from other toxic metals like lead and nickel lead.

However, the wordings on the keychain’s circular pendant make this an apt gift for radiation patients. It contains an additional charm, with the words, “hope” written on it.

People undergoing radiation or chemotherapy sessions are in a lot of pain already. So, while choosing gifts for them, we would recommend you choose gifts that are motivating and inspiring and funny. This way, you can bring a smile to their faces during tough times. Your gifts should assure them that they are not alone in their journey, and that they can count on you, no matter what. We sincerely hope that when you pick one from these 21 gifts, you will make a difference in the lives of radiation patients.

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