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21 Gifts for Porsche Owners

Do you know of someone who owns a Porsche, and is passionate about it? It is not uncommon for Porsche owners to take pride in their beauties. Such people are quite choosey about their gifts as they settle for nothing but exotic ones. The Porsche, a German automobile brand, is known for producing some of the best and classiest cars in the world. The first Porsche car was launched in 1948, and since then it has been enthralling car enthusiasts.

So, if you have been thinking of gifts for Porsche lovers, here are some interesting choices.

1. Color Valve Stem Caps

These original valve stem caps, a part of the official Porsche merchandise, are made from highly durable plastic, ensuring that they last for long. These valves come in a set of 4. They prevent seizing, and look highly attractive with the Porsche color crest on the top.

Thanks to their excellent design, they add an attractive accent to the wheels. Since they are original OEM Porsche branded products, they make Porsche owners immensely proud to accept this gift.  If you are looking for excellent, highly durable and affordable gifts for owners of Porsche cars, this is a great choice.

2. Cap with a class

Now, this is a cap that will make any man proud. Made from 100% cotton, this cap comes with the original Porsche crest on the front. The best part of this cap is that it comes with adjustable buckle closure at the back, which makes it suitable for all. They will love to see the attention to detail on this cap.

Even the metal buckle at the back of the cap has a tiny Porsche logo on it, which makes the gift one of the best choices for the owners of this luxury brand of automobile.

3. Key Ring with Porsche Crest

Do you know of a friend who has got a Porsche car recently? What could be a better gift for him than this beautiful, classy key ring that comes with the authentic Porsche crest on it?

Made from a durable combination of metal and leather, this keyring is definitely a part of the Porsche Driver’s Selection Essential Kit. It comes neatly packed in a cute little box, bringing a smile to the Porsche owner’s face.

4. For the true Porsche lover

Well, one doesn’t need to own a Porsche car to deserve this gift. He needs to be passionate about this German automobile brand, that’s all! This is an interesting book that any Porsche lover would love to bits, because it is a repository of detailed information.

Titled, “111 Porsche stories You Should Know” by Emons Verlag, this book is a great gift. This is because it gives some of the best insights into the making of this brand, its models, its competition against other brands, interesting tit-bits about Camera, and more with beautiful illustrations of vintage Porsche cars.

5. Authentic Nameplate

This is one gift that a Porsche owner will love a lot. This authentic license plate is from the original OEM Porsche brand. Porsche owners will be thrilled to use their own nameplate and not the ones that come with ads of their dealers.

The black-colored stainless steel frame is highly durable, and it can be easily mounted in the right place with the help of bolts (bought separately).

Your friend will love this thoughtful gift that you have chosen for him. The Porsche script on this plate holder looks out of the world, and adds elegance to the gift itself.

6. For the deserving owner

If you have been thinking of the perfect gift for the owner of a Porsche Boxster, you don’t have to look anywhere else. We bring you the perfect gift for the Boxster lover. This book, “Porsche Boxster – The Practically Free Sportscar,” written by Robert McGowan, is not just a book, but a guide that the receiver will cherish forever.

This beginner’s guide will give excellent input on how this particular racecar was born, smart ways to buy and maintain the Boxster, and more. The receiver will be thrilled to get such a great gift from you on his special day.

7. Notebook with sports racing theme

A Porsche owner would naturally be a lover of sports cars and a fan of racing. So, why not give him a notebook journal that represents the flavor of his passion? This journal comes with 120 pages of ruled lines, and it is made from the best quality of paper.

What makes this journal even more attractive than it already is that it comes with a sports racing car theme on its cover. While the cover is jet black, it has the sports racing theme colors of blue and red in the form of strips on its left-hand corner, which makes it elegant and classy.

8. Porsche Parking Sign

If you are looking for something genuine and personalized to gift for a Porsche owner, this parking sign is a great choice. This signboard is made from exterior grade materials, free from dust, rust, stains and more. High-quality and durable materials are used for making this board, thereby giving it a new look forever.

It can be easily mounted to drywall or any other surface, so that the Porsche owner can flaunt it proudly to others. This one also comes with hardware hider cups to give this board an excellent finish.

The Porsche 911 is one of the classiest cars to have been produced from the stables of the Porsche factory. Do you know of someone who owns and loves this car too much? This notebook journal is just the right gift for him, in that case.

With 100 ruled pages, this journal comes with attractive shades of red and black, just like the original car. The numbers, 911 are engraved on the cover in huge, bold print, giving the journal a mesmerizing look.

10. Car key protection

When it comes to owning a Porsche, one needs to take care of his keychain as well! Here is a great gift for that passionate Porsche owner, who leaves no stone unturned, when it comes to maintaining his car.

This gift is a key cover for the original key chain of a Porsche car. The cover is designed in such a way that it is suitable for keys of several Porsche models like the Panamera, Macan, Cayman, 911, Cayenne, Boxster and more.

11. Photos and stories of Porsche models

A Porsche owner will cherish this forever, because it contains some interesting stories and pictures from famous Porsche collectors.

This hardcover book contains over 20 exciting stories from Porsche enthusiasts, and illustrations of some of the rarest models of cars made by the German automobile giant.

12. Interesting nuances about Porsche engines

Here is an awesome gift that will excite a Porsche owner who has a clear sense of how the car’s engines work. Written by Wayne Dempsey, this book is titled, “How to Rebuild and Modify Porsche 911 Engines 1965-1989.”

It gives detailed instructions about the blueprint of the Porsche engines, reconditioning and building them, making it great for those interested in DIY mechanical projects.

13. For the Porsche Carrera lovers

The Porsche Carrera has a charm of its own, indeed! The owner of this beauty has every right to feel proud of his possession. So, here is a gift that will make him thrilled to bits.

Titled, “Porsche Carrera: The Water-Cooled Era 1998-2018”, this book, written by John Tipler gives viewers a detailed account of this model’s growth over the years.

14. No Substitute for Porsche

Here is a book that will tell people about the greatness of Porsche cars. Why does this brand have a loyal customer base? Why does Porsche produce some of the best sports cars ever?

This book, titled “Porsche 70 Years: There Is No Substitute”, written by Randy Leffingwell, will answer these questions for you.

15. Shirt with authentic Porsche Crest

This is not just any other ordinary shirt; this shirt is part of the original OEM merchandise from Porsche. It is a simple black shirt made from 100% cotton, but the original Porsche crest on the left chest makes this shirt a great gift for Porsche owners.

Currently, this shirt is available in many sizes. Since it is made from cotton, it doesn’t cause any irritation even when worn for long hours. The crest looks new after repeated washes because the fabric is made of excellent quality cotton.

16. Car maintenance book

A Porsche owner would definitely be careful about logging in all the dates about his car maintenance and service. He would love to keep track of the dates when his car was sent for repairs, tires were checked, filter check, etc.

So, here is a notebook journal that comes with 120 pages, which the car owner can use to meticulously record his car maintenance details. This journal comes with a simple but attractive cover, which has “Car Maintenance Log Book” written on it.

Here is a key cover for the remote key of Porsche cars. Your friend will thank you immensely for this thoughtful gift that will keep his car key safe. Made from hard plastic, this cover comes in a dashing, metallic red color, making it the most popular choice among Porsche lovers.

It comes in a simple snap-on style, with a snap at the front and rear portions, making it suitable for Facelift models like Porsche 997 and 987. This key cover comes with detailed instructions on using it; therefore, your friend can start using it right away.

If you have a friend who is a proud owner of the Porsche Camaro car, look no further than this gift for him. This is a parking sign, alright, but for the Camaro only! Your friend will love to flaunt this sign to his friends and colleagues. He would love to mark his parking spot with this personalized sign.

Made from highly durable tin metal, this sign is neither too big nor too small. It can be easily mounted on any surface (indoors or outdoors). The weather-resistant plastic polypropylene sheet used for making this sign makes it perfect for hanging outdoors as well.

19. Wine Bottle Stopper

If you don’t mind splurging a bit while choosing a gift for your friend who owns a Porsche, this wine bottle stopper is a classy choice for you.

The highlight of this gift is that its design is heavily inspired by the central locking mechanism of the new Porsche 911 Turbo and 911 Turbo S engine.

A person who owns a Porsche car needs a classy case to keep his documents and papers safe. This premium black case is a great gift for the Porsche owner.

It comes in a dimension of 5 x 4.5 inches and has enough pockets to keep all important documents related to the license, insurance, registration, etc. safely in one place. 

The best part of this car documents holder is that it is made from high-quality polypropylene board, and not cheap cardboard liners like most other holders.

21. Love stories between cars and their owners

Does the Porsche owner you know love his car immensely? If yes, he will be thrilled by the choice of your gift. This is a hardcover book titled, “A Man & His Car- Iconic Cars and Stories From the Men Who Love Them” by Matt Hranek.

This is a must-read for all those passionate Porsche lovers, as it speaks about the special relationship between a man and his car.

The Porsche is one of the classiest cars available in the automobile market today. We all know that this brand doesn’t come cheap! 

So, it is only natural to expect Porsche owners to have some class and elegance. It isn’t easy to meet their expectations and surprise them with thoughtful gifts. 

However, if you select one of the 21 gifts that we have recommended here, you can surely see the joy twinkling in your eyes.

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